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Weekly Display of Books
18-05-2009 To 24-05-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1-4. Encyclopedia of forest sciences. (Set of 4 Volumes) / ed by
Jeffery Burley.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic Press,
2004. xxxiv, 2061p (V.1-4).
ISBN : 0-12-145160-7.
634.903 P04.1-.4 "R" 184072,V.1(Ref.);
184073,V.2(Ref.); 184074,V.3(Ref.); 184075,V.4(Ref.)

** Forest sciences - Encyclopedia


5. Dalko, Peter I., et al
Enantioselective Organocatalysis: Reactions and
Experimental Procedures / ed by Peter I Dalko.-- Germany:
Wiley, 2007. xxiii, 536p.
ISBN : 9783527315222.
547.215 P07 184035

** Catalysis; Organocatalysis

6. Deer, W A
Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals 2nd
edition(Paperback) / by W A Deer, R A Howie and J Zussman
--2nd ed-- Harlow: Prentice Hall, 1996. xvi, 696p.
ISBN : 9780582300941.
549 N92 184081

** Mineralogy; Rocks - Minerals

7. Julian, Maureen M
Foundations of Crystallography with Computer applications
/ by Maureen M Julian.-- New York: CRC Press, 2008.
xxvi, 340p.
ISBN : 9781420060751.
548 P08 184056

** Crystallography;


8. Webs of History: Information, Communication and Technology
from Early to Post-Colonial India / ed by Amiya Kumar
Bagchi, Dipankar Sinha and Barnita Bagchi.-- New Delhi:
Manohar, 2005. 298p.
ISBN : 8173046131.
004.60954 P05 184070

** Information technology-India; Communication Technology

9. Zomorodian, Afra J
Topologly for computing / by Afra J Zomorodian.--
Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press ISBN 9780521836661, 2005.
(Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational
ISBN : 0521836662.
005.131 P051 184048

** Topology-Data processing; Algorithms; Computational


10. Christopherson, Robert W
Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography / by
Robert W. Christopherson.--7th ed-- New Jersey: Prentice
Hall, 2008. xxi, vp.
Include CD-ROM
ISBN : 9780136005988.
550 P09 184082

** Earth science; Geology;


11. Bjorkman, James Warner
Policy, Technocracy and Development: Human Capital
Policies in the Netherlands and India / by James Warner
Bjorkman and Kuldeep Mathur.-- New Delhi: Manohar
Publishers and Distributors, 2002. 169p.
ISBN : 817304466X.
338.480954 P02 184067

** Production economics-Economic policy -India;
Production economics-Economic policy-Netherlands

12. Globalization and the Developing Economies: Theory and
Evidence / ed by Aditya Bhattacharjea and Sugata Marjit.-
New Delhi: Manohar Pub, 2004. 232p.
ISBN : 81-7304-545-3.
338.9 P04 184064

** Economic development; Global economic development


13. Gordon, J E
Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall / by J E Gordon.--
USA: Da Capo Press, 1978. 395p.
ISBN : 978-030681283.
624.17 N781;1 184054

** Structural analysis

14. Hammer, Mark J
Water and Waste water technology / by Mark J Hammer and
Mark J Hammer.--6th ed-- New Delhi: Prentice-Hall, 2008.
ix, 553p.
ISBN : 9788120334991.
628.168 P08;1 184058

** Waste Water; Water supply;

15. Hendry,Arnold W
Structural Masonry / by Arnold W Hendry.--2nd ed-- London
: Macmillan Press, 1998. xii, 296p.
ISBN : 0333733096.
624.183 N98;1 184077

** Masonry (Civil Engg)

16. Kulratna, Nihal
Electronic circuit design : From concept to
implementation / by Nihal Kularatna.-- New York: CRC
Press, 2008. xvii, 483p.
ISBN : 9780849376177.
621.3815 P081 184050

** Electronic circuit design;

17. Pecht, Michael G
Prognostics and health management of electronics / by
Michael G Pecht.-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2008. xvii, 315p.
ISBN : 9780470278024.
621.3810288 P08 184052

** Electronic systems-Maintenance and repair

18. Thibodeaux, Louis J
Environmental Chemodynamics: Movement of Chemicals in Air,
Water and Soil / by Louis J Thibodeaux.--2nd ed-- New
York: John Wiley, 1996. xx, 593p.
(Environmental Science and Technology).
ISBN : 0471612952.
628.50154 N96;1 184079

** Environmental Chemistry;

19. Thibodeaux, Louis J
Environmental Chemodynamics: Movement of Chemicals in
Air, Water and Soil / by Louis J Thibodeaux.--2nd ed--
New York: John Wiley, 1996. xx, 593p.
(Environmental Science and Technology).
ISBN : 0471612952.
628.50154 N96 R(T) 184080

** Environmental chemistry;

20. Timoshenko, S P
Theory of elasticity / by S P Timoshenko and J N Goodier.
--3rd ed-- Singapore: McGraw-Hill, 1970. xxiv, 567p.
(Engineering Societies Monographs).
ISBN : 0070858055.
620.11233 N70 R(T) 184057

** Elasticity;

21. Vedam, R Sastry
Power quality : VAR Compensation in Power Systems / by R
Sastry Vedam and Mulukutla S Sarma.-- New York: CRC Press,
2009. 283p.
ISBN : 9781420064803.
621.3191068 P09 184051

** Electric Power-quality


22. Raj, Kapil
Relocating Modern Science: Circulation and the
Construction of Knowledge in South Asia and Europe, 1650-
1900 / by Kapil Raj.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007
xiii, 285p.
ISBN : 9780230507081.
507.22 P07 184086

** Science - South Asia; Science- Europe-Historiography


23. Bhattacharyya, N N
Ancient Indian History and Civilization : Trends and
Perspectives / by N N Bhattacharyya.-- New Delhi: Manohar
Publishers, 1988. xx, 333p.
ISBN : 8185054541.
954 N88 184060

** India-History; Civilization-India;


24. Srinivasan, Vasanti
Gandhi's conscience keeper: C Rajagopalachari and Indian
politics / by Vasanthi Srinivasan.-- Ranikhet: Permanent
Black, 2009. xvi, 278p.
ISBN : 817824246X.
320.954 P09 184055

** Politics-India; Rajagopalachari C-Politics; Socialism;


25. Kondepudi, Dilip
Introduction to modern thermodynamics / by Kondepudi
Dilip.-- England: Wiley, 2008. xv, 500p.
536.7 P08;1 184087

** Thermodynamics

26. Shankar, P N
Slow viscous flows: Qualitative features and quantitative
analysis using complex eigenfunction expansions / by P N
Shankar: Imperial College Press., 2007. xxxiii,563p.
include CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9781860947803.
532.0533 P071 184084

** Viscous flow


27. Handbook of Cognitive Aging: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
/ ed by Scott M Hofer and Duane F Alwin.-- USA: Sage
Publications, 2008. xiii, 730p.
ISBN : 9781412960281.
155.6713 P08 "R" 184047

** Cognition- Age factors; Aging-Psychological aspects;



1. Chaudhury, Srabanti
Modelling Stochasticity in selected biological processes
/ by Srabanti Chaudhury.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. vp.
(IISc, Dept. of IPC, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
572.7015922 P08 "THESIS" G22595

** Stochastic processes; Biological processes; Proteins;

2. Kumar, G. Senthil
Solution NMR Studies on Peptide Toxins from Cone Snails
and Scorpion / by G. Senthil Kumar.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. vii,330p.
(IISc, Dept. of MBU, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
572.6501538362 P08 "THESIS" G22627

** Polypeptides; Nuclear Magnetic resonance; Snails;

3. Poornima Priyadarshini C G
Functional characterization of proteins involved in cell
to cell movement of Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus-
Dabawali / by C G Poornima Priyadarshini.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2008. vi, 200p.
(IISc, Dept. of Biochemistry, Ph.D Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
579.201572 P08 "THESIS" G22599

** Viruses-proteins; Viruses-Biochemistry; Cotton leaf
curl Kokhran virus; Dabawali virus


4. Raghavendra, B
Theoretical and Spectroscopic Studies on Weakly Bound
Complexes and Acetylene / by Raghavendra B.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2008. 276p.
(IISc, Dept. of IPC, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
547.416015435 P08 "THESIS" G22600

** Acetylene-spectroscopy


5. Birenjith, P S
Diversity-Multiplexing Gain Tradeoff of Cooperative Multi
hop networks / by Birenjith P S.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008.
x, 126p.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE, MSc Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
004.66 P08 "THESIS" G22604

** Multi-hop networks; Multiplexing

6. Naveen, N
Diversity-Mutiplexing Tradeoff of Asynchronous
Cooperative Relay Networks and Diversity Embedded Coding
Schemes / by N Naveen.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. viii,
(IISc, Dept. of ECE, MSc Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
004.660115 P08 "THESIS" G22603

** Multiplexing; Coding theory; Information theory;

7. Thakur, Aditya
Comprehensive Path-sensitive Data-flow Analysis / by
Aditya Thakur.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. x, 115p.
(IISc, Dept. of SERC, MSc Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
005.453 P08 "THESIS" G22613

** Compilers;


8. Pal, Asish
Design and Synthesis of Novel Soft Composites from
Physical Gels and Nanomaterials / by Asish Pal.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. x,220p.
(IISc, Dept. of OC, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
620.118 P081 "THESIS" G22633

** Soft composities; Gels; Nanomaterials;

9. Panda, Satya Swaroop
Development of methods for structural reliabilty analysis
using design and analysis of computer experiments and
data based extreme value analysis / by Satya Swaroop
Panda.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxi, 130p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE, MSc Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
624.17015195 P08 "THESIS" G22602

** Extreme value analysis; Structural analysis;
Reliability analysis; Experimental design;

10. Sahoo, Chandramani
Intrusion Identification for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / by
Chandramani Sahoo.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. vii, 109p.
(IISc, Dept. of SERC, MSc Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
621.38456 P08 "THESIS" G22618

** Cellular telephone; Mobile communication networks;
Intrusion (Communication)

Departmental Library


1. Speight, Martin R
Ecology of Insects: Concepts and Applications / by Martin
R Speight, Mark D Hunter and Allan D Watt.-- Singapore:
Wiley-Blackwell, 2008. x, 628p.
ISBN : 9781405131148.
595.75 P08;1 184049

** Insects-Ecology


2. Bartke, J
Introduction to relativistic heavy ion physics / by J
Bartke,.-- Singapore: World Scientific, 2009. xiii, 224p
ISBN : 9789810212315.
539.76 P09 184085

** High energy physics; Relativistic nuclear physics;
Heavy ions; Phase transition; Quantum chromodynamics

3. Mezard, Marc
Information, physics and computation / Marc Mezard and
Andrea Montanari.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
2009. xiii, 569p.
ISBN : 9780198570837.
003.54 P09 184053

** Coding theory; Information theory;

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