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Weekly Display of Books
11-05-2009 To 17-05-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1-6. John Wiley and sons, England
Encyclopedia of life sciences: V.21-26.-- England: Wiley,
2007. vp.
Supplementary 6 volume set.
ISBN : 9780470061411.
570.3 P02.21-.26 "R" 184024,V.21(Ref.);
184025,V.22(Ref.); 184026,V.23(Ref.); 184027,V.24(Ref.);
184028,V.25(Ref.); 184029,V.26(Ref.)

** Life sciences - Encyclopedias; Biology - Encyclopedias


7. de Gennes, Pierre-Gilles
Capillarity and Wetting Phenomena: Drops, Bubbles,
Pearls, Waves / by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
France: Springer, 2004. xv, 291p.
Translated by Reisinger Axel.
ISBN : 0387005927.
541.33 P041 184042

** Surface chemistry; Capillarity

8. Proceedings of the combustion institute (31: 2007)
Combustion institute (international). Proceedings. Vol.31
Pt.1 / ed by Marcus Alden, Stephen B. Pope.-- San Diego:
Elsevier Inc., 2007. xxvii, 1690p.: incl. bibl.
ISBN : 1540-7489.
541.3610601 P07.31.1 "SER" 183143

9. Proceedings of the combustion institute (31: 2007)
Combustion institute (international). Proceedings. Vol.31
Pt.2 / ed by Marcus Alden, Stephen B. Pope.-- San Diego:
Combustion institute, 2007. xxvii, 1691-3424p.: incl. bibl..
ISBN : 1540-7489.
541.3610601 P07.31.2 "SER" 183144


10. Chuang, Shun Lien
Physics of photonic devices / by Shun Lien Chuang.--2nd
ed-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2009. xvii, 821p.
ISBN : 9780470293195.
621.381045 P09 184034

** Electro optics; Electro optical devices; semiconductors;

11. Duggle, S K
Earthquake resistant design of structures / by S K Duggal
-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2007. x, 448p.
ISBN : 9780195688177.
624.1762 P071;1 R(T) 184031

** Earthquake resistant structures-Design & construction;
Reinforced cement concrete-Structures (Civil Engineering)

12. Elliott,S J
Signal processing for active control / by S J Elliott.--
London: Academic Press, 2001. xviii, 511p.
ISBN : 0122370856.
629.13522 P01 184043

** Avionics; Signal processing

13. Handbook of fiber optic data communication : A Practical
Guide to Optical Networking / ed by Casimer DeCusatis.--
3rd ed-- Burlington: Academic press, 2008. xi, 784p.
ISBN : 9780123742162.
Alt. Title : Practical Guide to Optical Networking.
621.3981 P081;1 "R" 184038

** Optical communications; Fiber optics; Data
Transmission systems;

14. Rogers, Alan
Essentials of photonics / by Alan Rogers.--2nd ed-- New
York: CRC Press, 2009. xiii, 468p.
ISBN : 9780849338366.
621.381045 P091 184037

** Optoelectronics; Optoelectronic devices;


15. Chennai, Not Madras: Perspective on the city / ed by A R
Venkatachalapathy.-- Mumbai: Marg, 2006. 140p.
ISBN : 8185026742.
954.821 P06 184044

** Chennai-area studies; Madras-area studies

16. Eaton, Richard M
Social history of the Deccan: Eight Indian Lives / by
Richard M Eaton.-- New Delhi: Cmbridge University Press,
2005. xiii, 221p.
(The New Cambridge History of India).
ISBN : 9780521514422.
954.8 P05 184040

** India-Sociology; Rulers of India; Deccan (India)-
History Deccan (India)- Biography


17. Nature of Light: What Is a Photon? / ed by Chandrasekhar
Roychoudhuri et al.-- New York: CRC, 2008. xxi, 429p.
(Optical Science and Engineering).
ISBN : 9781420044249.
539.7217 P08 184039

** Photons; Light


18. Community, Gender and Violence / ed by Partha Chatterjee
and Pradeep Jeganathan.-- New Delhi: Permanent Black,
2000. viii, 347p.
(Subaltern Studies, Vol.11).
ISBN : 8178240335.
305.2 P 183973

** Women studies; Violence

19. Enigma of the Kerala Woman: A Failed Promise of Literacy /
ed by Swapna Mukhopadhyay.-- New Delhi: Social Science
Press, 2007. xii, 189 p.
ISBN : 9788187358268.
305.4095483 P07 183972

** Women-Kerala;

20. Menon, Nivedita
Recovering Subversion: Feminist Politics Beyond The Law /
by Nivedita Menon.-- Chicago: Permanent Black, 2004.
xii, 271 p.
ISBN : 9788178242109.
323.340954 P04 183976

** Women's rights-India; Women-Law-India;



1. Jain, Himanshu
Investigation of the ferromagnetic insulating state of
Manganites / by Himanshu Jain.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. ix, 220p.
(IISc, Dept. of Physics, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
546.541240153845 P08 "THESIS" G22626

** Manganites; Ferromagnetic insulation


2. Bharadwaj B.V. Subramanya
The Isoperimetric problem on Trees and Bounded Tree Width
Graphs / by Subramanya Bharadwaj B V.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. 60p.
(ISc, Dept. of CSA, MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
006.6015118 P08 "THESIS" G22614

** Computer graphics-Algorithms; Computer graphics-
Mathematical models

3. Ranganath, B.N.
Efficient Frequent Closed Itemset algorithms with
Applications to Stream Mining and Classification / by
Ranganath B.N.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. x, 80p
(IISc, Dept. of CSA, MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
006.312 P08 "THESIS" G22605

** Data mining; Classification-algorithms;


4. Sharma, Somesh Kumar
Identifying Dimensions for the international positioning
process: Study of the Defence Systems / by Somesh Kumar
Sharma.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. 206p.
(IISc, Dept. of MS, Ph.D Thesis) (Include CD-ROM).
355.6 P08 "THESIS" G22636

** Defense System-Management; Defense goods-Markets;
Defense Goods-Business Development


5. Ali, Shaik Faruque
Semi-active Control of Earthquake Induced Vibrations in
Structures using MR Dampers: Algorithm Development,
Experimental Verification and Benchmark Applications / by
Shaik Faruque Ali.-- IISc, Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxv,441p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE, PhD Thesis) Include CD-ROM.
624.1736015118 P08 "THESIS" G22641

** Earthquake engineering; Structural analysis (Civil
Engg); Algorithms;

6. Garaga, Arunakumari
Factors Affecting the Static and Dynamic Response of
Jointed Rock Masses / by Arunakumari Garaga.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2008. xxiv,207p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE, PhD Thesis) Include CD-ROM.
624.1532 P08 "THESIS" G22635

** Rock mechanics

7. Mahapatra, Debabrata
Investigations of RAMP/COWL Shock Iteration process near
a generic scramjet inlet at Hypersonic mach number / by
Debabrata Mahapatra.-- Bangalore: IISc,2008.
xix, 213p.
(IISc, Dept. of AE, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
629.13206 P08 "THESIS" G22640

** Scramjet; Hypersonic mach number; Shock (Aerospace

8. Shaija, A
Laminar Conjugate Natural Convention and Surface
Radiation in Horizontal Annuli / by A Shaija.-- Bangalore
: IISc, 2008. xxvi, 248p.
(IISc, Dept. of ME, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
621.4023 P081 "THESIS" G22637

** Convection (Engg); Radiation; Horizontal Annuli


9. Jindal, Prachee
Compiler Assisted Energy Management for Sensor Network
Nodes / by Prachee Jindal.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. vii,
(IISc, Dept. of CSA, MSc (Engg) Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
681.2028546 P08 "THESIS" G22612

** Sensor networks-Data processing; Electronic detector
Networks; Data processing; Compilers (Computer Science)


10. Mishra, Shradha
Dynamics, order and fluctuations in active nematics:
Numerical and theoretical studies / by Shradha Mishra.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. x,127p.
(IISc, Dept. of Physics, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
530.4275 P08 "THESIS" G22619

** Nematics; Liquid crystals;

11. Pradeep, U. K.
Critical Behavior on Approaching a Double Critical Point
in a Complex Mixture / by Pradeep U. K.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. x, 195p.
(IISc, Dept. of Phy, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
530.474 P08 "THESIS" G22634

** Critical points; Critical phenomena; Light-scattering

12. Sharma, Manju
Investigations on Size Dependence of Diffusivity in
Condensed Media / by Manju Sharma.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. xxv, 213p.
(IISc, Dept. of SSCU, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
530.415 P08 "THESIS" G22628

** Diffusion; Condensed matter; Solid state physics

Departmental Library


1. Basic Methods in Protein Purification and Analysis: A
Laboratory Manual / Ed by Richard J Simpson, Peter D
Adams, Erica A Golemis.-- New York: CSH Press, 2009.
vii, 436p.(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Series)
ISBN : 9780879698683.
572.6078 P09 184045

** Proteins-Purification-Laboratory manuals; Proteins-
Analysis-Laboratory manuals; Proteins-isolation &
Purification-Laboratory Manuals; Chromatography-methods-
Laboratory Manuals; Electrophoresis-methods-Laboratory
Manuals; Immunoprecipitation-methods-Laboratory Manuals


2. Electric Power Substations Engineering / ed by John D
McDonald.--2nd ed-- New York: CRC Press Hard Cover, 2007.
xii, Sectional.
(Electrical Engineering Handbook Series).
ISBN : 9780849373831.
Alt. Title : Electric Power Engineering Handbook.
621.31260285 P07 184041

** Electric power substations-automation


3. Myerson, Roger B
Game theory-Analysis of conflict / by Roger B Myerson.--
Cambridge: Harvard University press, 1991. xiii, 568p.
ISBN : 0674341163.
519.3 N911 184076

** Game theory


4. Soares, P E Claire
Microturbines: Applications for distributed energy
systems / by P E Claire Soares.-- Burlington: Elsevier,
2007. xxix, 271 p.
ISBN : 9780750684699.
Alt. Title : Applications for distributed energy systems.
621.406 P07;1 184022

** Turbines; Microturbines


5. Periplasm / Ed by Michael Ehrmann.-- New York: ASM Press,
2007. xviii, 415 p.
ISBN : 9781555813987.
572.69 P07 184023

** Bacterial proteins; Proteins-Synthesis; Escherichia
coli; Peripllasmic Proteins-physiology; Bacterial Outer
Membrane Proteins-physiology; Escherchia coli-physiology;
Membrane Transport Proteins- Physiology

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