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Weekly Display of Books
12-04-2010 To 18-04-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Kwok, Alison G
Green Studio Handbook: Environmental strategies for
schematic design / Alison G Kwok and Walter T Grondzik.--
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007. x, 378p.
ISBN : 9780750680226.
Alt. Title : Environmental strategies for schematic design.
728.924 P07 185248

** Green houses- Architecture

2. Vellero, Daniel
Sustainable design: Science of sustainability and green
engineering / by Daniel Vallero and Chris Brasier.-- New
Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2008. xi, 332p.
ISBN : 9780470130629.
Alt. Title : Science of sustainability and green engineering.
720.47 P08;1 185020

** Building-performance; Buildings-energy conservation;
Environmental engineering


3. Dalgleish, Michael
Highway traffic monitoring & data quality / by Michael
Dalgleish and Neil Hoose.-- Boston: Artech House, 2008.
xxv, 233p.
ISBN : 9781580537155.
388.41312 P08 185240

** Traffic engineering; Traffic monitoring; Highways -
Traffic Engineering


4. Hutchison, Robert C
Programming using the C language / by Robert C Hutchison
and Steven B Just.-- New York: McGraw Hill, 1988. xxv,529p.
(McGraw-Hill computer science series).
ISBN : 0-07-031541-8.
005.133 N8813;3 G23345

** C (Computer program language)


5. Krapivin, Vladimir F
Biogeochemical cycles in globalization and sustainable
development / by Vladimir F Krapivin and Costas A
Varotsos.-- Berlin: Springer, 2008. xxxv, 561p.
ISBN : 9783540754398.
338.927 P081 185258

** Biogeocycles; Sustainable development


6. Ashby, Michael F
Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies and design: An
introduction for engineers and architects / by Michael F
Ashby, Paulo J Ferreira and Daniel L Schodek.-- Amsterdam
: Elsevier, 2009. xviii, 540p.
ISBN : 9780750681490.
620.5 P094 185027

** Nanomaterials; Nanotechnologies; Nanodesign

7. Carpinteri, Alberto., ed
Acoustic emission and critical phenomena: From structural
mechanics to geophysics / ed by Alberto Carpinteri and
Giuseppe, Lacidogna.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2008.
viii, 270p.
Alt. Title : From structural mechanics to geophysics.
624.1762 P087 185156

** Fracture mechanics; Concrete-Cracking; Buildings-
Earthquake effects; Acoustic emission testing

8. Delatte, Nobert
Concrete pavement design, construction and performance /
by Norbert Delatte.-- New York: Taylor & Francis, 2008.
xiv, 372p.
ISBN : 9780415409704.
625.84 P10 185118

** Pavement-design and construction

9. Franz,Gerhard
Low Pressure plasmas and microstructuring technology / by
Gerhard Franz.-- Berlin: Springer, 2009. xii, 732p.
ISBN : 9783540858485.
621.44 P09 185257

** Plasma Physics; Plasma Engineering

10. International symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk (2:
Geotechnical risk and safety: Proceedings / ed by Y
Honjo, et al.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009. xiii, 453p.
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780415498746.
624.150288 P09 185157

** Geotechnical Engineering - Risk and Safety

11. Mannering,Fred L
Principles of highway engineering & traffic analysis / by
Fred L Mannering, Scott S Washburn and Walter P Kilareski
--4th: John Wiley and Sons, 2009. xiii, 398p.
ISBN : 9780470290750.
625.7 P09 185233

** Highway engineering; Traffic management

12. Nemerow, Nelson L, ed.,
Environmental engineering: Water, wastewater soil, and
ground water treatment and remediations / ed by Nelson L
Nemerow, et al.--6th-- New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons,
2009. xii, 384p.
ISBN : 9780470083031.
628.1 P09 185245

** Water-purification; Water treatment plants; Sewage-
purification; Sewage disposal plants; Pollution; Soil

13. Pollock, Clifford
Integrated photonics / by Clifford Pollock and Michal
Lipson.-- Boston: Springer, 2003. xii, 376p.
ISBN : 9781402076350.
621.36 P033 R(T) 185056

** Photonics; Integrated optics

14. Rogers, Martin
Highway engineering / by Martin Rogers.--2nd-- Oxford:
Blackwell, 2008. xii, 336p.
ISBN : 9781405163583.
625.7 P08 185239

** Highway engineering

15. Samama, Nel
Global positioning: Technologies and performance / by Nel
Samama.-- New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2008. xi,
ISBN : 9780471793762
Alt. Title : Technologies and performance.
629.433 P08 185238

** Artificial satellite; Global positioning system

16. Stern, Thomas E
Multiwavelength optical networks: Architectures, design,
and control / by Thomas E Stern, Georgios Ellinas and
Krishna Bala.--2nd ed.,-- New York: Cambridge University
Press, 2009. xxviii, 966p.
ISBN : 9780521881395.
Alt. Title : Architectures, design, and control.
621.3827 P091 185261

** Optical communications; Computer network architectures
Optical communication networks; Packet switching


17. Nemerow, Nelseon L ed.,
Environmental engineering: Prevention and response to
water-food-, soil-, and air-Borne disease and illness /
ed by Nelseon L Nemerow, New Jersey: John
Wiley and Sons, 2009. xiii, 382p.
ISBN : 9780470083048.
362.1969 P09;1 185243

** Communicable diseases-prevention; Sanitation; Public
health; Bioterrorism-prevention


18. Annacchi, Marc A
New product development: From initial idea to product
management / by Marc A. Annacchino, P.E-- Burlington:
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003. xxxii, 567p.
(Professional and trade series).
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9788131206775.
Alt. Title : From initial idea to product management.
658.57 P03 185117

** New Product- Design and Development

19. Howes, Rodney
Infrastructure for the built environment: Global
Procurement strategies / by Rodney Howes and Herbert
Robinson.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2005. xxii, 327p.
ISBN : 9780750668705.
Alt. Title : Global procurement strategies.
658.72 P05 185247

** Procurement; Management


20. Arregui, Francisco J., ed
Sensors based on nanostructured materials / ed by
Francisco J Arregui.-- New York: Springer, 2009. vi,
ISBN : 9780387777528.
681.2 P09 185259

** Sensors; Nanomaterials; Nanosensors


21. Gohberg, Israel
Basic classes of linear operators / by Israel Gohberg,
Seymour Goldberg and Marinus A Kaashoek.-- Basel:
BirkhC$user, 2003. xvii,423p.
ISBN : 9783764369309.
515.7246 P03;2 185204

** Linear operators

22. Gohberg, Israel
Basic classes of linear operators / by Israel Gohberg,
Seymour Goldberg and Marinus A Kaashoek.-- Basel:
BirkhC$user Basel, 2003. xvii,423p.
ISBN : 9783764369309.
515.7246 P03;1 185205

** Linear operators

23. Haberman, Richard
Applied Partial Differential Equations: With Fourier
Series and Boundary Value Problems / by Richard Haberman.
--4th ed-- New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 2004. xviii,,769p.
ISBN : 9780130652430.
515.353 P041;1 185217

** Differential Equations; Fourier Series; Boundary value

24. Woess, Wolfgang
Denumerable Markov chains / by Wolfgang Woess.--
Switzerland: European Mathematical Society, 2009. xvii,
(EMS Textbooks in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780821848982.
519.233 P091 185208

** Markov chains, Discrete time

25. Blakemore, J S
Solid state Physics / by J S Blakemore.--2nd-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 1985. x, 506p.
ISBN : 9780521313919.
530.41 N85 185260

** Solid state Physics

26. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Soft Condensed Matter
Soft Condensed Matter: Configurations, Dynamics and
Functionality: Proceedings / by A T Skjeltrop and S F
Edwards.-- Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Pub, 2000. xv,
(NATO Science Series).
ISBN : 0-7923-6403-1.
Alt. Title : Configurations, Dynamics and Functionality:
530.41 P005 185190

** Soft condensed matter; Condensed matter physics; Solid
state physics

27. Ridley, B K
Electrons and phonons in semiconductor multilayers / by B
K Ridley.--2nd ed-- Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press,
2009. xii, 409p.
ISBN : 9780521516273.
537.6226 P09 185262

** Semiconductors - Surfaces; Layer structure (Solids);
Electron - phonon interactions; Quantum wells

Departmental Library


1. Bhattacharyya, Shankar P
Linear control theory: Structure robustness and
optimization / by Shankar P Bhattacharyya, Aniruddha
Datta and L H Keel.-- New York: CRC, 2009. xvii, 910P.
(Automation and control engineering series).
ISBN : 9780849340635.
Alt. Title : Structure robustness and optimization.
629.832 P09;1 185119

** Linear control systems


2. Chopra, Kanchan
Hand Book of Environmental economics in India / ed by
Kanchan Chopra and Vikram Dayal.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2009. xiv, 327P.
ISBN : 9780198060994.
333.70954 P09 185074

** Environmental management; Environmental economics

3. Cimoli, Mario ed.,
Industrial policy & development: Political economy of
capabilities accumulation / ed by Mario Cimoli, Giovanni
Dosi and Joseph E Stiglitz.-- Oxford: Oxford University
Press, 2009. xix, 575p.
ISBN : 9780199235278.
Alt. Title : Political economy of capabilities
338.9 P091 185077

** Economic policy; Industrial policy; Economic

4. Khan, Shoaib Sultan
Agh khan rural support programme: A journey through
grassroots development / by Shoaib Sultan Khan.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2009. xi, 502p.
ISBN : 9780195476682.
Alt. Title : Journey through grassroots development.
338.9 P09 185067

** Grassroots development; Agakhan rural support programme

5. Pal, Manoranjan., ed
Gender and discrimination: Health, Nutritional Status,
and Role of Women in India / ed by Manoranjan Pal, etal.-
New Delhi: Oxford Univ. Press, 2009. xxviii, 323p.
ISBN : 9780198060291.
Alt. Title : Health, Nutritional Status, and Role of
Women in India.
614.0954 P09 185073

** Public health - India; Public health - Women -India;
Nutrition - Women - India

6. Rudolph, Lloyd I., ed
Experiencing the state / ed by Lloyd I Rudolph and John
Kurt Jacobsen.-- Oxford University Press: New Delhi, 2006
xxix, 382p.
ISBN : 9780198063544.
301.0954 P061 185071

** Sociology-India


7. Breckle, Siegmar Walter
Walter's Vegetation of the earth / by Siegmar W Breckle.-
4th ed.,-- Berlin: Springer, 2002. xx, 527p.
ISBN : 9783540433156.
Alt. Title : Ecological systems of the Geo Biosphere.
581.7 P02 185048

** Plant ecology; Vegetation and climate; Phytogeography;
Plant physiology; Life zones; Biosphere; Geosphere

8. Zuur, Alain F.
Mixed effects models and extensions in ecology with R /
by Alain F Zurr, Elena N leno and Neil J Walker.-- Berlin
: Springer, 2009. xxii, 574p.
(Statistics for biology and health).
ISBN : 9780387874579.
577.015118 P09 185058

** Ecology-Mathematical models


9. Griffiths, David
Introduction to Elementary Particles / by David Griffiths
--2nd ed-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH;, 2008. xvi, 454p.
ISBN : 9783527406012.
539.72 P082 185230

** Particle Physics


10. Casella, George
Statistical Design / by George Casella.-- Berlin:
Springer, 2008. xxiii, 307P.
(Springer Texts in Statistics).
ISBN : 9780387759647.
519.57 P08 185057

** Design of experiment; Factorial design (statistics)

11. Geiges, Hansjorg
Introduction to contact topology / by Hansjorg Geiges.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. xv, 440p.
(Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics).
ISBN : 9780521880220.
514.7 P08 185130

** Geometric topology; Differential topology; Contact

12. Hardy, G H
Introduction to theory of numbers / by G H Hardy and E M
Wright.--6th-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.
xxi, 621P.
ISBN : 9780199219865.
512.7 P08;1 185049

** Numbers, Theory of

13. Husemoller, D
Basic bundle theory and K-Cohomology invariants / by D
Husemoller, et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2008. xv, 340p.
(Lecture notes in Physics; 726).
ISBN : 9783540749554.
514.23 P082 185184

** K-theory; Fiber bundles

14. Jungnickel, Dieter
Graphs, networks and algorithms / by Dieter Jungnickel.--
3rd-- Berlin: Springer, 2008. xiii, 650p.
(Algorithms and computation in Mathematics; volume 5).
ISBN : 9783540727798.
511.501154 P08 185165

** Graphs-coding theory

15. Kaniuth, Eberhard
Course in commutative Banach algebras / by Eberhard
Kaniuth.-- Berlin: Springer, 2009. xii, 353p.
(Graduate texts in Mathematics; 246).
ISBN : 9780387724751.
512.554 P09;1 185189

** Banach algebra; Commutative algebra

16. Krantz, Steven G
Real analysis and foundations / by Steven G Krantz.--2nd
ed-- Washington: Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2005. xvi, 454p.
(Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9781584884835.
515.8 P001 185202

** Real analysis; Functions of real variables;
Mathematical analysis


17. Lubotzky, Alexander
Subgroup growth / by Alexander Lubotzky and Dan Segal.--
Basel: Birkhauser Verlag, 2003. xxii, 453p.
(Progress in Mathematics; V.212).
ISBN : 9783764369897.
512.2 P032 184964

** Group theory

18. Pinsky, Mark ed.,
Probability, Geometry and integrable systems: For Henry
McKean's seventy-fifth birthday / ed by Mark Pinsky and
Bjorn Birnir ed.,-- New York: Cambridge University press,
2008. xxiii, 403p.
(Mathematical sciences research institute publications).
ISBN : 9780521895279.
Alt. Title : For Henry McKean's seventy-fifth birthday.
519.2 P084 185141

** Probabilities; Geometry, Differential; Hamiltonian

19. Sarason, Donald
Complex Function Theory / by Donald Sarason.--2nd-- New
Delhi: Hindustan book agency, 2008. xii, 163p.
(Texts and readings in Mathematics; 5).
ISBN : 9788185931845.
515.94 P08 185206

** Complex analysis; Complex functions

20. Silberstein, Tullio Ceccherini
Harmonic analysis on finite groups: Representation
theory, Gelfrand Paris and Markov Chains / by Tullio
Ceccherini, Fabio Scarabotti and Filippo Tolli.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. xii, 440p.
(Cambridge studies in advanced Mathematics; 108).
ISBN : 9780521883368.
Alt. Title : Representation theory, Gelfrand Paris and
Markov Chains.
515.2433 P082 185145

** Harmonic analysis; Finite analysis

21. Barreira, Luis
Nonuniform hyperbolicity: Dynamics of systems with
nonzero lyapunov exponents / by Luis Barreira and Yakov
Pesin.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.
xiv, 513p.
(Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its applications; 115).
ISBN : 9780521832588.
Alt. Title : Dynamics of systems with nonzero lyapunov
531.11 P071 185144

** Lyapunov exponents; Lyapunov stability; Dynamics


22. Mack, Chris
Fundamental principles of optical lithography / by Christ
Mack.-- England: John Wiley and sons, 2007. xiii, 515P.
ISBN : 9780470018934.
686.2315 P07 185015

** Semiconductor lithography; Semiconductor manufacturing

23. Schulz, Mark J., ed
Nanomedicine design of particles, sensors, Motors,
implants, robots and devices / ed by Mark J Schulz,
Vesselin N Shanow and Yeoheung Yun.-- Boston: Artech
House, 2009. xx, 511p.
(Artech House series engineering in medicine and biology)
ISBN : 9781596932791.
610.28 P091 185018

** Nanomedicine; Biomedical Engineering

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