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Weekly Display of Books
28-06-2010 To 04-07-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Chakrabarti, Kalyan Sunder
Solution structural studies and substrate binding properties
of the amino-terminal domain of E. coli patothenate
synthetase / by Kalyan Sunder Chakrabarti.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. viii,375p.
(IISc, Dept.of MBU, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
572.45024572 P09 "THESIS" G23466

** Biosynthesis; Proteins-Biosynthesis

2. Lahari, Amit
Stress response in salmonella and its role in pathogenesis
/ by Amit Lahari.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. Sectional.
(IISc, Dept.of MCB, PhD, Thesis).
Includes CD.
571.8 P09 "THESIS" G23457

** Salmonella-pathogenesis; Salmonella bacteria;
Salmonella Stress response


3. Harikrishnan, S
Phase transitions and magnetic order in multiferroic and
ferromagnetic rare earth manganites/
by Harikrishnan S.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xxii,180p.
(IISc, Dept of PHY, PhD, Thesis).
Includes CD.
549.501538 P09 "THESIS" G23458

** Ferromagnetic manganites; Phase transitions

4. Srimannarayana, Malempati
Topics in synthetic methodology: From heterocycles to
hydride transfers / by Malempati Srimannarayana.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xi,99p.
(IISc, Dept.of OC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
547.2 P093 "THESIS" G23456

** Hetrocycles; hydride transfer; Organic Synthesis


5. Abmann, Dark
Renewable energy: A global review of technologies,
policies and markets / ed by Dark Abmann, Ulrich Laumanns
and Dieter Uh.-- London: Earthscan, 2006. xxviii,320p.
ISBN : 9781844072613.
333.794 P06 185582

** Renewable energy-technologies; Renewable energy-
policies Renewable energy-market


6. Stoll, Henry W
Product design methods and practices / by Henry W Stoll.-
New York: Marcel Decker Inc, 1999. x,385p.
ISBN : 9780824775650.
620.0042 N995 185550

** Product design (Engineering)

7. Vivek Chandran K P
Development of gyroless attitude and angular rate
estimation for satellites / by Vivek Chandran K P.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xxv,179p.
(IISc, Dept.of AE, MSc Thesis).
Includes CD.
629.437 P09 "THESIS" G23459

** Gyroless attitude; Satellites-Angular rate


8. Jensen, Kathleen
PASCAL user manual and report / by Kathleen Jensen and
Niklaus Wirth.--2nd ed-- NY: Springer, 1975. viii, 167p.
ISBN : 0387901442.
001.6424 N756 G23367

** PASCAL computer program language


9. Prasad, Swami Muni Narayana
Chandogya Upanisad / by Swami Muni Narayana Prasad.-- New
Delhi: DK Printworld, 2006. vii,586p.
ISBN : 9788124603741.
294.592 P06 G23565

** Upanisad

Departmental Library


1. Batish, Daizy Rani
Ecology basis of agro forestry / ed by Daizy Rani
Batish, Ravindra Kumar Kholi and Shibu Jose.-- London: CRC,
2008. xv,382p.
ISBN : 9781420043273.
634.99 P08 (CES) 185567

** Agro forestry system; Agriculture ecology

2. Kholi, Ravindra Kumar
Invasive plants and forest ecosytems / ed by Ravindra
Kumar Kholi, Shibu Jose and Harminder P S.-- London: CRC,
2009. xv,435p.
ISBN : 9781420043372.
634.965 P09 (CES) 185568

** Invasive plants; Invasive plants- Ecology; Forest

3. Amato, George., et al
Conservation genetics in the age of genomics / ed by
George Amato, Rob Desalle, Oliver A R and Howard C R.--
New York: Columbia university press, 2009. xiv,248p.
ISBN : 9780231128322.
576.58 P09 (CES) 185591

** Genetics-Ethics; Conservation of natural Resources

4. Bonner, John Tyler
Why size maters: from bacteria to the blue whales / by
John Tyler Bonner.-- California: Princeton university
press, 2006. xi,161p.
ISBN : 9780691128504.
578.41 P06 (CES) 185551

** Body size maters

5. Bonner, John Tyler
Social amoebae: Biology of cellular slime molds / by John
Tyler Bonner.-- California: Princeton University Press,
2009. ix, 144p.
ISBN : 9780691139395.
579.52 P09 (CES) 185553

** Acrasiomycetes

6. Craine, Joseph M
Resource strategies of wild plants / by Joseph M Craine.-
California: Princeton university press, 2009. xiii,331p.
ISBN : 9780691139128.
581.7 P09 (CES) 185556

** Plant ecology

7. Ehrlich, Paul R
Dominant animal: Human evolution and the environment / by
Paul R Ehrlich and Anne H Ehrlich.-- Washington, D C:
Island Press, 2009. 464p.
ISBN : 9781597260978.
573 P08 (CES) 185589

** Evolutionary genetics; Social evolution

8. Goldsmith, Marian
Molecular biology and genetics of the Lepidoptera / ed by
Marian Goldsmith and Frantisek Marec.-- London: CRC, 2010
(Contemporary topics in entomology series).
ISBN : 9781420060140.
595.78 P10 (CES) 185570

** Lepidoptera-physiology genomics; Lepidoptera-Molecular

9. Kalplan, Eugene H
Sensuous seas: Tales of a marine biologists / by Eugene H
Kalplan.-- California: Princeton University Press, 2006.
x, 271p.
ISBN : 978069125602.
578.77 P061 (CES) 185554

** Marine biology; Sexual behavior in animals

10. Kricher, John
Balance of nature: Ecology's enduring myth / by John
Kricher.-- California: Princeton university press, 2009.
ISBN : 9780691138985.
577 P091 (CES) 185565

** Ecology-philosophy; Ecology- History; Philosophy of

11. Losos, Jonathan B
Theory of island biogeography revisited / ed by Jonathan B
Losos and Robert E Ricklefs.-- California: Princeton
University Press, 2009. xvi,476p.
ISBN : 9780691136530.
578.752 P10 (CES) 185552

** Island ecology-Congresses; Biogeography-Congresses

12. Nentwing, Wolfgang
Biological invasions / ed by Wolfgang Nentwing.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2008. xxv,441p.
(Ecological Studies 193).
ISBN : 9783540773757.
572.5247 P08 (CES) 185566

** Biological Invasions-Economic aspects; Biological
Invasions-Environmental aspects

13. Piatigorsky, Joram
Gene sharing and evolution: The diversity of protein
functions / by Joram Piatigorsky.-- London: Harvard Univ.
Press, 2007. ix,320p.
ISBN : 9780674023413.
572.6 P074 (CES) 185596

** Genetic regulation; Proteins-evolution

14. Reznick, David N
Origin then and now: an interpretive guise to the origin of
spices / by David N Reznick.-- California: Princeton
university press, 2009. xvi,432p.
ISBN : 9780691129785.
576.8 P10 (CES) 185557

** Natural section; Evolution(Biology)

15. Scheffer, Marten
Critical transitions in nature and society / by Marten
Scheffer.-- California: Princeton University Press, 2009.
ISBN : 9780691122045.
577.18 P09 (CES) 185564

** Transitions

16. Bevington, Douglas
Rebirth of environmentalism: Grassroots activism from the
spotted owl to the polar bear / by Douglas Bevington.--
Washington D C: Island Press, 2009. xiii,285p.
ISBN : 9781597266567.
333.95 P09 (CES) 185590

** Environmentalism-United states; Biodiversity-United
states; Polar Bear; Spotted Owl

17. Adam, John A
Mathematical nature walk / by John A Adam.-- California:
Princeton University Press, 2009. xvii,248p.
ISBN : 9780691128955.
510 P092 (CES) 185558

** Mathematics in nature- Miscellanea

18. Harrell, Frank E
Regression modeling strategies: With application to
linear models, logistic regression and Survival analysis
/ by Frank E Harrell.-- Berlin: Springer, 2001. xxii, 568p
(Springer series in statistics).
ISBN : 9780387952321.
519.536 P01 (CES) 185579

** Regression analysis; linear models (Statistics)

19. Fox, John
Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models
/ by John Fox.--2nd ed.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications,
2008. xxi,661p.
ISBN : 9780761930426.
300.1519536 P08 (CES) 185580

** Regression analysis; Linear models; Social Sciences

20. Turchin, Peter
Secular cycles / by Peter Turchin and Sergey A Nefedov.-
California: Princeton University Press, 2009. vii,349p.
ISBN : 9780691136967.
304.6015118 P09 (CES) 185555

** Population- Mathematical models; Demography-
mathematical models


21. Lawson, Charles L
Solving Least Squares Problems / by Charles L. Lawson and
Richard J Hanson.-- New Jersey: SIAM, 1987. xiv,337p.
ISBN : 0-89871-356-0.
511.42 N95 185578

** Least Squares-Data processing

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