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Weekly Display of Books
19-09-2011 To 25-09-2011

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Krabs, Werner.
Modelling, Analysis and Optimization of Biosystems
[electronic resource] / by Werner Krabs and Stefan
Wolfgang Pickl.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540714538.
570.15118 (e-book) E8740

** Hematology; Cytology; Biology; Mathematical Biology in
General; Biological Techniques; Control Engineering


2. Griebel, Michael.
Numerical Simulation in Molecular Dynamics [electronic
resource] : Numerical, Algorithms, Parallelization,
Applications / by Michael Griebel. et al.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540680956.
541.3901518 (e-book) E8731

** Numerical analysis; Mathematical physics;
Computational Science and Engineering; Numerical Analysis
Math. Applications in Chemistry; Mathematical and
Computational Physics


3. Waldau, Nathalie.
Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2005 [electronic
resource] / by Nathalie Waldau. et al.-- Berlin: Springer
Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540470649.
388.4101515352 (e-book) E8726

** Animal behavior; Applications of Mathematics;
Behavioral Sciences;


4. Decker, Reinhold.
Advances in Data Analysis [electronic resource] :
Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the
Gesellschaft fC<r Klassifikation e.V., Freie UniversitC$t
Berlin, March 8.10, 2006 / by Reinhold Decker and Hans -J
Lenz.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540709817.
005.73 (e-book) E8737

** Data mining; Statistics; Economics; Statistical Theory
and Methods; Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine,
Health Sciences

5. Hauser, Helwig.
Topology-based Methods in Visualization [electronic
resource] / by Helwig Hauser. et al.-- Berlin: Springer,
ISBN : 9783540708230.
006.601514 (e-book) E8735

** Mathematics; Computer graphics; Visualization;

6. Resch, Michael
High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2006
[electronic resource] : Proceedings of the High
Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, March 2006 / by
Michael Resch. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540687436.
004.35 (e-book) E8728

** Mathematics; Chemistry; Computer science; Physics;
Computational Science and Engineering; Processor
Architectures; Numerical and Computational Methods


7. Gardner, Henry.
Design Patterns for e-Science [electronic resource] / by
Henry Gardner. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 3-540-68090-X.
620.00420285 (e-book) E8730

** Software engineering; Computer science; Engineering
mathematics; Atoms and Molecules in Strong Fields, Plasma


8. Benth, Fred Espen.
Stochastic Analysis and Applications [electronic
resource] : The Abel Symposium 2005 / by Fred Espen
Benth. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540708476.
519.22 (e-book) E8736

** Finance; Global analysis; Distribution; Mathematical
statistics; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes;
Quantitative Finance

9. Buchmann, Johannes.
Binary Quadratic Forms [electronic resource] : An
Algorithmic Approach / by Johannes Buchmann and Ulrich
Vollmer.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540463689.
512.942 (e-book) E8724

** Data encryption; Algebra; Number theory; Mathematics

10. Dundas, BjC8rn Ian
Motivic Homotopy Theory [electronic resource] : Lectures
at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, / by BjC8rn
Ian Dundas and Marc Levine.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540458975.
514.24 (e-book) E8721

** Geometry, algebraic; Algebraic topology; Mathematics

11. Ebbinghaus, Heinz-Dieter.
Ernst Zermelo [electronic resource] : An Approach to His
Life and Work / by Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540495536.
510.92 (e-book) E8729

** Science; Logic; Logic, Symbolic and mathematical;
History of Mathematics; History of Science

12. Griebel, Michael.
Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations III /
by Michael Griebel. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540462224.
515.353 (e-book) E8723

** Differential equations, partial; Computer science;
Engineering mathematics; Partial Differential Equations

13. Gruber, Peter M.
Convex and Discrete Geometry [electronic resource] / by
Peter M Gruber.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540711339.
516.08 (e-book) E8738

** Mathematics; Discrete groups; Mathematics; Convex and
Discrete Geometry

14. Hasle, Geir.
Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and
Optimization [electronic resource] : Applied Mathematics
at SINTEF / by Geir Hasle. et al.-- Berlin: Springer,
ISBN : 9783540687832.
516.0285 (e-book) E8733

** Mathematics; Computer science; Mathematical
optimization; Engineering mathematics; Computational
Science and Engineering; Math. Applications in

15. Matveev, Sergei
Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds
[electronic resource] / by Sergei, Matveev.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540458999.
514.2230285 (e-book) E8722

** Topology; Differential Geometry

16. Orlik, Peter.
Algebraic Combinatorics [electronic resource] : Lectures
at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, June 2003 /
by Peter Orlik. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540683766.
511.6 (e-book) E8732

** Mathematics; Algebra; Combinatorics; Combinatorics;

17. Schadschneider, Andreas.
Traffic and Granular Flow.05 [electronic resource] / by
Andreas Schadschneider. et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540476412.
510.2462 (e-book) E8727

** Mathematical physics; Engineering mathematics;
Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic;
Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

18. Schirotzek, Winfried.
Nonsmooth Analysis [electronic resource] / by Winfried
Schirotzek.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540713333.
515.64 (e-book) E8739

** Mathematics; Global analysis (Mathematics); Analysis

19. Cksendal, Bernt.
Applied Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusions [electronic
resource] / by Bernt Cksendal and AgnC(s Sulem.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540698265.
519.23 (e-book) E8734

** Operator theory; Operations research; Operations
Research, Mathematical Programming; Operator Theory;
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes


20. Hoffman, Johan.
Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow [electronic
resource] : Applied Mathematics: Body and Soul 4 / by
Johan Hoffman and Claes Johnson.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007
ISBN : 9783540465331.
532.0527 (e-book) E8725

** Mathematical physics; Engineering mathematics;
Computational Science and Engineering; Classical
Continuum Physics



1. Srideshikan, S.M.
Molecular cloning and characterization of a calcium-
dependent protein kinase isoform ScCPK1 from swainsona
canescens / by S M Srideshikan.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010.
iv, 128p.
(IISc, Dept. of BC PhD Thesis).
Include CD.
572.6801546393 P10 "THESIS" G24444

** Calcium bound protein Kinases; Protein kinases;
Swainsona canescens; Arabidopis


2. Barrow, Gordon M.
Physical chemistry / by Gordon M Barrow.--5th ed-- New
Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 2007. xvi, 859p.
ISBN : 9780070647749.
541.3 P071;5 "R"(UG)(ML) 187855(Ref.)

** Chemistry, physical;

3. McQuarrie, Donald A.
Physical chemistry: A Molecular Approach / by Donald A
McQuarrie and John D Simon.-- California: University
Science Books Sauslito, 1998. xxii, 1270p.
ISBN : 9788176490016.
541.3 N98;6 "R"(UG)(ML) 187894

** Chemistry, physical and theoretical


4. Almasi, George S.
Highly parallel computing / by George S Almasi and Allan
Gottlieb.-- Redwood City: Benjamin/Cummings Publishing
Company, Inc., 1989. xxiv, 519p.
ISBN : 0-8053-0177-1.
004.35 N8913 G23953

** Parallel processing (Electronic computers);

5. Annual symposium on foundations of computer science
Foundations of computer science: Proceedings.--
California: IEEE Computer Society, 1998. xiv, 745p.
ISBN : 9780818691720.
005.131 N981 G24016

** Computer science-Mathematics; Artificial intelligence;
Mathematical logic; Computational logic

6. Annual symposium on foundations of computer science(40:New
Foundations Of computer science: Proceedings.-- New York:
IEEE Computer Society, 1999. xiv, 668p.
ISBN : 9780769504094.
005.131 N991 G24017

** Computer science-Mathematics; Algorithms; Mathematical
logic; Computational logic

7. Information security management handbook / ed by Harold F
Tipton and Micki Krause.--4th ed-- Boca Raton: AUERBACH,
2001. xii, 626p.
ISBN : 9780849308000.
005.82068 P01.2 G24368

** Computer security-Management-Handbooks, manuals, etc.;
Data protection-Handbooks, manuals, etc.;

8. Pacific Data Products
Pacific page P.E: Postscript language emulation cartridge-
User's guide.-- USA: Pacific Data Products, 1990. ii,
005.133 N9031 G24356

** Postscript(Computer program language)

9. Tel, Gerard.
Introduction to distributed algorithms / by Gerard Tel.--
2nd-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. xii, 596p.
ISBN : 9780521605670.
005.276 P001 G24135

** Electronic data processing-Distributed processing-
Congresses; Computer algorithms-Congresses


10. Chintamani, Vyjayanthi
Planning and operational aspects of real and reactive
power in deregulated power systems / by Vyjayanthi,
Chintamani.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xxv, 302p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE PhD Thesis).
Include CD.
621.3191 P102 "THESIS" G24457

** Electric power

11. Doebelin, Ernest O.
Instrumentation design studies / by Ernest O Doebelin.--
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xiii, 711p.
ISBN : 9781439819487.
620.0042 P101 188094

** Engineering instruments-Design and construction;
Systems engineering; Automatic control

12. Hogg, Robert V
Engineering statistics / by Robert V Hogg.-- New York:
Macmillan Publishing Company, 1987. xxii, 420p.
ISBN : 0-02-355790-7.
620.0042 N872 (UG)(ML) 187803

** Engineering - Statistical methods

13. Prabhakar, Tejas
Development of Cu2ZnSnS4/ZnS thin film Heterojunction
Solar Cells by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis / by Tejas
Prabhakar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xii, 106p.
(IISc, Dept. of IAP MSc Thesis).
Includes CD's.
621.472 P10 "THESIS" G24420

** Solar collectors; Solar cells; Copper zinc stannous
sulphide thin films; Spray Pyrolysis; Zinc sulphide thin

14. Prasad, Surendra
Spectral analysis in One or two dimensions / ed by
Surendra Prasad and Rangasami L Kashyap.-- New Delhi:
Oxford and IBH Publishing, 1990. viii, 842p.
ISBN : 81-204-0523-4.
621.382201515722 N90 G24250

** Signal processing; Spectral analysis

15. Srinivasan, V.
Supporting novelty in conceptual phase of engineering
design / by V Srinivasan.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xxii, 201p.
(IISc, Dept. of CPDM PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.0042 P103 "THESIS" G24441

** Design engineering

16. Vijaya, M. S.
Materials science / by M S Vijaya and G Rangarajan.-- New
Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 2004. xviii, 590p.
ISBN : 9780070534698.
620.11 P043 G24604

** Material science;


17. International conference on document analysis and
Document analysis and recognition, Vol.1: Proceedings.--
California: IEEE Computer Society, 1997. xxiv,
ISBN : 9780818678981.
621.3994 N97.1 G23985

** Document analysis

18. International conference on document analysis and
Document analysis and recognition, Vol.2: Proceedings.--
California: IEEE Computer Society, 1997. xxiv, 449-
ISBN : 9780818678981.
621.3994 N97.2 G23986

** Document analysis


19. Naveen Reddy, D.S. Srinivas
Numerical study of directionality of ion ejection in
axially symmetric ion traps / by D S Srinivas Naveen Reddy
-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. ix, 55p.
(IISc, Dept. of IAP MSc Thesis).
Include CD.
681.4184 P10 "THESIS" G24419

** Ion ejection instruments; Ion trapping instruments


20. Artin, Michael
Algebra / by Michael Artin.--2nd ed.-- New Delhi:
Prentice Hall of India, 2011. xv, 543p.
ISBN : 9788120343290.
512 P11 (UG)(ML) 187907

** Algebra

21. Handbook of computational statistics concepts and methods /
ed by James E Gentle. et al.-- Berlin: Springer-Verlag,
2004. xii, 1070p.
ISBN : 9783540404644.
519.5028551 P04 "R" G24244(Ref.)

** Mathematical statistics-Algorithms; Descriptive
statistics-Databases; Computational statistics;

22. Sen, Suparna
Segal-bargmann transform and paley wiener theorems on
motion groups / by Suparna Sen.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010.
xi, 75p.
(IISc, Dept. of MA PhD Thesis).
Includes CD's.
512.22 P10 "THESIS" G24460

** Representation of groups; Segal-Bergmann Transform;
Paley wiener theorems


23. Acharya, Pragyan
Functional characterization of heat shock proteins 40
from plasmodium falciparum / by Pragyan, Acharya.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xii, 168p+articles.
(IISc, Dept. of BC PhD Thesis).
Include CD.
616.93620015726 P10 "THESIS" G24455

** Plasmodium falciparum; Protein 40; Heat shock protein;

24. Mukherjee, Siddhartha
Emperor of all maladies / by Siddhartha Mukherjee.--
London: Fourth Estate, 2011. xiv, 571p.
Winner of the pulitzer prize for non-fiction 2011.
ISBN : 9780007428052.
616.994 P11 187920

** Cancer-history


25. Keer, H. V.
Principles of the solid state / by H V Keer.-- New Delhi:
Wiley Eastern Ltd., 1993. xvii, 379p.
ISBN : 81-224-0466-9.
530.41 N93;1 G24605

** Solid state physics


26. Steeb, Willi-Hans
Nonlinear workbook / by Willi-Hans Steeb. et al.--2nd ed-
New Jersey: World Scientific, 2002. xvi, 622p.
ISBN : 9789812382306.
003.857 P022 G24140

** Nonlinear systems; Chaotic behaviour of systems;
Chaos, fractals; Cellular automata; Neural networks;
Genetic algorithms; Gene expression programming; Wavelets
Fuzzy logic; With C++, java and symbolic C++ programs



1. Franklin, Janet
Mapping species distributions: spatial inference and
prediction / by Janet Franklin.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2009. xviii, 320p.
ISBN : 9780521700023.
590.9 P09 R(T)(UG) 188095

** Zoology-Spatial distribution; Species-Spatial


2-5. Barrow, Gordon M.
Physical chemistry / by Gordon M Barrow.--5th ed-- New
Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 2007. xvi, 859p.
ISBN : 9780070647749.
541.3 P071;2 "R"(UG) 187853(Ref.)
541.3 P071;3 "R"(UG) 187854(Ref.)
541.3 P071;4 "R"(UG) 187851(Ref.)
541.3 P071;6 "R"(UG) 187852(Ref.)

** Chemistry, physical;

6-8. Lee, J D
Concise inorganic chemistry / by J D Lee.--5th ed.--
India: Wiley, 1996. xxxv, 1032p.
ISBN : 9788126515547.
546 N961;3 R(T)(UG) 187880
546 N961;4 R(T)(UG) 187881
546 N961;5 R(T)(UG) 187882

** Chemistry, Inorganic

9-12. McQuarrie, Donald A.
Physical chemistry: A Molecular Approach / by Donald A
McQuarrie and John D Simon.-- New Delhi: Viva, 1998.
xxii, 1270p.
ISBN : 9788176490016.
541.3 N98;2 "R"(UG) 187890
541.3 N98;3 "R"(UG) 187891
541.3 N98;4 "R"(UG) 187892
541.3 N98;5 "R"(UG) 187893

** Chemistry, physical and theoretical


13-15. Hogg, Robert V
Engineering statistics / by Robert V Hogg.-- New York:
Macmillan Publishing Company, 1987. xxii, 420p.
ISBN : 0-02-355790-7.
620.0042 N872;1 (UG) 187804
620.0042 N872;2 (UG) 187805
620.0042 N872;3 (UG) 187806

** Engineering - Statistical methods


16-20. Artin, Michael
Algebra / by Michael Artin.--2nd ed.-- New Delhi:
Prentice Hall of India, 2011. xv, 543p.
ISBN : 9788120343290.
512 P11;1 (UG) 187908
512 P11;2 (UG) 187909
512 P11;3 (UG) 187910
512 P11;4 (UG) 187911
512 P11;5 (UG) 187912

** Algebra

Departmental Library


1. Lott, Dale F.
Intraspecific variation in the social systems of wild
vertebrates / by Dale F Lott.-- New York: CUP, 2009.
xiv, 238p.
(Cambridge studies in behavioural biology).
ISBN : 9780521115230.
596.051 P09 (CES) 188101

** Social behavior in animals; Animal populations;
Vertebrates-Behavior; Vertebrates-Variation


2. Nemat-Nasser, S.
Plasticity: a treatise on finite deformation of
heterogeneous inelastic materials / by S Nemat-Nasser.--
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. xxv, 730p.
(Cambridge monographs on mechanics).
ISBN : 9780521108065.
620.11233 P091 (CiE) 188104

** Plasticity; Inelastic materials; Finite deformation

3. Petyt, Maurice
Introduction to finite element vibration analysis / by
Maurice Petyt.--2nd ed-- New York: Cambridge University
Press, 2010. xvi, 500p.
ISBN : 9780521191609.
624.176 P10 (CiE) 188103

** Vibration; Finite element method

4. Rao, K. Kesava
Introduction to granular flow / by K Kesava Rao and
Prabhu R Nott.-- New York: Cambridge University Press,
2008. xxi, 490p.
(Cambridge series in chemical engineering).
ISBN : 9780521571661.
620.43 P08;3 (CiE) 188102

** Granular materials-fluid dynamics

5. Telford, W.M.
Applied geophysics / by W M Telford. et al.--2nd ed--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990. xx, 770p.
ISBN : 9780521339384.
622.15 N90 (CiE) 188084

** Prospecting-Geophysical methods; Mineral deposits-
Prospecting; Application of geophysics

6. Datta, T.K.
Seismic analysis of structures / by T K Datta.--
Singapore: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. xv, 454p.
ISBN : 9780470824610.
624.1762 P10 (CiE) 187468

** Earthquake engineering; Structural analysis


7. Gevorkian, Peter
Large-scale solar power system design: an engineering
guide for grid-connected solar power generation / by
Peter Gevorkian.-- New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011. xvii,
(McGraw-Hill's Green source series).
ISBN : 9780071763271.
621.4712 P11 (EE) 188120

** Solar grid engineering; Solar engineering; Solar power

8. Katkovnik, Vladimir
Local approximation techniques in signal and image
processing / by Vladimir Katkovnik. et al.-- New Delhi:
SPIE Press, 2010. xvii, 553p.
ISBN : 9788122428308.
621.367 P104 (EE) 188119

** Image processing-digital techniques; Signal processing
digital techniques

9. Ziegler, Gerhard
Numerical distance protection: principles and
applications / by Gerhard Ziegler.--4th ed-- Erlangen:
Publicis Publishing, 2011. 419p.
ISBN : 9783895783814.
621.31921 P11 (EE) 188126

** Short circuits(electric engineering)


10. Barvinok, Alexander
Integer points in polyhedra / by Alexander Barvinok.--
Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2008. viii,
(Zurich lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190524.
516.156 P08;1 (MA) 187773

** Polyhedron

11. Chang, Sun-Yung Alice
Non-linear elliptic equations in conformal geometry / by
Sun-Yung Alice Chang.-- Switzerland: European
Mathematical Society, 2004. viii, 92p.
(Zurich lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190067.
516.36 P046 (MA) 187775

** Differential geometry; Elliptic equation; Conformal

12. Recent developments in pseudo-Riemannian geometry / ed by
Dmitri V Alekseevsky and Helga Baum.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2008. x, 539p.
(Lectures in Mathematics and Physics).
ISBN : 9783037190517.
516.37 P08 (MA) 187776

** Riemannian Geometry

13. Renormalization and Galois Theories / ed by Alain Connes.
et al.-- Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2009
viii, 270p.
(IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics 15)
ISBN : 9783037190739.
511.32 P09 (MA) 187786

** Galois theory

14. Christodoulou, Demetrios
Mathematical problems of general relativity I / by
Demetrios Christodoulou.-- Switzerland: European
Mathematical Society, 2008. x, 147p.
(Zurich lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190050.
530.11 P081.1 (MA) 187774

** Relativity, theory of

15. Williams, R.J.
Introduction to the mathematics of finance / by R J
Williams.-- USA: AMS, 2011. viii, 150p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics, Vol.72).
ISBN : 9780821868829.
332.01513 P11 (MA) G24560

** Financial mathematics; Mathematical finance

16. Abhyankar, Shreeram S.
Algebraic geometry for scientists and engineers / by
Shreeram S Abhyankar.-- USA: AMS, 2011. xiii, 295p.
(Mathematical surveys and monographs, Vol.35).
ISBN : 9780821868942.
516.35 P11 (MA) G24562

** Geometry, algebraic

17. Balkema, Guus
High risk scenarios and extremes: A geometric approach /
by Guus Balkema and Paul Embrechts.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2007. xiii, 375p.
(Zurich lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190357.
519.535 P071 (MA) 187772

** Multivariate analysis; Extremes(mathematical

18. Illner, Reinhard
Mathematical Modelling / by Reinhard Illner. et al.-- USA
: AMS, 2011. xvi, 196p.
(Student mathematical library, Vol.27).
ISBN : 9780821868911.
511.8 P11 (MA) G24559

** Mathematical models

19. Montiel, Sebastian
Curves and surfaces / by Sebastian Montiel and Antonio
Ros.--2nd ed-- USA: AMS, 2011. xvi, 376p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics, Vol.69).
ISBN : 9780821868805.
516.362 P11 (MA) G24561

** Curves on surfaces; Geometry, differential;
Sub manifolds;

20. Sadun, Lorenzo
Applied linear algebra : The decoupling principle / by
Lorenzo, Sadun.--2nd ed-- USA: AMS, 2011. xviii, 371p.
ISBN : 9780821868874.
512.5 P11 (MA) G24569

** Algebra, linear

21. Schmitt, Alexander H W
Geometric invariant theory and decorated principal
bundles / by Alexander H W Schmitt.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2008. vii, 389p.
(Zurich Lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190654.
516.362 P082 (MA) 187771

** Fiber bundles; Geometric invariants

22. Seidel, Paul
Fukaya categories and picard-lefschetz theory / by Paul
Seidel.-- Switzerland: European Mathematical Society,
2008. viii, 326p.
(Zurich lectures in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190630.
512.62 P08 (MA) 187770

** Category theory


23. Gabbiani, Fabrizio
Mathematics for neuroscientists / by Fabrizio Gabbiani
and Steven J Cox.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2010. xi, 486p.
ISBN : 9780123748829.
612.820151 P10 (CNS) 188225

** Neuroscience


24. Szeliski, Richard
Computer vision: algorithms and applications / by Richard
Szeliski.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2011. xx, 812p.
(Texts in computer science).
ISBN : 9781848829343.
006.37 P111 (SERC) 188127

** Computer vision

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