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Weekly Display of Books
13-07-2009 To 19-07-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Barbieri, C
Fundamentals of Astronomy / by C Barbieri.-- New York:
Taylor & Francis, 2007. 366p.
ISBN : 0-7503-0886-9.
520 P07 184296

** Astronomy-Textbooks; Astrophysics-textbooks.

2. Celletti, Alessandra.,
KAM stability and celestial mechanics / Alessandra
Celletti and Luigi Chierchia.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2007. vii, 134p.
(Memoirs of the American mathematical society-878).
ISBN : 9780821841693.
521 P07 184227

** Three-body problem; Celestial mechanics;


3. Conner, William E.
Tiger Moths and Woolly Bears: Behavior, Ecology, and
Evolution of the Arctiidae / Ed by William E.Conner.: OUP,
2009. xvi, 303p.
ISBN : 9780195327373.
595.75 P09 184268

** Behavioral ecology; Evolution.

4. Vandermeer, John. H
Population ecology: First principles / by John
H Vandemeer and Deborah E. Goldberg.-- New Delhi:
Princeton University Press, 2003. xix, 280p.
ISBN : 9780691114415.
577.8 P08 184201

** Population biology; Population ecology


5. Krivovichev, Sergey V.
Structure Crystallography of Inorganic Oxysalts / by Sergey
V. Krivovichev.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2009
viii, 308p.
(International Union of Crystallography BOOK Series).
ISBN : 9780199213207.
546.34 P09 184290

** Graph theory; Topology; Oxysalts; Inorganic compounds; Crystal


6. Solution processing of inorganic materials / ed by David
B Mitzi.-- New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2009. xvii,
ISBN : 9780470406656.
541.04275 P09 184206

** Thin film; Inorganic compounds; Solid state chemistry


7. Yanofsky, Noson S.
Quantum computing for computer / by Noson S. Yanofsk and
Micro A. Mammucci.-- Cambridge: Allied Publishers, 2008.
xvi. 384p.
ISBN : 9780521879965.
004.1 P08 184275

** Quantum Computers;


8. Johnson, Neil F
Financial Market Complexity / by Neil F Johnson, Paul
Jeferies and Pak Ming Hui.-- New York: Oxford University
Press, 2003. x, 254p.
ISBN : 9780198526650.
332.6 P03 184238

** Financial Market; Investment (Financial economics)

9. World Bank, Washington D C
World development indicators 2009.BWashington D C: World
Bank, 2009. xxi, 434p.
ISBN : 9780821378296.
338.9091 P09 184204

** Economic development-world


10. Coduto, Donald P
Geotechnical engineering: Principles and practices /
Donald P Coduto.-- New Delhi: PHI Learning Private Ltd,
1999. xi, 759p.
ISBN : 9788120321373.
624.15 N99;1 184216

** Engineering Geology

11. Corriu, Robert.
Molecular Chemistry of Sol-Gel Derived Nanomaterials / by
Robert Corriu and Nguyen Trong Anh.-- West Sussex: Wiley,
2009. xii, 187p.
ISBN : 9780470721179.
620.11 P09 184289

** Solgel method; Colloids; Nanofluids; Nano chemistry;
Nanostructured materials

12. De Vos, Alexis.
Thermodynamics of solar energy conversion / Alexis De Vos
-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2008. xiii, 192p.
ISBN : 9783527408412.
621.47015367 P08 184272

** Solar energy- Thermodynamics; Thermodynamics

13. Zayats, Anatoly.
Nano-optics and near field optical microscopy / Ed by
Anatoly Zayats and David Richerds.-- Norwood: A/H, 2009.
xiv, 361p.
(Artech House Series).
ISBN : 9781596932838.
621.36 P09 184270

** Nano-Optics; Microscopy.


14. Haas, Peter M., ed.
International Environmental Governance / Ed by Peter
M.Haas.-- England: Ashgate, 2008. vii, 581p.
(The Library of Essays in International Relations).
ISBN : 9780754625612.
327 P08 184273

** Political Power; Civil Society; Networked Governance.


15. BIRS Workshop on Calabi-Yau Varieties and Mirror Symmetry(
Rhode Island:2003)
Mirror Symmetry V: Proceedings / ed by Noriko Yui, Shing-
Tung Yau and James D. Lewis.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2006. ix, 576p.
(AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821842515.
516.362 P06.5 184231

** Mirror symmetry-Congresses; Geometry, Differential-
Congresses; Geometry analytic-Congresses

16. Conference in Honor of lgor Dolgachev's 60th
Birthday (Korea: 2004) I
Algebraic geometry / by JOnghae Keum and Shigeuki Kondo.-
Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2007. xi,
(Contemprary Mathematics-422).
ISBN : 9780821842010.
516.35 P071 184221

** Geometry, Algebraic-Congresses; Dolgachev - Festschuft

17. Conference on Complex Geometry and Mirror Symmetry
(Montreal: 1995)
Mirror symmetry III: Proceedings / ed by Duong H.Phong,
Luc Vinet, and Shing-Tung Yau.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2006. ix, 312p.
(AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821811931.
516.362 P06.3 184230

** Mirror symmetry-Congresses; Geometry, Differential-
Congresses; Functions of Several Complex variables-
Congresses; Complex variables-Geometry

18. Erickson, Martin.
Aha! Solutions / by Martin Erickson.-- Washington DC:
Mathematical Associations of America, 2009. xii, 207p.
(MAA Problem Books Series.)
ISBN : 9780883858295.
510.202 P09 184277

** Mathematics-Problems and Solutions.

19. Guest, Martin A
From quantum cohomology to integrable system / by Martin
A Guest.-- New York: ISBN 978-0-19-856599-4, 2008. xv, 305p.
(Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics-15).
ISBN : 9780198565994.
514.23 P08 184240

** Cohomology; Quantum Cohomology; Integration

20. Kung, Joseph P.S.
Combinatorics: The Rota way / by Joseph P.S.Kung, Gian-
Carlo Rota and Catherine H. Yan.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press. xii, 396p.
(Cambridge Mathematical Library.)
ISBN : 9780521737944.
511.6 P09 184274

** Rota, Gian-Carlo,1932-1999; Combinatorial analysis.

21. Mirror Symmetry I / ed by Shing-Tung Yau.-- Rhode Island:
American Mathematical Society, 1998. xi, 444p.
(AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821827437.
516.362 P06.1 184228

** Mirror symmetry; Manifolds

22. Mirror Symmetry II,
Mirror Symmetry II / ed by B. Green and S T Yau.-- Rhode
Island: American Mathematical Society, 2001. xvi, 844p.
(AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821827444.
516.362 P06.2 184229

** Mirror symmetry; Conformal invariants; Quantum field
theory; Geometry Enumerative

23. Oxley, Jemes G
Matroid Theory / by James G Oxley.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2006. xi, 532p.
(Oxford Graduate in Mathematics-3).
ISBN : 9780199202508.
511.6 P062 184241

** Matroid

24. Prada Garcia,O.,
Betti numbers of the moduli space of rank 3 parabolic
higgs bundles / by O.Garcia-Prada, P.B.Gothen and V.Munoz
-- Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, 2007.
vii, 80p.
(Memories of the American mathematical society- 879).
ISBN : 9780821839720.
514.224 P07 184222

** Victor bundles; Moduli theory

25. Workshop on Jack, hall-littlewood and macdonald polynomials
( Edinburg:2003)
Jack, hall-littlewood and macdonald polynomials / by Vadim
B. Kuznetsov and Siddartha Sahi.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 2007. xix, 360p.
(Contemporary Mathematics-417).
ISBN : 9780821836835.
512.9422 P06 184226

** Polynomials


26. Music and mathematics: From Pythagoras to fractals
/ ed by John Fauvel, Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson.-- New York:
Oxford University Press, 2006. 189p.
ISBN : 9780199298938.
780.151 P06 184243

** Music-mathematics


27. Physics of organic superconductors and conductors / ed by A
G. Lebed.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xxvi, 752p.
(Springer Series in Materials Science-110).
ISBN : 9783540766674.
537.6232 P08 184207

** Superconductors; Organic Conductors (Physics)

28. Terning, John
Modern super symmetry: Dynamics and duality / by John
Terning.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
xiii, 324p.
(International Series of Monographs on Physics-132).
ISBN : 9780199559510.
539.725 P09 184242

** Symmetry (Nuclear physics)

29. Willis, B.T.M.
Experimental Neutron Scattering / ed by B. T M Willis and
C J Carlile.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
9780198519706, 2009. xii, 325p.
ISBN : 9780198519706.
539.758 P09 184288

** Neutron scattering;



1. Tanimoto, Steven L
Elements of artificial intelligence: An introduction
using LISP / Steven L Tanimoto.-- Maryland: Computer
Science Press, 1987. xxii, 527p.
ISBN : 0881751138.
006.3 N87 G22667

** Artificial intelligence-Data processing


2. Conference on computing for nation development,(3:New
Delhi: 2009)
National conference on computing for nation development:
Proceedings ,-- New Delhi:
India Com, 2009. xxiv, 744p.
ISBN : 9788190452663.
338.910540285 P09 G22669

** Economic development-India-Data processing; Economic
Growth-India-Data processing; Computer Science


3. Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and The
Environment, Rome
Nuclear fusion and fission, and related technologies
department 2007.-- Rome: ENEA, 2007. 200p.
539.7232 P071 G22670

** Nuclear fusion; Nuclear fission

Departmental Library


1. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Reflections: Indian institute of technology Kanpur a
special issue of directions.-- Kanpur: Indian Institute
of Technology, 2007. 84p.
607.954 G22726

** Technical education-India; Higher education -India;
Indian Institute of Technology-India

2. Collins, Dorothy C.,
Indiana a pictorial history university / by Dorothy C.
Collins and Cecil K. Byrd.-- Bloomington: Indiana
University Press, 1992. xvi, 168p.
ISBN : 9780253313973.
378.772255 N92 G22727

** Indiana University; Indiana University, Bloomington-

3. Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
Elevated mass rapid transit system through public private
partnership: Manual of specifications and standards.--
Hyderabad: Government of Andhra Pradesh, 2008. ix, 257p.
625.4028 P08 G22700

** Rapid transit system; Electric trains; Trains Electric
Standard and specification

4. Nandy, Ashis
Alternative science creativity and authenticity in two
Indian scientists / by Ashis Nandy.-- New Delhi: Allied
Publishers Pvt. Ltd. 1980. ix, 153p.
509.54019 N80 G22706

** Scientist-India-Creativity; Ramanujan, S-Creativity;
Bose, JC-Creativity

5. Playne, Somerset
Southern india its history, people, commerce and
industrial resources / by Somerset Playne.-- New Delhi:
Asian Educational Services, 2004. ii, 766p.
ISBN : 8120613449.
909.04548 P04 G22701

** India, South-History; Commerce-India, South; Industry-
India, South; Civilization-India, South


6-9. International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and
Society (New Delhi:2009)
Water, Environment, Energy and Society. 4 Volumes:
Proceedings / ed by Sharad K Jain, et al.,-- New Delhi:
Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 2009. vii, 1074p.
ISBN : 9788184244007.
Alt. Title : WEES-2009.
628.16 P09.1-.4 184254,V.1; 184255,V.2;
184256,V.3; 184257,V.4

** Water resources; Energy resources; Hydrology and
Hydraulic Modeling; Statistical and System Analysis
Techniques; Water Quality and Environment Consideration;
Water Resources Planning and Management


10. Cox, Charles H.
Analog optical links: Theory and practice / by Charles H.
Cox.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. xiv,
ISBN : 9780521621632.
621.3827 P047 184278

** Optical Communications; Fiber Optics.

11. Mitin, Vladimir V.
Introduction to nanoelectronics / by Vladimir V Mitin,
Viacheslav A. Kochelap and Michael A.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2008. xv, 329p.
ISBN : 9780521881722.
621.381 P087 184279

** Nano electronics; Nano technology.

12. From Nano to space: Applied mathematics / ed by Michael H.
Breitner, George Denk and Peter Rentrop.-- Berlin:
Springer Verlag, 2008. ix, 342p.
ISBN : 9783540742371.
510.2462 P08 184276

** Mathematics for Engineers; Engineering Mathematics;
Applied Mathematics

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