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Weekly Display of Books
18-01-2010 To 24-01-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Brick, R M
Structure and properties of alloys / by R M Brick,
Arthur Phillips.--1st ed-- New York: McGraw-Hill, 1942.
xiv, 227P.
669.95 N422;2 G23096

** Alloys

2. Ladoo, Raymond and Myers, W M
Nonmetallic minerals.--2nd ed-- New York: McGraw Hill,
1951. xiii, 605P.
669.2 N51 G23111

** Minerals

3. Cook, Earnshaw
Open hearth steel making / by Earnshaw cook.-- New Jersey
: ASm, 1937. 228P.
669.1422 N37;1 G23113

** Steel making

4. Edneral, F P
Electrometallurgy of steel and Ferro-alloys / by F P
Edneral.-- Moscow: MIR, 1979. 215p.
669.92 N79.2 G23142

** Steel; Ferro-alloys


5. Oppenhiem, Nobert
Urban travel demand modelling : from individual choices
to general equilibrium / by Nobert Oppenhiem.-- New York:
John Wiley & sons, 1995. xx, 480P.
ISBN : 0-471557234.
388.4 N95 184772

** Choice of Transportation-Mathematical models; Traffic
estimation-Mathematical models; Travel time(Traffic


6. Huffman, Cary.,
Fundamentals of error-correcting codes / by W. Cary
Huffman and Vera Pless.-- Cambridge: CUP, 2004. xvii,
ISBN: 9780521613880.
005.72 P04;1 184770

** Error correcting codes (Information Theory)

7. Huffman, W. Cary.,
Fundamentals of error correcting codes / by W. Cary
Huffman and Vera Pless.-- Cambridge: CUP, 2004. xvii,
ISBN: 9780521613880.
005.72 P04 R(T) 184771

** Error correcting codes (Information Theory)


8. Ashford, Norman.,
Airport engineering / by Norman Ashford and Paul H.
Wright.--3rd ed.-- New York: Wiley & Sons, 1992 0-
471527556,1992. x, 520P.
ISBN: 0-471-52755-6.
629.136 N92 184773

** Airport-Planning;

9. Bell, Michael G.H.,
Transportation network analysis / by Michael G. H. Bell
and Yasunori Lida.-- Chichester: John Wiley & sons 0-
47196493X, 1997. ix, 216P.
ISBN: 0-47196493X.
629.04 0684032 N97;1 184774

** Transportation Engineering -network analysis; PERT

10. Bell, Michael G.H.,
Transportation network analysis / by Michael G. H. Bell
and Yasunori Lida.-- Chichester: John Wiley & sons, 1997.
ix, 216P.
ISBN : 0-47196493X.
629.04 0684032 N97 R(T) 184775

** Transportation Engineering -network analysis; Network
analysis(Management Science)

11. Smith, S Parker
Problems in Electrical engineering.Bby S.Parker Smith,
and N.N Parker Smith 7th ed-- London:
Constable & Co, 1960. xviii, 870P.
621.3076 N60;10 G23182

** Power Engineering; Electrical engineering; Electronics

12. Chatterjee, Amit., ed
Monograph on coal and coke at Tata Steel / ed by Amit
Chatterjee and PVT Rao.-- Bihar: Tata Steel, 1993. xii,
622.334 N93 G23171

** Coal; Coke; Tata steel

13. Gaudin, A.M.
Flotation / by A.M. Gaudin.--1st ed-- New York: McGraw-
Hill, 1932. xv, 552P.
622.75 N57 G23098

** Ores Flotation

14. American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
Milling methods /.BNew York: AIME, 1930. 554P.
622.79 N30 G23106

** Milling Plants

15. Millis, Marc G.,
Frontiers of propulsion science / by Marc G Millis and
Eric W. Davis.-- Virginia: AIAA, 2009. xxvii, 739P.
ISBN : 9781563479564.
629.475 P09 184789

** Propulsion System, Space Vehicle; Space Vehicle

16. Streeter, V L., et al
Fluid mechanics / by victor L. Streeter et al.--9th ed--
Boston: McGraw Hill
2007. xi, 740P.
ISBN : 9780071261302.
620.106 P072 R(T) 184783

** Fluid mechanics; Pipes-Fluid mechanics; Channels(Civil

17. Taggart, Arthur F
Elements of Ore dressing / by Arthur F. Taggart.-- New
York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1951. xvii,595p.
622.7 N51;1 G23103

** Ore Dressing;

18. Tse, David.,
Fundamentals of wireless communication / by David Tse and
Pramod Viswanath.-- Cambridge: CUP, 2005. xxi, 564P.
ISBN : 9780521687492.
621.3845 P0510 184769

** Wireless communication

19. Van Vlack, Lawrence H.
Elements of materials science and engineering / by
Lawrence H. Van Vlack.--3rd ed-- Reading: Addison -
Wesley Publishing Company, 1975. xxi, 598p.
(Addison-Wesley Series in Metallurgy & Materials
ISBN: 0-201-09314-6.
620.11 N753 G23127

** Materials science


20. American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
Reduction and refining of nonferrous metals.-- New York:
AIME, 1944. 555P.
(Transactions of the AIME V.159)
673 N44 G23176

** Nonferrous metals


21. Astakhov, Vadim
Biomedical Informatics / ed by Vadim Astakhov.-- Canada:
Humana Press 9781934115633, 2009. ix, 270P.
(Methods in molecular Biology).
ISBN : 9781934115633.
610.285 P09 184796

** Biomedical Informatics; Biotechnology


22. Indian Physics Association, Mumbai
Physics news: Bulletin of Indian Physics Association,
V.39.No.4-- Mumbai: Indian Physics
Association, 2009. 128p.
Sir J C Bose - 150th Anniversary issue.
530 P09 G23243

** Physics news

Departmental Library


1. Millis, Marc G
Frontiers of Propulsion science / by Marc G Millis and
Eric W. Davis.-- Virginia: AIAA, 2009. xxvii, 739P.
ISBN : 9781563479564.
629.475 P09 184790

** Propulsion System, Space Vehicle; Space Vehicle


2. Oliveiraa C S
Assessing and managing earthquake risk / ed by C S
Oliveiraa, A Roca and X Goula.-- Netherlands: Springer,
2008. xxv, 543P.
(Geotechnical, Geology and Earthquake Engineering V-2).
CD Rom included.
ISBN : 978140203524.
624.1762068115 P08 184764

** Earthquake Risk management; Risk management


3. Leite, Edson Robert, ed.
Nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy
production and storage.-- New York: Springer, 2009.
ix, 228P.
(Nanostructure Science and Technology).
ISBN : 9780387493220.
620.5024621312 P09 184782

** Nanotechnology; Fuel cell; Nanomaterials;

4. Liu, J Ping., ed
Nanoscale magnetic materials and applications.B
Ed by Ping, Liu J, et al :New York
: Springer, 2009. xxiv, 719P.
ISBN : 9780387855981.
620.501538 P091 184785

** Nanomaterials, Magnetic

5. Fleetwood, Daniel M. et al
Defects in microelectronic materials and devices / ed by
Daniel M Fleetwood et al.-- London: CRC, 2009. xvi,
ISBN : 9781420043761.
621.381 P092 184784

** Microelectronic Materials-Testing; Metal oxide
semiconductor field effect transistors-Testing;
Integrated Circuits-Defect

6. Maldovan, Martin,.
Periodic materials and interference lithography / by
Martin Maldovan and Edwin L. Thomas.-- Weinheim: Wiley
ISBN 9783527319992, 2009. xviii, 313P.
ISBN : 9783527319992.
530.411 P09 184786

** Materials structure; Condensed matter physics;
photonics; Lithography, material


7. Appenzeller, Immo
High redshift galaxies / by Immo Appenzeller.-- Germany:
Springer, 2009. xiv, 351P.
(Light from the Early Universe).
ISBN : 9783540758235.
523.1 p09 184787

** Galaxies; Redshift galaxies

8. Hillebrands, Burkard,. ed
Spin dynamics in confined magnetic structures III / ed by
Burkard Hillebrands and Andre Thiaville.-- Germany:
Springer, 2006. xiv.
(Topic in Applied Physics).
ISBN : 9783540201083.
538.360150282 P06.3 184776

** Magnetic Resources-Microscopy; Spin dynamics

9. Shalchi, Andreas
Nonlinear cosmic ray diffusion theories / by Andreas
Shalchi.-- Germany: Springer, 2009. xiii, 199P.
ISBN : 9783642003080.
539.7222 P09 184788

** Cosmic ray-Diffusion

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