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Weekly Display of Books
10-05-2010 To 16-05-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Holde, Kensal E van
Principles of Physical Biochemistry / by Kensal E van
Holde, W Curtis Johnson and P Shing Ho.--2nd-- New Jersey
: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. xiii, 710p.
ISBN : 9780130464279.
572 P061 R(T) 185250

** Biochemistry; Physical biochemistry;

2. Kinoshita, Kiyoko F Aoki
Glycome informatics: Methods and application / by Kiyoko
F Aoki-Kinoshita.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xvii, 244p.
(Mathematical and Computational Biology Series).
ISBN : 9781420083347.
572.567 P10 185433

** Glycobiology;

3. Madhusoodana, U K
Functional analysis of unique motifs in dimeric EcoP15I
DNA methyltransferase / by Madhusoodanan U K.-- Bangalore
: IISc, 2009. iv, 211p.
Includes CD-ROM.
572.8645 P09 "THESIS" G23447

** Dimeric EcoP151 DNA Methy1transferase; DNA Transferase
DNA Transfer;


4. Araki, Takeo., ed
Structure and properties of multiphase polymeric
materials / ed by Takeo Araki, Qui Tran-Cong and
Mitsuhiro Shibayama.-- New York: Marcel Decker, 1998.
x, 461p.
(Plastics Engineering).
ISBN : 0824701429.
668.9054122 N98 185417

** Plastics; Polymers-Structure;

5. Dantzig, J A
Solidification / by J A Dantzig and M Rappaz.-- New York:
EPFL Press, 2009. xxi, 621p.
(Engineering Sciences; Materials series).
ISBN : 9780849382383.
669.94 P09 185399

** Solidification (Metallurgy);


6. Ceroni, Paola., ed
Electrochemistry of functional supramolecular systems /
ed by Paola Ceroni, Alberto Credi and Margherita Venturi.
-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2010. xv, 593p.
(Wiley series on Electrocatalysis and Electrochemistry).
ISBN : 9780470255575.
547.137 P10 185459

** Macromolecules-Electrochemistry; Polymer chemistry;

7. Dodziuk, Helena., ed
Strained hydrocarbons: Beyond the van't Hoff and le Bel
hypothesis / ed by Helena Dodziuk.-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH,
2009. xxi, 471p.
ISBN : 9783527317677.
547.01 P09 185454

** Hydrocarbons; Organic chemistry; Fullerenes; Carbon


8. Greenway, A Roger
Environmental permitting handbook / by A Roger Greenway.-
New York: McGraw Hill, 2000. xii, Sectional.
ISBN : 9780070248243.
344.73046 P "R" 185236

** Environmental permits-United States;


9. Adrien, Nicolas G
Processing water, waste water, residuals, and excreta for
health and environmental protection: An encyclopedic
dictionary / by Nicolas G Adrien.-- New Jersey: John
Wiley and Sons, 2008. xi, 1131p.
ISBN : 9780470261934.
628.16203 P08 "R" 185234

** Water-Purification-Encyclopedias;

10. Bower, Allan F
Applied mechanics of solids / by Allan F Bower.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xxv, 794p.
ISBN : 9781439802472.
620.105 P10 185416

** Solid modelling; Solid mechanics;

11. Chang, Y Austin
Materials thermodynamics / by Y Austin Chang and W Alan
Oates.-- New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2010. xxi,
(Wiley Series on Processing of Engineering Materials).
ISBN : 9780470484142.
620.11296 P10 185321

** Materials-Thermal properties; Thermodynamics;

12. Chowdhury, Ali A
Power distribution system reliability: Practical methods
And applications / by Ali A Chowdhury and Don O Koval.--
New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2009. xxi, 531p.
(IEEE Press series on power engineering).
ISBN : 9780470292280.
621.3191 P09 185305

** Electric power transmission system reliability;

13. Crow, Mariesa L
Computational methods for electric power systems / by
Mariesa L Crow.--2nd-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. 291p
(The Electric Power Engineering Series).
ISBN : 9781420086607.
621.3190285 P10 185347

** Electric power systems-Mathematical models; Electrical

14. Dorfman, Abram S
Conjugate problems in convective heat transfer / by Abram
S Dorfman.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xxxii, 421p.
(Heat transfer).
ISBN : 9781420082371.
621.40225 P10 185393

** Heat-Transmission; Heat-Convection; Fluid dynamics;

15. Ehsani, Mehrdad
Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles:
Fundamentals, theory, and design / by Mehrdad Ehsani,
Yimin Gao and Ali Emadi.--2nd-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2010. xxii, 534p.
(Power electronics and applications series).
ISBN : 9781420053982.
621.312429 P102 185368

** Vehicle propulsion; Automobiles-Electric propulsion;
Electric vehicles;

16. Faria, J A Brandao
Electromagnetic foundations of electrical engineering /
by J A Brandao Faria: John Wiley and Sons., 2008. xx,
ISBN : 9780470727096.
621.31 P081 185428

** Electric engineering; Electromagnetic fields;

17. Freudestein, Ferdinand
Design of four link mechanisms / by Ferdinand
Freudenstein.-- Columbia: Columbia university, 1954.
Ph D Thesis of Columbia University.
621.811 N541 185532

** Kinematics; Four link mechanism; Machine engineering

18. Fwa, T F., ed
Handbook of highway engineering / ed by T F Fwa.-- Boca
Raton: Taylor and Francis, 2006. xviii, Sectional.
ISBN : 9780849319860.
625.70202 P06 "R" 185235

** Highway engineering-Handbooks, manuals;

19. Halder, Aditi
Functional noble metal, bimetallic and hybrid
nanostructuresby controlled aggregation of ultrafine
building blocks / by Aditi Halder.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2009. 162P.
Includes CD-ROM.
620.5 P096 "THESIS" G23445

** Nanomaterials; Noble metals-Aggregation; Silver; Gold;

20. Husson, Rene., ed
Control methods for electrical machines / ed by Rene
Husson.-- Great Britain: Wiley-ISTE, 2009. xiv, 374p.
ISBN : 9781848210936.
621.31042 P09 185348

** Electric machinery-Automatic control; Electric
machinery-Mathematical models;

21. Lay, M G
Handbook of road technology / by M G Lay.--4th-- London:
Spon Press, 2009. vii, 933p.
ISBN : 9780415472654.
625.7 P091 "R" 185426

** Roads-Handbooks, manuals; Highway engineering-
Handbooks, manuals; Pavements-Handbooks, manuals;

22. Paul, Harrison
Quantum wells, wires and dots: Theoretical and
Computational physics of semiconductor nanostructures / by
Paul Harrison.--3rd-- England: John Wiley and Sons, 2009.
xiii, 538p.
ISBN : 9780470770986.
Alt. Title : Theoretical and computational physics of
semiconductor nanostructures.
621.38152 P095 185440

** Quantum dots; Quantum wires; Quantum wells;
Semiconductor devices;

23. Penttinen, Jyrki T J
DVB-H Handbook: Functioning and Planning of Mobile TV /
by Jyrki T J Penttinen et al: John Wiley and Sons., 2009.
xxxiii, 236p.
ISBN : 9780470748299 /
Alt. Title : Functioning and Planning of Mobile TV.
621.3885 P09 "R" 185322

** DVB-H (Standard); Mobile television-Planning;

24. Rajeshwar, Krishnan., ed
Solar hydrogen generation: Toward a renewable energy
future / ed by Krishnan Rajeshwar, Robert McConnell and
Stuart Licht.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xix, 318p.
ISBN : 9780387728094.
621.47 P08 185270

** Solar energy; Hydrogen from solar energy; Renewable
energy resources; Hydrogen energy resources;

25. Ramesh, M
Cylindrical fretting and delamination: Axisymmetric
static and dynamic analysis / by M Ramesh.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2009. xxiii, 208p.
Includes CD-ROM.
Alt. Title : Axisymmetric static and dynamic analysis.
624.1772 P09 "THESIS" G23444

** Cylinders-Structural analysis; Cylinders-Fretting;

26. Righini, Giancarlo C., ed
Introduction to optoelectronic sensors / ed by Giancarlo
C Righini, Antonella Tajani and Antonello Cutolo.-- New
Jersey: World Scientific, 2009. xiii, 570p.
(Series in Optics and Photonics; 7).
ISBN : 9789812834126.
621.381045 P094 185432

** Optoelectronics; Optoelectronic devices;
Optoelectronic sensors;

27. Sarma, Mulukutla S
Electric machines / by Mulukutla S Sarma and Mukesh K
Pathak.-- Australia: Cengage Learning, 2009. xxiii, 694p
ISBN : 9788131507810.
621.31028 P09;1 185349

** Electric machinery and equipment;

28. Smirnov, Henry
Transport phenomena in capillary-porous structures and
heat pipes / by Henry Smirnov.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2010. xx, 384p.
ISBN : 9781420062038.
621.4022 P10 185415

** Ebullition-Experiments; Heat-Transmission-Experiments;
Capillarity-Experiments; Mesoporous materials-Heating-

29. Wijker, Jaap
Random vibrations in spacecraft structures design: Theory
and application / by Jaap Wijker.-- New York: Springer,
2009. xiv, 516p.
(Solid mechanics and its application; 165).
ISBN : 9789048127276.
629.471 P09 185398

** Space craft-Design and construction; Space craft-
Structural analysis; Random vibrations;

30. Xavier, Carcelle
Power line communications in practice / by Xavier
Carcelle.-- Boston: Artech House, 2006. xvii, 325p.
(Artech house telecommunications series).
ISBN : 9781596933354.
621.3192 P061 185366

** Electric power networks (Circuitry and lines);
Electric circuits;

31. Zahn, Jeffrey D., ed
Methods in bioengineering: Biomicrofabrication and
biomicrofluidics / ed by Jeffrey D Zahn.-- Boston: Artech
House, 2010. xiv, 352p.
(Methods in Bioengineering Series).
ISBN : 9781596934009.
621.381 P10 185396

** Microfabrication; Biomicrofluidics; Bioengineering;


32. Manzini, Riccardo
Maintenance for industrial systems / by Riccardo Manzini
et al.-- London: Springer, 2010. xviii, 479p.
(Springer series in reliability engineering).
ISBN : 9781848825741.
658.7 P10 185395

** Materials management; Maintenance management;


33. Hida, Haruzo
Hilbert modular forms and Iwasawa theory / by Haruzo Hida
-- Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006. xiv, 402p.
(Oxford Mathematical monographs).
ISBN : 9780198571025.
512.73 P091 185435

** Modular forms;


34. Arun Nagaraj, V
Unique features of heme-biosynthetic pathway in the human
malaria parasite, plasmodium falciparum / by V Arun
Nagaraj.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. 243p.
Includes CD-ROM.
616.9362015727 P09 "THESIS" G23434

** Malaria; Plasmodium falciparum-Enzymes; Heme-

35. Chowdhury, Rakhi Pait
Newer insights on structure, function and regulations of
Dpsprotein from mycobacterium smegmatis / by Rakhi Pait
Chowdhury.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. viii, 194p.
Includes CD-ROM.
616.9294015726 P09 "THESIS" G23446

** Dps Proteins; Mycobacterium smegmatis;


36. Vidya Devi
Antimicrobial peptides and salmonella pathogenesis / by
Vidya Devi.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009.
Includes CD-ROM.
616.9270157265 P09 "THESIS" G23449

** Vaccines; Salmonella pathogens; Peptides;


37. Akkermans, Eric
Mesoscopic physics of electrons and photons / by Eric
Akkermans and Gilles Montambaux.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2007. xviii, 588p.
ISBN : 9780521855129.
530.41 P072 185390

** Condensed matter Physics; Solid state Physics; Order
and disorder (materials); Mesoscopic Physics;

38. Ekspong, Gosta., ed
Nobel lectures: Including presentation speeches and
laureates' biographies: Physics (2001-2005) / ed by Gosta
Ekspong.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008. x, 509p.
ISBN : 9789812794482.
530.8 P08 185179

** Physics-Collected works; Nobel prizes-Physics;

39. Rigamonti, Attilio
Structure of matter: An introductory course with problems
and solutions / by Attilio Rigamonti and Pietro Carretta.
--2nd-- Italia: Springer, 2009. xvii, 489p.
ISBN : 9788847011281.
530.41 P091 185405

** Solid state Physics-Problems and solutions;

40. Ungar, Abraham Albert
Analytic hyperbolic geometry and Albert Einstein's
special theory and relativity / Abraham Albert Ungar.--
New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008. xix, 628p.
ISBN : 9789812772299.
530.15 P08;1 185178

** Mathematical Physics;

Departmental Library


1. Parker, Ian
Psychoanalytic culture: Psychoanalytic discourse in
western society / by Ian Parker.-- London: Sage
Publications, 1997. x, 290p.
ISBN : 9780761956433.
Alt. Title : Psychoanalytic discourse in western society.
150 N97 (CCS) 185438

** Psychological analysis; Psychology;


2. Anderson, John D
History of aerodynamics and its impact on flying machines
/ by John D Anderson.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 1997. xii, 478p.
(Cambridge Aerospace series; 8).
ISBN : 9780521669559.
629.1323 N976 (JATP) 185408

** Aerodynamics;

3. Anderson, John D.
Modern compressible flow: With historical perspective /
by John D Anderson.--3rd-- Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2004.
xvi, 760p.
(McGraw-Hill Series in Aeronautical and Aerospace
ISBN : 9780071241366.
620.1064 P041 (JATP) 185413

** Compressible flow-History; Fluid dynamics;


4. Billingsley, Patrick
Convergence of probability measures / by Patrick
Billingsley.--2nd-- New York: Wiley-Interscience
Publications, 1999. ix, 277p.
(Wiley series in probability and statistics).
ISBN : 9780471197454.
519.22 N99 (MA) 185437

** Probability measures; Metric spaces; Convergence;

5. Cox, David
Ideal, varieties, and algorithms: An introduction to
computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
/ by David Cox, John Little and Donal O'Shea.--3rd-- New
York: Springer, 2007. xv, 551p.
(Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780387356501.
Alt. Title : Introduction to computational algebraic
geometry and commutative algebra.
516.360285 P07 (MA) 185192

** Algebraic geometry-Data processing;

6. Folland, Gerald B
Real analysis: Modern techniques and their applications /
by Gerald B Folland.--2nd-- New York: John Wiley and Sons,
1999. xiv, 386p.
(Pure and Applied Mathematics).
ISBN : 9780471317166.
515.8 N99 (MA) 185436

** Mathematical analysis; Functions of real variables;

7. Giesl, Peter
Construction of global Lyapunov functions using radial
Basis functions / by Peter Giesl.-- Berlin: Springer, 2007
vii, 166p.
(Lecture notes in Mathematics; 1904).
ISBN : 9783540699071.
515.352 P07 (MA) 185188

** Lyapunov functions; Differential equations; Dynamical

8. Grafakos, Loukas
Classical Fourier analysis / by Loukas Grafakos.--2nd--
New York: Springer, 2008. xvi, 489p.
(Graduate texts in Mathematics; 249).
ISBN : 9780387094311.
515.2433 P083 (MA) 185195

** Fourier series;

9. Hormander, Lars
Analysis of linear partial differential operatos III:
Pseudo-differential operators / by Lars Hormander.--
Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2007. viii, 524p.
(Classics in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540499374.
515.7242 P07 (MA) 185181

** Differential operators; Pseudo-differential operators;

10. Jost, Jurgen
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric analysis / by Jurgen
Jost.--5th-- Berlin: Springer, 2008. xii, 583p.
ISBN : 9783540773405.
516.373 P081 (MA) 185173

** Reimannian Geometry;

11. Neukirch, Jurgen
Cohomology of number field / by Jurgen Neukirch,
Alexander Schmidt and Kay Wingberg.--2nd-- Berlin:
Springer, 2008. xv, 825p.
(Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, A series
of comprehensive studies in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9783540378884.
514.23 P083 (MA) 185186

** Number fields; Co-homology;

12. Perrin, Daniel
Algebraic geometry: An introduction / by Daniel Perrin.--
London: Springer, 2008. x, 258p.
ISBN : 9781848000551.
516.35 P082 (MA) 185180

** Algebraic geometry;


13. Akitt, J W
NMR and Chemistry: An introduction to modern NMR
spectroscopy / by J W Akitt and B E Mann.--4th-- Boca
Raton: CRC- Taylor and Francis, 2000. xvi, 400p.
ISBN : 9780748743445.
Alt. Title : Introduction to modern NMR spectroscopy.
538.362 P001 (MBU) 185407

** Nuclear magnetic resonance; Chemistry;


14. Summerfield, Mark
Programming python 3: Complete introduction to python
language / by Mark Summerfield.-- New Delhi: Pearson
Education, 2009. xiv, 525p.
(Developer's Library).
ISBN : 9788131727010.
005.133 P091 (SERC) 185434

** Python (Programming language); Computer programming

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