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Weekly Display of Books
20-07-2009 To 26-07-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Thomas, Lyn C.
Readings in credit scoring / by Lyn C Thomas, David
B Edelman and Jonathan N Crook.-- New York: OUP, 2004.
xv, 321p.
ISBN : 9780198527978.
332.7 P04 184248

** Credit(Financial economics)


2. Carlucci, Donald E.
Ballistics theory and design of genetics and ammunition /
by Donald E Carlucci and Sidney S Jacobson.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, 2008. xv, 496.
ISBN : 9781420066180.
623.51 P08 184329

** Arms & Ammunition; Guns; Ballistics

3. Lombrardi, Fabrizio., ed
Design and test of digital circuits by quantum dot
cellular automata / ed by Fabrizio Lombardi and Jing
Huang.-- Boston: Artech House, 2008. xv, 382p.
ISBN : 9781596932678.
621.3950151135 P08 184219

** Digital circuits; VLSI; Integrated circuits; Electronic
circuits; Cellular automata

4. Mitsos, Alexander.
Micro fabricated power generation devices: Design and
technology / Ed by Alexander Mitsos And Paul I Barton.--
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2009. XVII, 283P.
ISBN : 9783527320813.
621.312 P09 184220

** Electric power generation devices


5. Goldbort, Robert.
Writing for science / by Robert Goldbort.-- New Haven:
Yale University Press, 2006. xiii, 330p.
ISBN : 9780300117936.
808.0665 P06 184323
** Technical writing; Communication in science

6. Katz, Michael J
Elements of scientific paper: A step-by-step guide for
students and professionals / by Michael J Katz.-- New
Haven: Yale University Press, 1985. ix, 130p.
ISBN : 9780300035322.
808.0666 N851 184324

** Technical Writing


7. Auscher, Pascal.
Necessary and sufficient conditions for Lp-Estimates
of riesz transforms associated to elliptic operators
on Rn and related estimates / by Pascal Auscher.
-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2007.
xviii, 75p.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society-871).
ISBN : 9780821839416.
515.723 P07 184233

** Singular integrals; Littlewood - Paley theory; Calderon-
Zygmund operator

8. Carro, Maria J
Recent development in the theory of lorentz spaces and
weighted inequalities / by Maria J Carro Jose A Raposo
and Javier Soria.-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical
Society, 2007. xi,128p.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society-877).
ISBN : 9780821842379.
515.2433 P072 184235

** Littlewood-Paley theory; Lorentz spaces;

9. Challet, Damien.
Minority games / by Damien Challet, Matteo Marsili and Yi
Cheng Zhang.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
xvi, 344p.
ISBN : 9780198566403.
519.30153013 P05 184249

** Game theory; Statistical mechanics.

10. Chow, Bennett.
Hamilton's ricci flow / by Bennett Chow, Peg Lu and Lei
Ni.-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2006.
xxxvi, 608p.
(Graduate Studies in Mathematics-77).
ISBN : 9780821842317.
516.362 P063 184224

** Global Differential geometry; Ricci Flow; Riemannian

11. May, J P
Parameterized homotopy theory / by J P May and J
Sigurdsson.-- USA: American Mathematical Society, 2006.
ix, 441p.
(Mathematical Surveys and Monographs;Vol.132).
ISBN : 9780821839225.
514.24 Po6 184234

** Homotopy theory; Homotopy equivalences

12. Neusel, Mera D
Invariant theory / by Mera D Neusel.-- Rhode Island:
American Mathematical Society, 2007. viii,314p.
(Student Mathematical Library-36).
ISBN : 9780821841327.
512.944 P07 184225

** Invariant Theory

13. Williams, Dana P.
Crossed products of C*-algebras / by Dana P Williams.--
Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2007. ix,
(Mathematical Surveys and Monographs-134).
ISBN : 9780821842423.
512.556 P07 184223

** C*-algebras; Operator algebras

14. Zariski, Oscar.
Moduli problem for plane branches / by Oscar Zariski.--
Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2007.
(University Lecture Series-39).
ISBN : 9780821829837.
516.352 P062 184232

** Curves, Algebraic; Modules(Algebra)


15. Darrigol, Olivier.
Worlds of flow: A history of hydrodynamics form the
benoullis to prandtl / by Olivier Darrigol.-- New York:
Oxford University Press, 2009. xiv, 356p.
ISBN : 9780199559114.
532.509 P09 184247

** Hydrodynamics-History

16. Gotze, Wolfgang
Complex dynamics of glass forming liquids /
by Wolfgang Gotze.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
2009. xi, 641p.
ISBN : 9780199236346
532.0533 P09 184218

** Viscosity; Mode-coupling theory; Equations of motion;
Complex fluids; Molecular dynamics

Departmental Library


1. Bhandari, Anil Kumar., ed
Coffee gyan / ed by Anil Kumar Bhandari, K Basavaraj and
S Radhakrishnan.-- Bangalore: Coffee Board, 2007. 152p.
633.93 P07 G22767

** Coffee-Brewing

2. Gay, Hannah
History of Imperial College, London : Higher education and
research in science, technology and medicine / by Hannah
Gay.-- London: Imperial College Press, 2007. xxvii,825p.
ISBN : 9781860947094.
607.209421 P07 G22756

** Imperial College of Science, Technology and
Medicine (Great Britain)

3. Kariyappa, C P
Planting times selection from planting opinion and the
planters' chronicle / ed by C P Kariyappa, Homi Dishaw
Dhunjeebhoy and V Ramaswamy.-- Bangalore: Macmillan India
Limited, 2004. viii, 326p.
ISBN : 1403909172.
581 P04 G22763

** Plants

4. Ramachandra Rao, T N
Development of fermentation technology: The Indian
Institute of Science / by T N Ramachandra Rao.--
Bangalore: Indian Institute of Science, 1986. 285p.
660.28449 N861 G22749

** Fermentation

5. Collected papers of Jnan Chandra Ghosh Vol. 1.-- Kolkata:
Asiatic Society, 2005. xxi, 638p.
540.202 P05.1 G22766

** Chemistry-collected papers

6. Collected papers of Jnan Chandra Ghosh Vol.2-- Kolkata:
Asiatic society, 2005. xii, 1285p.
540.202 P05.2 G22754

** Chemistry-collected paper

7. Gopalakrishnan, J., ed
Advances in chemistry / ed by J Gopalakrishnan and G U
Kulkarni.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2003. xvi,
(World Scientific Series In 20th Century Chemistry).
ISBN : 981-238-599-1.
541.2242 P03;1 G22748

** Chemistry; Material chemistry

8. Ghosh, Sarup Prasad.
Swamy Vivekananda's economic thought in modern
international perspective: India as a case study / by
Sarup Prasad Ghosh.-- Kolkata: The Ramakrishna Mission
Institute of Culture, 2006. xxxiii, 618p.
ISBN : 9788187332459.
338.954 P06 G22769

** Macroeconomics-India; Economic development-India

9. Tata Service limited,
Tata sevices Ltd 50 years : 1957-2007.-- Mumbai: Group
Publications, 2007. 66p.
338.04092 P071 G22772

** Tata services

10. Agnes, Michael
Webster's new world college dictionary: New milennium /
ed by Michael Agnes.--4th ed-- New Delhi: Wiley-dreamtech,
2000. xxviii, 1669p.
ISBN : 8126501286.
423 P G22771

** English Language Dictionary

11. National Archives of India, New Delhi
Guide to the records in the national archives of India
pt.VI.-- New Delhi: National Archives of India, 1982.
027.954016 N82.6 G22753

** National Archives of India-bibliography

12. Sundararaj, M., ed
Manual of archival systems and the world of archives / ed
by M. Sundararaj.-- Chennai: Siva Publications, 1999.
020.954 N99 G22752

** Archives

13. Tagore, Rabindranath
Chithipatro: Vol.6 : Tagore's letters to J C Bose and
Abala Bose / by Rabindranath Tagore.-- Calcutta: Viswa-
Bharati Publication, 1993. 201p.
808.9144 N98.6 184261

** Bengali Literature; Rabindranath Tagore-letters

14. Raj, Kapil
Relocating modern science: Circulation and the
construction of scientific knowledge in South Asia and
Europe / by Kapil Raj.-- Delhi: Parmanent Black, 2006.
xiii, 285p.
ISBN : 9788178241463.
501.4 P06 G22770

** Science communication

15. Bhattarcharya, Sabyasachi., ed
Rethinking 1857 / ed by Sabyasachi Bhattarcharya.-- New
Delhi: Orient Longman Pvt.Ltd., 2007. vi, 319p.
ISBN : 9788125032694.
954 P071 G22768

** India-History

16. Harris, F R
Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata: A chronicle of his life / by F
R Harris.-- Bombay: Blackie and Sons, 1958. 339p.
923.654 N58 G22750

** Noble persons-India; Tata, J N-biography

17. Paper manuscripts and paintings.,
1981. 239p.
750 N81 G22745

** Paintings

18. Bhabha, Jamshed
Homi Bhabha as artist / ed by Jamshed Bhabha.-- Bombay:
Marg, 1968. 40p.
539.7092 N68 G22744

** Homi Bhabha; Drawings.


19. Maniktala, Sanjaya.
Switching power supplies A tO Z / by Sanjaya Maniktala.--
Oxford: Newnes Elsevier, 2006. xviii, 503p.
ISBN : 9780750679701.
621.317 P066 184252

** Electric Power Switching

20. Schlabbach, Jurgen
Power system engineering: Planning design, and operation
of power systems and equipment / by Jurgen Schlabbach and
Karl-Heinz Rofalski.-- Weinheim: Wiley, 2008. xii, 337p.
ISBN : 9783527407590.
621.3191 P082 184258

** Electric Power

21. Wu, Bin
High power converters and AC drives / by Bin Wu.-- New
Jersey: Wiley IEEE Press, 2006. xiv, 333p.
ISBN : 9780471731719.
621.317 P067 184253

** Power electronics; AC devices

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