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Weekly Display of Books
05-12-2011 To 11-12-2011

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Feng, Jianfeng.
Networks: From Biology to Theory [electronic resource] /
by Jianfeng Feng and JC<rgen Jost.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287800.
570.28546 (e-book) E8919

** Computer Communication Networks; Bioinformatics;


2. Cowley, John.
Communications and Networking [electronic resource] / by
John Cowley.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846286452.
004.6 (e-book) E8920

** Computer network architectures; Computer Systems
Organization and Communication Networks

3. Craig, Iain D.
Formal Models of Operating System Kernels [electronic
resource] / by Iain D Craig.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287183.
005.43 (e-book) E8912

** Computational complexity; Operating Systems; Operating
Systems; Math Applications in Computer Science

4. Evolving Connectionist Systems : The Knowledge Engineering Approach
Evolving Connectionist Systems [electronic resource] / by
Nikola Kasabov.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846283475.
006.32 (e-book) E8911

** Software engineering; Artificial intelligence; Optical
pattern recognition; Bioinformatics; Simulation and
Modeling; Control Engineering

5. Graba, Jan.
An Introduction to Network Programming with Java
[electronic resource] / by Jan Graba.-- London: Jan Graba 2007.
ISBN : 9781846286308.
005.7126 (e-book) E8913

** Data transmission systems; Computer Communication
Networks; Input/Output and Data Communications;
Programming Techniques; Software Engineering/Programming
and Operating Systems

6. HC<llermeier, Eyke.
Case-Based Approximate Reasoning [electronic resource] /
by Eyke HC<llermeier.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5695-8.
006.3 (e-book) E8905

** Artificial intelligence; Artificial Intelligence
(incl. Robotics); Probability and Statistics in Computer
Science; Statistics, general

7. Kao, Anne.
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining [electronic
resource] / by Annen Kao and Stephen R Poteet.-- London:
Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287541.
006.35 (e-book) E8908

** Information storage and retrieval systems; Electronic
data processing; Information Storage and Retrieval;
Processor Architectures; Information Systems Applications

8. Kendal, S. L.
An Introduction to Knowledge Engineering [electronic
resource] / by S L Kendal and M Creen.-- London: Springer
Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846286674.
006.332 (e-book) E8918

** Electronic data processing; Artificial intelligence;
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics); Computing

9. Loo, Alfred Wai-Sing.
Peer-to-Peer Computing: Building Supercomputers with Web
Technologies[electronic resource] / by Alfred Wai-Sing
Loo.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287473.
004.65 (e-book) E8914

** Computer hardware; Computer network architectures;
Computer Communication Networks; Computer Systems
Organization and Communication Networks; Computer System

10. Petrushin, Valery A.
Multimedia Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
[electronic resource] / by Valery A Petrushin and Latifur
Khan.-- London: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287992.
006.7 (e-book) E8917

** Information storage and retrieval systems; Multimedia
Information Systems; Information Systems Applications ;
Image Processing and Computer Vision; Multimedia systems

11. Whitehorn, Mark.
Inside Relational Databases with Examples in Access
[electronic resource] / by Mark Whitehorn.-- London: Mark
Whitehorn, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846286872.
005.7565 (e-book) E8915

** Information systems; Models and Principles; Database
management; Information Systems and Communication Service


12. Chiang, Charles C.
Design for Manufacturability and Yield for Nano-Scale
CMOS [electronic resource] / by Charles C Chiang and
Jamil Kawa.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402051883.
621.38152042 (e-book) E8902

** Computer aided design; Nanotechnology; Electronics and
Microelectronics, Instrumentation; Computer-Aided
Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design; Software
Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

13. Favaro, Paolo.
3-D Shape Estimation and Image Restoration [electronic
resource] / by Paolo Favaro.-- London: Springer-Verlag,
ISBN : 9781846286889.
621.367 (e-book) E8909

** Computer vision; Signal, Image and Speech Processing;
Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and

14. Filipe, Joaquim.
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics II
[electronic resource] / by Joaquim Filipe and Jean-Louis
Ferrier.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056260.
629.893 (e-book) E8903

** Microprogramming; Automation and Robotics; Control
Structures and Microprogramming

15. Koschan, Andreas.
3D Imaging for Safety and Security [electronic resource]
/ by Andreas Koschan and Marc Pollefeys.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402061820.
621.399 (e-book) E8907

** Optical pattern recognition; Computer Imaging, Vision,
Pattern Recognition and Graphics; Image Processing and
Computer Vision; ath Applications in Computer Science

16. Sih, G. C.
Multiscaling in Molecular and Continuum Mechanics:
Interaction of Time and Size from Macro to Nano
[electronic resource] / by G C Sih.-- Dordrecht: Springer 2007.
ISBN : 9781402050626.
620.1123 (e-book) E8901

** Mechanical engineering; Structural Mechanics

17. Stephenson, Ian.
Essential RenderMan B. [electronic resource] / by Ian
Stephenson.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846288005.
621.367 (e-book) E8910

** Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters;
Programming Techniques; Computer graphics


18. Abramowicz, Witold.
Technologies for Business Information Systems [electronic
resource] / by Witold Abramowicz and Heinrich C Mayr.--
Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5634-6.
658.4038011 (e-book) E8904

** Information storage and retrieval systems; Management
information systems; Electronic Commerce/e-business;
Database Management

19. Charrel, Pierre-Jean.
Project Management and Risk Management in Complex
Projects [electronic resource] / by Pierre-Jean Charrel
and Daniel Galarreta.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5837-0.
658.4040285 (e-book) E8906

** Information systems; Artificial intelligence;
Information Systems and Communication Service;
Interdisciplinary Studies; Business Information Systems


20. Sammes, Tony.
Forensic Computing [electronic resource] / by Tony Sammes
and Brian Jenkinson.-- London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.
ISBN : 9781846287329.
363.250285582 (e-book) E8916
** Data transmission systems; Computer Communication
Networks; Data encryption (Computer science); Data
Storage Representation; Data Storage Representation



1. Vijayabaskar, M.S.
Protein-DNA graphs and interaction energy based protein
structure networks / by M S Vijayabaskar.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2011. xii, 185p.
(IISc, Dept. of MBU PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
572.6015115 P11 "THESIS" G24649

** Proteins-DNA graphs; Protein-structure


2. Albir, Sinan Si.
UML in a nutshell / by Sinan Si Albir.-- Mumbai: SPD,
1998. xiii, 273p.
ISBN : 81-7366-035-2.
005.117 N981 G24545

** Object oriented programming

3. Alur, Deepak
Core J2ee patterns: best practices and design strategies
/ by Deepak Alur, John Crupi and Dan Malks.-- NJ: PH PTR,
2001. v, 460p.
ISBN : 0-13-064884-1.
005.2 P011 G23885

** J2ee Patterns; J2EE

4. Australasian Conference on Information security and privacy
(6th: Sydney: 2001)
Information security and privacy: Proceedings / ed by
Vijay Varadharajan, et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2001. xi,
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 2119).
ISBN : 3-540-42300-1.
005.82 P011 G24226

** Access control; Computer security; Cryptography

5. Binder, Robert V.
Testing object-oriented systems: Models, patterns, and
tools / by Robert V Binder.-- Massachusetts: Addison-
Wesley, 2000. xlviii, 1191p.
(The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series).
ISBN : 9780201809381.
005.117 P;1 G24228

** Object-oriented programming (Computer science);
Computer software-Testing

6. Conference on Foundations of software technology and
theoretical computer science (4th : Bangalore: 1984)
Foundations of software technology and theoretical
computer science: Proceedings / ed by G Goos, et al.--
Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1984. viii, 468p.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 181).
ISBN : 0-387-13883-8.
005.1 N84;1 G24287

** Software engineering; Computer science-Theory

7. Conference on Structure in Complexity Theory
Structure in complexity theory: Proceedings.-- Washington
: IEEE Computer Society press, 1992. iv, 347p.
ISBN : 0-8186-2955-X.
005.131 N922 G23864

** Algorithms; IEEE Computer society

8. Intel Corporation
Flash Memory- Vol.1: Intel., 1995. Sectional.
ISBN : 9781555122669.
004.5 N95.1 G24170

** Memory (Computers); Memory, flash (Computers)

9. Intel Corporation
Flash Memory- Vol.2: Intel., 1996. Sectional.
(Application Note; 357).
ISBN : 9781555122669.
004.5 N96.2 G24122

** Flash Memory

10. International Conference on Algorithms and computation (11:
Taipei: 2000)
Algorithms and computation: Proceedings / ed by D T Lee,
et al.-- Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2000. xiv, 578p.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 1969).
ISBN : 3-540-41255-7.
005.1 P4 G24217

** Algorithms; Computational mathematics; Computational

11. International Conference on Computer safety, reliability
and security (17th: Heidelberg: 1998)
Computer safety, reliability and security: Proceedings /
ed by Wolfgang Ehrenberger.-- Berlin: Springer, 1998.
xvi, 392p.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 1516).
ISBN : 3-540-65110-1.
004.0289 N98 G24216

** Computer safety; Computer reliability; Computer security

12. International Workshop on Machine learning and data mining
in pattern recognition (2nd: Leipzig: 2001)
Machine learning and data mining in pattern recognition:
Proceedings / ed by Petra Perner.-- Berlin: Springer,
2001. xi, 361p.
(Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence; 2123).
ISBN : 3-540-42359-1.
006.31 P012 G24223

** Machine learning; Data mining; Pattern perception

13. Knowledge acquisition for knowledge-based systems; V.I / ed
by B R Gaines,et al.-- London: Academic Press, 1988.
xix, 355p.
ISBN : 0122732510.
006.33 N88.1 G23933

** Knowledge-based systems

14. Knowledge acquisition tools for expert systems; V.II / ed
by J H Boose,et al.-- London: Academic Press, 1988. xvi,
ISBN : 0121159205.
006.33 N88.2 G23934

** Knowledge-based systems

15. Pistoia, Marco et al
Java 2 network security / by Marco Pistoia, et al.--2nd
ed.-- Delhi: Addison Wesley, 2001. v, 713p.
(ITSO Networking series).
ISBN : 81-7808-318-3.
005.8 P014 G24105

** Network Security

16. Reilly, Edwin D.
Pascalgorithms: A pascal-based introduction to computer
science / by Edwin D Reilly and Francis D Federighi.--
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1989. xviii, 800p.
ISBN : 9780395357392.
005.1 N899 G24028

** Algorithms; Pascal (Computer programme language)

17. Santa Cruz Operation, Inc
Development system: X window system programmer's
reference version 11 releases SCO open systems software.-
California: Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., 1983. v, 644p.
005.3 N93 G24109

** Open systems software; X window (operating system)

18. Schumacher, Michael
Objective coordination in multi-agent system engineering:
Design and implementation / by Michael Schumacher.--
Berlin: Springer, 2001. viii, 149p.
(Lecture notes in computer science; V.2039).
Lecture notes in Artificial intelligence.
ISBN : 3-540-41982-9.
006.3 P0112 G24191

** Artificial intelligence; Multi-agent system

19. Taylor enterprise dynamics: User Manual / Taylor enterprise
dynamics.-- Maliebaan: F and H Simulations B.V., 1998.
005.30284 N98 G24311

** 4-D script-user manual; Computer software


20. Kennedy, Douglas
Stochastic financial models / by Douglas Kennedy.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, 2010. ix, 257p.
(Chapman and Hall/CRC Financial Mathematics Series).
ISBN : 9781420093452.
332.632042 P10 188353

** Investments-Mathematical models; Stochastic analysis

21. Vecer, Jan
Stochastic finance: A numeraire approach / by Jan Vecer.--
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2011. xv, 326p.
(Chapman and Hall/CRC Financial Mathematics Series).
ISBN : 9781439812501.
332.0151922 P11 188351

** Finance; Stochastic analysis


22. Ashenden, Peter J.
Designer's guide to VHDL / by Peter J Ashenden.--2nd ed.-
San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2001. xxiv,
(The Morgan Kaufmann Series in System on Silicon).
ISBN : 81-8147-192-X.
621.392 P011 G24289

** VHDL (Hardware description language)

23. Basappa, Subba Reddy
Novel technique for enhancing the pollution flashover
strength of ceramic disc insulators / by Subba Reddy
Basappa.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xv, 138p.
(IISc, Dept. of EE PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.31937 P102 "THESIS" G24690

** Ceramic disc insulators

24. Donthi, Sushruth N.
The combined effect of reduced feedback, frequency-domain
scheduling, and multiple antenna techniques on the
performance of LTE / by Sushruth N Donthi.-- Bangalore:
IISc, 2011. IISc,.
(IISc, Dept. of ECE PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.3822 P111 "THESIS" G24664

** Signal processing; Antenna (Communication engineering)

25. International Conference on Implementation and application
of automata (10th: Sophia Antipolis: 2005)
Implementation and application of automata: Proceedings /
ed by Jacques Farre, et al.-- Berlin: Springer, 2006.
xiii, 360p.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 3845).
ISBN : 3-540-31023-1.
629.8 P062 G23912

** Automata (Robotics)

26. Mahato,Anirban
Tribology of an etched near-eutectic aluminium-silicon
alloy sliding against a steel counterface / by Anirban
Mahato.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xxii, 163p.
(IISc, Dept. of ME PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.89 P101 "THESIS" G24698

** Tribology; Aluminium-silicon alloy

27. Mead, Carver
Introduction to VLSI systems / by Mead Carver and Lynn
Conway.-- Massachusetts: Addison Wesley Publishing
Company, 1980. xvi, 396p.
ISBN : 0-201-04358-0.
621.395 N801 G24035

** VLSI; Very large scale integration

28. PC/AT technical reference / IBM.-- Boca Raton:
International Business Machine Corporation, 1984. xvi,
621.3916 N84 G23947

** Personal computer-PC/AT

29. Speech coding and synthesis / ed by W B Kleijn and K K
Paliwal.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1995. vi, 755p.
ISBN : 0-444-82169-4.
621.399 N95 G23931

** Speech coding; Speech synthesis

30. Suresh, V.
Image structures for steganalysis and encryption / by V
Suresh.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xii, 115p.
(IISc, Dept. of CSA PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
621.3670285582 P10 "THESIS" G24691

** Image processing; Image encryption; Images-


31. Dynamical, spectral and arithmetic zeta functions: Proceedings
AMS Special Session on Dynamical, Spectral and Arithmetic
Zeta Functions, (January 15-16, 1999, San Antonio) / ed by
Michel L Lapidus and Machel van Frankenhuysen.-- Rhode
Island: American Mathematical Society, 2001. x, 195p.
(Contemporary mathematics; 290).
ISBN : 0-8218-2079-6.
515.56 P01 188342

** Functions, Zeta-Congresses

32. Complex dynamics: Families and friends / ed by Dierk
Schleicher.-- Wellesley: A K Peters, 2009. xx, 635p.
ISBN : 9781568814506.
515.98 P09 188356

** Holomorphic mappings; Polynomials; Dynamics

33. Krantz, Steven G.
Essentials of topology with applications / by Steven G
Krantz.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. xv, 404p.
(Textbooks in Mathematics).
ISBN : 9781420089745.
514 P101 188354

** Topology

34. Oden, J. Tinsley
Applied functional analysis / by J Tinsley Oden and
Leszek F Demkowicz.--2nd ed.-- Boca Raton: Chapman and
Hall, 2010. xvii, 578p.
ISBN : 9781420091953.
515.7 P101 188355

** Functional analysis

35. Riemann hypothesis: A resource for the afficionado and
virtuoso alike / ed by Peter Borwein, et al.-- New York:
Springer, 2008. xi, 533p.
(Canadian Mathematical Society).
ISBN : 9780387721255.
515.56 P081 188345

** Zeta function; Riemannian hypothesis

36. Ruelle, David
Dynamical zeta functions for piecewise monotone maps of
the interval / by David Ruelle.-- Rhode Island: American
Mathematical Society, 1994. v, 62p.
(CRM Monograph Series; V.4).
ISBN : 9780821836019.
514.74 N941 188343

** Differentiable dynamical systems; Functions, Zeta;
Mappings (Mathematics); Monotone operators

37. Sharma, Vishnu D.
Quasilinear hyperbolic systems, compressible flows and
waves / by Vishnu D Sharma.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010
xiii, 268p.
(Chapman and Hall/CRC Financial Mathematics Series; 142).
ISBN : 9781439836903.
515.3535 P10;1 188352

** Wave equation-Numerical solutions; Differential
equations, Hyperbolic-Numerical solutions;


38. Carnegie, Dale
How to win friends and influence people / by Dale
Carnegie.-- London: Vermilion, 1995. 247p.
ISBN : 9780749307844.
177.62 N95 G24525

** Friendship

Departmental Library


1. Israelachvili, Jacob N.
Intermolecular and surface forces / by Jacob N
Israelachvili.--3rd ed.-- Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2011
xxx, 674p.
ISBN : 9780123919274.
541.226 P11 (IPC) 188350

** Intermolecular forces; Surface chemistry


2. Shi, Xizhi
Blind signal processing: Theory and practice / by Xizhi
Shi.-- Shanghai: Springer, 2011. xiv, 368p.
ISBN : 9783642113468.
621.3822 P111 (ECE) 188344

** Signal processing-digital techniques


1. Sadava, David
Life: The science of biology / by David Sadava, et al.--
9th ed.-- Sunderland: Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2011.
xliv, 1344p.
ISBN : 9781429254311.
570 P11 (UG) 188405

** Biology

2. Sadava, David
Life: The science of biology / by David Sadava, et al.--
9th ed.-- Sunderland: Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2011.
xliv, 1344p.
ISBN : 9781429254311.
570 P11;1 (UG) 188406

** Biology

3. Sadava, David
Life: The science of biology / by David Sadava, et al.--
9th ed.-- Sunderland: Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2011.
xliv, 1344p.
ISBN : 9781429254311.
570 P11;2 (UG) 188407

** Biology

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