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Weekly Display of Books
08-12-2014 To 14-12-2014

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

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Main Library



1. Alberts, Bruce
Molecular biology of the cell / by Bruce Alberts,
Alexander Johnson., et al.--5th ed-- New York: Garland
Science, 2008. xxxiii, 1265p.
ISBN : 9780815341062.
571.6 P08;12 194515

** Cytology; Molecular biology;

2. Beer, Beer
Photosynthesis in the marine environment / by Sven Beer,
Mats Bjork and John Beardall.-- UK: Wiley, 2014.
xiv, 208p.
ISBN : 9781119979579.
581.76 P14 194519

** Photosynthesis; Plants-effect of underwater light on;
Aquatic plants-ecophysiology; Underwater light;

3. Biophotonics; Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical
Engineering; / ed by Lorenzo Pavesi, Philippe M Fauchet.-
New York: Springer, 2008. xxii, 336p.
ISBN : 9783540767794.
571.455 P08 194501

** Biophysics; Photo biochemistry; Photobiology; Photonics

4. Freshney, R Ian
Culture of animal cells: A manual of basic technique / by
R Ian Freshney.--6th ed-- New York: Wiley, 2010.
xxxi, 732p.
ISBN : 9780470528129.
571.6381 P10;1 194516

** Tissue culture laboratory manuals; Cell culture
laboratory manuals;

5. Kinoshita, Shuichi
Bionanophotonics: An introductory textbook / by Shuichi
Kinoshita.-- Singapore: Pan Stanford, 2013. xiii, 497p.
ISBN : 0789814364713.
572.435 P13;1 194500

** Light and color; Photonic crystals


6. Koeppl, Heinz
Design and analysis of biomolecular circuits: Engineering
approaches to systems and synthetic biology / ed by Heinz
Koeppl, Douglas Densmore, Gianluca Setti.,
London: Springer, 2011. xiii, 402p.
ISBN : 9781441967657.
660.6 P11 194382

** Synthetic biology; Systems biology;


7. Date, Anil W
Analytic combustion with thermodynamics, chemical
kinetics and mass transfer / by Anil W Date.-- New York:
CUP, 2011. xvii, 345p.
ISBN : 9781107002869.
541.361015118 P11 194517

** Combustion Mathematical models; Thermodynamics
mathematical models;


8. Inagaki, Michio
Materials science and engineering of carbon fundamentals
/ by Michio Inagaki and Feiyu Kang.--2nd ed-- UK:
Butterworth, 2014. x, 539p.
ISBN : 9780128008584.
620.193 P14 194523

** Carbon composites; Carbon materials

9. Nanomagnetism: Fundamentals and applications / ed by Chris
Binns.-- UK: Elsevier, 2014. xi, 315p.
ISBN : 9780080983530.
620.501538 P14 194520

** Nanoparticles; Magnetic Nanoparticles

10. Prakash, Shaurya
Nanofluidis and microfluids / by Shaurya Prakash and
Junghoon Yeom.-- UK: Elsevier, 2014. xvii, 294p.
ISBN : 9781437744699.
620.106 P14 194521

** Microfluids; System biology

11. Tang, Zikang
Nanoscale phenomena: Basic science to device applications
/ by Zikang Tang and Ping Sheng.-- New York: Springer,
2008. xiv, 248p.
ISBN : 9780387730479.
620.5 P089 194522

** Nanostructured materials; Nanotechnology


12. Huybrechts, Daniel
Fourier-Mukai transforms in algebraic geometry / by D
Huybrechts.-- New York: OUP, 2006. viii, 307p.
ISBN : 9780199196866.
516.35 P062;1 194514

** Geometry, algebraic; Fourier-Mukai transformation



1. Basudeb Maji
Novel Benzimidazole Based Ligands For Selective
Stabilization Of Human Telomeric G-Quadruplex DNA, Their
Putative Anticancer Activity And Role Of DNA Secondary
Structures .......... / by Basudeb Maji.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2013. xi, 281p.
(IISc, Dept. of OC PhD Thesis).
572.8633 P13 "THESIS" G25943

** Human Telomeric G-Quadruplex DNA; Anticancer therapy
by DNA; Molecular structure - DNA

2. Khanday, Imtiyaz
Target genes and pathways regulated by OsMADSI during
rice floret specification and development / by Imtiyaz
Khanday.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. 192+Appendix.
(IISc, Dept of MCB. PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
572.865 P131 "THESIS" G25857

** Gene expression; Rice Floret; OsMADSI

3. Mitra, Anirban
Insights into occurrence and divergence of intrinsic
terminators and studies on Rho-dependent termination in
Mycobacterium tuberculosis / by Anirban Mitra.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. 159p.
(IISc, Dept. of MCB, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
574.873223 P13 "THESIS" G25843

** Intrinsic terminators; Genetic transcription; Rho
dependent terminator; Microbacterium tuberculosis,

4. Saha, Piyali
Protein Engineering Of HIV-1 Env AND Human CD4 / by
Piyali Saha.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. xv, 219p.
(IISc, Dept. of MBU, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
574.19296 P13 "THESIS" G25895

** Protein engineering; HIV-1 protenare; Human CD4;


5. Arijit, Mukherjee
Building Upon Supramolecular Synthons: Some Aspects Of
Crystal Engineering / by Mukherjee Arijit.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2013. 215p.
(IISc, Dept. of SSCU, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
660.284298 P131 "THESIS" G25984

** Crystal engineering; Supramolecular synthons;
Crystallography; Synthons polymorphism;


6. Naidu, Kola Sataiah
Chemistry of Ru(II) complexes bearing sigma bonded H-X
(X=H, Si, C) species/fragments / by Kola Sataiah Naidu.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. xiv, 125p.
(IISc, Dept. of IPC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
546.41225 P13 "THESIS" G25844

** Ruthenium II complexes; Transition metal; Sigma

7. Prakash, Patil Yogesh
Synthesis and structure elucidations of ternary
metal[Cu/Co]Complexes with Nucleic Acid Consituents / by
Patil Yogesh Prakash.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. 323p.
(IISc, Dept. of IPC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
541.2242 P13 "THESIS" G25898

** Metal complexes, Cu/Co; Metal complexes, Synthesis;
Metal complexes, Structure; Ternary complexes; Metal-
Nucleotide complexes;


8. Deepak Kumar
Methods for text segmentation from scene images / by
Deepak Kumar.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2014. xvi, 123p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
006.37 P14 "THESIS" G25891

** Text recognition; Digital images; Scene images;
Segmentation technicians;

9. Venktesh, Bharath
Fast Identification of Structured P2P Botnets using
Community Detection Algorithms / by Bharath Venktesh.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. ix, 97p.
(IISc, Dept. of SERC, MSc Engg,Thesis).
Includes CD.
004.678 P131 "THESIS" G25890

** Botnet detection; Peer to peer networks; P2P networks;
community detection algorithms;


10. Indumathi A
Knowledge intensive jobs and well-being of knowledge
professionals: Development and validation of a multi-
construct framework in the Indian context / by Indumathi
A.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2012. xxiii, 346p.
(IISc, Dept. of MS, PhD Thesis).
Including CD.
352.64 P12 "THESIS" G25867

** Personal management; Knowledge intensive jobs;


11. Mukherjee Sumanta
Internal Structure And Self-Assembly Of Low Dimensional
Materials / by Sumanta Mukherjee.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2013
xvi, 168p.
(IISc, Dept. of SSCU, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.5 P137 "THESIS" G25896

** Nanomaterial; Nanocrystals; Thin films; Low
dimensional materia;

12. Sriram, R
Shock tunnel investigations on hypersonic impinging shock
wave boundary layer interaction / by R Sriram.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. xv, 234p.
(IISc, Dept. of AE, PhD Thesis).
Including CD.
629.13233 P13 "THESIS" G25866

** Shock wave boundary layer; Shock tunnels; Hypersonic
shock tunnels;

13. Sugavaneshwar, R P
Vapour phase transport growth of one - dimensional Zno
nanostructures and their applications / R P Sugavaneshwar
-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. 118p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
620.501546661 P131 "THESIS" G25892

** Nano structures; Transport properties;


14. Rishi Kumar, N
Insights into the Trans-splicing based expression of heat
protein 90 In Giardia Lamblia / by N Rishi Kumar.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. 711p+Supplemental material.
(IISc, Dept. of BC PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
616.93620157452 P12 "THESIS" G25858

** Heat shock protein; Giardia Lamblia

15. Sharma, Ankur
Unfolding The Mechanism Of Notch1 Receptor Activation:
Implications In Cancer Stem Cell Targeting / by Ankur
Sharma.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. viii, 162p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRDG, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
616.994 P13 "THESIS" G25894

** Cancer stem cell; Notch receptor;

16. Shukla, Sudhansu Kumar
Role of DNA methylation in glioblastoma development / by
Sudhansu Kumar Shukla.-- Bangalor: IISc, 2013. 70p.
(IISc, Dept. of MCB, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
616.042 P13 "THESIS" G25839

** Gliblastona; DNAMethylation; Glial tumors;

17. Srinivasan Vijay
Ultrastructural and molecular analyses of the unique
feature of cell division in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
and Mycobacterium smegmatis / by Srinivasan Vijay.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2013. vii, 1583p.
(IISc, Dept. of MCB, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
616.995 P131 "THESIS" G25869

** Tuberculosis; Mycobacterium tuberculosis;
Mycobacterium smegmatics;


18. Deepika Janakiraman
Path integral approach to levy flights and hindered
rotations / by Deepika Janakiraman.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2013. xvii, 155p.
(IISc, Dept.of IPC PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
530.143 P13 "THESIS" G25859

** Path integral approach; Quantum mechanics; Levy
flights Anomalous diffusion

19. Geetanjali
Magnetic Ordering In Bulk And Nanoparticles Of Certain
Bismuth Based Manganities Bi1-xAxMnO3 (A=Ca, Sr):
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Magnetization Studies
/ by Geetanjali.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2013. viii, 150p.
(IISc, Dept. of PHY, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
538.364 P13 "THESIS" G25899

** Electron paramagnetic resonance; Magnetization study;
Magnetic ordering; Manganites, Bismeeth based;

20. Sow, Chanchal
Magnetic and magneto transport studies in transition
metal oxides: ... / by Chanchal Sow.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2013. xiv, 182p.
(IISc, Dept. of PHY, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
530.412 P13 "THESIS" G25861

** Transition metal oxide: Condensed matter physics

Departmental Library


1. Ambedkar and nation building / ed by Shyam lal and K S
Saxena.-- Jaipur: Rawat, 1998. 314p.
ISBN : 9788170334750.
954.035 N98 (CCS) 192835

** Ambedkar, Bhimrao Ramji

2. Collins, Robert O
History of Saubshran africa / by Robert O Collins and
James M Burns.-- New York: Cambridge, 2014. ix, 405p.
ISBN : 9781107628519.
967 P14 (CCS) 192815

** Africa, Sub-Saharan-History;

3. Pinto, Pablo M
Partisan investment in the global economy: Why the left
loves foreign direct investment and FDI loves the left /
by Pablo M Pinto.-- New York: Cambridge, 2013. xix, 288p
ISBN : 9781107617360.
332.673 P13 (CCS) 192814

** Investments, Foreign; Right and Left (Political

4. Carapico, Sheila
Political aid and Arab activism: Democracy promotion,
Justice, and Representation / by Sheila Carapico.-- New
York: Cambridge, 2014. xii, 250p.
ISBN : 9780521136914.
327.1 P14 (CCS) 192813

** Democratization-Government policy-United States;
United states-Foreign relations-Middle East; Middle East-
Foreign relations-United states;

5. Doshi, S L
Postmodern Perspective on Indian Society / by S L Doshi.-
Jaipur: Rawat, 2008. xi, 336p.
ISBN : 9788131601884.
303.4820954 P08 (CCS) 192837

** Social change - India; India – Politics

6. Globalization and Gender / ed by Sumita Sarkar and Manjari
Srivastava.-- Jaipur: Rawat, 2011. xii, 344p.
ISBN : 9788131604472.
305.420954 P11 (CCS) 192834

** Women in development - India; Globalization -
Economic aspects - India

7. Untouchable in contemporary India / ed by J Michael Mahar.-
Jaipur: Rawat, 1998. xxxii, 496p.
ISBN : 9788170334866.
305.56880954 N98 (CCS) 192832

** Dalit - India


8. Lindsay, S M
Introduction to nanoscience / by S M Lindsay.-- US:
Oxford University, 2010. xii, 457p.
ISBN : 9780199544219.
620.5 P107 (CeNSE) 194532

** Nanoscience


9. Katz, Jonathan
Introduction to modern cryptography / by Jonathan Katz
and Yehuda Lindell.-- Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC,
2008. xvii, 534p.
(Chapman and Hall/CRC cryptography and network security).
ISBN : 9781584885511.
005.8 P082;1 (CSA) 194531

** Computer security; cryptography;


10. Xu, You-Lin
Wind effects on cable supported bridges / by You-Lin Xu.-
Singapore: Wiley, 2013. xxii, 742p.
ISBN : 9781118188286.
624.252 P13 (CiE) 194504

** Cable-stayed bridges; Wind-pressure;


11. Todd, Victor H
Protective relays their theory, design and practical
operation / by Victor H Todd.-- New York: Hadamard Press,
ISBN : 9781445540559.
621.317 N221;1 (EE) 194513

** Circuit breakers; Protective relays


12. Imaging in molecular dynamics: technology and applications:
A user's guide / ed by Benjamin J. Whitaker.-- New York:
Cambridge University Press, 2003. xvi, 249p.
ISBN : 9780521038324.
541.394 P03 (IPC) 194511

** Molecular dynamics; Imaging systems in chemistry;

13. Piela, Lucjan
Ideas of quantum chemistry / by Lucjan Piela.--2nd--
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2014. xxxv, 1037p.
ISBN : 9780444594365.
541.28 P14;1 (IPC) 194512

** Quantum mechanics; Schrodinger Equation; Motion of


14. Bhatti, M Asghar
Advance topics in finite element analysis of structures:
with Mathematica and MATLAB computations / by M Asghar
Bhatti.-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2006. xvi, 590p.
ISBN : 9788126545377.
624.1710151825 P06;1 (JATP) 193177

** Structural analysis (Engineering)- Data processing;
Finite element method- Data processing; MATLAB

15. Bhatti, M Asghar
Fundamental Finite Element Analysis and Applications:
with Mathematica and MATLAB Computations / by M Asghar
Bhatti.-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2006. xvi, 590p.
ISBN : 9788126539345.
620.00151825 P05;1 (JATP) 193176

** Structural analysis (Engineering); Finite element
method; Mathematica Computations; MATLAB Computations

16. Bose, Tarit
Aerodynamic Noise: An Introduction for Physicists and
Engineers / by Tarit Bose.-- New York: Springer, 2013.
xiii, 165p.
(Springer Aerospace Technology).
ISBN : 9781461450184.
629.1323 P13 (JATP) 193175

** Aerodynamic Noise; Aero acoustics


17. Weintrab, Steven H
Differential forms: Theory and practice / by Steven H
Weintrab.-- USA: Academic, 2014. xi, 391p.
ISBN : 9780123944030.
515.37 P14 (MA) 194518

** Differential form;


18. Alberts, Bruce
Molecular biology of the cell / by Bruce Alberts,
Alexander Johnson., et al.-- New York: Garland Science,
2008. xxxiii, 1268p.
ISBN : 9780815341062.
571.6 P08;11 (MCB) 194525

** Cytology; Molecular biology;

19. Campbell, Neil A
Biology a global approach / by Neil A Campbell, Jane B
Reece, and Lisa A Urry., et al.--10th-- England: Pearson,
2015. 1351p.
ISBN : 9781292008653.
570 P15;1 (MCBL) 194528

** Chemistry in biology

20. Pelczar JR, Michael J
Microbiology / by Michael J Pelczar JR, E C S Chain, Noel
R Kreig., et al.--5th-- New Delhi: McGraw hill, 1986.
viii, 918p.
ISBN : 9780074623206.
579 N93;6 (MCBL) 194529

** Microbiology;

21. Segal, Irwin H
Biochemical Calculation: How to Solve Mathematical
Problems in General Biochemistry / by Irwin H Segal.--
New York: John Wiley, 1976. xiii, 441p.
ISBN : 9788126526437.
572.0151 P04 (MCBL) 194524

** Biochemistry;

22. Tinoco JR, Ignacio
Physical chemistry: Principles and applications in
biological sciences / by Ignacio Tinco JR, Kenneth
Saeur., et al.-- India: Pearson, 2002. 764p.
ISBN : 9788131709757.
572.43 P02 (MCB) 194526

** Biochemistry; Biochemical interactions

23. Willey, Joanne M
Prescott’s microbiology / by Joanne M Willey, Linda M
Sherwood and Christopher J W.--8th-- New York: McGraw-
Hill, 2008. xviii, 1070p.
ISBN : 9780071313674.
579 P11;6 (MCBL) 194530

** Microbiology;

24. Primrose, S B
Principles of gene manipulation and genomics / by S B
Primrose and R M Twyman.--7th ed.-- USA: Blackwell
Publishing, 2006. xxii, 644p.
ISBN : 9781405135443.
660.65 P061;2 (MCB) 194527

** Bacteria-cloning; DNA; Mammals; Gene manipulation;
Gene mapping; Genomics; Base sequence; Chromosome mapping
Genetic engineering


25. Sheehan, David
Physical Biochemistry: Principles and Applications / by
David Sheehan.--2nd ed-- New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.
xiv, 407p.
ISBN : 9780470856031.
572.43 P09 (MBU) 194507

** Physical biochemistry;

26. Sheehan, David
Physical Biochemistry: Principles and Applications / by
David Sheehan.--2nd-- New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.
xiv, 407p.
ISBN : 9780470856031.
572.43 P09;1 (MBU) 194508

** Physical biochemistry;


27. Agoshkov, V I
Methods for solving mathematical physics problems / by V
I Agoshkov, P B Dubovski and V P Shutyaev.-- New Delhi:
Viva Books, 2008. xiv, 320p.
ISBN : 9788130909417.
530.15 P081 (PHY) 192843

** Physics - Problems; Mathematical physics

28. Binder, Kurt
Glass materials and disordered solids: An introduction to
their statistical mechanics / by Kurt Binder and Walter
Kob.-- New Jersey: World scientific, 2011. xiv, 547p.
ISBN : 9789814350174.
530.413 P111 (PHY) 194502

** Statistical mechanics; Glass transition;

29. DeVries, Paul L
first course in computational physics / by Paul L DeVries
and Javier E Hasbun.--2nd ed-- New Delhi: Jones &
Bartlett Learning, 2011. x, 433p.
ISBN : 9789380108940.
530.0285 P111;1 (PHY) 192842

** MATLAB; Physics - Data processing; Mathematical

30. Statistical mechanics of membranes and surfaces / ed by D
Nelson, T Piran, and S Weinberg.--2nd-- New Jersey: World
scientific, 2004. xvi, 426p.
ISBN : 9789812387721.
530.401 P04;1 (PHY) 194503

** Condensed matter physics; Statistical mechanics;
Membranes; Surfaces;


31-32. McMurry, John
Fundamentals of organic chemistry / by John McMurry.--7th
ed-- Australia: Cengage, 2011. xvi, 598p.
ISBN : 9788131520970.
547 P112 (UG) 194419
547 P112;1 (UG) 194420

** Chemistry, Organic

33. Keller, Edward A
Introduction to environmental geology / by Edward A
Keller.--5th-- London: Prentice Hall, 2012. xvii, 705p.
ISBN : 9780321727510.
550 P121 (UG) 194505

** Environmental Geology;

34. Keller, Edward A
Natural hazards: Earth's process as hazards, disasters
and catastrophes / by Edward A Keller and Duane E
Devecchio.--4th ed-- London: Pearson, 2015. xx, 554p.
ISBN : 9780321939968.
551 P15 (UG) 194506

** Natural disasters;

35. Ballenger, Bruce
Curious writer plus / by Bruce Ballenger.--4rth-- Boston:
Pearson, 2014. xxxii, 699p.
ISBN : 9780205235773.
808.042 P14 (UG) 194457

** English language-Rhetoric-handbook, manuals;
Interdisciplinary approach in education-handbooks,
manuals Academic writing-handbooks, manuals;

36. Mulkay, Michael
Science and sociology of knowledge / by Michael Mulkay.--
London: George Allen & Unwin, 1979. 132p.
(Routldge library editions: social theory).
ISBN : 9781138782471.
303.483 N79 (UG) 194458

** Science- Social aspects;

37. Kaku, Michio
Beyond Einstein: The cosmic quest for the theory of the
universe / by Michio Kaku and Jennifer Thompson.-- Oxford
: Oxford University Press, 1995. ix, 229.
ISBN : 9780195690675.
539.7258 P07 (UG) 194417

** Unified field theories; Super symmetry; Cosmology;

38. Tchobanoglous, George
Integrated Solid Waste Management - Engineering
principles and management issues / by George
Tchobanoglous, Hilary Theisen and Samuel Vigil.-- New
York: McGraw Hill 1993., 1993. xxi, 978p.
(McGraw-Hill series in water resources & environmental
ISBN : 9789339205249.
363.7285 P14 (UG) 194418

** Refuse and refuse disposal; Hazardous wastes;


39. Weinhold, Frank
Classical and geometrical theory of chemical and phase
thermodynamics / by Frank Wreinhold.-- New Jersey: John
Wiley, 2009. xiv, 490p.
ISBN : 9780470402368.
541.369 P09 (SSCU) 194510

** Thermodynamics; Phase rule and equilibrium

40. Weinan, E
Principles of multiscale modelling / by E Weinan.-- New
York: Cambridge, 2011. xvii, 466p.
ISBN : 9781107096547.
620.0011 P11 (SSCU) 194509

** Multiscale modelling

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