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Restrictions/Guidelines on access and downloading of licensed e-Resources

Access to licensed e-Resources (e-books, e-journals and other digital resources are governed by the Terms of Use as per the license agreement between Library and the respective publishers. The e-Resources are licensed for the non-profit educational use of the Institute. Copyright law in addition to individual license agreements also governs use of these e-Resources.

Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information is prohibited by library's contract with the publishers of electronic resources. Under the terms of use it neither permits forwarding electronic versions of articles nor the use of electronic articles for commercial purposes.

  Library users are permitted to make digital copies of individual documents in the databases, that is, to download an individual document temporarily to their own hard disc for non-commercial purposes only. The document may be printed out, but must not be forwarded digitally. It is strictly prohibited to download entire databases or an entire e-book or thousands of bibliographic records or systematically download entire journal issue or using a robot to systematically download articles, ebook, bibliographic records etc. Improper use can result in denial of access for the whole Institute to all electronic journals from a given publisher. As access to e-Resources is based on license agreements with publishers, to make it easier to understand your obligations as a user of these services you should follow the guidance below.
What's not permitted
Robots and systematic downloading

Systematic downloading using robots, spiders or manual means is not permitted. Publishers keep track of patterns of use and where the publishers suspect misuse in the form of systematic downloading (eg. more than one article from an issue, continuous dowloading from a particular journal etc.) they will cut off access requiring Library to investigate and take action on those who have misused the e-Resources. There have been instances recently where publishers have withdrawn access to their online resources to the entire Institute. This prevents access by the majority of responsible users to information needed for their research and learning. It becomes obligatory on the library’s part to investigate such misuses and report the same to the publishers. It takes longer time to get the access restored and convince the publisher that re-occurrence of such misuses will be stopped.
Downloading more than one article and few bibliographic records

Downloading, copying or printing more than one article per issue of a journal(electronic or print), downloading of more than few hundred of bibliographic records, one or two chapters from a e-book without the permission of the owner (generally publisher), Downloading the entire contents of an electronic journal or an entire book to your PC, home file space or writable CD is illegal.
What is permitted

Viewing multiple articles from an electronic journal on screen The operation of your Web browser may result in multiple articles being copied to your computer's hard disk. Where there is no intent to store the copy permanently, any such incidental copying involved in viewing an electronic publication is permitted.
Storing or printing a single article per issue of an electronic journal

You can download and copy on to disk or print a single article per issue of an electronic journal or a chapter from an e-book. Most e-journal and e-book web sites include a link to the publisher’s terms and conditions where consent to copy ‘fairly’ from an electronic journal or e-book may be given by the publisher’s license. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are acting within both the copyright law and the publisher’s license terms.

The library is only permitted to provide paper copies of an electronic article for other publicly financed libraries (university and college libraries, public libraries, and other libraries, etc.) - not to private companies.

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