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From 09/03/2009 To 15/03/2009

Part I : Main Library

Part II: Department Libraries

Part I: Main Library

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 2008
Biosecurity for highly pathogenic avian influenza.-- Rome
: FAO, 2008. vii, 73+p.
ISBN : 9789251060742.
636.0896203 P08 G22527

** Aves-Influenza; Influenza

2. Ronald, Lee
Bivalve depuration: fundamental and practical aspects /
by Lee Ronald, Lovatelli Alessandro, Ababouch Lahsen.--
Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
Nations., 2008. xvii, 139p.
ISBN : 9789251060063.
639.2 P08 G22532

** Aquaculture; Fishing industries; Shell fish


3. Sampoorna, M
Polarized line formation in turbulent and scattering
media / by M Sampoorna.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xxii,
(IISc, Dept of PHY PhD Thesis).
2 CD enclosed.
523.0188 P08 "THESIS" G22427

** Polarized magnetic media; Turbulent magnetic fields;
Polarized radiation


4. Drenth, Jan
Principles of protein X-ray crystallography / by Jan
Drenth.--3rd ed-- New York: Springer, 2007. xiv, 332p.
ISBN : 9780387333342.
572.5015489 P07 183760

** Protein-X-ray crystallography; Protein-optical

5. Prasad, Paras N
Introduction to biophotonics / by Paras N Prasad.-- New
Jersey: Wiley, 2003. xvii, 593p.
ISBN : 9780471287704.
571.455 P03 183822

** Photobiology; Photonics; Biosensors; Nanotechnology


6. Tripathi, Pankaj
Selective binding of meiosis-specific yeast hop1
protein,or its znf motif,to the holliday junction
distorts the DNA structure: implications for junction
migration and resolution / by, Pankaj Tripathi.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. viii, 174+p.
(IISc, Dept of BC PhD Thesis).
CD enclosed.
572.8633 P08 "THESIS" G22423

** DNA- molecular structure; Yeast hop1 protein; Holliday


7. Bjrok, Thomas
Arbitrage theory in continuous time / by Thomas Bjrok.--
2nd ed-- oxford: oxford university press, 2004. xviii,466p.,
ISBN : 9780199271269.
332.645 P04 183799

** Derivatives (financial economics); Arbitrage
(financial economics); Pricing (financial economics);
Stochastic differential equation

8. Poon, Ser-Huang
Asset pricing in discrete Time: Complete markets approach
/ by Ser-Huang Poon and Richard C Stapleton.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2005. xii, 140p.
ISBN : 9780199271443.
332.632 P05 183800

** Bonds(Financial Economics); Prices(Financial
Economics); Assets(Economics)


9-11. Chemistry of carbon nanotubes. 3 volume set / ed by
Vladimir A Basiuk and Elena V Basiuk.-- California:
American Scientific Pub., 2008. V.1: xxiii, 284p.
(Nanotechnology book series).
ISBN : 1-58883-128-0.
620.501541681 P08.1-.3 R(T) 183828,V.1;
183829,V.2; 183830,V.3

** Carbon nanotubes; Carbon nanotubes B Chemistry

12. Cui, Zheng
Nanofabrication: Principles capabilities and limits / by
Zheng Cui.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xii, 343p.
ISBN : 9780387755762.
621.381 P084 183826

** Nanoelectronics; Nanofabrication

13. Ghaisas, Niranjan Shrinivas
Stability of double-diffusive finger convection in a non
linear time varying background state / by, Niranjan
Shrinivas Ghaisas.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xx, 114.
(IISc, Dept of ME MSc (Engg) "THESIS").
CD enclosed.
621.40225 P08 "THESIS" G22455

** Convection (heat); Numerical analysis; Simulation

14. Ranganatha, S
Transfer layer formation and fiction in extrusion of
aluminum: experimental study using a high temperature
vacuum based pin-on-disc machine / by, S Ranganatha.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xxvii, 265p.
(IISc, Dept of ME, PhD Thesis).
CD enclosed.
621.89 P081 "THESIS" G22452

** Tribology; Friction; Aluminum; Pin-on-Disc machine


15. Kannan, Ramakrishnan
Nash bargaining based bid optimizer for sponsored search
auctions / by Ramakrishnan Kannan.-- Bangalore: IISC,
2008. xvii, 75p.
(IISc, Dept of CSA (MSc), THESIS).
CD enclosed.
658.87 P08 "THESIS" G22451

** Auctions; Bid optimization; Auction search engine;


16. Kalantar-Zadeh, Kourosh
Nanotechnology-enabled sensors / by Kourosh Kalantar-
Zadeh and Benjamin Fry.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xii,
ISBN : 9780387324739.
681.2 P08;1 183827

** Sensors; Nanotechnology; Detectors; Nano-sensors;
Signal transduction


17. American Mathematical Society. Colloquium (6th: 1909:
Princeton colloquium / by Gilbert Ames Bliss and Edward
Kasner.-- Providence: American Mathematical Society, 2008
iv, 117p.
(American Mathematical Society: Colloquium Pub. V.3).
ISBN : 978-0-8218-4641-4.
Alt. Title : Fundamental existence theorems.
Alt. Title : Differential geometric aspects of dynamics.
516.36 P082 183780

** Functions (Mathematics); Print function; Implicit
functions; Dynamics

18. Blecher, David P
Operator Algebras and Their modules: An operator space
Approach / by David P Blecher and Christian Le Merdy.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. x, 384p.
(London mathematical society monographs new series).
ISBN : 0-19-852659-8.
515.722 P04 183801

** Operator Algebra

19. Ching, Wai-Ki
Markov Chains: Models algorithms and applications / by
Wai Ki Ching and Michael K Nag.-- New Delhi: Springer
International, 2008. xiv, 205p.
ISBN : 9788184890303.
519.23028551 P06 183831

** Markov chains; Markov models; Algorithms

20. Ching, Wai-Ki
Markov Chains: Models algorithms and applications / by
Wai Ki Ching and Michael K Nag.-- New Delhi: Springer
International, 2008. xiv, 205p.
ISBN : 9788184890303.
519.23028551 P06;1 183832

** Markov chains; Markov models; Algorithms

21. Cox, D.R
Point processes / by D.R. Cox and Valerie Isham.-- New
York: Chapman & Hall, 1980. vii,188p.
(Monographs on statistics and applied probability; 12).
ISBN : 9780412219108.
519.23 N80 183798

** Point processes; Stochastic processes; Spatial

22. Goldman, Willam M
Rank one higgs bundles and representations of
Fundamental groups of riemann surfaces / by, Willam M
Goldman and Eugene Z Xia.-- Providence: American
Mathematical Society, 2008. vii, 69+p.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society; 904).
ISBN : 9780821841365.
516.36 P081 183783

** Surfaces deformation; Riemann surfaces; Geometry
differential; Geometric algebraic

23. Good, Phillip I
Resampling methods: Practical guide to data analysis / by
Phillip I Good.--3rd ed-- Boston: Birkhauser Boston, 2006
xvi, 218p.
ISBN : 9780817643867.
519.54 P061 183791

** Resampling (statistics)

24. International conference on Curves and abelian varietieties
(2007: Georgia)
Curves and abelian varieties / ed by Valery Alexeev.--
Providence: American Mathematical Society, 2008. xi,
(Contemporary Mathematics; 465).
ISBN : 9780821943345.
516.352 P08 183770

** Curves, algebraic-congresses; Ablelian varieties-

25. International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (3rd:
Chinese University of Hong Kong: 2004)
Third international congress of Chinese mathematicians:
Proceedings. V.42 Pt.1 / ed by Ka-Sing Lau, Zhou-Ping Xin
and Shing-Tung Yau.-- Providence: AMS, 2008. lxx, 432p.
(Studies in advanced mathematics. V.42 Pt.1).
ISBN : 9780821844540.
510.951 P08.1 183786

** Mathematics-China; Mathematicians-China

26. International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (3rd:
Chinese University of Hong Kong: 2004)
Third international congress of Chinese mathematicians:
Proceedings. V.42 Pt.1 / ed by Ka-Sing Lau, Zhou-Ping Xin
and Shing-Tung Yau.-- Providence: AMS, 2008. xlviii,
(Studies in advanced mathematics. V.42 Pt.2).
ISBN : 9780821844526.
510.951 P08.2 183787

** Mathematics-China; Mathematicians-China

27. Krantz, Steven G
Real analysis and foundations / by Steven G. Krantz.--
2nd ed-- Washington: Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2005.
xvi, 454p.
(Studies in Advanced Mathematics).
ISBN : 9781584884835.
515.8 P05 183790

** Real analysis; Functions of real variables;
Mathematical analysis

28. Krylov, N V
Lectures on elliptic and parabolic equations in sobolev
spaces / by N V Krylov.-- Providence: American
Mathematical Society, 2008. xviii, 357p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics; 96).
ISBN : 9780821846841.
515.353 P08 183777

** Differential equations, elliptic; Differential
equations, parabolic;

29. Marchenko, Vladimir A
Homogenization of partial differential equations / by
Vladimir A Marchenko and Evgueni Ya Khruslov.-- Boston:
Birkhauser, 2006. xii, 398p.
(Progress in Mathematical Physics; 46).
Translated from the original Russian.
ISBN : 9780817643515.
515.352 P061 183792

** Homogenization; Partial differential equations

30. Michele, Audin
Hamiltonian Systems and their integrability / by Audin
Michele.-- France: American Mathematical Society, 2008.
xii, 149+p.
(SMF/AMS Text and Monographs; 15).
(Course Specialises No.8; 2001).
ISBN : 9780821844137.
515.39 P08 183773

** Integrability; Hamiltonian Systems;

31. Selected papers of alberto P. caldern with commentary / ed
by Alexandra Bellow, Carlos E Kenig and Paul Malliavin.--
Providence: American Mathematical Society, 2008. xxxix,
ISBN : 9780821842973.
515. P08 183785

** Mathematical analysis;

32. Shumway, H Robert
Time Series Analysis and its applications with R examples
/ by Robert H Shumway and David S Stoffer.--2nd ed-- New
Delhi: Springer International, 2008. xiii, 575p.
(Springer texts in Statistics).
ISBN : 9788184890259.
519.55 P08;1 183833

** Time series analysis

33. Shumway, H Robert
Time Series analysis and its applications with R examples
/ by Robert H Shumway and David S Stoffer.--2nd ed-- New
Delhi: Springer International, 2008. xiii,575p.
(Sringer text statistics).
ISBN : 9788184890259.
519.55 P08 R(T) 183834

** Time series analysis

34. Stout, Edgar Lee
Polynomial convexity / by, Edgar Lee Stout.-- Boston:
Birkhauser, Boston, 2007. x, 439+p.
(Progress in Mathematics; 261).
ISBN : 9780817645373.
516.08 P07 183808

** Convex sets; Polynomial convex sets


35. Anuradha, K.N
Magnetization, magnetotransport and electron magnetic
resonance studies of doped praseodymium and bismuth based
charge ordered manganites / by, K.N.Anuradha.-- Bangalore
: IISc, 2008. xxv, 177p.
(IISc Dept of Phy, PhD "THESIS").
1 CD included.
538.360 P08 "THESIS" G22461

** Manganites; Electron magnetic resonance; Mangenites-

36. S.P Novikovs seminar on
Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics / by V M
Buchstaber and I M Krichever.-- Providence: American
Mathematical Society, 2008. ix, 284+p.
(AMS Translations series 2; vol 224).
Advances in the mathematical sciences; 61.
ISBN : 9780821846742.
530.15 P08 183772

** Mathematical physics; Geometry;

37. Ueno, Kenji
Conformal field theory with gauge symmetry / by, Kenji
Ueno.-- Providence: American Mathematical Society, 2008.
vii, 168p.
(Fields Institute Monographs; 24).
ISBN : 9788082184088.
530.143 P081 183769

** Conformal invariants; Quantum field theory; Symmetry
(physics); Gauge fields physics

Part II: Department Libraries

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Lakowicz, Joseph R
Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy / by Joseph R
Lakowicz.--3rd ed-- USA: Springer, 2006. xxvi, 954p.
(Includes CD-ROM).
ISBN : 9780387312781.
543.56 P06 183843

** Fluorescence Spectroscopy; DNA Sequencing; Protein

2. Boldea Ion
Electric Drives / by Ion Boldea and S A Nasar.--2nd ed--
Boca Raton: CRC, 2006. xvii, 521p.
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780849342202.
621.46 P06 183809

** Electric Driving


3. Machowski, Jan
Power system dynamics: Stability and control / by, Jan
Machowski, Janusz W Bialek and James R Bumby.--2nd ed--
West Sussex: Wiley, 2008. xxvii, 629p.
ISBN : 9780470725580.
621.3191 P081 183810

** Wind power; Electric power systems-control; Electric
power systems stability

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