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Weekly Display of Books
17-05-2010 To 23-05-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Leitner, David M., ed
Proteins: Energy, heat and signal flow / ed by David M
Leitner and John E Straub.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010.
xix, 385p.
ISBN : 9781420087031.
572.6015367 P10 185455

** Proteins-Thermodynamics; Proteins-Molecular dynamics;

2. Lomolino, Mark V
Biogeography / by Mark V Lomolino, Brett R Riddle and
James H Brown.--3rd-- Sunderland: Sinauer Associates,
2006. xiii, 8550.
ISBN : 9780878930623.
578.09 P06;1 185214

** Biogeography;

3. Yakovlev, Vladislav V., ed
Biochemical applications of nonlinear optical
spectroscopy / ed by Vladislav V Yakovlev.-- Boca Raton:
CRC Press, 2009. xvi, 278p.
(Optical Science and Engineering).
ISBN : 9781420068597.
572.015358 P09 185378

** Laser spectroscopy; Nonlinear optical spectroscopy;
Lasers in biology; Lasers in biophysics; Lasers in
chemistry; Biochemistry-Technological innovations;


4. Balaji P V
Studies on the synthesis of enantiopure morpholine
derivatives mediated by dimethyl (methyl thio) sulfonium
triflouromethane sulfonate (DMTST) / by Balaji P V.--
Banglore: IISc, 2009. 45p.
IISc, Dept. of OC, MSc Thesis
547.2 P091 "THESIS" G23423

** Organic synthesis; Morpholine derivatives;

5. Das, Anindya
Graphene and carbon nanotubes: Field induced doping,
interaction with nucleobases, confined water and sensors
/ by Anindya Das.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. ix, 251p.
IISc, Dept. of PHY, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
546.6810246205 P09 "THESIS" G23455

** Carbon-Nanotechnology; Carbon nanotubes; Graphene;
Water doping; Sensor doping;

6. Fink, Johannes Karl
Physical chemistry in depth / by Johannes Karl Fink.--
Berlin: Springer, 2009. xviii, 588p.
ISBN : 9783642010132.
541 P09 185445

** Chemistry, Physical;

7. Mahata, Partha
Synthesis, structure, magnetic, luminescent and
photocatalytic studies on metal-organic framework(MOF)
compounds / by Partha Mahata.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009.
xiv, 1674p.
IISc, Dept. of SSCU, Phd Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
547.05 P09 "THESIS" G23421

** Metalorganic compounds; Metal-organic framework;
Luminescent; Photocatalysis;


8. Balagurusamy, E
Object-oriented programming with C++ / by E Balagurusamy.
-- New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1995.
xii, 321p.
ISBN : 007462038.
005.133 N9510;2 G23328

** Object oriented programming (Computer Science); C++
(Computer program language);

9. Carrano, Frank M
Data abstraction and problem solving with C++: Walls and
mirrors / by Frank M Carrano.-- Redwood City:
Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, 1995. xxii,
ISBN : 0805312285.
005.73 N95 G23334

** C++ (Computer program language); Abstract data types;
Problem solving-Data processing;

10. Joseph, O'Neil
Teach yourself java / by Joseph O'Neil.-- New Delhi: Tata
McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1999. xxv, 707p.
ISBN : 0074637894.
005.2752 N99 G23338

** JAVA (Computer program language);

11. Kruse, Robert
Data structures & program design in C / by Robert Kruse,
C L Tondo and Bruce Leung.--2nd-- New Jersey: Prentice
Hall, 1997. xv, 444p.
(Includes Floppy).
ISBN : 9780135143575.
005.73 N97;3 G23351

** C++ (Computer Program Language); Data structures
(Computer Science);

12. Microsoft corporation
Microsoft Ms-Dos : User's guide and user's reference / by
Microsoft corporation: Microsoft corporation., 1988.
viii, 430p.
005.43 N8812 G23321

** Operating systems; Ms-Dos; Users guide;

13. Rajaraman, V
Computer programming in Pascal / by V Rajaraman.-- New
Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India, 1989. ix, 219p.
ISBN : 0876923716.
005.133 N8926 G23349

** PASCAL (Computer Programming Language);


14. Burbank, Douglas W
Tectonic geomorphology / by Douglas W Burbank and Robert
S Anderson.-- USA: Blackwell Science, 2001. x, 274p.
ISBN : 9780632043866.
551.41 P011;1 185448

** Geomorphology; Geology, Structural;

15. Burbank, Douglas W
Tectonic geomorphology / by Douglas W Burbank and Robert
S Anderson.-- USA: Blackwell Science, 2001. x, 274p.
ISBN : 9780632043866.
551.41 P011 R(T) 185449

** Geomorphology; Geology, Structural;

16. Cox, Allan
Plate tectonics: How it works / by Allan Cox.-- Melbourne
: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1986. xxi, 392p.
ISBN : 9780865423138.
551.136 N86 R(T) 185453

** Plate tectonics;

17. Cox, Allan
Plate tectonics: How it works / by Allan Cox.-- Melbourne
: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1986. xxi, 392p.
ISBN : 9780865423138.
551.136 N86;1 185452

** Plate tectonics;

18. Nappo, Carmen J
Introduction to atmospheric gravity waves / by Carmen J
Nappo.-- Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2002. xix, 276p.
(International Geophysics Series).
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780125140829.
550.12 P02 185427

** Gravity waves; Geology;


19. Momoh, James., ed
Economic market design and planning for electric power
systems / ed by James Momoh and Lamine Mili.-- New Jersey
: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2010. xvi, 292p.
(IEEE press series on power engineering).
ISBN : 9780470472088.
333.7932 P10 185431

** Electric power-Marketing; Electric power systems-
Planning; Electric power systems-Costs-Econometric models
Electric utilities-Marketing;


20. Arrillaga, Jos
Self-commutating converters for high power applications /
by Jos Arrillaga et al: John Wiley and Sons., 2009. ix,
ISBN : 9780470746820.
621.317 P091 185370

** High Voltages;

21. Bellouard, Yves
Microrobotics: Methods and applications / by Yves
Bellouard.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xix, 436p.
ISBN : 9781420061956.
629.892 P10 185466

** Robotics; Actuators; Sensors; Detectors;

22. Blake, Lamont V
Antennas: Fundamentals, design, measurement / by Lamont V
Blake and Maurice W Long.--3rd: SciTech Publishing, 2009.
xxi, 503p.
ISBN : 9789746521031.
621.3824 P09 185430

** Antennas (Electronics);

23. Chouksey, Sandeep Kumar
Analytical models for stress-strain response of fiber-
reinforced soil and municipal solid waste / by Sandeep
Kumar Chouksey.-- Bangalore: 2009, IISc. xxiii, 182p.
IISc, Dept of CiE, MSc (Engg) Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
628.44 P09 "THESIS" G23422

** Solid waste; Sewage;

24. Fergus, Jeffrey., ed
Solid oxide fuel cells: Materials properties and
performance / ed by Jeffrey W Fergus et al.-- Boca Raton:
CRC Press, 2009. xv, 295p.
(Green chemistry and chemical engineering).
ISBN : 9781420088830.
621.312429 P096 185460

** Fuel cells; Solid oxide fuel cells-Materials;

25. Glover, J Duncan
Power system analysis and design / by J Duncan Glover,
Mulukutla S Sarma and Thomas J Overbye.--4th-- Australia:
Cengage Learning, 2008. xvi, 752p.
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780495295969.
621.3191 P083 185369

** Electric power system-Design and construction;

26. Heinkel, Ulrich
VHDL reference: A practical guide to computer-aided
integrated circuit design including VHDL-AMS / by Ulrich
Heinkel et al.-- Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, 2002.
xviii, 420p.
ISBN : 9780471899723.
Alt. Title : Practical guide to computer-aided integrated
circuit design including VHDL-AMS.
621.392 P001 R(T) 185451

** Computer hardware description language; VHDL (Computer
hardware description language); Integrated circuits;

27. Heinkel, Ulrich
VHDL reference: A practical guide to computer-aided
integrated circuit design including VHDL-AMS / by Ulrich
Heinkel et al.-- Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2002.
xviii, 420p.
ISBN : 9780471899723.
Alt. Title : Practical guide to computer-aided integrated
circuit design including VHDL-AMS.
621.392 P001;1 185450

** Computer hardware description language; VHDL (Computer
hardware description language); Integrated circuits;

28. Huang, John
Reflect array antennas / by John Huang and Jose A Encinar
-- New Jersey: Wiley- IEEE Press, 2008. xiii, 216p.
ISBN : 9780470084915.
621.3824 P08 185380

** Antennas, Reflector;

29. Huang, Yi
Antennas from theory to practice / by Yi Huang and Kevin
Boyle: John Wiley and Sons., 2008. xiv, 363p.
ISBN : 9780470510285.
621.3824 P081 185377

** Antennas (Electronics);

30. Jayan, M V
Modeling of dust loaded electrical characteristics and
collection efficiency of industrial electrostatic
precipitators / by Jayan M V.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009.
vii, 72p.
IISc, Dept of EE, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
621.3730287 P09 "THESIS" G23410

** Electrostatic equipment; Electrostatic machinery;

31. Liu, G R
Computational inverse techniques in nondestructive
evaluation / by G R Liu and X Han.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2003. 567p.
ISBN : 9780849315237.
620.1127 P03 185381

** Inverse problems (Mathematics); Composites-

32. Mckeown, Celine
Office ergonomics: Practical applications / by Celine
Mckeown.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2008.
(xv, 249p).
ISBN : 9780849379758.
620.8 P08 185414

** Human engineering; Office management; Employee health
promotion; Industrial safety;

33. Poortmans, Jef., ed
Thin film solar cells: Fabrication, characterization and
applications / ed by Jef Poortmans and Vladimir Arkhipov.
-- England: John Wiley and Sons, 2006. xxix, 471p.
(Wiley series in materials for electronic and
ISBN : 9780470091265.
621.31244 P06 185481

** Silicon solar cell; Organic semiconductors;

34. Stanczak, Slawomir
Fundamentals of resource allocation in wireless networks:
Theory and algorithms / by Slawomir Stanczak, Marcin
Wiczanowski and Holger Boche.--2nd-- Berlin: Springer,
2009. xxv, 427p.
(Foundations in signal processing, communications and
networking; 3).
ISBN : 9783540793854.
621.3845 P092 185406

** Wireless network communication;

35. Vanithakumari, S C
Synthesis and characterization of one-dimensional oxide
nanostructures / by S C Vanithakumari.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2009. 149p.
IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
620.5 P097 "THESIS" G23413

** Nanomaterials;

36. Vollath, Dieter
Nano materials: An introduction to synthesis, properties
And applications / by Dieter Vollath.-- Weinheim: Wiley-
VCH, 2008. ix, 352p.
ISBN : 9783527315314.
Alt. Title : Introduction to synthesis, properties and
620.11 P084 185379

** Nanomaterials;


37. Lipschutz, Seymour
Theory and problems of programming with Fortran:
Including structured Fortran / by Seymour Lipschutz and
Arthur Poe.-- Singapore: McGraw Hill Book Company, 1978.
(Schaum's Outline Series).
ISBN : 978007099033.
001.6424 N78;1 G23307

** Fortran- Computer Program Language;


38. Patra, Santanu Kumar
ECR Plasma deposition of carbon-studies on DLC coatings
and carbon nanotubes / by Santanu Kumar Patra.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xv, 241p.
IISc, Dept. of ISU, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
671.732 P081 "THESIS" G23411

** ECR Plasma depositions; Carbon coatings; Carbon
nanotubes; Diamond-like carbon;


39. Bhattacharya, Angshuman
Multivariable dilation theory: A short survey / by
Angshuman Bhattacharya.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. v, 47p.
IISc, Dept of MA, MSc Thesis
515.72 P09 "THESIS" G23442

** Operator theory; Dilation theory; Multivariables;

40. Pal, Subhajyoti
Schwarz lemma / by Subhajyoti Pal.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2009. vi, 44p.
IISc. Dept. of MA MSc Thesis
512.64 P09 "THESIS" G23441

** Invariant matrices; Schwarz lemma; Homological algebra;


41. Sagurthi, Someswar Rao
Structural studies on physalis mottle virus capsid
proteins & stress response proteins of oryza sativa and
salmonella typhimurium / by Someswar Rao Sagurthi.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009.
Includes CD-ROM.
IISc, Dept. of MBU, PhD Thesis
616.9272015726 P091 "THESIS" G23450

** Typhoiopoidea-Proteins; Typhoid virus-Proteins;
Physalis mottle virus-Proteins; Oryza saliva virus-

42. Shi, Donglu., ed
Nanoscience in biomedicine / ed by Donglu Shi.-- Beijing:
Springer, 2009. xvi, 711p.
ISBN : 9787302179054.
610.280246205 P09 185402

** Biomedical engineering; Nanotechnology;
Nanobiomedicine; Solar cells;


43. Biswal, Sudhansu Sekhar
Probing higgs boson interactions at future colliders / by
Sudhansu Sekhar Biswal.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xx,
IISc, Dept of CHEP, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
539.757 P09 "THESIS" G23412

** Boson colliders; Bosons; Colliders (Instrument);

44. Das, Prashant
Effect of flexible exit on vortex-pair generation / by
Prashant Das.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xix, 101p.
IISc. Dept of ME MSc (Engg) Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
532.595 P09 "THESIS" G23414

** Vortex motion; Vortex generation;

45. Guimaraes, Alberto P
Principles of nanomagnetism / by Alberto P Guimaraes.--
London: Springer, 2009. xi, 221p.
(NanoScience and Technology).
ISBN : 9783642014819.
538 P09 185403

** Nanomagnetism; Nanodisks; Nanorings; Thinfilms;

46. Nolting, Wolfgang
Quantum theory of magnetism / by Wolfgang Nolting and
Anupuru Ramakanth.-- London: Springer, 2009. xiii, 752p.
ISBN : 9783540854159.
538.01 P09 185404

** Quantum theory; Magnetism-quantum theory;

47. Satapathy, Srinibas
Investigations into the bulk signal crystals, nano
crystal composites and thin films of ferroelectric
materials for pyroelectric sensor applications / by
Srinibas Satapathy.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. 240p.
IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis
Includes CD-ROM.
537.244802468 P09 "THESIS" G23438

** Sensors; Pyroelectric sensors; Ferroelectric sensors;

Departmental Library


1. Billingsley, John
Essentials of control techniques and theory / by John
Billingsley.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xiv, 323p.
ISBN : 9781420091236.
629.8312 P10 "AE" 185375

** Automatic control; Control theory;

2. Jamshidi, Mo., ed
Systems of systems engineering principles and
applications / ed by Mo Jamshidi.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2009. xvi, 480p.
ISBN : 9781420065886.
620.001171 P091 "AE" 185374

** System architecture; Systems engineering-Technological
innovations; Large scale systems;

3. Wainer, Gabriel A
Discrete-event modeling and simulation: A practitioner's
approach / by Gabriel A Wainer.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2009. xix, 494p.
(Computational analysis, synthesis and design of dynamic
models series).
ISBN : 9781420053364.
003.3 P09 "AE" 185376

** Computer simulation; Discrete-time systems;


4. Houghton, E L
Aerodynamics for engineering students / by E L Houghton
and P W Carpenter.--5th-- Burlington: Butterworth-
Heinemann, 2003. xiv, 590p.
ISBN : 9788181479662.
629.1323 P03;1 "JATP" 185410

** Aerodynamics;

5. Katz, Joseph
Low-speed aerodynamics / by Joseph Katz and Allen Plotkin
--2nd-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
xvi, 613p.
(Cambridge Aerospace Series).
ISBN : 9780521665520.
629.1323 P012;1 "JATP" 185412

** Aerodynamics;

6. McCormick, Barnes W
Aerodynamics, aeronautics, and flight mechanics / by
Barnes W McCormick.--2nd-- U.K: Wiley, 1995. xii, 652p.
ISBN : 9788126523788.
629.1323 N95 "JATP" 185409

** Aerodynamics; Aeronautics;

7. Tannehill, John C
Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer / by John
C Tannehill, Dale A Anderson and Richard H Pletcher.--2nd
-- Philadelphia: Taylor and Francis, 1997. xxi, 792p.
(Computational and physical processes in mechanics and
thermal sciences).
ISBN : 9781560320463.
532.0501518 N97 "JATP" 185411

** Fluid mechanics; Heat-Transmission;


8. Koshida, Nabuyoshi., ed
Device applications of silicon nanocrystals and
nanostructures / ed by Nabuyoshi Koshida.-- New York:
Springer, 2009. xii, 344p.
(Nanostructure Science and technology).
ISBN : 9780387786889.
621.3815 P09 "MRC" 185382

** Integrated circuits; Silicon devices; Silicon
nanocrystals; Micro electronics; Microelectromechanical
systems; Ultrasonics;


9. Kapitaniak, Tomasz
Chaos for engineers: Theory, applications, and control /
by Tomasz Kapitaniak.--2nd-- Berlin: Springer, 2010.
xii, 142p.
ISBN : 9788184893366.
620.001171 P091 "MA" G23503

** System engineering; Chaotic behavior in systems;
Control theory; Nonlinear theories;

10. Bhattacharya, Rabi
Basic course in probability theory / by Rabi Bhattacharya
and Edward C Waymire.-- New York: Springer, 2007.
xii, 210p.
ISBN : 9788184893762.
519.2 P071;1 "MA" G23504

** Probability theory;

11. Erdmann, Karin
Introduction to lie Algebras / by Karin Erdmann and Mark
J Wildon.-- London: Springer, 2009. x, 251p.
(Springer undergraduate mathematics series).
ISBN : 9788184893229.
512.55 P09 "MA" G23505

** Lie algebras;

12. Erickson, Martin
Introduction to number theory / by Martin Erickson and
Anthony Vazzana.-- Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2008
(Discrete mathematics and its applications).
ISBN : 9781584889373.
512.7 P082 "MA" G23500

** Number theory;

13. Gohberg, Israel
Traces and determinants of linear operators / by Israel
Gohberg, Seymour Goldberg and Nahum Krupnik.-- Basel:
Birkhauser Verlag, 2000. viii, 255p.
(Operator theory advances and applications; 116).
ISBN : 9783764361778.
515.722 P "MA" 185488

** Linear operators; Determinants; Integral operators;

14. Shirali, Satish
Metric Spaces / by Satish Shirali and Harkrishan L
Vasudeva.-- London: Springer, 2006. viii, 221p.
ISBN : 9788184892505.
514.32 P06 "MA" G23501

** Metric spaces;

15. Thangavelu, Sundaram
Lectures on hermite and laguerre expansions / by Sundaram
Thangavelu.-- New Jersey: Princeton University Press,
1993. xv, 195p.
ISBN : 9780691000480.
515.5 N93 "MA" 185429

** Hermite polynomials; Laguerre polynomials;
Representations of groups;

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