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Weekly Display of Books
31-08-2009 To 06-09-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Mayr, Ernst
What Evolution Is / by Ernst Mayr.-- New York: Basics
books, 2001. xv, 318p.
ISBN : 9780465044269.
576.8 P01 184445

** Evolution (Biology)


2. International Conference on Biodeterioration of cultural property
(4: Tehran: 1998)
Biodeterioration of cultural property-4 / ed by O P
Agrawal and Shashi Dhawan.-- Lucknow: ICBCP, 2005. viii,
306.028 P05 184404

** Cultural materials; preservation and Conservation


3. Kasap, Safa
Cambridge illustrated handbook of optoelectronics and
photonics / by Safa Kasap et al.-- New York: CUP, 2009.
v, 567p.
ISBN : 9780521815963.
621.38104503 P09 "R" 184392

** Optoelectronics-Encyclopedias; Optoelectronic devices-


4. Bosch, Thomas C G., ed
Stem Cells / ed by Thomas C G Bosch: Springer., 2008.
xv, 188p.
ISBN : 9781402082733 /
Alt. Title : From Hydra to Man.
616.02774 P08 184441

** Stem cells; Melanocyte ; Mouse (Biology)


5. Aslamazov, L G
Wonders of Physics / by L G Aslamazov et al.--2nd ed--
New Jersey: World Scientific Publishing Company, 2004.
xii, 273p.
ISBN : 9812560564.
530 P041 184442

** Physics



1. Zoological survey of India, Calcutta
Animal discoveries 2007 : new species and new records /
.BCalcutta : Zoological survey of India, 2008. 48p.
591.0954 P08 G22995

** Animals-India; Zoology-India

2. Zoological survey of India, Calcutta
Animal discoveries 2008: New species and new records /
.BCalcutta : Zoological survey of India, 2009. 39p.
591.0954 P09 G22996

** Animal survey; Zoology; Zoological survey of India

3. Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta
Animal resources of India : Protozoa to Mammalia /
-- Calcutta: Zoological survey of India, 1991. xxvii, 693p.
State of Art.
591.0954 N91 G22992

** Animals-India; Zoology-India; Fauna-India

4. Zoological Survey of India.-- Calcutta
Faunal resources of Ganga part 1 /
Calcutta: Zoological survey of India, 1991.
Alt. Title : General introduction and vertebrate fauna.
581.0954 N911.1 G22991

** Botany; Plants-Ganga river

5. INAE-CAETS-IITM Conference (IIT, Madras:2007)
International engineering education : Proceedings
ed by R Natarajan et al.--
New Jersey: World Scientific, 2009. xviii,155p.
ISBN : 9814261777
607 P09 G22990

** Engineering-Education; Engineering-Study and teaching

6. Tikader, B K
Birds of Andaman and Nicobar Islands / by B K Tikader.--
Calcutta: Zoological survey of India, 1984. xxii, 167p.
598.0954 N84 G22994

** Birds-India; Birds-Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Aves-
Andaman and Nicobar Islands


7. Editura Academiei Romane
Proceedings of the Romanian academy Series B: Chemistry,
Life science and Geosciences Vol. 10 Issue 1-2 Jan.-Aug.-
Romania: Editura academiei, 2008.
Alt. Title : Chemistry, Life sciences and Geosciences:
Vol.10 Issue 1-2.
540.5 P08.10.1&2 G22998

** Chemistry; Biology; Life Science; Geology; Botany;

8. Editura Academiei Romane
Proceedings of the Romanian academy series B: Chemistry,
Life sciences and Geosciences Vol.10 Issue 3 Sep.-Dec.--
Romania: Editura academiei, 2008.
Alt. Title : Chemistry, Life sciences and Geosciences:
Vol.10 Issue 3.
540.5 P08.10.3 G22997

** Chemistry-Life science; Biology; Botany; Zoology;


9. Sanjay, H A
Performance modeling based scheduling and rescheduling of
parallel applications on computational Grids / by H A
Sanjay.-- Bangalore: Indian Institute of Science, 2008.
(IISc, Dept. of SERC, PhD. Thesis).
Include CD.
004.35 P081 "THESIS" G22913

** Computational grids; Performance modeling; Scheduling


10. Tikader, B K
Threatened animals of India / by B K Tikader.-- Calcutta:
Zoological survey of India, 1983. 307p.
333.95160954 N83 G22993

** Animals-Conservation-India; Fauna-conservation-India;


11. Krasnov, N F
Aerodynamics / by N F Krasnov.-- Moscow: Vysshaya Shkola,
1978. xx, 740p.
629.1323 N78 G23004

** Aerodynamics; Gas dynamics

12. Kumar Nayak, Sisir
Transient lighting electromagnetic field coupling with an
airborne vehicle in the presence of its conducting
exhaust plu / by Sisir Kumar Nayak.-- Bangalore: Indian
Institute of Science, 2008. xxvi, 199p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE, PhD. Thesis).
Include CD.
621.31702462913 P08 "THESIS" G22907

** Lightning, transient; Airborne vehicle; Conducting
exhaust plume

13. Ravinder Kumar
Modeling and design of a solar hybrid desalination system
with pressure modulation / by Ravinder Kumar.-- Bangalore
: Indian Institute of Science, 2008. ix, 201p.
(IISc, Dept. of CEDT, PhD. Thesis).
Include CD.
628.16725 P08 "THESIS" G22911

** Solar desalination system; Pressure modulation

14. Sandip Kumar, Saha
Cooling of electronics with phase change materials under
constant power and cyclic heat loads / by Sandip Kumar
Saha.-- Bangalore: Indian Institute of Science, 2009.
xix, 193p.
(IISc, Dept. of ME, PhD. Thesis).
Include CD.
621.381501536 P09 "THESIS" G22914

** Electronic equipment-Heat loads; Electric equipment-
Heat load; Electronic Instrumentation-Cooling; Electric
instrumentation-Cooling; Cooling

15. Venkata Reddy, P
Numerical study of low mach number conjugate natural
convection and radiation in a vertical annuals / by P
Venkata Reddy.-- Bangalore: Indian Institute of Science,
2008. xvi, 176p.
(IISc, Dept. of AE, PhD. Thesis).
Include CD.
629.13230153625 P08 "THESIS" G22910

** Mach number; Numerical analysis; Convection; Annulus,
vertical; Radiation


16. Banik, Shantanu
Land marking and Segmentation of 3D CT Images / by
Shantanu Banik et al: Morgan & Claypool., 2009. xxi,
610.28 P09 G23001

** Tomography; Image processing; Biomedical image

17. Dewan, A K
Lung Cancer Update - 2009 / Ed by A K Dewan et al.-- New
Delhi: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre,
2009. xii, 270p.
616.9942 P09 G22851

** Lung Cancer


18. Korean Spirit and Culture promotion Project
Fifty wonders of Korea Vol.1 : Culture and Art / Korean:
Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project., 2008. 135p.
500.3095919 P08.1 G22999

** Science-Fact book-Korea

19. Korean Spirit and Culture promotion Project
Fifty wonders of Korea Vol. 2 Science and Technology / ed
by Samjung Munhwasa., 2008. 167p.
Discussion of fifty world-class cultural and scientific
achievements advances and discoveries from the history of
ISBN : 9780979726347.
500.309519 P08.2 G23000

** Science-Fact book-Korea

Departmental Library


1. Gollalli, M Eshwar
Manpower planning & recruitment in Karnataka state
electronics development corporation Ltd / by Eshwar M
Gollalli.-- Bangalore: Modern Institute of Management and
Business Administration, 1986. 41p.
621.3810684 N86 G22969

** Electronic industries-Human resource management; Human
resource management

2. Bose Institute, Calcutta
International Symposium Acharya J C Bose L The scientific
Legacy Souvenir / Bose Institute.-- Kolkata:
, 2004. 50p.
Alt. Title : Acharya J C Bose: The scientific Legacy
621.3813272 P04 G22972

** Microwave-Research; Electronic Research; Bose, Acharya J C

3. Indian Institite of Science, Bangalore
Srinivasa Ramanujan Centenary 1987 /-- Bangalore:
Indian Institute of Science, 1987. 53p.
510.92 N87 G22971

** Mathematician-biography; Mathematics-History

4. Ghosh, C S., ed
Institute of Science Gymkhana Magazine Nov. 1949 / ed by
C S Ghosh.-- Bangalore: IISc, 1949. 76p.
505 N491 G22989

** Science, Social

5. Ghosh, C S
Institute of Science Gymkhana Magzine: Founder's Day Number /
ed by C S Ghosh.-- Bangalore: IISc, 1949. 69P.
505 N49 G22988

** Science, Social

6. Ahemedabad Management Association, Ahemedabad
One man one dream: Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lectures. Vol.1&2 /
-- Ahemedabad: Ahemedabad Management Association, 2005. 259p.
Alt. Title : Vikram Sarabhai memorial lectures 1972-2005.
500.2072 P05.1-.2 184412-184413

** Vikram Sarabhai-Biography; Space science-Research

7. Harris, Frank
Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata : A chronicle of his life Part-
1 / by F R Harris.-- Bombay: Blackie, 1958. xxviii,
926.5 N58.1 G22773

** Tata, Jansetji-Biography

8. Modi, Jivajni Jamshedji.,ed
Essays on Iranian subjects / ed by Jivanji Jamshedji Modi
Mumbai: The K R Cama oriental Institute, 1900.
xxvi, 323p.
955 N00 G22967

** Iranian studies

9. Pavry, Cursetji Erachji
Iranian Studies / by Cursetji Erachji Pavery.-- Bombay: K
R Cama Oriental Institute, 1927. xxii, 239p.
955 N27 G22970

** Iranian studies

10. Iyengar, M A Ramanuja., tr
Sri Krishnaraja Wadiar Bahadur - His speeches /(Kannada)
-- Mysore: Government of Karnataka, 1923. 319p.
923.1 N23 G22986

** Ramanuja Iyengar Tr; Krishnaraj Wodeyar-speeches;
Wodeyar, Krishnaraj-speeches

11. Venkataramayya, C K
Aalida Mahaswamiyavaru. Divangadha Sriman Maharaja Sri
Malamadi Sri Krishnarajendhr Vdayaravara Jeevan Charithra (Kannada)
/ by C K Venkataramayya.-- Mysore: Bangalore Press, 1941.
954.87 N41 G22987

** Wodeyar, Krishnaraj; Krishnaraj Wodeyar

12. Fraquhar, J N., Ed
Religious quest of India / ed by J N Farquhar and H D
Griswold.-- Mumbai: The K R Cama oriental Institute, 2006
xiii, 273p.
209.54 P06 G22966

** Religion-India; Zoroastrianism;

13. ASTRA, IISc, Bangalore
Rural technology a 25 years retrospective Vol.1BBangalore
: Indian Institute of Science, 2008. ix, 299p.
307.1412 P08.1 G22968

** Collections of Essays B Scientists; Amulya Kumar N. Reddy


14. Prabhakar Naidu, S
Sensor array signal processing / by Prabhakar S Naidu.--2
ed-- New York: CRC Press, 2009. xviii, 533p.
ISBN : 9781420071900.
621.38220246812 P09 G23005

** Sensor; Detectors; Signal processing; Wave fields


15. Aitkin, Murray
Statistical modelling in R / by Murray Aitkin et al.--
New York: Oxford, 2009. xii, 576p.
(Oxford statistical science series 35).
ISBN : 9780199219131.
519.50113 P09 184385

** Mathematical statistics; Modelling and simulation

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