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Weekly Display of Books
15-02-2010 To 21-02-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Bowsher, Caroline
Plant Biochemistry / by Caroline Bowsher, Martin Steer
and Alyson Tobin.-- New York: Garland Science, 2008.
xvi, 446p.
ISBN : 9780815341215.
572.2 P08 184828

** Plants - Biochemistry; Botany - Biochemistry


2. Malani, Ateeque Ahmad Abdul Gaffar
Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial and Confined Water
/ by Ateeque Ahmad Abdul Gaffar Malani.-- Bangalore: IISc
, 2009. xxi, 241p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE PhD Thesis).
660.28420154622 P09 "THESIS" G23069

** Water, Chemical Engineering; Water - Interfacial
Properties; Water Structure


3. Aitken, Peter
Teach Yourself C in 21 Days / by Peter Aitken and Bradley
Jones.--2nd ed-- Indianapolis: SAMS, 1994. xxiv, 720p.
ISBN : 9780672304484.
005.133 N9420 G23300

** C Programming Language

4. Hanawal, Manjesh Kumar
Guessing and Compression : Large Deviations Approach / by
Manjesh Kumar Hanawal.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2009. v, 68p.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE MSc Thesis).
005.82 P091 "THESIS" G23070

** Cryptography; Access Control; Random string;
Compression of Information; Information Theory; Coding

5. Lafore, Robert
C Programming Using Turbo C++ / by Robert, Lafore.--2nd
ed-- Indianapolis: SAMS, 1993. xxxi, 778p.
Included Floppy Disk.
ISBN : 9780672303999.
005.133 N9315 G23268

** Turbo C++ (Computer Program Language)


6. Liberty, Jesse
Teach yourself more c++ in 21 days / by Jesse Liberty.--
1st ed-- Indianapolis: SAMS, 1996. xviii, 709p.
ISBN : 9780672306570.
005.133 N9624 G23276

** C++ (Computer Program Language)

7. Symposium on Natural Language Processing (2:Bangkok:1995)
Natural Language Processing: Proceedings
SNLP'95.-- Thailand: NECTEC, 1995. 424p.
006.35 N951 G23365

** Natural Language Processing

8. Rajaraman, V
Computer programming in C / by V Rajaraman.-- New Delhi:
Prentice-Hall, 1994. viii, 363p.
ISBN : 81-203-0859-X.
005.133 N9420 G23287

** C (Computer Program Language); Computer Programming

9. Tanenbaum, Andrew S
Modern operating systems / by Andrew S Tanenbaum.--2nd ed
-- New Delhi: Pearson Education Asia, 2001. xxiv, 951p.
ISBN : 9788178084473.
005.43 P015 G23195

** Operating system (Computer science)


10. Vidyunmala, V
Assessment of the Simulation of Monsoon and Inter
Tropical Convergence Zone in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere
Models / by V Vidyunmala.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008.
xxxiii, 310p.
(IISc, Dept. of CAOS PhD Thesis).
551.51840113 P08 "THESIS" G23048

** Monsoon - Simulation; Ocean Atmosphere Models


11. Filipovic, Damir
Term-Structure Models: Graduate Course / by Damir
Filipovic.-- New York: Springer, 2009. xii, 256p.
ISBN : 9783540097266.
332.70151 P09 184830

** Financial Economics - Mathematical Models; Investments
- Mathematical Models


12. Pemmaraju, Mamatha
Magnesia Based Sustainable Method for De-Fluoridation of
Contaminated Groundwater / by Mamatha Pemmaraj.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxxi, 231p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE PhD Thesis).
628.72 P08 "THESIS" G23040

** Water supply; Water, Underground: De-fluoridation


13. Zhao, Feng
Wireless Sensor Networks: Information Processing Approach
/ by Feng Zhao and Leonidas J Guibas.-- San Francisco:
Morgan Kaufman, 2005. xvii, 358p.
(The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking).
ISBN : 9798181476424.
681.2028546 P05 R(T) 184863

** Sensors; Sensor Networks


14. Alekseevsky, Dmitri V., ed
Recent Development in Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry / ed by
Dmitri V Alekseevsky and Helga Baum.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2008. viii, 539p.
(ECI Lectures in Mathematics and Physics).
ISBN : 9783037190517.
516.373 P08 184844

** Riemannian Geometry; Pseudo - Riemannian Geometry;
Geodesics; Lorenz symmetry

15. Barvinok, Alexander
Integer Points in Polyhedra / by Alexander Barvinok.--
Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2008. viii,189p.
(Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190524.
516.156 P08 184840

** Polyhedra; Polytopes; Integer Points


16. Beltrametti, Mauco C
Lectures on Curves, Surface and Projective Varieties / by
Mauco C Beltrametti, Ettore Carletti, Dionisio Gallarati.
-- Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2009. xv,491p.
(EMS Textbooks in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190647.
511.35 P09 184842

** Geometry, Algebraic; Curves (Geometry); Surfaces

17. Connes, Alain ed.,
Renormalization and Galois Theories / ed by Alain Connes,
Frederic Fauvet and Jean-Pierre Ramis.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2009. viii, 270p.
(IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics).
ISBN : 9783037190739.
512.32 P09 184845

** Galois theory; Renormalization group; Perturbation

18. Jarnicki, Marek
First Steps in Several Complex Variables: Reinhardt
Domains / by Marek Jarnicki & Peter Pflug.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society 9783037190494, 2008. viii,
(EMS Textbooks in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190494.
515.9 P08 184839

** Functions of Complex Variables; Reinhardt Domains

19. Kostant, Bertram
Collected papers: Volume 1 / by Bertram
Kostant, Anthony Joseph and Michele Vergne.-- New York:
Springer, 2009. xx, 518p.
ISBN : 9780387095820.
512.55092 P09.1 184829

** Lie Algebra; Lie Groups; Kostant, B - Biography;
Mathematics - History

20. Weber, Michel
Dynamical Systems and Processes / by Michel Weber.--
Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2009. xii,
(IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics).
ISBN : 9783037190463.
515.35 P091 184838

** Dynamical Systems; Stochastic Processes; Entropy;
Ergodic Theory; Gaussian Processes; Theoretical Physics;
Spectral Theory; Probability Theory


21. Agarwal, Amit Kumar
Transport in Quasi One Dimensional Quantum Systems / by
Amit Kumar Agarwal.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2009. xii, 128p.
(IISc, Dept. of CHEP PhD Thesis).
530.47502453976 P09 "THESIS" G23051

** High Energy Physics; Quantum Theory; Transport Theory

22. Enriquez, Benjamin., ed
Quantum Groups / ed by Benjamin Enriquez.-- Switzerland:
European Mathematical Society, 2008. vi, 133p.
(IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics).
ISBN : 9783037190470.
530.12015124 P08 184843

** Quantum Theory; Group Theory; Quantum Group

23. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Founder's day: Birth Centenary Year Special Issue.--
Mumbai: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, 2009. iv, 415p.
539.72 P09 G23373

** Nuclear Physics - Collected papers; Bhabha, Homi J -

24. Pierce, Allan D
Acoustics: An Introduction to its Physical Principles and
Applications / by Allan D. Pierce.-- New York: Acoustical
Society of America, 1989. xxv, 678p.
ISBN : 9780883186128.
534 N891 184824

** Acoustics; Sounds

25. Pierce, Allan D
Acoustics: An Introduction to Its Physical Principles and
Applications / by Allan D. Pierce.-- New York: Acoustical
Society of America, 1989. xxv, 678p.
ISBN : 9780883186128.
534 N89 R(T) 184825

** Acoustics


26. Timmermann, Thomas
Invitation to Quantum Groups and Duality / by Thomas
Timmermann.-- Switzerland: European Mathematical Society,
2008. xx, 407p. (EMS Textbooks in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783037190432.
Alt. Title : Hopf Algebras to Multiplicative Unitaries
and Beyond.
530.12015124 P081 184841

** Quantum Groups; C* Algebra; Von Neumann Algebra; Hopf

27. Tulsi, Tathagat Avatar
Generalizations of the Quantum Search Algorithm / by
Tathagat Avatar Tulsi.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xv, 36p.
(IISc, Dept. of Physics PhD Thesis).
530.12015118 P09 "THESIS" G23050

** Quantum Theory; Algorithm; Quantum Search Algorithm

Departmental Library


1. Ghosh, Pradip K
Ion Traps / by Pradip K Ghosh.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2007. x, 326p.
ISBN : 9780198539957.
539.7 P071 184821

** Atomic Physics; Charged Particle; Ions (Atomic


2. Desai, Ashok V
India's Telecommunication Industries: History, Analysis,
Diagnosis / by Ashok V Desai.-- New Delhi: SAGE, 2006.
ISBN : 9780761934127.
384.0954 P06;1 184874

** Telecommunication - India - History; Telecommunication
Policy - India - History

3. Kuhn, Thomas S
Essentials Tension / by Thomas S Kuhn.-- Chicago: Chicago
press, 1977. xxiii, 366p.
ISBN : 9780226458069.
Alt. Title : Selected Studies in Scientific Tradition and
501 N77 184877

** Science - Philosophy - Collected works; Science -
History - Collected works

4. Bhargava, Rajeev ed.,
Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship: Dialogues
and Perceptions / ed by Rajeev Bhargava and Helmut
Reifeld.-- New Delhi: SAGE, 2005. 420p.
ISBN : 9780761998327.
323.60954 P05 184876

** Civil society - India - History; Citizenship - India -
History; Political culture - India - History; Democracy -
India - History

5. Frankenberg, Ruth
White Women, Race Matters: Social Construction of
Whiteness / by Ruth Frankenberg.-- London: Rotledge, 1993
x, 289p.
ISBN : 9780415105118.
305.8 N93 184865

** Race relations (Sociology)

6. Nussbaum, Martha C
Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India's
Future / by Martha C Nussbaum.-- Ranikhet: Permanent
black, 2009. xviii, 403p.
ISBN : 9788178242002.
294.548024303625 P07 184870

** Religious Terrorism; Hinduism - ethics; Hindu

7. Hofer, Scott M ed.,
Handbook of Cognitive Aging: Interdisciplinary
Perspectives / ed by Scott M Hofer and Duane F Alwin.--
London: Sage, 2008. xiii, 730p.
ISBN : 9781412960281.
155.6713 P081 184873

** Cognition - Age factors; Aging - Psychological aspects


8. Levin, Simon A
Princeton Guide to Ecology / by Simon A Levin, Stephen R
Carpenter & Christopher J Morris.-- New Jersey: Princeton
University Press, 2009. xiii, 809p.
ISBN : 9780691128399.
577.73 P09 184820

** Ecology - USA; Ecology - Princeton University

9. Hertel, Thomal W ed.,
Economic Analysis of Land Use in Global Climate Change
Policy / ed by Thomal W Hertel, Steven K Rose and
Richerds S J Tol.-- New York: Routledge, 2009. xx, 343p.
ISBN : 9780415773089.
333.7317 P09 184849

** Land use; Land - Conservation and protection


10. Backman, B F
Composite Structures, Safety Management / by B F Backman.
-- New York: Elsevier, 2008. xii, 294p.
ISBN : 9780080548098.
624.1710289 P08 184831

** Structural analysis (Civil Engineering); Structures
(Civil Engineering) - Safety measures

11. Reiter, Leon
Earthquake hazard analysis-issues and insights / by Leon
Reiter.-- New York: Columbia university Press, 1990. x, 254p.
ISBN : 9780231065344.
624.1762 N902 184837

** Earthquake Seismology - Probability theory;
Seismotectonic sources

12. Edwards, David J
Management of off-highway plant and equipment / by David
J Edwards, Frank C Harris and Ronald McCaffer.-- New York
: Spon Press, 2003. xv, 309p.
ISBN : 9780415251280.
658.202 P03 184832

** Plant Management; Maintenance Management; Equipment


13. Holleman, A F
Inorganic chemistry / by A F Holleman and Egon Wiberg.--
1st ed-- New York: Academic Press, 1995. xxxix, 1884p.
ISBN : 9780123526519.
546 N952 184846

** Chemistry, Inorganic


14. Graef, Marc De
Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron
Microscopy / by Marc De Graef.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
press, 2003. xxi, 690p.
ISBN : 9780521629959.
620.11299 P03 184816

** Transmission electron microscopy

15. Graef, Marc De
Structure of Materials: Introduction to Crystallography,
Diffraction, and Symmetry / by Marc De Graef and Michael
E Henery.-- Cambridge: Cambridge press, 2007. xxxi, 844p
ISBN : 9780521651516.
620.10154122 P07 184815

** Materials - Structures; Materials - Crystallography;
Diffraction; Symmetry

16. Pecharsky, Vitalij K
Fundamentals of powder Diffraction and Structural
Characterization of Materials / by Vitalij K Pecharsky
and Peter Y Zavalij.--2nd ed-- New York: Springer, 2009.
xxiii, 741p.
ISBN : 9780387095783.
671.37 P09 184847

** Powder diffraction; Powder metallurgy; Material


17. Villegas, Fernando Rodriguez
Experimental number theory / by Fernando Rodriguez
Villegas.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.
xvi, 214p.
(Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780199548729.
512.7 P071 184848

** Number Theory


18. Raghini, Giancarlo C., ed
Introduction to Optoelectronic Sensors / ed by Giancarlo
C Righini, Antonella Tajani & A Cutolo.-- New Jersey:
World scientific, 2009. xiii, 570p.
(Series in Optics and Photonics vol.7).
ISBN : 9789812834126.
621.38045 P09 184864

** Optoelectronics devices; Optoelectronic sensors;
Biosensors; Brags - Grating sensors; Laser optics;
Integrated Optic sensors; Fiber optic sensors; MEMS;
Microelectro mechanical devices

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