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Weekly Display of Books
21-09-2009 To 27-09-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Aranson, Igor S.
Granular patterns / by Igor S Aranson and Lev S Tsimring.
-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. x, 343p.
ISBN : 9780199534418
Includes CD
620.4 P09 184390

** Granular materials; Pattern perception

2. Bhatacharyya, Shankar P
Linear control theory: Structure, robustness and
optimization / by Shankar P Bhattacharyya, Datta Aniruddha
and L H Keel.-- London: CRC Press, 2009. xviii, 910p.
(Automation and control engineering).
ISBN : 9780849340635.
629.832 P09 184415

** PID controllers; Controllers

3. Knops, Martin
Analysis of failure in fiber polymer laminates: The theory
of Alfred puck / by Martin Knops.-- Berlin: Springer,
2008. xi, 205p.
ISBN : 9783540757658.
620.1923 P08;1 184416

** Polymer laminating materials; Failure analysis


4. Boffe, Giandomenico
Threading Homology through Algebra / Giandomenico Boffi
and David A Buchsbaum.-- New York: Oxford University
Press, 2006. xi, 255p.
(Oxford mathematical monographs).
ISBN : 9780198524991.
512.64 P06 184370

** Homological algebra; Homology


5. Wolbarst, Anthony Brinton
Physics of Radiology / by Anthony Brinton Wolbarst.--2nd-
Madison: Medical Physics Publishing, 2005. xv, 647p.
ISBN : 1930524226.
616.07540153 P05 184372

** Diagnostic imaging; Medical physics; Health physics


6-7. International Conference on Aluminum alloys (11:Germany:2008)
Aluminum alloys: Their physical and mechanical
properties. V.1 & 2: Proceedings / ed by Jurgen Hirsch,
Birgit Skrotzki and Gunter Gottstein.-- Weinheim: Wiley,
2008. Liii, 2450p (V.1&2).
ISBN : 9783527323678.
889.96722 P08.1-.2 "R" 184386,V.1(Ref.);

** Aluminum alloys


8. Brun, Raymond
Introduction to reactor gas dynamics / Raymond Brun.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. xix, 408p.
ISBN : 9780199552689.
533.21 P09 184424

** Relaxation (Gas dynamics); Gas dynamics; Non equilibrium
statistical mechanics

9. Chadwick, P
Continuum mechanics : Concise theory and problems / by P
Chadwick.--2nd ed-- Mineola: Dover, 1999. 187p.
ISBN : 0-486-40180-4.
530 N99;3 184508

** Continuum mechanics

10. Chadwick, P
Continuum mechanics: Concise theory and problems / by P
Chadwick.--2nd ed-- Mineola: Dover, 1999. 187p.
ISBN : 0-486-40180-4.
530 N99;2 R(T) 184509

** Continuum mechanics

11. Neto, EA de Souza
Computational methods for plasticity: Theory and
applications / by EA de Souza Neto, D Peric and D R J Owen.-
UK: Wiley, 2008. xxii, 791p.
ISBN : 9780470694527.
531.385 P08 184418

** Plasticity- Mathematical models; Viscoplasticity;
Hyperplasticity; Elastoplasticity



1. Agarwal, Gaurav
Identification of domains of the follicle stimulating
hormone receptor involved in hormone binding and signal
transduction / by Gaurav Agrawal.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008
(IISc, Dept.of MRDG PhD Thesis).
572.696 P081 " THESIS" G22918

** Hormone receptor; Hormone binding; Signal transduction

2. Aruna Devi, Naorem
Functional Analysis of DdRpb4 and DdRpb7, two subunits of
Dictyostelium discoideum RNA Polymerase II / by Norem
Aruna Devi.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. 124p.
(IISC, Dept.of MCBL PhD Thesis).
572.88 P093 "THESIS" G22917

** RNA polymerase; Dictyostelium discoideum RNA; DdRpb4;

3. Venkata Kranthi, Balla
Identification of key DNA elements involved in promoter
recognition by Mxr1p, a key regulation of Methanol
utilization B /by Balla Venkata Kranthi.-- 2009: IISc,
2009. 75p.
(IISc, Dept.of BC PhD Thesis).
572.862 P09 "THESIS" G22947

** Pichia pastoris; DNA; Methanol


4. Arjun, B.S
Motion optimization of plunging airfoil using Swarm
algorithm / by B S Arjun.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. v, 90p.
(IISC, Dept.of AE MSc(Engg)Thesis).
629.13431015028551 P08 G22948

** Airframes-Swarm algorithm; Aerodynamics-Swarm

5. Basha, B Munwar
Optimum design of retaining structures under static and
seismic loading: A reliability based approach / by
B Munwar Basha.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xlix, 482p.
(IISc, Dept.of CiE PhD Thesis).
624.1792 P08 " THESIS" G22892

** Seismic engineering; Seismic loading

6. Chakraborty, Jayanta
Modeling and simulation frameworks for synthesis of
Nanoparticles / by Jayanta Chakraborty.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. xxi, 258p.
(IISc,Dept.of CE PhD Thesis).
620.50113 P08 "THESIS" G22884

** Nanoparticles-Modeling and simulation; Biomedical
engineering; Biomedical diagnosis; Medical diagnosis

7. Venkatesham, Balide
Breakout noise from the coupled acoustic-structural HVAC
systems / by Balide Venkatesham.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008.
xxi, 157p.
(IISc, Dept.of ME PhD Theis).
620.23 P08 G22883

** Acoustic engineering; Noise control; Heat, ventilation and air
conditioning systems


8. Suhas, Diwan Sourabh
Dynamics of early stages of transition in a laminar
separation bubble / Diwan Sourabh Suhas.--IISc-- 2009:
IISc, 2009. viii, 224p.
(IISc,Dept.of AE PhD Thesis).
533.215 P09 "THESIS" G22933

** Laminar boundary layers; Transition dynamics; Smoke
flow visualization

Departmental Library


1. Knops, Martin
Analysis of failure in fiber polymer laminates : The
Theory of Alfred puck / by Martin Knops.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2008. xi, 202p.
ISBN : 9783540757641.
620.1923 P08 184417

** Polymer laminating materials; Failure analysis


2. Mangel, Marc
Theoretical Biologist Toolbox: Quantitative methods for
ecology and evolutionary biology / by Marc Mangel.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. xiv, 375p.
ISBN : 100521830451.
576.8015195 P06 184457

** Evolutionary biology- Statistical methods; Ecology-
Statistical methods


3. Langton, Roy
Aircraft fuel systems / by Roy Langton etal.-- UK: Wiley,
2009. xviii, 345p.
(Aerospace series).
ISBN : 9780470057087.
629.134351 P09 184439

** Airplanes-Fuel systems


4. Henry-Labordere, Pierre
Analysis, geometry and modeling in finance: Advanced
methods in option pricing / by Pierre Henry-Labordere.--
New York: CRC Press, 2008. 383p.
(Chapman&Hall/CRC financial mathematical series; 13).
ISBN : 9781420086997.
332.6453 P09 184383

** Financial economics-Models

5. Abramenko, Peter
Buildings: Theory and applications / by Peter Abramenko
and Keneth. S. Brown.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xxi,
(Graduate text in mathematics; 248).
ISBN : 978038778834.
512.55 P08 184446

** Topological algebra; Euclidean buildings

6. Akhiezer, N I
Theory of linear operators in Hilbert space / by N I
Akhiezer and I M Glazman.-- New York: Dover
Publications, Inc, 1993. xi, 218p.
ISBN : 0486677486.
515.733 N93;1 184369

** Hilbert space; Linear operators

7. Buhler, J. P., ed
Algorithmic number theory: Lattices, number fields, curves
and cryptography / ed by J P Buhler and P Stevenhagen.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. x, 652p.
(Mathematical Science Research Institute Publications; 44)
ISBN : 9780521808545.
512.7 P081 184373

** Cryptography; Number theory; Algorithms; Algebraic
fields-Data processing; Factorization(Mathematics);
Lattice theory; Curves,Elliptic; Class field theory

8. Coddington, Earl A
Introduction to ordinary differential equations / by Earl
A Coddington.-- New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1961.
11, 292p.
(Prentice-Hall mathematical series).
ISBN : 0486659429.
515.352 N61 184368

** Differential equations, Ordinary

9. Deng, Donggao
Harmonic analysis on spaces of homogeneous type / by
Donggao Deng and Yongsheng Han.-- Berlin: Springer, 2008.
xi, 154p.
(Lecture notes in mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540887447.
515.2433 P091 184448

** Harmonic analysis; Wavelet transformation

10. Gindikin, S.G., ed
Lie groups and symmetric spaces: In memory of
F.I. Karpelevich / ed by S G Gindikin.-- USA: American
Mathematical society, 2003. xii, 355p.
(Advanced mathematical society; 54).
ISBN : 9780821834725.
Alt. Title : In memory of F.I. Karpelevich.
512.482 P03 184453

** Lie groups; Symmetric spaces; Karpelevich, F I festschrift

11. Gohberg, I. C.
Introduction to the theory of linear non-self-adjoint
operators in Hilbert space / by I c Gohberg and M G Krein
-- USA: American Mathematical Society, 1969. xvii, 377p.
(Translations of mathematical monographs; 18).
ISBN : 9780821815687.
515.723 N692 184454

** Self-adjoint operators; Hilbert space

12. Kaniuth, Eberhard
Course in commutative banach algebras / by Eberhard
Kaniuth.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xii, 353p.
(Graduate texts in mathematics).
ISBN : 9780387724751.
512.554 P09 184447

** Banach algebra, commutative

13. Meiss, James. D
Differential dynamical systems / by James D Meiss.--
Philadelphia: SIAM, 2007. xxi, 412p.
(Mathematical modeling and computation; 14).
ISBN : 9780898716351.
515.39 P07 184458

** Differential dynamical systems- Mathematical models

14. Stroock, Daniel. W
Partial differential equations for probabilists / by
Daniel W Stroock.-- New York: Cambridge University Press,
2008. xv, 215p.
(Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics; 112).
ISBN : 9780521886512.
519.22 P081 184460

** Differential equations, Partial; differential equations,
Parabolic; Differential equations, Elliptic;

15. Tent, Katrin
Groups and analysis: The legacy of Hermann Weyl / ed by
Katrin Tent.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008
x, 326p.
(London mathematical society lecture notes series).
ISBN : 9780521717885.
515.14 P08 184459

** Algebra and analysis; Weyl, Hermann - Festschrift

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