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Weekly Display of Books
26-10-2009 To 01-11-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1) Kaastra, Jelle, ed
Clusters of galaxies: Beyond the thermal view / ed by Jelle Kaastra.--
Klaus Dolag: Springer, 2008. 418p (Space science reviews volume 134)
ISBN 9780387788746
523.112 P081 184526

** Galaxies; Clusters of galaxies; thermodynamics; Non-thermal phenomina;
Non- thermal process; Shock waves


2) Sharma, Sudhanshu
Gas Phase and elecrocatalytic reaction over Pt, Pd Ions Substituted
CeO2, TiO2 Catalysts and Electronic Interaction between Noble
Metal Ions and the Reducible Oxide / by Sudhanshu Sharma.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. Xiii, 238p. (Dept.of SSCU, PhD). Includes CD
541.395 P091 "THESIS" G22958

** Catalyst; Metal-catalysts; Celium oxide catalyst;
Titanium oxide catalyst


3) Ponnappa, B.M.
Information security and technology / by B M Ponnappa--
New Delhi: DRDO, 2004.447p.
ISBN 8170491789
005.82 P042 G23015

** Cryptography; encryption; computing security


4) Sharma, Anil
NCAER-PIF study on evaluating performance of National Rural
Employment Guarantee act / by Anil Sharma. -- New Delhi:
National Council of Applied Economic Research, 2009. Xxxii, 208p
ISBN 81-88830-03-8
331.0954-1734 P09 G23016

** Labour economics; Rural employment


5) Jaisankar, S.
Accurate computational algorithms for hyperbolic conservation laws /
by S Jaisankar. -- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xvii, 147p (Dept.of AE, PhD)
Includes CD
620.106401518 P08 BTHESIS" G22941

** Algorithms; Numerical analysis; gas dynamics; Hyperbolic
Conservation laws; diffusion (Mathematical physics)


6) Haokip, Ginzalam
Anglo-Thadou (Kuki) Dictionary / by Ginzalam
Haokip. -- Kamkeilon: Ginzalam Haokip, 1992. 375p
423.034911 P09 "R" G23017

** English - Thadou Dictionary; English - Kuki Dictionary


7) Shao, Jun
Mathematical statistics / by Jun Shao. nd B Verlag: Springer,
2003. xvi, 591p (Springer texts in statistics)
ISBN 9788181282576
519.5 P032 G23027

** Mathematical statistics


8) Julka, P.K.
Becoming a successful clinical trial investigator: A Step by step
Guide for developing a clinical trial site / by P K Julka.-- Gurgon:
DNA Press, 2009. 163p
ISBN 81908277-0-6
615.50724 P09 G23030

** Clinical trials; A Step by step guide for developing a clinical
trial site


9) Bhargav, Dayanand
Srimad bhagavathgita:Bhashanuvad sahit vipul bhashyopetha / by
Dayanand Bhargav. -- Jaipur: Hamsa prakashan, 2009. 470p.
ISBN 978-81-88257-.72-0
294.5924 P09 G23029

** Bhagavadgita


10) Tank, Hasmukh K
Einstein's special relativity and proposal of right physical theory / by
Hasmukh K Tank -- Bangalore, 2009. P.v. Compilation of papers by
Various authors, showing conceptual and mathematical mistakes
In the derivations of relativity
530.11 P09 G23028

** Relativity, special theory of; quantum mechanics, probabilistic;
Lorentz transformations

11) Agranovich, Vladimir M
Excitations in organic solids / by Vladimir M Agranovich--
Oxford: OUP, 2009. Xvi, 496p. (International series of
monographs on physics)
ISBN 9780199234417
530.416 P09 184525

** Organic solids-excitations; Solids, organic -excitations

12) Ganesan, K.
Growth, structural and physical properties of certain antimony
Based III-V diluted magnetic semiconductors / by K Ganesan.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. vii, 148p (IISc Dept.of PH, PhD).
Includes CD
537.6221 P0 "THESIS" G22932

** Magnetic semiconductors; Semiconductors, magnetic;
Antimony semiconductors

13) White, Harvey Elliot
Introduction to atomic spectra / by Harvey Elliot White--
Auckland: McGraw Hill, xii, 457p.(International series in pure
and applied physics)
ISBN 0-07-85891-8, 1934
535.8 N34 G23025

** Spectrascopy; Atomic spectroscopy

14) Byron, Frederick W
Mathematics of classical and quantum physics / by Frederick W Byron,
Robert W Fuller. -- Don Mills: Addison Wesley, 1970. X, 661p
(In the Addison Wesley series in advanced physics)
ISBN 048667164x
530.15 N705 G23026

** Mathematical physics; Quantum theory

15) DattaGupta, Sushanta
Paradigm called magnetism / by Sushanta DattaGupta.--
New Jersey: World Scientific,
2008. xii, 190p.
ISBN 9789812813862
538 P08 184515

** Magnetism; Nanomagnets; Quantum theory; Glass transitions

16) Chaikin, P.M.
Principles of condensed matter physics / by P M Chaikin, T C Lubensk.--
New Delhi: CUP, 2004. xx, 699p
ISBN 8175960256
530.41 N98; 7 G23024

** Condensed matter

17) Parui, Jayanta
Studies on Pure and Modified Antiferroelectric PbZrO3 Thin Films / by
Jayanta Parui.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xxvi, 135p (IISc Dept.of MRC,
PhD Thesis). Includes CD
530.4175 P09 "THESIS" G22953

** Lead zirconium oxide; Antiferroelectric Thin Films

18) Kushwaha, H.S., ed
Uncertainty modeling and analysis / ed by S Kushwaha.--
Trombay: BARC, 2009 viii, 407p
ISBN 9788190721608
530.1220113 P09 G23018

** Heisenbergs Uncertainty;
Uncertainty (Physics) - modeling and simulation


19) Banerjee., ed
India: Science and technology / ed by Banerjee 2008. -- New
Delhi: CSIR, 2009. Xli, 367p. Report
ISBN 8185121354
502.10954 P09 'R' G23031 (ref)

** Science-Statistics-India; Technology- Statistics-India; Education
-Statistics- India

20) Bunk, Thoms
Quantoons: Metaphysical Illustrations, Physical explanations / by
Thoms Bunk, Arthur Eisenkraft, Larry D Kirkpatrick. --
Arlington: National Science Teachers Association, 2006. Viii, 243p.
ISBN 0873552652
507.1 P01 184479

** Science-problems, exercises; Physics- problems- exercises;
Mathematics-problems- exercises; Science-competitions;
Physics- competitions; Mathematics-competitions

Departmental Library


1) Robert, Lanza., ed
Principles of tissue engineering / ed by Lanza Robert,
Langer Robert, Joseph Vacanti. --3rd ed-- Amsterdam:
Academic, 2007. xxvii, 1307p -
ISBN 9780123706157
612.028 P07 184535

** Animal cell biotechnology; Tissue engineering; Transplantation
Of organs, tissue

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