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Weekly Display of Books
12-10-2009 To 18-10-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Ramesh, V
Studies on polypyrimidine tract binding protein:
Identification of interacting partners / by Ramesh V.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xi,121p.
(IISc. Dept. of BC PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
572.6 P092 'THESIS' G22951

** Protein; Polypyrimidine tract binding protein; RNA
binding protein; Plasmid DNA

2. Saha, Sayanti
Receptor guanylyl cyclases molecular mechanisms of
regulation / by Sayanti Saha.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008.
iv, 189p.
(IISc Dept. of MRDG PhD Thesis).
572.696 P082 'THESIS' G22929

** Cell receptor; Genetic regulation; guanylyl
cyclase Receptor

3. Saraswathi, Ramachandran
Starvation response in Mycobacterium smegmatis: a tale of
two proteins / by Ramachandran Saraswathi.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. xiii, 226p.
(IISc Dept. of MBU, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
572.6 P091 'THESIS' G22935

** Proteins; Mycobacterium smegmatis


4. Saha, Animesh
Functional hyperbranched polyethers via Melt-
transetherification polymerization / by Animesh Saha.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xi, 187p.
(IISc Dept. of IPC PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
668.4230154728 P09 'THESIS' G22954

** Polymerization; Polyethers-Synthesis


5. Dinesh, M.
Design of two-axis displacement-amplifying compliant
mechanisms using topology optimization / by M Dinesh.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xii, 163p.
(IISc Dept. of ME MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.81101514 P08 'THESIS' G22955

** Mechanical Engineering - physical principles; Machine
engineering- Topology optimization

6. Haldar, Sandip
Spontaneous crack propagation in functionally graded
materials / by Sandip Haldar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008.
viii, 124p.
(IISc Dept. of AE MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.1126 P081 'THESIS' G22956

** Crack propagation (Material science); Crack
Resistance (Materials)

7. Malik, M
Instabilities in Supersonic Couette Flow / by Malik M.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. ix, 117p.
(IISc Dept. of AE, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
629.132305 P08 'THESIS' G22945

** Supersonic flow

8. Venu Anand
Studies on atmospheric glow discharge for surface
modification applications / by Anand Venu.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. x, 66p.
(IISc Dept. of ISU MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.44 P09 'THESIS' G22926

** Surface engineering; Polyethylene terephthalate (PET);
Polymer film; Corrosion resistance biomedical materials


9. Merriam B Webster Inc, Massachusetts
WebsterBs instant word guide /
Springfield: Merriam Webster, 1980. viii, 374p.
ISBN : 0877792739.
428.1 N80 BRB G23013

** Spellers


10. Ashwini Kumar, B. J.
Stakeholder-based planning framework for the gherkin
agricultural export zone in Karnataka / by B J Ashwini
Kumar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. ix, 222p.
(IISc Dept. of MS, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
658.84095487 P09 'THESIS' G22927

** Export marketing; Agricultural export-Karnataka;
Agricultural export planning


11. Kumar, K.
Studies on friction stir welding of precipitation
hardenableluminium alloys / by K Kumar.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. xx, 159p.
(IISc Dept. of ME, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
671.52 P09 'THESIS' G22940

** Welding; Aluminium alloys; Friction stir welding


12. Stanislaw Balcerzyk., ed
Topics in Algebra. V. 26 Pt.2: Commutative rings and
algebraic groups / ed by Balcerzyk Stanislaw, Tadeusz
Jozefiak, Jan Krempa.-- Warzawa: PWN-Polish scientific,
1990. x, 510p.
ISBN : 8301095792.
Alt. Title : Commutative rings and algebraic groups
512 N901.26.2 184511

** Algebraic structures; Commutative rings; Algebraic

13. Stanislaw Balcerzyk., ed
Topics in Algebra. V. 26 Pt.1: Rings and
representations of algebras / ed by Balcerzyk Stanislaw.-
Warszawa: PWN-Polish scientific, 1990. x, 586p.
ISBN : 8301095792.
Alt. Title: Rings and representations of algebras
512 N901.26.1 184510

** Rings; Representations


14. Mukherjee, Biswaroop
Anomalous Translational and Reorientational Dynamics of
single File Water / by Biswaroop Mukherjee.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. xv, 198p.
(IISc Dept. of PHY, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
532.540246205 P09 'THESIS' G22952

** Fluid dynamics; Hydrodynamics; Carbon nanotubes

15. Rajamani R.
Theoretical approaches for modeling molecular magnetism /
by R Rajamani.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxxi, 142p.
(IISc Dept. of SSCU, PhD Thesis)
Includes CD.
539.7546 P08 'THESIS' G22957

** Molecular magnetic models; Nuclear interactions;
Photo magnetism; Organic magnets

Departmental Library

1. Carmona, Rene A
Paris-Princeton lectures on mathematical finance 2004 /
by Rene A Carmona, Ivar Ekeland, Arturo Kohatsu-Higa.--
Berlin : Springer, 2007. x, 244p.
(Lecture notes in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540733263.
332.0151 P07 184504

** Mathematical finance; Financial economics-Mathematical

2. Alain, Connes
Noncommutative Geometry / by Connes Alain.-- San Diego:
Academic Press, 1994. xiii,661p.
ISBN : 9780121858605.
516.35 N94 184473

** Geometry, Algebraic; Noncommutative rings

3. Chu, Cho-Ho
Matrix convolution operators on groups / by Cho-Ho Chu.--
Berlin : Springer, 2008. ix, 108p.
(Lecture notes in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540697978.
515.43 P081 184495

** Convolution operators

4. Conlon, Lawrence
Differentiable manifolds / by Lawrence Conlon.--2nd ed.--
Boston: Birkhauser, 2008. xii, 418p.
ISBN : 9780817647667.
516.6 P08 184490

** Differentiable manifolds

5. Daley, D J
Introduction to the theory of point processes: Volume
II: General theory and structure / by D J Daley and D Vere-
Jones.--2nd ed.: Springer, 2008. xv, 571p.
(Probability and its Applications).
ISBN : 9780387213378.
519.23 P081.2 184498

** Point processes

6. Daley, D.J
Introduction to the theory of point
processes: Vol.II: General theory and structure / by D J
Daley, D Vere-Jones.--2nd ed.-- New York: Springer, 2008.
xvii, 573p.
(Probability and its application).
ISBN : 9780387213378.
519.23 P081.2;1 184480

** Point processes

7. Jorgensen, Palle E T., ed
Representations, wavelets and frames: A celebration of the
mathematical work of Lawrence W Baggett / ed by Palle E T
Jorgensen, Kathy D Merrill and Judith A Packer.-- Boston:
Birkhauser , 2008. xl,322p.
(Applied and numerical harmonic analysis).
ISBN : 9780817646820.
515.2433 P08 184491

** Wavelets(Mathematics); Baggett, L W - Festschrift

8. Maz'ya, Vladimir G
Theory of Sobolev multipliers: With applications to
differential and integral operators / by Vladimir G
Maz'ya, Tatyana O Shaposhnikova.-- Berlin
: Springer, 2009. xiii, 609p.
(Comprehensive studies in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540694908.
515.782 P09 184503

** Sobolev spaces; Sobolev multipliers

9. Meester, Ronald
Natural introduction to probability theory / by Ronald
Meester.--2nd ed-- Basel: Birkhauser, 2008. x, 197p.
ISBN : 978376438723.
519.2 P083 184506

** Probabilities

10. Reed, Michael
Methods of modern mathematical physics. Vol.2: Fourier
analysis. Self-Adjointness / by Michael Reed, Barry Simon
-- San Diego: Elsevier, 1975. xv, 361p.
ISBN : 9780125850025.
Fourier analysis. Self-Adjointness
515.2433 N751.2 184483

** Fourier analysis; Fourier transformations

11. Shilov, Georgi E
Elementary real and complex analysis / by Georgi E Shilov
-- New York: Dover, 1973. xi, 516p.
ISBN : 0486689220.
515 N73;1 184429

** Complex analysis; Real analysis; Complex variables

12. Shirali, Shailesh A
Gateway to modern mathematics: Adventure in interaction I
/ by Shailesh A Shirali.-- India: University Press, 2009.
x, 227p.
(Little Mathematical Treasures Vol.1).
ISBN : 9788173716263.
510 P091.1 184430

** Mathematics

13. Silverman, Richard A.
Introductory complex analysis / by Richard A Silverman.--
Canada: Dover Publications Inc., 1972. xi, 372P.
ISBN : 0486646866.
515.94 N72 184465

** Complex analysis

14. Clebsch, A. ed.,
Jacobi's lectures on dynamics / ed by A Clebsch.--2nd ed.
-- New Delhi: Hindustan book agency, 2009. x, 339p.
(Texts in Readings in Mathematics:51).
ISBN : 9788185931913.
531.11 P09 G23009

** Dynamics(Mechanics)

15. Reed, Michael
Methods of modern mathematical physics. Vol.3: Scattering
theory / by Michael Reed, Barry Simon.-- San Diego:
Elsevier, 1979. xv, 461p.
ISBN : 0125850034.
530.15 N791.3 184484

** Scattering theory; Quantum field scattering

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