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Weekly Display of Books
19-07-2010 To 25-07-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Fain, Gordan L
Molecular and cellular physiology of neurons / by Gordan
L Fain.-- New Delhi: Prentice Hall, 1999. x, 639p.
ISBN : 9788120327344.
573.838 N99 185610

** Neurons-physiology; Neurons system-physiology;
Molecular biology; Cell physiology


2. Hassan, Osama A B
Building acoustic and vibration: Theory and practice / by
Osman A B Hassan.-- London: World scientific, 2009. xxi, 947p.
ISBN : 9789812838339.
693.834 P09 185598

** Acoustic Engineering; Vibration(Engineering); Building


3. Andrews, Andrew I
Enamels: the preparation, application, and properties of
vitreous enamels / by Andrew I Andrews.-- USA: The Twin
City Publishers, 1935. xviii,410p.
666.2 N46 G23153

** Enamels (Manufacturing)


4. Boudet, Roger
Relativistic transitions in the hydrogenic atoms / by
Roger Boudet.-- Berlin: Springer ], 2009. xi,127p.
(Atomic, optical and plasma physics 52).
ISBN : 9783540855491.
546.2 P09 185593

** Hydrogen-Chemistry; Dirac theory; Electron wave

5. Magarsbak, Yuri., ed
Silicon versus carbon: fundamental nanoprocesses,
Nanobiotechnology and risks assessment / ed by Yuri
Magarshak, Sergey Kozyrev and Ashok K Vaseashta.-- Berlin
: Springer, 2009. vii,416p.
(NATO science for security series B: physics and
ISBN : 9789048125210.
546.6830246205 P09 185594

** Nanomaterials; Silicon nanomaterials; Carbon
nanomaterials; Nanosilican

6. Wood, Elizabeth A
Crystals and light: An introduction to optical
crystallography / by Elizabeth A Wood.-- New York:
Van Nostrand Company, 1964. vi,160p.
548.9 N64 G23160

** Optical crystallography


7. Cormen, Thomas H
Introduction to algorithms / by Thomas H Cormen , Charles
E L and Ronald L R., et al.--3rd ed.-- New Delhi: MIT
Press, 2010. xix,1292p.
ISBN : 9788120340077.
005.1 P09 185668

** Algorithms (Computer science)

8. Stroustrup, Bjarne
C++ Programming Language / by Bjarne Stroustrup.--3rd ed.
-- New Delhi: Addison-Wesley, 2009. x,1019p.
ISBN : 9788131705216.
005.133 P093 185669

** C++ Computer program language


9. Economic survey 2009-10
Economic survey 2009-10 / by Government of India and
Ministry of Finance.-- New Delhi: Govt. of India, 2010.
Dept of Economic Affairs Economic Division.
ISBN : 9780198068341.
338.9 P10 185599

** Economic development; Microeconomic survey; Financial


10. Birtalan, Dave., ed
Optoelectronics infrared visible ultraviolet and
applications / ed by Dave Birtalan and William Nunley.--
2nd ed.-- New York: CRC Press, 2009. xxi,336p.
ISBN : 9781420067804.
621.381045 P095 185614

** Optoelectronics

11. Hull, Derek
Introduction to dislocations / by Derek Hull.-- Oxford:
Pergamon, 1965. xi, 259p+Index.
ISBN : 08-101796-0.
620.1126 N651 G23157

** Dislocations; Fracture mechanics; Metallography

12. Lakhtin, Y
Engineering physical metallurgy / by Y Lakhtin.-- Mascow:
MIR, 1968. 455p.
621.4021 N63;1 G23143

** Physical metallurgy

13. Matsko, Adrey B., ed
Practical application of microsensors optics and
photonics / ed by Adrey B Matsko.-- London: CRC, 2009.
xx, 565p.
ISBN : 9781420065787.
621.36015355 P09;1 185615

** Optical resonance; Beams(Optics); Microsensors

14. Parton, V Z
Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics / by V Z Patron and E
M Morozov.-- Mascow: MIR, 1978. 427p.
620.1126 N781 G23162

** Fracture mechanics

15. Swinehart, Haldon J., ed
Cutting tool material selection / ed by Haldon J
Swinehart.-- Dearborn: ASTME, 1968. xi,155p.
621.93 N684 G23141

** Tool material; Machine tools; Cutting tools

16. Weinig, Arthur J
Technical methods of ore analysis for chemists and
colleges / by Arthur J Weinig and William P Schoder.--5th
ed.-- New York: John Wiley, 1948. x,325p.
622.7 N481 G23155

** Ore dressing; Ore analysis

17. Zhao, T S., ed
Micro fuel cells: Principles and applications / ed by T S
Zhao.-- Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2009. ix,300p.
ISBN : 9780123747136.
621.312429 P098 185608

** Methanol fuel cells; Micro fluidic fuel cells; MEMS;
Glucose biosensors; Biofuel cells


18. Cope, Bill., ed
Future of the academic journal / ed by Bill Cope and
Angus Phillips.-- oxford: Chodos Publishing, 2009.
ISBN : 9781843344162.
025.21877 P09 185013

** Collection development; Serials; Periodicals-academic


19. Sharma, C P
Novels of R K Narayan: A perspective / by C P Sharma.--
Delhi: Prasangik, 2007. xii,231p.
823 P07 G23568

** Narayan, R K-Collected works; Fiction;
Novel (literature)


20. Aston, James
Wrought iron its manufacture characteristic and
applications / by James Aston and Edward B Story.--2nd
ed.-- Pittsburg: Byers company, 1939. vi,97p.
673 N41 G23159

** Wrought iron

21. Grigoryan V
Theoretical principles of electric steelmaking / by V
Grigoryan, L Belyanchikov and A Stomakhin.-- Mascow: MIR,
1983. 264p.
672 N83 G23156

** Steel Manufacturing

22. Zakharov, B
Heat treatment of metals / by B Zakharov.-- Moscow: Peace
Publications, 1962. 311p.
673.36 N62 G23161

** Metals-Heat treatment


23. Wells, Raymond O
Differential analysis on complex manifolds / by Raymond O
Wells --3rd ed.-- Berlin: Springer, 2008. xiii,229p.
(Graduate text in mathematics).
ISBN : 9780387738918.
515.946 P08;1 185616

** Complex manifolds

24. Kreck, Matthias
Differential algebraic topology: from stratifolds to
exotic spheres / by Matthias Kreck.-- Providence:
American mathematical society, 2010. xii,218p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821848982.
514.2 P10 185686

** Algebraic topology; Differential topology

25. Martinez, Ruben A
Introduction to operators on the Hardy-Hilbert space / by
Ruben A Martinez and Avendano Peter Rosenthal.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007. xii,220p.
(Graduate text in mathematics).
ISBN : 9780387354187.
515.724 P07 185617

** Operator theory; Hardy G H- Mathematician; Theory of
Hilbert space

26. Misra, J C., ed
Recent trends in mathematical sciences / ed by J C Misra
and S B Sinha.-- New Delhi: Narosa Pub, 2001. 483p.
ISBN : 81-7319-405-X.
510 P015 G23319

** Mathematics-Recent developments

27. Plofker, Kim
Mathematics in India / by Kim Plofker.-- New Jersey:
Princeton University Press, 2009. xi,357p.
ISBN : 9780691120676.
510.954 P09 185693

** Mathematics-India-History; Mathematics-India-


28. Marks, Andrew R., ed
Textbook of molecular medicine: science in medicine / ed
by Andrew R Marks and Ushma S Neill.-- Bostan: Jones and
Bartlet, 2010. xv,1157p.
ISBN : 9789380108551.
610.015728 P10 185640

** Science in medicine; Molecular biology; medicine-
Molecular biology


29. Lohmann, Bernd
Angle and spin resolved auger emission: Theory and
applications to atoms and molecules / by Bernd Lohmann.--
Berlin: Springer, 2009. xvi,335p.
ISBN : 9783540746294.
539.75 P09 185592

** Nuclear emissions; Nuclear activities; Auger emissions
Auger spectra; Nuclear spin

30. Perlekar, Prasad
Numerical studies of three dimensional turbulence with
polymer additives and two dimensional turbulence thin
films / by Prasad Perlekar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009.
(IISc, Dept of PHY, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
530.4175 P092 "THESIS" G23543

** Thin films-turbulence; Numerical analysis

Departmental Library


1. Keshet, Leah Edelstein
Mathematical models in biology / by Leah Edelstein Keshet
-- Philadelphia: SIAM, 2005. xxix,586p.
(Applied mathematics).
ISBN : 9780898715545.
570.15195 P05;1 (CES) 185670

** Biology, Mathematical; Biometrics; Population biology

2. Lemey, Philippe., ed
Phylogenetic handbook: Practical approach to phylogenetic
analysis and hypothesis testing / ed by Philippe Lemey,
Macro Salemi and Anne Mieke Vandamme.--2nd ed-- Cambridge
: Cambridge University Press, 2009. xxvi,722p.
ISBN : 9780521730719.
571.80202 P09 (CES) 185666

** Phylogenetics

3. Peter, R H
Critique for ecology / by R H Peter.-- Montreal: CUP,
1991. xiv,366p.
ISBN : 9780521395885.
577.01 N91 (CES) 185667

** Ecology-Philosophy

4. Fearn, Eva
State of the wild 2010-2011: a global portrait / by Eva
Fearn.-- Washington: Island press, 2009. xv,244p.
(Wild life conservation in a time of war).
ISBN : 9781597266789.
333.95416 P10 (CES) 185587

** Wild life Conservation


5. Grout, Ian
Digital Systems Design with FPGAs and CPLDs / by Ian
Grout.-- New Delhi: Newnes, 2008. xxxvii,724p.
ISBN : 9788131218563.
621.395 P08;1(CEDT) 185585

** Digital electronic system-design and construction;
Electronic system-design and construction; VHDL; Hardware
Description languages; Analog to digital convention; Field
programmable gate array; FPGA ; Complex programmable logic
design; CPLD


6. Gat, Joel R
Isotope hydrology: A study of the water cycle / by Joel R
Gat.-- London: World scientific, 2010. vii,189p.
(Series on environmental science and management).
ISBN : 9781860940354.
551.480153974 P10 (CIE) 185611

** Isotope(Nuclear physics); Hydrogen- isotopes; Water

7. Goldstein, Herbert
Classical Mechanics / by Herbert Goldstein and Charles P
Poole.--3rd ed.-- New Delhi: Addison Wesley, 2002.
ISBN : 9788177582833.
531 P024;6 (CiE) 185684

** classical mechanics

8. Marx, Dominik
Ab initio molecular dynamics: basic theory and advanced
methods / by Dominik Marx and JC<rg Hutter.-- Cambridge: C
U P, 2009. x, 567p.
ISBN : 9780521898638.
539.6 P09;1 (CIE) 185612

** Molecular dynamics

9. Messiah, Albert
Quantum Mechanics / by Albert Messiah.-- Mineola: Dover
Publications, 1999. xxi,1136p.
ISBN : 9780486409245.
530.12 N992(CiE) 185674

** Quantum theory


10. Serdyuk, Igor N
Methods in molecular biophysics structure dynamics and
function / by Igor N Serdyuk, Nathan R Zaccai and Joseph
Zaccai.-- New York: CUP, 2007. xvi,1120p.
ISBN : 9780521815246.
571.4 P071 (MBU) 185619

** Molecular biology; Biophysics


11. Lim, Gino J., ed
Optimization in medicine and biology / ed by Gino J Lim
and Eva K Lee.-- New York: CRC Press, 2008. xxx,562p.
ISBN : 9780849305634.
610 P08 (SERC) 185694

** Medicine-Mathematical models; Biology-Mathematical
models; Mathematical optimization

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