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Weekly Display of Books
19-12-2011 To 25-12-2011

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Polanski, Andrzej.
Bioinformatics [electronic resource] / by Andrzej
Polanski and Marek Kimmel.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540690221.
570.285 (e-book) E8959

** Optical pattern recognition; Bioinformatics;
Computational Biology/Bioinformatics; Computer Appl. in
Life Sciences


2. Barker, Philip.
Java Methods for Financial Engineering: Applications in
Finance and Investment [electronic resource] / by Philip
Barker.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287411.
005.1330681 (e-book) E8952

** Electronic data processing; Finance; Numeric Computing
Probability and Statistics in Computer Science

3. Bauer, Friedrich L.
Decrypted Secrets : Methods and Maxims of Cryptology
[electronic resource] / by Friedrich L Bauer.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540481218.
005.82 (e-book) E8960

** Coding and Information Theory; Computers and Society;
Applications of Mathematics; Number theory

4. Brooke, Phillip J.
Practical Distributed Processing [electronic resource] /
by Phillip Brooke J.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288418.
004.36 (e-book) E8945

** Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems
Software engineering

5. Chancelier, Jean-Philippe.
Introduction C Scilab [electronic resource] / by Jean-
Philipe Chancelier and Francois Delebecque et al.-- Paris
: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9782287310171.
004.0151 (e-book) E8953

** Electronic data processing; Simulation and Modeling;
Mathematics of Computing; Computational Mathematics and
Numerical Analysis

6. Craig, Iain D.
Formal Refinement for Operating System Kernels
[electronic resource] / Iain Craig D.-- London: Springer,
ISBN : 9781846289675.
005.42 (e-book) E8950

** Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems
Software engineering

7. Deng, Zhigang.
Data-Driven 3D Facial Animation [electronic resource] /
by Zhigang Deng and Ulrich Neumann.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846289071.
006.696 (e-book) E8947

** Computer simulation; Computer simulation; Computer

8. European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
ECSCW 2007 [electronic resource] : Proceedings.-- London:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781848000315.
004.019 (e-book) E8951

** User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

9. Filiol, Eric.
Techniques virales avancC)es [electronic resource] / Eric
Filiol.-- Paris: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9782287338885.
004.6 (e-book) E8955

** Computer network architectures; Data structures
(Computer science); Computer Systems Organization and
Communication Networks; Data Structures, Cryptology and
Information Theory

10. Goertzel, Ben.
Artificial General Intelligence [electronic resource] /
by Ben Goertzel.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540686774.
006.3 (e-book) E8958

** Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics); Computation
by Abstract Devices; Computer simulation; Simulation and

11. Kifer, Michael.
Introduction to Operating System Design and
Implementation [electronic resource] : The OSP 2 Approach
/ by Michael Kifer and Scott Smolka A.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1846288436.
005.43 (e-book) E8946

** Operating Systems; Operating Systems

12. Munakata, Toshinori
Fundamentals of the New Artificial Intelligence : Neural,
Evolutionary, Fuzzy and More [electronic resource] / by
Toshinori Munakata.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288395.
006.3 (e-book) E8944

** Artificial intelligence; Artificial intelligence;
Artificial intelligence

13. Poo, Danny.
Object-Oriented Programming and Java [electronic
resource] / Danny Poo.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846289637.
005.133 (e-book) E8949

** Software engineering; Programming Languages,
Compilers, Interpreters; Programming Techniques

14. Schuster, Alfons J.
Intelligent Computing Everywhere [electronic resource] /
by Alfons Schuster J.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846289439.
006.3 (e-book) E8948

** Artificial intelligence; Computer Science

15. Vince, John.
Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics [electronic
resource] / by John Vince.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288043.
006.60151563 (e-book) E8941

** Computer graphics; Computer Science; Vector Analysis


16. Patnaik, Srikanta.
Robot Cognition and Navigation : An Experiment with
Mobile Robots [electronic resource] / by Srikanta Patnaik
-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9783540689164.
629.8932 (e-book) E8957

** Artificial intelligence; Optical pattern recognition;
Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and
Graphics Signal, Image and Speech Processing


17. Scharl, Arno
Geospatial Web : How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the
Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society [electronic
resource] / by Arno, Scharl and Klaus Tochtermann.--
London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288272.
910.2854678 (e-book) E8943

** Multimedia Information Systems; Information systems;
Web 2.0


18. Gradel, Erich.
Finite Model Theory and Its Applications [electronic
resource] / Erich Gradel.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 3540688048.
511.34 (e-book) E8956

** Logic design; Logic, Symbolic and mathematical;
Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages; Computation by
Abstract Devices


19. Safety-critical Systems Symposium (15:Bristol:2007)
Safety of Systems [electronic resource] : Proceedings /
ed by Felix Redmill.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288067.
363.11 (e-book) E8942

** Computer system performance; System Performance and


20. Berrou, Claude.
Codes et turbocodes [electronic resource] / by Claude
Berrou.-- Paris: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9782287327407.
003.540151 (e-book) E8954

** Coding theory; Mathematics; Signal, Image and Speech
Processing; Coding and Information Theory



1. Hathwar,Venkatesha R
Exploring intermolecular space by charge density analysis
in molecular crystals / by Venkatesha R. Hathwar.--
Bangalore: IISc Press, 2011. 161p.
(IISc, Dept. of SSCU PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
548.81 P11 "THESIS" G24780

** Molecular structure (Crystallography); Intermolecular
space; Electric charge density analysis


2. COMPAQ contura family of personal computers
User's guide: COMPAQ contura
.-- Houston: Compaq Computer Corporation, 1993
xvi, Sectional.
ISBN : 141989-003.
004.16 N93 G24353

** Personal computer- Compaq contura

3. Gunnerson, Eric
Programmer's introduction to C / by Eric Gunnerson.-- USA
: Apress, 2000. xviii, 358p.
ISBN : 9781893115866.
005.133 P0011 G24024

** C (Computer programming language)

4. HCL Ltd
BB-386 Operator's Manual.-- New Delhi: HCL Ltd., 1990.
004.16 [N90] G24354

** Personal computer - Busybee - 386

5. Hewlett-Packard Company
HP LaserJet 6L Printer: User's Manual.-- US: Hewlett
Packard, 1997. Sectional.
004.77 N97 G24355

** HP-Printers; Hewlett-Packard-Printers

6. Howard, T. L. J., et al
Practical introduction to PHIGS and PHIGS plus / by T L J
Howard, et al.-- Wokingham: Addison-Wesley, 1991. xv, 339p.
ISBN : 0-201-41641-7.
006.66 N91 G23921

** Microcomputer systems; Computer graphics

7. Keshav, S.
Engineering approach to computer networking: ATM
networks, the internet and the telephone network / by S
Keshav.-- Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, 1997. xviii, 660p.
(Addison Wesley professional computing series).
ISBN : 9780201526295.
004.65 N972;3 G23915

** Computer networking; Telephone network

8. IBM personal computer
PC-Draw reference manual for the IBM personal computer /
IBM personal computer: IBM., 1990. 174p.
004.16 N90 G24352

** Personal computer (IBM); Drawing- Personal computer
(IBM); Electronic circuits- Drawing

9. Perlman, Radia
Interconnections: bridges, routers, switches and
Internet working protocols / by Radia Perlman.--2nd ed.--
Reading: Addison-Wesley, 2000. vii, 537p.
(Addison-Wesley professional computing series).
ISBN : 9789814053013.
006.693 P001;1 G24101

** Routers (computer networks); Computer network
protocols; Local area networks (computer networks)

10. Rubini, Alessandro
Linux device drivers / by Alessandro Rubini.-- Mumbai:
SPD, 1999. xviii, 421p.
ISBN : 9788173660641.
005.44 N99 G24544

** Linux (Operating system)


11. Earthquake micro zoning / ed by Antoni Roca and Carlos
Oliveira.-- Basel: Birkhauser Verlag, 2002. 2291-2647p.
ISBN : 978376436520.
551.22 P023 188409

** Earthquake engineering; Seismology


12. Bose, D. N.
Semiconductor materials and devices: Science and
technology / by D N Bose.-- New Delhi: New Age
International, 2012. xvi, 897p.
ISBN : 9788122430172.
621.38152 P12 G24838

** Semiconductors; Semiconductor devices

13. Bower, Allan F.
Applied mechanics of solids / by Allan F Bower.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xxv, 794p.
ISBN : 9781439802472.
620.105 P10;1 188348

** Mechanics, Applied; Solids; Elasticity; Strength of

14. International conference on systolic Arrays (IEEE:1988)
Systolic Arrays: Proceedings / ed
by Keith Bromley, Sun-Yuan Kung and Earl Swartzlander.--
New York: IEEE, 1988. ii, 703p.
ISBN : 0-8186-8860-2.
621.3950285 N881 G23880

** Systolic Arrays circuits

15. Mandal, Alakesh Chandra
Study on boundary layer transition induced by large
freestream disturbances / by Alakesh Chandra Mandal.--
Bangalore: IISc Press, 2010. xxi, 162p.
(IISc, Dept. of AE PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
629.13237 P10 "THESIS" G24787

** Boundary layer problems (Aerospace engineering)

16. Villaverde, Roberto
Fundamental concepts of earthquake engineering / by
Roberto Villaverde.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009.
xxiii, 949p.
ISBN : 9781420064957.
624.1762 P097 188347

** Earthquake engineering- Textbooks; Earthquake
resistant construction


17. Information Management in a knowledge society (21-25:
IASLC: 2005)
Information management in a knowledge society: V.1 :
Proceedings. / ed by D Kamalavijayan, et al.-- New Delhi:
Allied Publishers, 2005. xxix, 615p.
(Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information
Centers; V.1).
ISBN : 81-7764-770-9.
025.43 P05.1 G24389

** Information management; Knowledge management


18. Karumbu, Premkumar
Optimum event detection in wireless sensor networks / by
Premkumar Karumbu.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xx, 188p.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
681.2 P104 "THESIS" G24701

** Wireless sensor networks

19. Rajanna, T R
Development and application of fiber optic sensors for
structural and flight testing of aircrafts / by T R
Rajanna.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. 184p.
(IISc, Dept. of ISU PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
681.2 P094 "THESIS" G24702

** Optical sensors- Instrumentation


20. Patterson, S. J.
Introduction to the theory of the Riemann zeta-function /
By S J Patterson.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
1995. xiii, 156p.
(Cambridge studies in advanced Mathematics: 14).
ISBN : 9780521499057.
515.56 N95 188371

** Zeta-function

21. Simon, Carl P.
Mathematics for Economists / by Carl P Simon and Lawrence
Blume.-- New Delhi: Viva Books, 2006. xxiv, 930p.
ISBN : 9788130902425.
510.2433 P06 G24039

** Economics; Mathematics- Functions


22. Saha, Sounik
Studies on photocytotoxic iron(III) and cobalt(III)
complexes showing structure-activity relationship / by
Sounik Saha.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xix, 240p.
(IISc, Dept. of IPC PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
616.9401572517 P10 "THESIS" G24654

** Iron complexes; Cancer research; Malignant tumors;
Cobalt complexes


23. Timeless inspirator: Reliving Gandhi / ed by Ragunath Mashelkar.B
Pune: GNMS, 2011. 347p.
ISBN : 9789380571713.
923.20954 P11 G24836

** Political persons- India; Gandhi, M.K- India


24. Ahmed, S Tahsin
Nature and the quran- A literary insight / by S Tahsin
Ahmed.-- Bangalore: Academy Publishers, 2007. 141p.
297.122 P07 G24834

** Quran


25. Rao, K.A.G.
Theoretical and numerical analysis of non-conventional
systems for governing static electric fields / by K A G
Rao, A Nadasen and V M Naik.-- USA: University of
Michigan, 2009. 54p, xxii.
A Monograph.
537.21 P09 G24835

** Electrostatics; Electric field

Departmental Library


1. Charman, Dan.
Peat lands and environmental change / by Dan Charman.--
Baffins Lane: John Wiley, 2002. x, 301p.
ISBN : 9780470844106.
577.687 P02 (CES) 188442

** Peat lands; Peat land ecology; Peat land conservation

2. Clark, James S.
Models for ecological data: An introduction / by James S
Clark.-- New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007.
xiii, 617p.
ISBN : 9780691121789.
577.015192 P07 (CES) 188372

** Ecology- Mathematical models; Ecology- Statistics


3. Encyclopedia of solid earth geophysics: (A-L) / ed by Harsh
K Gupta.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2011. xxxvii, 716p.
(Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series: Vol.1).
ISBN : 9789048187010.
550.3 P11.1 (CiE) 188411

** Geophysics- Encyclopedia

4. Encyclopedia of solid earth geophysics: (M-Z) / ed by Harsh
K Gupta.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2011. xxxvii, 717-1539p.
(Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series: Vol.2).
ISBN : 9789048187010.
550.3 P11.2 (CiE) 188412

** Geophysics- Encyclopedia

5. Priestley, J. N.
Displacement- based seismic design of structures / by J N
Priestley, G M Calvi and M J Kowalsky.-- Pavia: IUSS
Press, 2007. xvii, 721p.
Includes CD.
ISBN : 9788861980006.
624.1776 P071 (CiE) 188410

** Seismic engineering; Structural engineering


6. Advances in phase space analysis of partial differential
equations: In honor of Ferruccio Colombini's 60th
birthday / ed by Antonio Bove, et al.-- Boston:
Birkhauser, 2009. xiv, 301p.
(Progress in nonlinear differential equations and their
applications: V.78).
ISBN : 9780817648602.
515.353 P091 (MA) 188364

** Partial differential equations

7. Benedetto, John J.
Integration and modern analysis / by John J Benedetto and
Wojciech Czaja.--1st ed.-- Boston: Birkhauser, 2009.
xix, 575p.
(Birkhauser Advanced Texts).
ISBN : 9780817643065.
515.4 P09 (MA) 188366

** Integration (Mathematics)

8. Christensen, Ole.
Introduction to frames and riesz bases / by Ole
Christensen.-- Boston: Birkhauser, 2003. xx, 440p.
(Applied and numerical harmonic analysis).
ISBN : 9780817642952.
515.63 P03 (MA) 188367

** Wavelet analysis; Riesz bases; Frames (Vector
analysis) Bases (Linear topological spaces); Signal

9. Krantz, Steven G.
Explorations in harmonic analysis: With applications to
complex function theory and the Heisenberg group / by
Steven G Krantz.-- Boston: Birkhauser, 2009. xiv, 360p.
(Applied and numerical harmonic analysis).
ISBN : 9780817646684.
515.2433 P094 (MA) 188365

** Harmonic analysis

10. Recent developments in real and harmonic analysis: In honor
of carlos segovia / ed by Carlos Cabrelli and Jose Luis
Torrea.-- Boston: Birkhauser, 2010. xxii, 193p.
(Applied and numerical harmonic analysis).
ISBN : 9780817645311.
515.2433 P101 (MA) 188368

** Harmonic analysis


11. Rao, S Balachandra
Eclipses: In Indian astronomy / by S Balachandra and
Padmaja Venugopal.-- Bangalore: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
2008. viii, 144p.
ISBN : 9788189220259.
523.380954 P08 (UG) G24830

** Eclipses (Astronomy)- India

12. Rao, S. Balachandra
Indian astronomy - A primer / by S Balachandra Rao.--
Bangalore: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 2008. v, 90p.
ISBN : 9788189220242.
520.954 P08 (UG) G24831

** Astronomy- India

13. Rao, S. Balachandra
Indian mathematics and astronomy / by S Balachandra Rao.-
Bangalore: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 2004. viii, 319p.
ISBN : 9788189220020.
520.954 P04 (UG) G24829

** Astronomy- India; Mathematics- India

14. Gadagkar, Raghavendra
Survival strategies: Cooperation and conflict in animal
societies / by Raghavendra Gadagkar.-- Hyderbad:
Universities Press, 1998. xiii, 196p.
ISBN : 9788173711145.
577 N981;2 (UG) G24828

** Ecology

15. Gadagkar, Raghavendra
Survival strategies: Cooperation and conflict in animal
societies / by Raghavendra Gadagkar.-- Hyderbad:
Universities Press, 1998. xiii, 196p.
ISBN : 9788173711145.
577 N981;1 (UG) G24827

** Ecology

16. Juleff, G.
Pioneering metallurgy: The origins of iron and steel
making in the Southern Indian subcontinent / by G Juleff,
S Srinivasn and S Ranganathan.-- Bangalore: NIAS, 2011.
viii, 32p.
Telangana Field Survey Interim Report 2011.
ISBN : 9788187663539.
669.0954 P11 (UG) G24832

** Metallurgy- India; Iron and steel making- Telangana

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