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Weekly Display of Books
29-11-2010 To 05-12-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Principe, Lawrence M.
New Narratives in Eighteenth-Century
Chemistry: Contributions from the First Francis Bacon
Workshop 21.23 April 2005, California Institute of
Technology, Pasadena, California / by Lawrence M.
Principe.-- Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media
B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062780.
540 (e-book) E5571

** Science; History of Science; Chemistry


2. Linderfalk, Ulf
On The Interpretation of Treaties:The Modern
International Law as Expressed in the 1969 Vienna
Convention on the Law of Treaties [electronic resource] /
by Ulf Linderfalk.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402063626.
340.2 (e-book) E5576

** Philosophy; Law; Comparative law; International
treaties, Laws relations


3. Aspin, David N.
Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning
[electronic resource] / by David N Aspia.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402061936.
375.001 (e-book) E5560

** Curriculum planning; Education; Educational Policy;

4. Barton, L
Policy, Experience and Change: Cross-Cultural Reflections
on Inclusive Education [electronic resource] / by L
Barton and F Armstrrong.-- Dordrecht: Springer Science +
Business Media B.V,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402051197.
370.195 (e-book) E5580

** Comparative education; Teachers; Higher Education;
Inclusive education; Social education


5. Bray, Mark.
Comparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods
[electronic resource] / by Mark Bray, Bob Adamson and
Mark Mason.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402061899.
370.195 (e-book) E5559

** Education; Comparative education; Humanities; Social

6. Soguel, Nils C.
Governance and Performance of Education Systems
[electronic resource] / by Nils C Soguel and Pierre
Jaccard.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402064463.
379.2 (e-book) E5578

** Education and State; Education; Educational tests and
measurements; Education - management; Education -


7. Comorovski, Ileana.
Existence: Semantics and Syntax [electronic resource] /
by Ileana Comorovski and Klaus Heusinger.-- Dordrecht:
Springer Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402061974.
412 (e-book) E5561

** Comparative linguistics; Semantics; Grammar,
Comparative and general; Syntax;

8. Eemeren, Frans H.
Argumentative Indicators in Discourse: A Pragma-
Dialectical Study [electronic resource] / by Frans H
Eemeren, Peter Houtlosser and A F S Henkemans.--
Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062445.
418 (e-book) E5567

** Humanities; Linguistics; Interdisciplinary Studies;
Logic; Discourse analysis


9. Baasten, Martin F. J.
Studies in Hebrew Literature and Jewish Culture :
Presented to Albert van der Heide on the Occasion of his
Sixty-Fifth Birthday [electronic resource] / by Martin F.
J. Baasten and Reinier Munk.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062025.
892.48924 (e-book) E5562

** Philosophy; Hebrew Literature; Jewish Culture


10. Brakman, Sarah-Vaughan.
Ethics of Embryo Adoption and the Catholic Tradition :
Moral Arguments, Economic Reality and Social Analysis
[electronic resource] / by Sarah-Vaughan Brakman and
Darlene Fozard Weaver.-- Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands,
ISBN : 9781402062117.
610.001 (e-book) E5564

** Ethics; Medicine; Medical ethics;


11. Boschiero, Luciano.
Experiment and Natural Philosophy in Seventeenth-Century
Tuscany: The History of the Accademia del Cimento
[electronic resource] / by Luciano Boschiero.-- Dordrecht
: Springer Netherlands, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062469.
508.09 (e-book) E5568

** History; History of Mathematics; Science - philosophy

12. Dilworth, Craig
Scientific Progress: A Study Concerning the Nature of the
Relation Between Successive Scientific Theories
[electronic resource] / by Craig Dilworth.-- Dordrecht:
Springer Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402063541.
501 (e-book) E5575

** Philosophy; Genetic epistemology; Metaphysics; Science
- theory; Science - Philosophy


13. Cocchiarella, Nino B.
Formal Ontology and Conceptual Realism [electronic
resource] / by Nino B. Cocchiarella.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062049.
111.8 (e-book) E5563

** Metaphysics; Ontology; Computer science; Logic;
Chemistry in concepts; Ontological structure

14. Painter, Corinne.
Phenomenology And The Non-Human Animal: At the Limits of
Experience [electronic resource] / by Corinne Painter and
Christian Lotz.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402063077.
142.7 (e-book) E5573

** Phenomenology; Philosophy; Ethics; Human beings -

15. Sylvain, Camilleri
PhC)nomC)nologie de la religion et hermC)neutique
thC)ologique dans la pensC)e du jeune Heidegger [electronic
resource] / by Camilleri Sylvain.-- Dordrecht: Springer
Science+Business Media B.V,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402067310.
142.7 E5579

** Philosophy of Religion; Phenomenology; Religion -


16. Cherry, Mark J.
Pluralistic Casuistry: Moral Arguments, Economic
Realities, and Political Theory [electronic resource] /
by Mark J. Cherry and Ana Smith. Iltis.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062605.
320.02433 (e-book) E5570

** Medicine; Medical ethics; Philosophy of Medicine;
Political economics

17. Coskun, Deniz.
Law As Symbolic Form: Ernst Cassirer and the
Anthropocentric View of Law [electronic resource] / by
Deniz Coskun.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062568.
301.03554 (e-book) E5569

** Humanities; Law Theory; Interdisciplinary Studies;
Political science; Anthropology - Law; Cassier, Earnst-

18. Hedley, Douglas
Platonism at the Origins of Modernity: Studies on
Platonism and Early Modern Philosophy [electronic
resource] / by Douglas Hedley and Sarah Hutton.--
Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402064074.
184 (e-book) E5577

** Philosophy; Plato-philosophy; Platonism

19. Lee, Simon.
Neo-Liberalism, State Power and Global Governance
[electronic resource] / by Simon Lee and Stephen Mcbride.
-- Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062209.
320.51 (e-book) E5565

** Political science; Economic policy; Political
Philosophy; Governance policy

20. Riessen, RenC)e D. N. van.
Man as a place of God: Levinas' Hermeneutics of Kenosis
[electronic resource] / by RenC)e D. N. van. Riessen.--
Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062285.
201 (e-books) E5566

** Ethics; Metaphysics; Phenomenology; Philosophy of


21. Gabbay, D.M.
Handbook of Philosophical Logic [electronic resource] /
by D.M. Gabbay and F. Guenthner.-- Dordrecht: Springer
Netherlands, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402063244.
160.0285 (e-book) E5574

** Philodophy; Logic; Linguistics; Science; Artificial

22. Malpas, Jeff
Perspectives on Human Dignity: A Conversation [electronic
resource] / by Jeff Malpas and Norelle Lickiss.--
Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402062810.
171.2 (e-book) E5572

** Philosophy; Ethics; Medicine; Humanities; Human values



1. Sharma, Alok
Structural studies on three-fold symmetric plant lectins
/ by Alok Sharma.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. vii, 243p.
(IISc Dept. of MBU PhD THESIS)
Includes CD.
572.6331 P10 "THESIS" G23728

** Plant Lectin; Lectin-Molecular Structure;


2. Froment, Gilbert F
Chemical reactor analysis and design / by Gilbert F
Froment, Kenneth B Bischoff and Juray De Wilde.--3rd ed--
New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2011. xviii, 860p.
ISBN : 9780470565414.
660.2832 P11 186224

** Chemical Reactors; Chemical Reactions; Chemical

3. Seborg, Dale E
Process dynamics and control / by Dale E Seborg, Thomas F
Edgar and Duncan A Mellichamp.--2nd ed-- Singapore: John
Wiley, 2005. xv, 712p.
ISBN : 9788126508341.
660.2815 P05 186145

** Process Control-Chemical Engineering

4. Seborg, Dale E
Process Dynamics and Control / by Dale E Seborg, Thomas F
Edgar and Duncan A Mellichamp.--2nd ed-- Singapore: John
Wiley, 2005. xv, 712p.
ISBN : 9788126508341.
660.2815 P05;1 "R(T)" 186146

** Process Control-Chemical Engineering


5. Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry. 11 VOL SET / ed by A J
Bard and M Stratmann.-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2007.
ISBN : 9783527303939.
541.3703 P07.1-.11 "R" 186148,V.1(Ref.);
186149,V.2(Ref.); 186150,V.3(Ref.); 186151,V.4(Ref.);
186152,V.5(Ref.); 186153,V.6(Ref.); 186154,V.7a(Ref.);
186155,V.7b(Ref.); 186156,V.8(Ref.); 186157,V.9(Ref.);

** Electrochemistry; Thermodynamics and electrified
interfaces; Interfacial kinetics; Mass transport;
Instrumentation; Electroanalytical chemistry; Corrosion;
Oxide films; Electrochemistry engineering; Semiconductor
electrodes; Photoelectrochemistry; Inorganic
electrochemistry; Organic electrochemistry;
Bioelectrocdhemistry; Modified electrodes


6. Wavelets in geophysics
Wavelets in geophysics / ed by Efi Foufoula-Georgiou and
Praveen Kumar.-- London: Academic Press, 2009. xiii,
(Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications)
ISBN : 9780122628504.
550.15152433 P09 186015

** Wavelets; Wavelets Transfer-Motions; Geophysics;

7. Middleton, Gerard V
Mechanics in the earth and environmental sciences / by
Gerard V. Middleton and Peter R. Wilcock.-- New York:
Cambridge University Press, 1994. xvi, 459p.
ISBN : 0521446694.
550.1531 N94 186011

** Mechanics, Analytic; Geodynamics;

8. Core dynamics: Treatise on Geophysics: V.8
/ ed by Peter Olson.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.
xi, 358p.
ISBN : 9780444534576.
551.13015312 P09 186010

** Crust of Earth-Dynamics; Geodynamics; Geophysics;

9. Passchier, Cess W
Microtectonics / by Cess W Passchier and Rudolph A J
Trouw.--2nd rev. enl ed-- New York: Springer, 2005. xvi,
Includes CD.
ISBN : 9783540640035.
551.8 P05 186013

** Microtectonics; Tectonics;

10. Crust and lithosphere dynamics: Treatise on Geophysics:
V.6 / ed by Anthony B. Watts.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009
xi, 611p.
ISBN : 9780444534620.
551.13 P09 186009

** Crust of Earth; Lithosphere;

11. Superplumes: Beyond plate tectonics / ed by David A Yuen
et al.-- Netherlands: Springer, 2007. xiv, 569p.
ISBN : 9781402057502.
551.136 P07 186012

** Plate Tectonics; Super Plumes;


12. Loch, Christoph H
Handbook of new product development and management / by
Christoph H Loch and Stylianos Kavadias.-- Amsterdam:
Elsevier, 2008. xvi, 542p.
ISBN : 9780750685528.
658.5750202 P08 "R" 185888

** New Product Development-Handbook

13. Rath, Jayasmita
Corporate social responsibility orientation: Exploring the
Williamson framework and government policy drivers / by
Jayasmita Rath.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xi, 192p.
(IISc Dept. of MS PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
658.314 P10 "THESIS" G23717

** Business Corporations-Social Responsibility; Corporate
Social Responsibility; Social-Government Policy


14. Scott, Melvin R
Invariant imbedding and its applications to ordinary
differential equations: An introduction / by Melvin R
Scott.-- London: Addison-Wesley, 1973. xvii, 215p.
ISBN : 0-201-06845-1.
518.633 N73 186174

** Differential Equations-Numerical Solutions; Boundary
Value Problems; Invariant Imbedding;


15. Venkatramana D K
Human immune response to japanese encephalitis virus
guides development of vaccines with long lasting immunity
/ by D K Venkatramana.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. viii,
(IISc Dept. of MCB PhD THESIS)
Includes CD.
615.372 P09 "THESIS" G23735

** Vaccines; Immunity-Medicine;


16. Fogler, H Scott
Strategies for creative problem solving / by H Scott
Fogler and Steven E LeBlanc.--2nd ed-- New York: Prentice
Hall, 2008. xvii, 300p.
Includes CD.
ISBN : 9780130082794.
153.43 P08 186247

** Problem Solving; Creative Thinking;


17. Houghton, Sir John
Global Warming: The complete briefing / by Sir John
Houghton.--4th ed-- New York: Cambridge University Press,
2009. xviii, 438p.
ISBN : 9780521709163.
363.23874 P09 186008

** Global Warming;

Departmental Library


1. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants Vol.1 / by K R Kirtikar and B D
Basu.--2nd ed-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2008. cviii, 838p.
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.1 (CES) 186062

** Medicinal plants - India

2. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Plate No.1 / by K R Kirthikar and
B D Basu.-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2008. 267.
(Plate No.1-267)
ISBN : 81-7089-055-1.
581.6340954 P08.1-1 (CES) 186066

** Medicinal plants - India

3. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Plate No.2 / by K R Kirtikar and
B D Basu.-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2005. 268-514.
(Plate No.268 to Plate No. 514)
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.2-2 (CES) 186067

** Medicinal plants - India

4. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Plate No.3 / by K R Kirtikar and
B D Basu.-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2008. 515-779.
(Plate No.515 to Plate No.779)
ISBN : 81-7089-055-1.
581.6340954 P08.3-3 (CES) 186068

** Medicinal plants - India

5. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Plate V.4 / by K R Kirtikar and
B D Basu.-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2006. 780-1033.
(Plate No.780 to Plate No. 1033)
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.4-4 (CES) 186069

** Medicinal plants - India

6. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Vol.2 / by K R Kirtikar and B D
Basu.--2nd ed-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2006. cxlii, 839-1592p.
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.2 (CES) 186063

** Medicinal plants - India

7. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Vol.3 / by K R Kirtikar and B D
Basu.--2nd ed-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2008. clxxx, 1593-2393p.
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.3 (CES) 186064

** Medicinal plants - India

8. Kirthikar, K R
Indian medicinal plants. Vol.4 / by K R Kirtikar and B D
Basu.--2nd ed-- Dehradun (India): International Book
Distributors, 2007. cxcviii, 2395-2761p.
ISBN : 81-7089-279-1.
581.6340954 P08.4 (CES) 186065

** Medicinal plants - India


9. Mathematics everywhere / ed by Martin Aigner and Ehrhard
Behrends.-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society,
2010. xiv, 330p.
ISBN : 9780821843499.
510 P103 "MA" 185959

** Mathematics

10. Geometry of algebraic cycles / ed by Reza Akhtar, Patrick
Brosnan and Roy Joshua.-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical
Society, 2010. viii, 187p.
(Clay Mathematics Proceedings; V. 9)
ISBN : 9780821851913.
516.35 P101 "MA" 185953

** Algebraic Cycles-Congresses; Geometry, Algebraic;

11. Cerda, Joan
Linear functional analysis / by Joan Cerda.-- Rhode
Island: American Mathematical Society, 2010. xiii, 330p.
(Graduate Studies in Mathematics; V. 116).
ISBN : 9780821851159.
515.7 P10 "MA" 185958

** Self-adjoint Operators; Banach Spaces; Functional

12. Gonzalez-Diaz, Julio
Introductory course on mathematical game theory / by
Julio Gonzalez-Diaz et al.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2010. xiii, 324p.
(Graduate Studies in Mathematics; V. 115)
ISBN : 9780821851517.
519.3 P10 "MA" 185956

** Game Theory

13. Hilbert spaces of analytic functions / ed by Javed
Mashreghi, Thomas Ransford and Kristian Seip.-- Rhode
Island: American Mathematical Society, 2010. xi, 214p.
(CRM Proceedings & Lecture Notes; V. 51)
ISBN : 9780821848791.
515.98 P10 "MA" 185955

** Hilbert Space-Congresses; Analytic Functions;
Potential Theory;

14. Paulsen, Vern
Completely bounded maps and operator algebras / by Vern
Paulsen.-- New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002.
xii, 300p.
(Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics; 78)
ISBN : 0521816696.
512.55 P024;2 "MA" 186075

** Operator Algebras; Dilation Theory; Mappings;

15. Wolpert, Scott A
Families of Riemann surfaces and Weil-Petersson geometry
/ by Scott A Wolpert.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2010. vii, 118p.
(CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics; 113)
ISBN : 9780821849866.
515.93 P10 "MA" 185951

** Riemann Surfaces; Teichmuller Spaces; Hyperbolic
Groups; Ergodic Theory; Geometry, Riemannian;

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