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From 06/04/2009 To 12/04/2009

Part I : Main Library

Part II: Department Libraries

Part I: Main Library

Serial No:

Book catalogue



1. Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual Imaging / ed by
Goldman D Robert and David L Spector.-- New York: Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2005. xvi,631p.
ISBN : 9780879696832.
Alt. Title : Laboratory Manual Imaging.
571.6078 P05 183845

** Cell Laboratory Manual; Microscopy Manual

2. Watson, James D, et al
Molecular Biology of the Gene / by James D Watson, et al.
--6th ed-- New York: Benjamin Cummings, 2008. xxxii,841p
ISBN : 9780321507815.
572.86 P08 183888

** Molecular Biology


3. Lightner, David A
Organic Conformational Analysis and Stereochemistry from
Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy / by David A Lightner and
Jerome E Gurst.-- New York: Wiley, 2000. xiii, 487p.
ISBN : 9780471354055.
547.30858 P 183889

** Stereochemistry; Spectroscopy


4. Pratt, Larry J
Rotating Hydraulics: Nonlinear Topographic Effects in the
Ocean and Atmosphere / by Larry J Pratt and John A
Whitehead.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xiii,589p.
ISBN : 9780387366395.
551.46 P08 183895

** Hydraulics; Oceanography; Atmosphere; Ocean Currents

5. Vernon, Ron H
Practical Guide to Rock Microstructure / by Ron H Vernon.
-- Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2004. xii, 594p.
ISBN : 9780521891332.
552.06 P04 183891

** Rocks-Analysis; Metamorphism


6. Flatto, Leopold
PonceletBs Theorem / by Leopold Flatto.-- Island:
American Mathematical Society, 2008. xvi, 240p.
ISBN : 9780821843758.
516.5 P09 183885

** PonceletBs theorem ; Geometry, Projective; Polygon


7. Lewis, R I
Vortex Element Methods for Fluid Dynamic Analysis of
Engineering Systems / by R I LEWIS.-- New York: CUP, 1991
xxi, 566p.
(Cambridge engine Technology Series).
ISBN : 9780521017541.
532.595 N91 183892

** Vortex Motion; Fluid Dynamics.



1. Manual of protection of generators, generator transformers
and 220kv and 400kv networks (E-REPORT) / ed by C V J
Verma and P K Lal.-- New Delhi: CBIP, 1999.
(CBI Pub. No 274).
621.31210289 N99 (e-report) E7207

** Protection of generators; Generator transformers

2. Manual on reliable fault clearnes and back-up protection of
EHV and UHV transmission networks (E-REPORT) / ed by G N
Mathur, B S Palki and Kuldip Singh.-- India: Cigre, 2000.
CBIP Publication NO. 296.
621.3878 P (e-report) E7208

** UHV transmission networks ; EHV transmission networks



1. Banerjee, Mousumi
Structure-function studies on trisephosphate isomerase
from plasmodium falciparum and methanocaldococcus
jannaschii / by Mousumi Banerjee.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008
(IISc, Dept. of MBU, PhD Thesis).
CD includes.
579.73015724 P08 "THESIS" G22446

** Metabolism Function (Biology); Plasmodium Falciparum ;
Methanocaldocus jannaschi

2. Biswas, Moumita
Identification and characterisation of two silencing
Barrier sequences in saccharomyces cerevisiae / by
Moumitha Biswas.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008. x,210p.
(IISc, Dept of BC, PhD Thesis).
Include CD-ROM.
579.629015728 P08 "THESIS" G22448

** Silencing barrier Sequences; Gene sequences;
Sacharomyces cerevisiae

3. Sarma, Bani Kantha
Antioxidant activity of the antiinflammatory compound
ebselen and its analogues:Role of nonbounded interactions
/ by Bani Kantha Sarma.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008. ix,173p
(IISc, Dept. of IPC, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
579.791 P08 "THESIS" G22447

** Oxidases; Reductases; Anti Inflammation; Antioxidants;


4. Kunte, Girish V
Vapour pressure studies of precursors and atomic layer
deposition of titanium oxides / by Girish V Kunte.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xii,169p.
(IISc, Dept. of MRC, PhD Thesis).
Include CD.
671.735 P08 "THESIS" G22463

** Vapour pressure deposition; Vacuum deposition; Thin film deposition;
Titanium oxide Deposition



1. Cussler, E L
Diffusion mass transfer in fluid systems / by E L Cusser.
--2nd ed-- New Delhi: CUP, 1998. xviii , 580p.
ISBN : 817596037.
660.28423 N98;1 G22546

** Diffusion; Mass Transfer; Fluids


2. Application of nanocrystalline Diamond and Diamond like
carbon materials / ed by Nihar Ranjan Ray.-- Kolkata:
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 2006. xii, 330p.
620.50155382 P06 G22550

** Nanotechnology ; Diamonds ; Carbon materials

3. Draughts And Integrated Water Resource Management in South
Asia / ed by Jasveen jairath and Vishwa Ballabh.-- New
Delhi: SAGE, 2008. xx , 356p .
(Water in South Asia. V.2).
ISBN : 9788178298597.
627.095402436334 P08 G22542

** Water Resources ; Management ; Draughts

4. Giri, D V
High-power Electromagnetic radiators nonlethal weapons
and others applications / by D V Giri.-- Cambridge:
Harvard University Press, 2004. xiii, 198p.
ISBN : 067401569.
623.043 P04 G22549

** Electro magnetic radiation

5. Gokhale, S Nitin, et al
Practical Finite Element Analysis / by Nitin S Gokhale,
et al.-- Pune: Finite To Infinite, 2008. xv, 416p.
ISBN : 9788190619509.
620.0151535 P08 G22540

** Finite element analysis

6. Gokhale, S Nitin, et al
Practical Finite Element Analysis / by Nitin S Gokhale,
et al.-- Pune: Finite To Infinite, 2008. xv, 416p.
ISBN : 9788190619509.
620.0151535 P08;1 G22541

** Finite element analysis


7. Tayor,clayborned D
High-power microwave systems and effects / by Clayborne
D Tayor and D.V. Giri.-- USA .: Taylor and Francis, 1994
xiii , 203p .
ISBN : 1560323027.
623.043 N94 G22547

** Microwave Electronics


8. Chaikin, P M
Principles Of condensed matter physics / by P M Chaikin
and T C Lubensky.-- New Delhi: Cambridge Univ. Press,
1998. XX, 699p.
ISBN : 8175960256.
530.41 N98;1 G22545

** Condensed matter Physics; Solid State Physics


9. Hubbard, Ron L
Way to happiness: A Common Sense Guide to better living /
by L Ron Hubbard.-- USA: New Era, 2006. 248p.
ISBN : 9781599700007.
Alt. Title : Common Sense Guide to better living.
170 P07;2 G22559

** Happiness; Conscience

Part II: Department Libraries

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Endersby, Jim
Imperial nature: Joseph hooker and the practices of
Victorian science / by Jim Endersby.-- London: University
of Chicago Press, 2008. xii, 429p.
ISBN : 9780226207919.
Alt. Title : Joseph hooker and the practices of Victorian
580.92 P08 183938

** Botanists; Naturalists

2. Niklas, Karl J
Plant biomechanics: An engineering approach to plant form
And function / by Kari J Niklas.-- London: Univ. of
Chicago Press, 1992. xiii, 607p. ISBN : 0226586316.
571.43 N92 183937

** Plants - Biomechanics ; Plant Mechanics

3. Rangarajan, Mahesh
India's wildlife history: An Introduction / by Mahesh
Rangarajan.-- Delhi: Permanent Black, 2005. xv,135p.
ISBN : 8178240114.
333.954160954 P05 183893

** Wildlife Conservation -India

4. Montgomery, Douglas C
Design and analysis of experiments / by Douglas C
Montgomery.--5th ed-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2004. xii, 684p.
ISBN : 9788126510481.
519.57 P04 183939

** Experimental design (Statistics)

5. Montgomery, Douglas C
Introduction to linear regression Analysis / by Douglas C
Montgomery, Elizabeth A Peck and G Geoffrey Vining.--3rd
ed-- New York: Wiley (Ind. ed), 2003. xvi,641p.
ISBN : 981253024.
519.536 P03 183940

** Regression Analysis


6. Akagi, Hirofumi
Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power
Conditioning / by Hirofumi Akagi, et al.-- Canada: Wiley-
IEEE Press, 2007. xiv, 379p. ISBN : 9780470107614.
621.31 P07 183922

** Electric Power

7. Freris, Leon
Renewable Energy in Power Systems / by Leon Freris and
David Infield.-- UK: Wiley, 2008. xiv, 284p.
ISBN : 9780470017494.
621.042 P082 183921

** Renewable energy Sources

8. Luo, Fang Lin
Digital Power Electronics and Application / by Fang Lin
Luo, Hong Ye and Muhammad Rashid.-- New York: Academic
Press, 2005. xii, 408p.
ISBN : 9780120887576.
621.317 P05 183923

** Power Electronics

9. Makabe, T
Plasma Electronics: Applications in Microelectronic
Device Fabrication / by T Makabe and Z Petrovic.-- New
York: Taylor & Francis, 2006. 339p.
(Series in Plasma Physics).
ISBN : 9780750309769.
621.044 P04 183920

** Microelectronics Devices; Plasma Engineering

10. Northcote-Green, James
Control and automation of electrical power distribution
systems / by James Northcote-Green and Robert Wilson.--
London: CRC Press, 2007. 464p.
ISBN : 9780824726317.
621.3190285 P07 183918

** Electric power distribution - Automation; Electric
power systems-control; Electric power systems-automation

11. Vedam, R Sastry
Power Quality: VAR Compensation in Power Systems / by R
Sastry Vedam and Mulukutla S Sarma.-- USA: CRC Press,
2009. 283p. ISBN : 9781420064803.
Alt. Title : VAR Compensation in Power Systems.
621.31 P09 183919

** Electric Power; Electric Power Quality


12. Gibson, Ronald F
Principles of Composite Material Mechanics / by Ronald
F.Gibson.--2nd ed-- New York: CRC Press, 2007. xxv,
ISBN : 0824753895.
620.11892 P07;1 183886

** Composite materials-Mechanical properties


13. Allen, James p
Biophysical chemistry / by James P Allen.-- UK: Wiley-
Blackwell, 2008. xvi,492p.
ISBN : 9781405124362.
572.43 P08;1 183925

** Physical Biochemistry; Biophysics; Chemistry,
Physical; Biochemistry

14. Raven, Peter H
Biology of plants / by Peter H Raven, Ray F Evert and
Susan E Eichhorn.--7th ed-- New York: W.H. Freeman and
Company, 2005. xv , 686p.
ISBN : 9780716762843.
580 P05 183924

** Plants Biology


15-17. Sambrook, Joseph
Molecular cloning: A laboratory manual. 3 Vol set / by
Joseph Sambrook and David W Russell.--3rd ed-- New York:
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2001. xxvii,1453p.
ISBN : 9780879698140.
571.891028 P01.1;1-.3;1 183915,vol.1;
183916,vol.2; 183917,vol.3

** Molecular Cloning; reproduction

18. Male, David
Immunology / by David Male. et al.--7th ed-- London:
Elsevier, 2006. x,552p.
ISBN : 9780808923329.
616.079 P06 183913

** Immunology

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