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Weekly Display of Books
02-03-2015 To 08-03-2015

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

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Main Library



1. Ogawa, Kohei
Chemical Engineering: A New Perspective / by Kohei Ogawa.-
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007. ix, 175p.
ISBN : 9780444530967.
660.01 P07 G26056

** Chemical engineering; Entropy (Information theory)


2. Baake, Michael
Aperiodic order: V.1: A mathematical invitation / by
Michael Baake and Uwe Grimm.-- UK: Cambridge University
press, 2013. xvi, 531p.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications.
ISBN : 9780521869911.
548.7 P13 194617

** Aperiodicity; Crystallography, Mathematical; Aperiodic
filings Quasicrystals-Mathematics


3. Weissinger, A Keyton
ASP in a nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference / by A
Keyton Weissinger.-- Beijing: O'Reilly, 1999. xv, 407p.
ISBN : 9788173660443.
005.71 N99 G26025

** Internet-(Computer network); Internet-(Data security);
Computer security; Data security


4. Aiya, Shri Mani Shankar
Reflection on the Rajiv Gandhi action plan for a nuclear
Weapons-free and nonviolent world order / by Shri Mani
Shankar Aiya.-- Banglore: NIAS, 2013. 36p.
5th Raja Ramanna Memorial Lecture.
355.8251190954 P13 G26140

** Nuclear Weapons-India; National security-India

5. Climate change and sustainable food security / ed by P K
Shetty, S Ayyapan and M S Swaminathan.-- Bangalore: NIAS,
2013. 324p.
ISBN : 9788187663768.
338.19015516 P13 G26149

** Climate changes; Sustainable agriculture; Food

6. Innovations in the rice production / ed by P K Shetty, M R
Hegde and M Mahadevapa.-- Bangalore: NIAS, 2013. 250p.
ISBN : 9788187663706.
338.173180954 P13 G26147

** Rice trade-India-Information science; Rice-Economic
aspects-India; Rice production-India


7. Aqueous lubrications: Natural and biomimetic approaches /
ed by Nicholas D Spencer.-- New Jersey: IISc Press, 2014.
ix, 274p.
(IISc Research Monographs Series).
ISBN : 9789814313766.
621.89 P14;1 G26032

** Surface chemistry; Glycoproteins; Biomimetics;
Tribology; Lubrication

8. Madhusoodhanan
Mullaperiyar conflict / by Madhusoodhanan C G and Sreeja
K G.-- Bangalore: NIAS, 2010. 71p.
(backgrounders on Conflict Resolution).
ISBN : 9788187663911.
627.82095482 P10 G26150

** Dams- India-TamilNadu; Periyar Dam(India)-History

9. Nagappa, Rajaram
Evolution of solid propellant rockets in India / by
Rajaram Nagappa.-- New Delhi: DRDO, 2014. xx, 203p.
(DRDO Monographs Special Publication Series).
ISBN : 9788186514511.
629.4750954 P14 G26024

** Rocket Fuel; Rocket propellant; Solid propellant


10. National Archives of India, New Delhi
Repair and preservation of records.-- New Delhi: National
Archives of India, 1988. iii, 79p.
025.8 N88;1 G26071

** Library Material-Repair and Preservation


11. Gustafson, Karl E
Introduction to partial differential equations and
Hilbert space methods / by Karl E Gustafson.--3rd ed--
Calcutta: International Journal Services, 1993.
xxiii, 437p. ISBN : 81-900189-3-0.
515.35 N936 G26134

** Differential equations partial; Hilbert space

12. Hunter, David J
Essentials of Discrete mathematics / by David J Hunter.--
Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2010. xviii,450p.
(Jones and Bartlett Publishers Series in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9789380108209.
511.1 P10;1 G26229

** Discrete Mathematics

13. Lord, Gabriel J
Introduction to computational stochastic PDEs / by
Gabriel J Lord, Catherine E Powell and Tony Shardlow.--
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. xi, 503p.
Cambridge texts in applied Mathematics.
ISBN : 9780521899901.
519.22 P14 194616

** Stochastic partial differential equations

14. Niven, Ivan et al
Introduction to the theory of numbers / by Ivan Niven.--
5th ed-- Kundli: Wiley, 2004. xiii, 529p.
ISBN : 9971-51-301-3.
512.7 P04 G26133

** Number theory

15. Pietsch, Albrecht
Orthonormal systems and banach space geometry / by
Albrecht Pietsch and Jorg Wenzel.-- UK: CUP, 2008.
ix, 553p.
(Encyclopedia of Mathematical and its Applications, 70).
ISBN : 9780521054317.
515.732 N981;1 194873

** Banach algebras; Banach spaces


16. Symposium on Emerging frontiers in immunogenomics of infectious
diseases.-- New Delhi: Ranbaxy Science Fondation, 2009.
616.0796 P09 G26035

** Immunogenomics; Immunity-Genetics


17. Dialogues across disciplines: Form the NIAS archives V.1 /
ed by Roddam Narasimha and Dilip Ahuja.-- Bangalore: NIAS,
2012. xviii, 365p.
303.3885092 P12 G26146

** Essays-Talks- NIAS; National Institute of Advanced


18. Fock, V A
Fundamentals of quantum Mechanics / by V A Fock.-- Moscow
: Mir Publishers, 1978. 367p.
530.12 N78;1 G26137

** Quantum theory

19. Griffiths, David J
Introduction To Electrodynamics / by David J Griffiths.--
New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India, 1999. xv, 576p.
ISBN : 9788120316010.
537.6 N991;6 G26101

** Electrodynamics

20. Ramamurthy, V S
Higgs boson discovery story: Lesson in managing mega
science research projects / by V S Ramamurthy.--
Bangalore: NIAS, 2012. 18p.
ISBN : 9788187663676.
539.721 P121 G26141

** Higgs bosons-Popular works; Particles (Nuclear
physics) Standard model (Nuclear physics)


21. George, CJ
Yours Mathematically CJ / by CJ George.-- India: Magdelin,
2002. 189p.
155.250151 P02 G26061

** Personality development; Mathematics-Personality



1. Amarnath, B S
Scalable quota management for high performance computing
/ by B S Amarnath.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. ix, 51p.
(IISc, Dept. of CSA, MS(Engg) Thesis). Includes CD
004.5 P121 "THESIS" G25424

** Storage resource-Data processing; High Performance
computing Storage quotas

2. Pipada, Pankaj
Studies in autonomic management of storage systems / by
Pankaj Pipada.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xii, 84p.
(IISc, Dept. of CSA, MS(Engg) Thesis). Includes CD.
005.72 P12 "THESIS" G25425

** Storage management; Machine learning; Workload
identification; Fault tolerance

3. Sampath Jayaram
Therotical study of the synergy and lazy annotation
algorithms / by Jayaram Sampath.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013.
vi, 86p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE, MS(Engg) Thesis). Includes CD.
005.133 P131 "THESIS" G25692

** Annotation algorithms; Symbolic search and learning;
Logical formulas and Relations; Program semantics


4. Goel, Priyank
Harmonic sound source separation in monaural music
signals / by Priyank Goel.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013.
v, 90p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE, MS(Engg) Thesis). Includes CD.
621.3893 P13 "THESIS" G25426

** Sound source separation; Sound signals source;
Harmonic music instruments


5. Rangaprakash, D
Analysis of multichannel and multimodal biomedical
signals using recurrence plot based techniques / by
Rangaprakash D.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xviii, 124p.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE, MS(Engg) Thesis). Includes CD.
616.1207547 P12 "THESIS" G25428

** Biomedical signals; Recurrence plot; Electrodiognosis;
Electrode placement

Departmental Library


1. Mechanobiology of cell-Cell and cell-Matrix interactions /
ed by A Wagoner Johnson and Brendan A C Harley.-- USA:
Springer, 2011. xiii,319p.
ISBN : 9781441980823.
571.6 P11 (CeNSE) 194953

** Cell interactions; Cell Biology

2. Bottacchi, Stefano
Multi-gigabit transmission over multimode optical fiber:
Theory and design methods for 10GbE systems / by Stefano
Bottacchi.-- England: John Wiley & Sons, 2006.
xvi, 653p.
ISBN : 9780471891758.
621.3827 P062;1 (CeNSE) 194951

** Optical communication; Fiber optics

3. Logan, Daryl L
First course in the finite elements method / by Daryl L
Logan.--5th ed-- Andover: CENGAGE Learning, 2012.
xviii, 893p.
ISBN : 9788131517307.
620.001515353 P12 (CeNSE) 194949

4. Nanobiotechnology handbook / ed by Yubing Xie.-- Boca Raton
: CRC Press, 2013. xx, 672p.
ISBN : 9781439838693.
610.28 P133 (CeNSE) 194954

** Nanobiotechnology -Methods; Biomimetics; Nanostructure

5. Fermi, Enrico
Thermodynamics / by Enrico Fermi.-- New York: Dover
Publications, 1956. x, 160p.
ISBN : 9780486461540.
536.7 N562 (CeNSE) 194950

** Thermodynamics


6. Information security practice and experience: 5th
International conference ISPEC / ed by Feng Bao, Hui Li
and Guilin Wang.-- Germany: Springer, 2009. xiv, 410p.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science.5451).
ISBN : 9783642008429.
005.8 P09 (ECE) 194955

** Computer security

7. Herzog, Jurgen
Monomial ideals / by Jurgen Herzog and Takayuki Hibi.--
London: Springer, 2011. xvi, 305p.
(Graduate texts in mathematics.260). ISBN : 9780857291059
512.44 P111 (ECE) 194956

** Commutative algebra; Ideals(algebra)

8. Leo, William R
Techniques for nuclear and practical physics experiments:
A how to approach / by William R Leo.--2nd ed-- New Delhi
: Springer, 2010. xviii, 378p. ISBN : 9788184894332.
539.721 P101 (IPC) 194952

** Nuclear counters; Practical (nuclear physics)-
Techniques; Nuclear Physics-experiments


9. Abate, Marco
Curves and surfaces / by Marco Abate and Francesca Tovena
-- New Delhi: Springer, 2014. xiii, 390p.
ISBN : 9788132231073.
516.362 P14 (MA) G26250

** Curves on surfaces; Geometry, Differential calculus

10. Alpay, Daniel
Complex analysis problem book / by Daniel Alpay.-- New
Delhi: Birkhauser, 2015. x, 526p.
ISBN : 9788132231295.
512.788 P11;1 (MA) G26249

** Number, Complex-Problems, Exercise

11. Amann, Herbert
Analysis I / by Herbert Amann and Joachim Escher.-- Basel
: Birkhauser, 2005. xv, 426p. ISBN : 9788132231233.
515 P15.1 (MA) G26246

** Mathematics and Analysis

12. Amann, Herbert
Analysis II / by Herbert Amann and Joachim Escher.--
Basel: Birkhauser, 2015. xii, 400p. ISBN : 9788132231257
515 P15.2 (MA) G26247

** Mathematical and Mathematics, general; Mathematical

13. Amann, Herbert
Analysis III / by Herbert Amann and Joachim Escher.--
Basel: Birkhauser, 2015. xii, 468p. ISBN : 9788132231271
515 P15 (MA) G26248

** Mathematical Analysis

14. Brin, Michael
Introduction to dynamical systems / by Michael Brin.--
New Delhi: CUP Press, 2002. xii, 240p.
ISBN : 9781107108196
515.352 P021 (MA) G26256

** Differentiable dynamical systems

15. Garling, D J H
Course in mathematical analysis. V.I: Foundations and
elementary real analysis / by D J H Garling.-- New Delhi:
CUP Press, 2015. xvi, 300p.
ISBN : 9781107518988.
515.1 P15.1 (MA) G26257

** Mathematical analysis

16. Garling, D J H
Course in mathematical analysis. V.II: Metric and
topological spaces, functions of a vector variable / by D
J H Garling.-- New Delhi: CUP Press, 2015. x, 303-617p.
ISBN : 9781107519039.
515.1 P15.2 (MA) G26258

** Mathematical analysis

17. Garling, D J H
Course in mathematical analysis. V.III: Complex analysis
Measure and integration / by D J H Garling.-- New Delhi:
CUP, 2015. x, 627-939p.
ISBN : 9781107519053.
515.1 P15.3 (MA) G26259

** Mathematical analysis

18. Hsu, Sze-Bi
Ordinary diffeTeodora-Liliana T Radulescurential equations with
applications / by
Sze Bi Hsu.--2nd ed-- New Jersey: World scientific, 2013.
xiii, 297p.
(Series on Applied Mathematics V.21).
ISBN : 9789814452908.
515.352 P131 (MA) G26254

** Differential equations

19. Korner, T W
Vectors, pure and applied: A general introduction to
linear algebra / by T W Korner.-- New Delhi: CUP, 2013.
xii, 444p.
ISBN : 9781107444416.
515.182 P14 (MA) G26260

** Vector geometry

20. Kumar, Ajit
Basic course in real analysis / by Ajit Kumar and S
Kumaresan.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2015. xix, 302p.
ISBN : 9781482216370.
515.8 P14 (MA) G26252

** Functions of real variables-Textbook; Mathematical
analysis; Numbers

21. Larusson, Finnur
Lectures on real analysis / by Finnur Larusson.-- New
Delhi: CUP, 2014. x, 117p.
(Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series:21).
ISBN : 9781107083585.
515 P141 (MA) G26253

** Mathematical analysis

22. Radulescu, Teodora-Liliana T
Problems in real analysis: Advanced calculus on the real
axis / by Teodora-Liliana T Radulescu,.et al.--i-- New
Delhi: Springer, 2014. xiii, 452p.
ISBN : 9788132231080.
515 P142 (MA) G26251

** Mathematical analysis

23. Steeb, Willi-Hans
Problems and solutions for groups, lie groups, lie
algebras with applications / by Willi-Hans Steeb, Igor
Tanski and Yorick Hardy.-- New Jersey: World scientific,
2012. x, 342p.
ISBN : 9789814383905.
512.482 P12;1 (MA) G26255

** Lie groups; Lie algebras

24. Crowe, Clay T
Multiphase flows with droplets and particles / by Clay T
Crowe,.et al.--2nd ed-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012.
xv, 494p.
ISBN : 9781439840504.
620.1064 P122 (ME) 194957

** Multiphase flows; Drops; Particles

25. Kreyszig, Erwin
Advanced engineering mathematics / by Erwin Kreyszig.--
9th ed-- New Delhi: Wiley India, 2012. xvii, 1094p.
ISBN : 9788126531356.
510.2462 P06 (ME) G26228

** Engineering mathematics; Mathematical analysis

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