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Weekly Display of Books
09-02-2015 To 15-02-2015

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

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Main Library



1. Benoit, Gaetan
The afro-Mauritians an essay / by Gaetan Benoit.--
Mauritius: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1985. 105p.
969.82004 N85 G26045

** Afro-Mauritians-Mauritius; Ethnology-Mauritius;
Africans in Mauritius; Ethnicity-Mauritius

2. Indians overseas the Mauritian experience / ed by U
Bissoondoyal.-- Mauritius: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1984
969.82 N84 G26044

** East Indians-Mauritians; Indians Mauritians; Mauritius


3. Alberts, Bruce , et al
Molecular biology of the cell / by Bruce Alberts., et al.
--6th ed-- New York: Garland Science, 2015. xxxiv,
ISBN : 9780815344643.
572.8 P15 194892

** Cells; Molecular biology

4. Fire in South African mountain fynbos / ed by B W van
Wilgebn, D M Richardson., et al.-- New York: Springer-
Verlag, 1992. xxi, 325p.
(Ecological studies 93).
ISBN : 3-540-53301-X.
577.240968 N92 G26040

** Fire ecology-South Africa; Fynbos ecology; Mountain

5. Nuclear structure and gene expression / ed by R Curtis
Bird, Gary S Stein,. et al.-- USA: Academic Press, 1997.
xii, 304p.
ISBN : 9780121001605.
572.865 N97 G26041

** Nuclear matrix; Gene expression


6. Mitchell, John W
Principles of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
in buildings / by John W Mitchell and James E Braun.--
USA: John Wiley & sons, 2013. xxiii, 600p.
ISBN : 9780470624579.
697 P13 192550

** Heating; Ventilation; Air conditioning


7. Aseyev, Georgii Georgievich
Electrolytes: Supramolecular interactions and non-
Equilibrium phenomena in concentrated solutions / by
Georgii Georgievich Aseyev.-- Boca Raton: CRC, 2015.
xvii, 345p.
ISBN : 9781482249385.
541.372 P15 194859

** Electrolyte solutions; Electrolytes; Supramolecular


8. Barbosa, Valmir C
Atlas of edge-reversal dynamics / by Valmir C Barbosa.
-- UK: CRC Press, 2001. xi, 372p.
(Research notes in mathematics series).
ISBN : 9781584882091.
004.36 P01 194451

** Electronic data processing-distributed processing;
Parallel processing(electronic computers);

9. Powera Shlley
Developing ASP components / by Shelly Powers.-- USA:
Shroff Publishers, 1999. xvii, 490p.
ISBN : 9788173660467.
005.276 N99 G26043

** Active server pages; Microsoft internet; Websites-


10. Gruyter, De
Berlin-brandenburgische akademie der wissenchaften / by
De Gruyter.-- Berlin: Akademie verlag Gmbh, 2014. 140p.
(Vormals preubische akademie der wisswnschaften).
ISBN : 9783110362725.
333.9516 P14 G26097

** Ecosystem and biodivercity; Ecosystem services

11. Pineo Tio Fane Ly H.
Lured away: The life history of Indian cane workers in
Mauritius / by H Ly Tio Fane Pineo.-- Mauritius: Mahatma
Gandhi Institute, 1984. 261p.
331.625406982 N84 G26046

** Sugar workers-Mauritius; Sugar trade-Mauritius;
Control labour, Mauritius-emigration; India immigration


12. Chan, Tony
Image processing and analysis: Variational, pde, wavelet,
and stochastic methods / by Tony F Chan and
Jianhong[Jackie] Shen.-- Philadelphia: SIAM, 2005.
xxi, 400p.
ISBN : 9780898715897.
621.367 P05 192527

** Image processing- mathematical models

13. Mukherjee, Sayandev
Analytical Modeling of Heterogeneous cellular networks /
by Sayandev Mukherjee.-- New York: Cambridge university,
2014. xvi, 171p.
(Geometry, Coverage, and Capacity).
ISBN : 9781107050945.
621.38456 P14;1 G26095

** Cell phone systems; Internetworking(Telecommunication)

14. Randomson, Henry
Monolithic nanoscale photonics-Electronics integration in
silicon and other group IV elements / by Henry Radamson
and Lars Thylen.-- UK: Academic Press, 2015. xii, 168p.
ISBN : 9780124199750.
621.38152 P15 194861

** Metal oxide Semiconductor; integrated photonics

15. Theoretical, applied computational and experimental
mechanics / ed by K P Singhamahapatra, D K Maiti. et al.-
Kharagpur: IIT Kharagpur, 2010. xxxvii, 833p.
(Proceedings ICTACEM 2010).
620.1 P10 G26038

** Experimental mechanics; Computational mechanics

16. Weber, Marvin J
Handbook of lasers / by Marvin J Weber.-- New York: CRC
Press, 2001. 1198p.
(Laser and optical science and technology series).
ISBN : 9780849335099.
621.366 P013 194858

** Lasers handbooks, manuals, etc


17. Tagore for you / ed by Satyam Roychowdhury.-- Kolkata:
Sankar Mondal, 2011. viii,823p.
Selected English writings and paintings of Rabindranath
ISBN : 81-85800-43-X.
891.4410954 P13 G26096

** Bengali literature; Togore Rabindranath


18. Hungerford, Thomas W.
Algebra / by Thomas W. Hungerford.-- New York: Springer-
Verlag, 1974. xxiii, 502p.
ISBN : 9788181281401.
512 P043;4 194891

** Mathematics; Modern Algebra; Set theory;


19. Diarrheal diseases: Current status research trends and
field studies / ed by D Raghunath and R Nayak.-- New
Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill company, 2003. xxxix, 314p.
(Sir Dorabji tata symposium series).
ISBN : 0-07-052800-4.
616.3427 P03 G26215

** Cholera; Tropical disease

20. Epstein, Charls L
Introduction to the mathematics of medical imaging / by
Charles L Epstein.--2nd ed-- Philadelphia: SIAM, 2007.
xxxiii, 761p.
ISBN : 9780898716429.
616.07540151 P08 192525

** Diagnostic imaging-mathematics; Imaging systems in


21. Indian centenary book / by Indian cultural association,
Mauritius.-- Mauritius: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 1976.
325.254096982 N36 G26064

** Indians-Mauritius-history; Mauritius-emigration



1. Khan, Debjit
Interaction of cellular proteins with p53 IRES:
Implications in regulation of translation of p53 mRNA / by
Debjit Khan.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. xxiii, 179p.
(IISc, Dept. of MCB, PhD Thesis).
572.88 P13 "THESIS" G25938

** mRNA proteins with p53 IRES; Translation of P53 mRNA

2. Sarkar, Paramita
Resurrection of omega: The smallest subunit of bacterial
RNApolymerase / by Paramita Sarkar.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2013. vii, 198p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis).
572.88 P131 "THESIS" G25937

** RNA(Ribonucleic acid); Bacterial RNA polymerase; E-
coli RNA polymerase

3. Vijayakumar, S P
Insights into an evolutionary radiation: Causes and
consequences of diversification in the Western Ghats bush
frogs / by S P Vijayakumar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2014.
xxiv, 146p.
(IISc, Dept. of CES, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
597.8907130954 P14 "THESIS" G25936

** Evolutionary radiations; Western Ghats bush frogs;
Diversity in clades


4. Lamani, Manjunath
Design and development of synthetic methods using metal-
media and metal-free redox reactions: Novel C-H
activations, Reductions and oxidative transformations / by
Manjunath Lamani.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xviii, 257p.
(IISc, Dept. of OC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
547.23 P12 "THESIS" G25454

** Organic chemical reactions; Metal free redox reactions
Oxidation reduction reaction; Redox reaction


5. Teddy, Kizza
Modeling salinity impact on ground water irrigated
turmeric crop / by Teddy Kizza.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013.
x, 78p.
(IISc, Dept. of CiE, MSc Thesis).
Including CD.
333.9130158439 P13 "THESIS" G25924

** Irrigation practices; Turmeric crop; Water irrigation


6. Choudhury, Sudip Hazra
Communication structure and mixing patterns in complex
networks / by Sudip Hazra Choudhury.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2013. xii, 68p.
(IISc, Dept. of SERC, MSc(Engineering) Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.38215028543 P13 "THESIS" G25738

** Complex networks; Rich-club efficiency coefficient

7. Honnungar V Rajini
Design and analysis of integrated optic waveguide delay
line phase shifters for microwave photonic application /
by Rajini V Honnungar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013.
xiii, 89p.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.381331 P13 "THESIS" G25958

** Microwave photonics; Integrated optics; optic wave
guide; Optical delay lines

8. Kalidas, S Sankar
Metal nanoparticle engineering : Development of a process
'Toolkit' for synthesis and self assembly ... / by S
Sankar Kalidas.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xxvii, 212p.
(IISc, Dept. of CE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.50154139 P12 "THESIS" G25904

** Metals microphysical properties; Nanoparticles-metals;
Nanoscale architecture

9. Kumawat Nityanand
Self-referencing techniques in optical label-free bio-
molecular sensing / by Nityanand, Kumawat.-- Bangalore:
IISC, 2013. xvi, 135p.
(IISc, Dept. of CeNSE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.11 P13 "THESIS" G25959

** Optical molecular sensors; Biosensors; Biomolecular

10. Kunkolinker, Ramrao Govind
Lightning threat to cables on tall towers and the question
Of electrical isolation / by Govind Ramrao Kunkolinker.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. x, 102p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.31937 P13 "THESIS" G25957

** Electrical isolation; Cables, lightning threat; Down
conductors; Isolated cables

11. Perumal, Suresh
Nanostructurization of transition metal silicides for
high temperature thermoelectric materials / by Suresh
Perumal.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xxii, 140p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.3124301546683 P12 "THESIS" G25532

** Transition metal silicides; Thermoelectric materials;

12. Singh, Raghavendra Pratap
Simulation of flexible multibody dynamics system using
hybrid FEM / by Raghavendra Pratap Singh.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2013. vii, 53p.
(IISc, Dept. of ME, MSc(Engg). Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.1123 P13 "THESIS" G25925

** Finite element method; Multibody dynamics system;
Multibody formalism

Departmental Library


1. Das, Abhijit
Public-key cryptography: Theory and practice / by Abhijit
Das and C E Veni Madhavan.-- New Delhi: Pearson Education,
2009. xxii, 562p.
ISBN : 9788131708323.
005.82 P094 (CSA) 194906

** Public key cryptography; Telecommunication-Security
measure-Mathematics; Computer-Access control-Mathematics

2. Katz, Jonathan
Introduction to modern cryptography / by Katz Jonathan
and Yehuda Lindell.--2nd Edition-- Boca Rotan: CRC Press,
2015. xx, 583p.
ISBN : 9781466570269.
005.82 P15 (CSA) 194909

** Computer network security; Computer security;

3. Kaufman, Charlie
Network security: Private communication in a Public world
/ by Charlie Kaufman, et al.-- New Jersey: PH PTR, 2002.
xxvi, 713p.
(Prentice Hall series in computer networking and security).
ISBN : 9780130460196.
005.82 P025 (CSA) 194907

** Computer network- security cryptography

4. Menezes, Alfred J
Handbook of applied cryptography / by Alfred J Menezes,
et al.-- Boca Raton: CRC press, 1997. 780p.
(Discrete mathematics and its applications).
ISBN : 9780849385230.
005.82 P141 (CSA) 194903

** Computer access control; Cryptography

5. Schneier, Bruce
Applied cryptography: Protocols, algorithms, and source
code in C / by Bruce Schneier.-- New York: John Wiley &
sons, 1996. xxiii, 758p.
ISBN : 978047117094.
005.82 N96;4 (CSA) 194905

** Computer security; Telecommunication- Security
measures Cryptography

6. Stallings, William
Cryptography and network security: Principles and
practice / by William Stallings.--6th ed-- Boston
Columbus: Pearson, 2014. xix,731p.
ISBN : 9780133354690.
005.82 P14 (CSA) 194908

** Cryptography; Computer networks; Computer security

7. Stinson, Douglas R
Cryptography: Theory and practice / by Douglas R Stinson.
--3rd Edition-- New York: Taylor & Francis, 2006. 593p.
(Discrete mathematics and its applications).
ISBN : 9781584885085.
005.82 P06;2 (CSA) 194904

** Cryptography;

8. Dickson, Leonard Eugene
History of theory of numbers: Vol.3 Quadratic and higher
forms / by Leonard Eugene Dickson.-- New York: Dover
Publications, Inc., 2005. v, 313p.
ISBN : 9780486442341.
512.709 P05 (CSA) 194895

** Number theory of - History

9. Farenick, Douglas R
Algebras of linear transformations / by Douglas R
Farenick.-- New York: Springer-Verlag, 2001. xiv,238p.
ISBN : 9780387950624.
512.24 P012 (CSA) 194894

** Associative algebra

10. Wolfe, Harold E
Introduction to non-euclidean geometry / by Harold E
Wolfe.-- New York: Dover publications, Inc., 2012.
ISBN : 9780486498508.
516.9 P12 (CSA) 194896

** Geometry, non-euclidean; Geometry, non-euclidean-history


11. Child, M S
Semiclassical mechanics with molecular applications / by
M S Child.--2nd ed-- UK: OUP, 2014. ix, 433p.
ISBN : 9780199672981.
541.28 P142 (IPC) 194876

** Quantum chemistry

12. Pregosin, Paul S
NMR in organometallic chemistry / by Paul S Pregosin.--
Weinheim, Germany: Wiley, 2012. xiv, 392p.
ISBN : 9783527330133.
547.050458 P12 (IPC) 194863

** Organometallic compounds-analysis; Magnetic resonance
imaging; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Organometallic

13. Rare earth elements: Fundamentals and applications / ed by
David A Atwood.-- UK: Wiley, 2012. xiv, 606p.
ISBN : 9781119950974.
546.41 P12;1 (IPC) 194878

** Rare earth metals


14. Huang, X
Evolutionary topology optimization of continuum
structures: Methods and applications / by X Huang and T M
Xie.-- UK: Wiley, 2010. xii, 223p.
ISBN : 9780470746530.
624.17713 P10 (JATP) 194898

** Structural optimization; Topology

15. McBain, G D
Theory of lift: Introductory computational aerodynamics
in MATLAB/Octave / by G D McBain.-- UK: Wiley, 2012.
xxii, 317p.
(Aerospace series).
ISBN : 9781119952282.
629.13233028553 P12 (JATP) 194902

** Lift(aerodynamics)-mathematical models; Aerodynamics-
data processing; MATLAB

16. Stimson, George W
Stimson's introduction to airborne radar / by George W
Stimson et. al.--3rd ed-- USA: Sc-Tech Press, 2014.
xxv, 745p.
ISBN : 9781613530221.
621.3848 P141 194901

** Radio waves; Airborne radar

17. Venkateshan, C
Fundamentals of helicopter dynamics / by C Venkateshan.--
USA: CRC Press, 2015. xx, 318p.
ISBN : 9781466566347.
629.1323 P15 (JATP) 194899

** Helicopters aerodynamics; Rotors dynamics

18. Bose, Tarit K
High temperature gas dynamics: An introduction for
physicists and engineers / by Tarit K Bose.--2nd ed--
New York: Springer, 2004. xvii, 518p.
ISBN : 9783319051994.
533.2 P14 (JATP) 194900

** Gasser at high temperature; High temperature plasmas; Gas


19. Prasolov, V V
Elements of combinatorial and differential topology / by
V V Prasolov.-- USA: AMS, 2006. xii, 331p.
(Graduate studies in Mathematics vol.74).
ISBN : 9781470419158.
514.22 P14 (MA) G26163

** Combinatorial topology; Differential topology; Low-
dimensional topology; Topological manifolds


20. Annique, C
Determinants of innovation capability at the project-team
level: Team building, reward and selection / by C Annique
-- Japan: MIT, 2000. 32p.
ISBN : 9781175968326.
658.404 P00;2 (MS) 194893

** Project Management; Project team building


21. McComb, W D
Renormalization methods: A guide for beginners / by W D
McComb.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.
xviii, 330p.
ISBN : 9780199236527.
530.143 P04;3 (SSCU) 194897

** Renormalization group; Perturbation theory;
Statistical mechanics

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