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Weekly Display of Books
30-11-2009 To 06-12-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Sarkar, Suman
Effect of atomic mobility in the precipitate phase on
coarsening: A phase field study / by Suman Sarkar.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xiii, 63p.
(IISc, Dept of ME, MSc Thesis).
Includes CD.
Alt. Title : A phase field study.
669.95 P09 "THESIS" G23063

** Metallurgy-physical phenomena; Atomic mobility;


2. Kim, Hyoung-Gook
MPEG 7 Audio and beyond: Audio content indexing and
retrieval / by Hyoung-Gook Kim, Nicolas Moreau, Thomas
Sikora.-- Chichester: Wiley, 2005. xviii, 285p.
ISBN : 10047009334x.
006.696 P05;1 184627

** Audio content - indexing and retrieval


3. Park, Seon K., ed.
Data assimilation for atmospheric, oceanic and hydro-
logic applications / ed by Seon K Park and Liang Xu.--
Heidenberg: Springer, 2009. xviii, 475p.
ISBN : 9783540710554.
551.46015118 P09 184604

** Oceanography-mathematical modelling; Hydrology-
mathematical modelling;


4. Bimberg, Dieter., ed.
Semiconductor nanostructures / ed by Dieter Bimberg.--
Berlin: Springer, 2008. xxi, 357p.
(NanoScience and Technology).
ISBN : 9783540778981.
621.38152 P08 184576

** Semiconductor devices; Quantum dots; Gallium arsenide

5. Figarado, Sheron
Multilevel inverter topologies with reduced power circuit
complexity for medium voltage high power induction motor
drives by cascading conventional two-level and three
level inverters / by Sheron Figarado.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2009. 133p.
(IISc. Dept of CEDT, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.4 P09 "THESIS" G23073

** Motor, Induction; Inverters; High voltages;

6. Gubin, Sergey P., ed
Magnetic nanoparticles / ed by Sergey P Gubin.-- Weinheim
: Wiley, 2009. xiv, 466p.
ISBN : 9783527497903.
620.501538 P09 184605

** Magnetic Nano particles; Magnetic alloys; Metallo
polymeric nano-composites

7. Kim, Chan Ki
HVDC transmission: Power conversion applications in power
systems / by Chan Ki Kim and Vijay K Sood.-- Singapore:
Wiley, 2009. xxii, 436p.
ISBN : 9780470822951.
Alt. Title : Power conversion applications in power
621.31912 P09 184617

** High voltage direct current system-modeling and
simulation; Electric power transmission-direct current;
Electric current converters; High voltages; Electronic
apparatus and appliances-power supply-direct current;

8. Pyatnitsky, L N
Turbulence nature and the inverse problems / by L N
Pyatnitsky.-- Moscow: Springer, 2009. xvi, 197p.
(Fluid mechanics and its applications).
ISBN : 9789048122509.
629.13232 P09 184621

** Turbulence; Inverse problems; Turbulence dynamics


9. Hunter, David J
Essentials of discrete mathematics / by David J Hunter.--
New Delhi: Jones and Bartlett, India, 2010. xviii, 450p.
(Jones and Bartlett publishers series in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9789380108209.
511.1 P10 R(T) 184619

** Discrete Mathematics


10. Berman, Jules
Biomedical informatics / by Jules J Berman.-- New Delhi:
Jones & Bartlett, 2010. xviii, 459p.
ISBN : 9789380108179.
610.285 P10 R(T) 184620

** Biomedical engineering; Bioinformatics; Biomedical


11. Fayngold, Moses
Special relativity and how it works / by Moses Fayngold.-
Weinheim: Wiley, 2008. xvi, 652p.
(Physics textbook).
ISBN : 9783527406074.
530.11 P08 184579

** Special Relativity, Theory of; Quantum mechanics;

12. Lautrup, B
Physics of continuous matter: Exotic and everyday
phenomena in the macroscopic world / by B Lautrup.--
Bristol: Institute of Physics Pub, 2005. xiv, 608p.
ISBN : 0 7503 07528.
530.4 P05 184615

** Condensed matter Physics

13. Nolting, Wolfgang
Fundamentals of many-body physics: Principles and methods
/ by Wolfgang Nolting.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2009. x,
ISBN : 9783540719304.
530.144 P091 184574

** Many body problems(physics); Theoretical physics;
Mathematical physics;

Departmental Library


1. Kumar, Neelam., ed.
Women and science in India: A reader / ed by Neelam Kumar
-- New Delhi: OUP, 2008. xxx, 351p.
ISBN : 9780195697056.
Alt. Title : A reader.
509.54 P091 184626

** Science-India; Women scientist-India;


2-3. Murray, J D
Mathematical biology. 2 Volume set / by J D Murray.-- New
Delhi: Springer, 2004. xxiii, 551p.
(Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics).
ISBN : 81-8128-155-1.
570.0151 P04.1-.2 184597,V.1; 184598,V.2

** Mathematical biology; Quantitative biology; Biomedical
engineering - Mathematical models.

4. North, Geoffrey., ed.
Invertebrate neurobiology / ed by Geofrey North and Ralph
J Greenspan.-- New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Press, 2007. xii, 665p.
ISBN : 9780879698195.
573.812 P07 184623

** Sensory system-neurobiology; Invertebrates-physiology;

5. Weiner, Michael P., ed.
Genetic variation: A laboratory manual / ed by M P Weiner
and S B Gabriel.-- New York: Cold Spring
Harbor Laboratory Press, 2007. xxi, 472p.
ISBN : 9780879697808.
572.8078 P07 184622

** Molecular genetics-laboratory manuals;
Variation(biology)-laboratory manuals;


6. Thompson, David
Railway noise and vibration: Mechanisms, modeling and
means of control / by David Thompson.-- Amsterdam:
Elsevier, 2009. xv, 518p.
ISBN : 9780080451473.
625.015345 P09 184616

** Railways-noise control; Trains-vibration;
Track (railway)-vibration;


7. Matsko, Andrew B., ed.
Practical applications of microresonators in optics and
photonics / ed by Andrew B Matsko.-- Boca Raton: CRC,
2009. xx, 565p.
ISBN : 9781421165787.
621.36015355 P09 184624

** Optical resonance; Beams (optics); Resonance, Optical;
Microresonators; Photonics;


8. Li, Xun
Optoelectronic devices: Design, modeling and simulation /
by Xun Li.-- New York: CRC, 2009. xii, 261p.
ISBN : 9780521875103.
Alt. Title : Design, modeling and simulation.
621.3810450287 P09 184601

** Optoelectronic devices; Optoelectronic devices-
simulation and modelling


9. Moore, John H
Building scientific apparatus / by John H Moore and
Christopher C Davis.--4th ed-- New York: CUP, 2009.
xiii, 647p.
ISBN : 9780521878586.
681.75 P09 184602

** Scientific apparatus and instruments-handbooks, manuals;
Scientific apparatus and instruments-design and
construction-handbooks, manuals; Instrument manufacture-
handbooks, manuals;


10. Durrett, Rick
Probability: Theory and Examples / by Rick Durrett.--3rd
ed-- United Kingdom: Duxbury Press, 2005. xi, 497p.
(Duxbury advanced series).
ISBN : 9780534424411.
519.2 P05 184618

** Probabilities;


11. Cocks, Franklin Hadley
Energy demand and climate change: Issues and resolution /
by Franklin Hadley Cocks.-- Weinheim: Wiley, 2009. xvi,
ISBN : 9783527324460.
333.79 P09 184634

** Energy resources; Fuel cells; Climate changes; Solar
energy-economics; Nuclear energy-economics;

12. Altan, Tayan., ed.
Cold and hot forging: Fundamentals and applications / ed
by Taylan Altan, Gracious Ngaile and Gangshu Shen.-- America: ASM
International, 2005. ix, 341p.
(Includes CD).
ISBN : 978071708052.
671.3 P05 184681

** Forging;

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