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Weekly Display of Books
25-01-2010 To 31-01-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Kanetkar, T P
Surveying and Levelling part-II / by T P Kanetkar.--10th
ed.-- Poona: A V Griha, 1962. xii, 595P.
526.9 N62.2 G23104

** Surveying, Geodetic

2. Smolin, Lee
Life of Cosmos / by Lee Smolin.-- New York: OUP, 1997.
viii, 358P.
ISBN : 9780195126648.
523.1 N973 184768

** Cosmology


3. Brick, Robert M., et al
Structure and properties of alloys: The application of
phase diagrams to the interpretation and control of
Industrial alloy structures / by Robert M. Brick, [et al]
--3rd ed.-- New Delhi: Eurasia Publishing House, 1966.
vii, 503P.
669.96 N66 G23109

** Alloys, Industrial; Alloy Structure

4. Butts, Allison.
Metallurgical problems / by Allison Butts.--2nd ed.-- New
York: McGraw-Hill, 1943. xii, 446P.
(Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering Series).
669 N43;1 G23108

** Metallurgy

5. Gupta, S S., ed
Blast furnace iron making / ed by S S Gupta and Amit
Chatterjee.-- Bihar: Tata steel, 1991. 216P.
669.1413 N91 G23174

** Blast furnace-Iron ores

6. Indian Institute of Metals, Hyderabad
Souvenir: 47th Annual Technical Meeting.B
Hyderabad: Indian Institute of metals, 1993.
669 N93 G23172

** Metallurgy

7. Massari, S.C .,
Microstructures of chilled car wheel iron and its
relation to physical properties / by S.C. Massari and R.W.
Lindsay.-- Chicago: Association of Manufacturers of
chilled car wheel, 1940. 66P.
669.951 N40 G23168

** Metallographic; Iron-Metallography

8. Indian Institute of Metals, New Delhi
Programme and abstracts: 42nd Annual Technical Meeting /
.-- New Delhi: Indian Institute of Metals, 1988. xxxiii,209P.
669 N881 G23167

** Metallurgy

9. Reed-Hill, Robert E
Physical Metallurgy Principles / by Robert E Reed-Hill:
D.Van Nostrand company., 1966. x, 630P.
669.9 N66 G23128

** Physical metallurgy ;

10. Trivedi, R., ed
Principles of Solidification and Materials Processing
vol.2 / ed by R Trivedi -- New Delhi: Oxford and
IBH, 1989. xv, 946P.
Proceedings of Indo-US Workshops.
669.94 N892.2;1 G23134

** Solidification; Metallurgical Phenomena


11. Likhtenshtein, Gertz I
Nitroxides: Application in Chemistry, Biomedicine and
Material Science / by Gertz I. Likhtenshtein et al .,--
Weinheim: Wiley, 2008. xix, 419P.
ISBN : 9783527318896.
546.7112 P08 184737

** Nitroxides; Biomedicine; Electron Spin


12. Ortuzar, Juan de Dios
Modelling transport / by Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Luis G.
Willumsen.--3rd ed-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 2001.
xiii, 499P.
ISBN : 9780471861102.
388.0118 P01;2 184712

** Transportation - Modeling; Transportation - Planning

13. Ortuzar, Juan de Dios
Modelling Transport / by Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Luis G.
Willumsen.--3rd ed-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 2001.
xiii, 499P.
ISBN : 9780471861102.
388.0118 P01;1 184713

** Transportation-Modelling; Transportation-Planning

14. Ortuzar, Juan de Dios
Modelling transport / by Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Luis G.
Willumsen.--3rd ed-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 2001.
xiii, 499P.
ISBN : 9780471861102.
388.0118 P01 R(T) 184714

** Transportation-Modelling; Transportation-Planning


15. Beck, Michael, et al
Linux kernel internals / by Michael Beck et al .,--3rd
ed.-- India: Pearson Education Asia, 2001. xvi, 480P.
ISBN : 81-7808-105-9.
005.43 P1;1 G23214

** Linux (Computer operating system)

16. Comer, Douglas E
Internetworking with TCP/IP V.2: Design, implementation
and internals / by Douglas E Comer and David L Stevens.--
3rd ed-- Beaverton: Pearson Education, 2003. xxi, 660P.
ISBN : 81-297-0108-1.
004.65 P032 G23205

** TCP/IP (Computer network Protocol)

17. Coulouris, George
Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design / by George
Coulouris -- Singapore: Pearson Education, 2001.752P
(International computer Science Series).
ISBN : 81-7808-462-7.
004.36 P012;1 G23204

** Electronic Data Processing B Distributed processing; Distributed

18. Peterson, Larry L
Computer Networks: A System Approach / by Larry L
Peterson and Bruce S Davie.--2nd ed.-- Singapore: Morgan
Kaufmann, 2000. xvii, 748P.
(Morgan Kaufmann series in Networking).
ISBN : 1-55860-514-2.
004.65 P002 G23212

** Computer networks


19. National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi
Techno-economic survey of Mysore B New Delhi:
National Council of Applied Economic Research,
1965. xv, 384P.
338.64 N651;1 G23126

** Economic survey-Mysore; National Council Report


20. Abrahart, Robert J ., et al
Practical Hydro informatics: Computational Intelligence &
Technological developments in Water Applications / ed by
Robert J Abrahart ., et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2008.
xv, 505P.
ISBN : 9783540798804.
628.1 P081 184767

** Water Resources Engineering; Hydrology; Computational
Intelligence; Water Management; Artificial neural Network

21. Cantor, Brian., ed, at al
Automotive Engineering, Lightweight, Functional and Novel
Materials / ed by Brian Cantor, et al.-- New York: T&Y,
2008. xiv, 277P.
(Series in materials Science and Engineering).
ISBN : 9780750310017.
629.232 P081 184734

** Motor Vehicles-Materials

22. Mckinstry, Hugh Exton.,
Mining Geology / by Hugh Exton Mckinstry.-- Bombay: Asia
Publishing House, 1960. xix, 680P.
622.12 N60 G23112

** Mining; Applied Geology

23. Nicopolitidis, P, et al
Wireless Networks / by P Nicopolitidis --
Singapore: John Wiley & Sons, 2003. xvi, 405P.
ISBN : 9812-53-033-9.
621.3845 P03;1 G23216

** Wireless Communication; Wireless Networks; Wireless
Cell phones

24. Patil, K C et al .,
Chemistry of Nanocrystalline Oxide Materials: Combustion
Synthesis, Properties and Application / by K C Patil et
al.-- Singapore: World Scientific, 2008. xvi, 345P.
ISBN : 9789812793140.
620.501548 P08;1 184661

** Nanocrystalline Chemistry

25. Rao, K R., et al
Wireless Multimedia Communication / by Rao K R., et al.--
London: CRC press, 2009. xlv, 296P.
ISBN : 9780849385827.
621.3845 P091 184665

** Wireless Communication Network; Mobile internet
Services; 4G Networks; Wireless video Network

26. Sinha, Kumares C.
Transportation Decision Making : Principles of project
evaluation and programming / by Kumares C. Sinha and
Samuel Labi.-- New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
xxii, 544P.
ISBN : 9780471747321.
629.04068 P07 184724

** Transportation Management

27. Taggart, Arthur F
Handbook of Mineral Dressing Ores and Industrial Minerals
/ by Arthur F Taggart.-- New York: John Wiley, 1945.
viii, Sectional.
622.70202 N45 G23148

** Industrial Minerals; Metalloferrous Ores

28. Yoder E J
Principles of Pavement Design / by E J Yoder and M W
Witczak.--2nd ed-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 1975.
xiii, 711P.
ISBN : 0-471-97780-2.
625.8 N75;2 184719

** Pavement-Design and Construction

29. Yoder E. J.
Principles of Pavement Design / by E J Yoder and M.W
Witczak.--2nd ed.-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 1975.
xiii, 711P.
ISBN : 0-471-97780-2.
625.8 N75;3 184718

** Pavement-Design and Construction

30. Yoder E. J.
Principles of Pavement Design / by E J Yoder and M.W
Witczak.--2d ed-- New York: John Wiley & sons, 1975.
xiii, 711P.
ISBN : 0-471-97780-2.
625.8 N75 R(T) 184720

** Pavement-Design and Construction B


31. American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers,
Milling and concentration vol.169.-- New York: AIMME,
1946. 739P.
(Transaction of AIME).
671.35019 N47 G23163

** Milling, Manufacturing; Machining, Manufacturing;
Milling-Psychological Aspects

32. Wulff, John
Powder Metallurgy / ed by John Wulff.-- Cleveland: ASM,
1942. 622+181P.
671.37 N42;1 G23115

** Metal, Powder; Powder Metallurgical Process


33. Lang, Serge
Calculus of several variables / By Serge Lang.--3rd ed--
New York: Springer, 1987. xii, sectional.
ISBN : 3-540-96405-3.
515.84 N87;2 184730

** Calculus; Functions of several real variables


34. Lin, Pengzhi
Numerical modelling of water waves / by Pengzhi Lin.--
London: Taylor and Francis, 2008. ix, 488P.
ISBN : 9780415415781.
532.05 P081 184766

** Hydrodynamics; Water waves; Numerical Analysis; Water
waves-Mathematical models

Departmental Library


1. Karamcheti, Krishnamurti
Principles of Ideal-Fluid Aerodynamics / by Krishnamurti
Karamcheti.--2nd ed.-- Malbar: Krieger Publishing Company,
1980. xvii, 636P.
ISBN : 9780898741131.
629.1301532 N66 184778

** Fluid Dynamics; Aerodynamics; Computational Fluid


2. Rothschild, L J
Evolution on Planet earth: Impact of the Physical
Environment / ed by L.J. Rothschild and Adrian M. Lister.
-- Amstedam: Academic Press, 2003. xii, 438P.
ISBN : 0-12-598655-6.
576.8 P03 184660

** Evolution (Biology)


3. Jain, Sharad K ., et al.
Hydrology and water resources of India / by Sharad K Jain
et al.-- Netherlands: springer, 2007. xli, 1258P.
Water Science and Technology Library:vol-57.
ISBN : 9781402051791.
551.350954 P07 184733

** Water resources-India ; Hydrology-India


4. Vainberg, B R
Asymptotic Methods in Equation of Mathematical Physics /
by B R Vainberg.-- New York: GBS Publisher, 1989. vii,
ISBN : 9782881246647.
515.35 N8915 184739

** Differential Equation-Asymptotic Theory; Mathematical


5. Bradt, Hale
Astrophysics Processes: Physics of Astronomical Phenomena
/ by Hale Bradt.-- Cambridge: Cambridge, 2008. xxviii, 504P
ISBN : 9780521846561.
523.01 P08 184777

** Astronomical Phenomena


6. Bohren, Craig F.
Absorption and Scattering of Light By Small Particles /
Craig F. Bohren and Donald R.Huffman.-- Weinheim: Wiley,
2004. xiv, 530P.
ISBN : 9780471293408.
535.43 N83 184698

** Light-Scattering; Scattering of Light

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