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Weekly Display of Books
28-12-2009 To 03-01-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Hansia, Priti
Structure function relationship in tryptophany1 tRNA
synthetase trough MD simulations and quantum chemical
studies on unusual bonds in Biomolecules / by Priti Hansia
-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. viii,343p.
(IISc, Dept of MBU, PhD. Thesis).
Includes CD.
572.88633 P09 "THESIS" G23082

** TRNA; Transfer RNA; Tryptophany1 TRNA; Multi
dimensional scaling

2. Shankara Rao, K
Indian Institute of Science Campus: A Botanist's delight
/ by K Sankara Rao.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. 224p.
580.954871 P08 184709

** Botany-India; Plants Indian institute of science


3. Currin, Thomas R.
Introduction to traffic engineering: Manual for data
collection and analysis / Thomas R Currin.-- Australia:
Thomas learning, 2001. iii,140p.
ISBN : 9780534378677.
388.41312015195 P01 184697

** Statistical analysis

4. May, Adolf D.
Traffic flow fundamentals / by Adolf D May: Prentice hall,
1990. ix,464p.
ISBN : 0139260722.
388.31 N90 R(T) 184708(Ref.)

** Traffic flow-Mathematical models

5. May Adolf D.
Traffic flow fundamentals / by Adolf D May: Prentice hall,
1990. ix,464p.
ISBN : 0139260722.
388.31 N90;1 184707

** Traffic flow-Mathematical models

6. May, Adolf D
Traffic flow fundamentals / by Adolf D May: Prentice Hall,
1990. ix,464p.
ISBN : 0139260722.
388.31 N90;2 184706

** Traffic flow-Mathematical models


7. Levin, Boris
Physics of tsunamis / by Boris Levin and Mikhail Nosov.--
Berlin: Springer, 2009. xi, 327p.
ISBN : 9781402088551.
551.4637 P09 184658

** Tsunamis(Earth tsunamis)


8. Atkins, Harold N.
Highway materials, soils and concretes / by Harold N
Atkins.--4th ed.-- New Jersey: Pearson education, 2003.
ISBN : 9780130990451.
625.8 P03 184702

** Highway(roads); Asphalt Pavement

9. Gourav, K
Studies on compacted stabilised fly ash mixtures fly ash
bricks for masonry / by Gourav K.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009
(IISc, Dept.of CiE, PhD. Thesis).
Includes CD.
624.183 P09 "THESIS" G23064

** Fly ash; Masonry; Fly ash bricks

10. Kadam, N V
Practical design of flight control system for launch
vehicles and missiles / by N V Kadam.-- New Delhi: Allied,
2009. xvi,359p.
ISBN : 9788184244434.
629.4340954 P09;1 184732

** Launch vehicle; Flight control; Missiles- launch
vehicle; Satellite launch vehicle

11. Zolzer, Udo
Digital audio signal processing / by Udo Zolzer.--2nd ed.
-- Chichester: Wiley, 2008. xii, 320p.
ISBN : 978047099857.
621.3828 P08 184725

** Acoustical signal processing; Sound signal processing;
Audio coding


12. Rao, Jyotsna U
Studies on growth and development of the ovarian dominant
follicle in monovulatory species: Analysis of
transcriptional changes and factors influencing
periovulatory events / by Jyotsna U.Rao.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. 245p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRDG, PhD. Thesis).
Includes CD.
613.9 P09 "THESIS" G23056

** Ovulation detection; Follicle


13. Shankar, R
Principles of quantum mechanics / by Shankar, R.--2nd rev
ed.-- New Delhi: Springer, 1994. xviii, 676p.
ISBN : 0306447908.
530.12 P073 R(T) 184659(Ref.)

** Quantum theory

Departmental Library


1. Kadam, N V
Practical design of flight control system for launch
vehicles and missiles / by N V Kadam.-- New Delhi: Allied,
2009. xvi,359p.
ISBN : 9788184244434.
629.4340954 P09 184731

** Launch vehicle; Flight control; missiles- launch
vehicle; Satellite launch vehicle


2. Au, Wayne
Unequal by design: High stakes testing and the
standardization of inequality / by Wayne, Au.-- New York:
Routledge, 2009. xii,197p.
ISBN : 9780415990707.
371.26013 P09 184694

** Test bios-United States ; Educational equalization-
United States; Education tests and measurements-Social

3. Barnet, Ronald., ed
Wisdom in the university / ed by Ronald Barnett and
Nicolas Maxwell.-- London: Routledge, 2008. vii,106p.
ISBN : 9780415449342.
378.01 P08 184693

** University philosophy; University Wisdom

4. Darder, Antonia., ed
Critical pedagogy reader / ed by Antonia Darder and Marta
P Baltodano.--2nd ed .-- New York: Routledge, 2009.
ISBN : 9780415961202.
370.115 P09 184689

** Critical pedagogy

5. Korner, Ann M
Guide to publishing a scientific paper / Ann M Korner.--
London: Routledge, 2008. x,,104p.
ISBN : 9780415452663.
808.0665 P08 184692

** Communication in science; Technical publishing;
Technical writing

6. Storer, Richard
F R Leavis / by Richard Storer.-- London: Routledge, 2009.
xiv,146p. (Routledge critical thinkers).
ISBN : 9780415364171.
801.95092 P09

** English literature history and criticism theory; Leavis, F R;
Criticism - England - History

7. Balme, Christopher B
Cambridge introduction to theatre studies / by
Christopher B Balme.-- New York: CUP, 2008. xii,231p.
ISBN : 9789521672238.
792 P08 184688

** Theatre

8. Eller, Jack David
Cultural anthropology: Global force, Local Lives / Jack
David Eller.-- New York: Routledge, 2009. xix,432p.
ISBN : 9780415485395.
308 P06 184690

** Anthropology, Cultural; Social groups

9. Solinger, Rickie
Telling stories to change the world: Global voices on the
power of narrative to build community and make social
justice claims / ed by Rickie Solinger, Madeline Fox and
Kayhan Irani.-- London: Routledge, 2008. xii,263p.
ISBN : 9780415960809.
307.14 P08 184691

** Community Development

10. Tully, James
Public philosophy in a new key: Vol.2: Imperialism and civic
freedom / by James Tully.-- New York: CUP, 2009. xv,355p.
ISBN : 9780521728805.
323 P08.2 184685

** Civil rights Philosophy; Imperialism-philosophy

11. Tully, James
Public philosophy in a new key: Democracy and civic
freedom / by James Tully.-- Cambridge: CUP, 2008.
ISBN : 9780521728799.
Alt. Title : Democracy and civic freedom.
323 P08.1 184684

** Civil rights-Philosophy; Democracy Philosophy


12. Demirkaya, Omer
Image processing with MATLAB: Application in medicine and
biology / by Omar Demirkaya, Musa Hakan Asyali and
Prasanna K Sahoo.-- New York: CRC Press, 2009. xv,441p.
ISBN : 9780848392467.
616.0754 P09 184726

** Image processing; Image system in medicine; MATLAB;
Diagnostic imaging

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