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Weekly Display of Books
03-05-2010 To 09-05-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Clark, John D
Measure solar system objects and their movements for
yourself / by John D Clark.-- New York: Springer, 2009.
xv, 173p.
(Patrick Moore's practical astronomy series).
ISBN : 9780387895604.
522 P09 185386

** Solar system; Solar instrumentation; Astronomical

2. Roth, Gunter D., ed
Handbook of practical astronomy / ed by Gunter D Roth.--
Berlin: Springer, 2009. xxiv, 712p.
ISBN : 9783540763772.
520.202 P09 BRB 185400

** Astronomy-Observatory;


3. Demchenko, Alexei V., ed
Handbook of chemical glycosylation: Advances in
stereoselectivity and therapeutic relevance / ed by
Alexei V Demchenko.-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2008. xxi,501p.
ISBN : 9783527317806.
Alt. Title : Advances in stereoselectivity and therapeutic
572.68 P08 "R" 185231

** Glycosides; Glycositation; Glycoside synthesis;

4. Mhatre, Natasha
Secret lives: Biodiversity of the Indian Institute of
Sciece Campus / Natasha Mhatre.-- Bangalore: IISc Press,
2008. 223p.
599.095487 P08 BRB G23475

** Animals-Indian Institute of Science; Insects- Indian
Institute of Science; Biodiversity- Indian Institute of

5. Rao, K Sankara
Flower plants of Indian Institute of Science: Field
guide: Vol.1 / by K Sankara Rao.-- Bangalore: IISc Press,
2009. 10-467p.
580 P09.1 G23478

** Angiosperms; Flowering plants-Indian Institute of

6. Rao, K Sankara
Flowering plants of Indian Institute of Science: Field
guide: Vol. 2 / by K Sankara RAo.-- Bangalore: IISc Press,
2009. 472-950p.
580 P09.2 G23479

** Angiosperms; Flowering plants-Indian Institute of


7. Clark, Donald S
Physical metallurgy for engineers / by Donald S Clark and
Wilbur R Varney.--2nd-- New Jersey: Van Nostrand Company,
1962. xv, 649p.
669 N62;2 G23147

** Physical metallurgy;


8. Davies, Alwyn G., ed
Tin chemistry: Fundamentals, frontiers, and applications
/ ed by Alwyn G Davies et al: John Wiley and Sons., 2008.
xxii, 729p.
ISBN : 9780470517710.
546.686 P08 185122

** Tin-Chemistry; Standard-Chemistry; Sn (Stannus);

9. Rao, C N R
Trends in chemistry of materials: Selected research
papers of C N R Rao / by C N R Rao.-- New Jersey: IISc
Press, 2008. xxi, 610p.
(IISc centenary lecture series).
ISBN : 9789812833839.
Alt. Title : Selected research papers of C N R Rao.
541.22 P081 G23477

** Solid B state Chemistry; Structural chemistry; Materials


10. Balagurusamy, E
Information technology: Tool for productivity :
Proceedings / by E Balagurusamy and B Sushila.-- New
Delhi: McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1992. xii, 576p.
(Indian computing congress series).
ISBN : 0074604028.
Alt. Title : Proceedings of the Indian Computing
Congress(Hyderabad: 1991.
006.3 N9221 G23285

** Artificial intelligence; Information technology;

11. Haldar, Sibsankar
Operating systems / by Sibsankar Haldar and Alex A
Aravind.-- New Delhi: Pearson, 2010. xxxii, 577p.
ISBN : 9788131730225.
005.432 P10 G23468

** Microsoft windows (Computer file); Linux; Operating
systems (Computers);

12. Liberty, Jesse
C++: Introduction to programming / by Jesse Liberty and
Jim Keogh.-- Indianpolis: Que E & T, 1996. xxiii, 680p.
ISBN : 9781575760612.
005.133 N9629 G23354

** C++ (Computer programming language);

13. Tanebaum, Andrew S
Modern operating systems / by Andrew S Tanebaum.-- New
Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1992. xx, 728p.
ISBN : 0135881870.
005.43 N921;2 G23267

** Operating systems (Computers);


14. Guidoboni, Emanuela
Earthquakes and tsunamis in the past: Guide to techniques
In historical seismology / by Emanuela Guidoboni and John
E Ebel.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.
xi, 590p.
ISBN : 9780521837958.
551.2209 P09 185025

** Pale seismology; Earthquakes-History; Tsunamis-History
Earthquakes-History-Source; Tsunamis-History-Source;

15. van der Pluijm, Ben A
Earth structure: Introduction to structural geology and
tectonics / by Ben A van der Pluijm and Stephen Marshak.-
2nd-- New York: W.W.Norton & Company, 2004. xvi, 656p.
ISBN : 9780393924671.
551.8 P041 185151

** Geology, Structural; Plate tectonics;

16. Yeats, Robert S
Geology of earthquakes / by Robert S Yeats, Kerry Sieh
and Clarence R Allen.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
1997. vi, 568p.
ISBN : 9780195078275.
551.22 N97;1 R(T) 185213

** Earthquakes;


17. Janssen, Jacques
Mathematical finance: Deterministic and stochastic models
/ by Jacques Janssen, Raimondo Manca and Ernesto Volpe di
Prignano.-- Great Britain: Wiley-ISTE, 2009. xx, 852p.
ISBN : 9781848210813.
332.0151922 P09 185310

** Finance-Mathematical models; Stochastic processes;


18. Bertein, Jean-Claude
Discrete stochastic processes and optimal filtering / by
Jean-Claude Bertein and Roger Ceschi.--2nd-- Great
Britain: Wiley-ISTE, 2010. xii, 287p.
(Digital signal and image processing series).
ISBN : 9781848211810.
621.3822 P102 185364

** Kalman filter; Signal processing-Mathematics; Digital
filters(Mathematics); Stochastic processes;

19. Boukharouba, Taoufik., ed
Damage and fracture mechanics: Failure analysis of
engineering materials and structures / ed by Taoufik
Boukharouba, Mimoun Elboujdaini and Guy Pluvinage:
Springer., 2009. xxv, 611p.
ISBN : 9789048126682.
620.1126 P091 185394

** Fracture mechanics; Damage (Mechanics); Failure

20. Bowles, Joseph E
Foundation analysis and design / by Joseph E Bowles.--5th
-- New York: McGraw Hill, 1997. xxiii, 1175p.
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780071188449.
624.15 N974;1 185034

** Foundations; Soil mechanics;

21. Bowles, Joseph E
Foundation analysis and design / by Joseph E Bowles.--5th
-- New York: McGraw Hill, 1997. xxiii, 1175p.
Includes CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9780071188449.
624.15 N974 R(T) 185035

** Foundations; Soil mechanics;

22. Bozorgnia, Yousef., ed
Earthquake engineering: From engineering seismology to
performance-based engineering / ed by Yousef Bozorgnia
and Vitelmo V Bertero.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2004.
ISBN : 9780849314391.
624.1762 P043;2 "R" 185033

** Earthquake engineering;

23. Brady, David J
Optical imaging and spectroscopy / David J Brady.-- New
Jersey: Wiley & Optical Society of America, 2009.
xviii, 510p.
ISBN : 9780470048238.
621.36 P092 185350

** Optical spectroscopy; Imaging systems; Image
Processing; Optical instruments;

24. Chaira, Tamalika
Fuzzy image processing and applications with MATLAB / by
Tamalika Chaira and Ajoy Kumar Ray.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2010. xv, 213p.
ISBN : 9781439807088.
621.367015113223 P10 185365

** Image processing-Digital techniques-Mathematics; Fuzzy
mathematics; MATLAB;

25. Chowdhury, Robin
Geotechnical slope analysis / by Robin Chowdhury.-- New
York: CRC Press, 2010. xxxiv, 737p.
ISBN : 9780415469746.
624.151363 P10 185158

** Slopes (Soil mechanics);

26. Davim, J Paulo., ed
Machining composites materials / ed by J Paulo Davim.--
Great Britain: Wiley-ISTE, 2010. xii, 262p.
ISBN : 9781848211704.
620.118 P101 185325

** Composite materials; Machining-Materials;
Manufacturing processes;

27. Day, Robert W
Foundation engineering handbook: Design and construction
with the 2006 international building code / by Robert W
Day.-- New York: McGraw Hill, 2006. xv.
ISBN : 9780071447690.
624.15 P061 "R" 185237

** Foundations-Handbooks, manuals; Soil mechanics-
Handbooks, manuals; Standard; Engineering-Handbooks,

28. de Silva, Clarence W., ed
Vibration damping, control, and design / ed by Clarence W
de Silva.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2007. xvi.
(Mechanical engineering series).
ISBN : 9781420053210.
620.37 P07 185422

** Vibration; Damping (Mechanics);

29. Gaudenzi, Paolo
Smart structures: Physical behavior, mathematical
Modeling and applications / by Paolo Gaudenzi: John Wiley
and Sons., 2009. xv, 177p.
ISBN : 9780470059821 /
Alt. Title : Physical behavior, mathematical modeling
and applications.
624.1 P09 185327

** Smart structures-Mathematical models;

30. Lindeburg, Michael R
Environmental engineering reference manual: For the PE
exam / by Michael R Lindeburg.-- Belmont: Professional
Publications, 2001. xxviii.
ISBN : 9781888577549.
628.0202 P01 "R" 185246

** Environmental engineering-Handbooks, manuals;
Engineering-Examinations, questions;

31. Momoh, James A
Electric power distribution, automation, protection, and
control / by James A Momoh.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2008
xvii, 360p.
ISBN : 9780849368356.
621.3190285 P08 185304

** Electric power distribution-Automation; Electric power
distribution-Automatic control;

32. Newman, Mark., ed
Structure and dynamics of networks / ed by Mark Newman,
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and Duncan J Watts.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2006. x, 582p.
(Princeton studies in complexity).
ISBN : 9780691113579.
621.38215 P06 185222

** Networks, design; Models of network;

33. Ohser, Joachim
3D images of materials structures: Processing and
analysis / by Joachim Ohser and Katja Schladitz.--
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2009. xvi, 325p.
ISBN : 9783527312030.
620.1120154122 P09 185320

** Materials-Structure (Engineering);

34. Paul, Clayton R
Inductance: Loop and partial / by Clayton R Paul.-- New
Jersey: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2010. xiii, 379p.
ISBN : 9780470461884.
621.3742 P10 185367

** Inductance; Induction coils;

35. Piggott, Michael
Load bearing fiber composites / by Michael Piggott.--2nd-
Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. xii, 475p.
ISBN : 9780792376651.
620.197 P02 185418

** Fibrous composites;

36. Rajaraman, V
Introduction to digital computer design / by V Rajaraman
and T Radhakrishnan.--3rd-- New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of
India, 1987. xii, 548p.
ISBN : 0876924372.
621.381958 N87 G23317

** Digital computer design;

37. Read, Geoffrey F., ed
Sewers: Replacement and new construction / ed by Geoffrey
F Read.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2004. xii, 574p.
ISBN : 9780750650830.
628.2 P04 185175

** Sewerage-Design and construction;

38. Stoneham, A M
Theory of defects in solids: Electronic structure of
Defects in insulators and semiconductors / by A M Stoneham
-- Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1985. xix, 955p.
(Oxford classic texts in the physical sciences).
ISBN : 9780198507802.
621.3815201530413 N85 184880

** Solids-defects; Insulator-aspects; Semiconductors-

39. Trivedi, R., ed
Principles of solidification and materials processing
vol.1 / ed by R Trivedi, J A Sekhar and J Mazumdar.-- New
Delhi: Oxford and IBH Publishing, 1989. xv, 472p.
ISBN : 8120404483.
620.11 N899.1;1 G23133

** Materials science; Materials processing;


40. Conference on Emerging trends in concurrent engineering
Emerging trends in concurrent engineering: Souvenir and
Abstracts.-- Rourkela: NIT, 2005. V.Pages.
Alt. Title : Souvenir, National Institute of Technology,
671 P05 G23370

** Concurrent engineering; Manufacturing;

41. Dixit, Prakash M
Modeling of metals forming and machining processes by
Finite element and soft computing methods / by Prakash M
Dixit and Uday S Dixit.-- London: Springer, 2008.
xvi, 590p.
(Engineering materials and processes).
ISBN : 9781848001886.
671.3015118 P08 185387

** Metal-Work-Mathematical models; Machining-Mathematical
models; Deformation (Mechanics)-Mathematical models;
Elastoplasticity; Finite element method; Soft computing;


42. Aschbacher, Michael
Classification of quasith in groups Vol.2 / by Michael
Aschbacher and Stephen D Smith.-- America: American
Mathematical Society, 2004. xii, 481-1221p.
(Mathematical survey and monographs; 112).
ISBN : 9780821834114.
512.2 P042 184983

** Finite simple groups-Classification;

43. Fecko, Marian
Differential geometry and lie groups for physicists / by
Marian Fecko.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
2006. xv, 697p.
ISBN : 9780521845076.
516.35 P063 185219

** Differential geometry; Lie group; Manifolds;

44. Hofmann, Karl H
Structure of compact groups: Primer for students-
Handbook for the expert / by Karl H Hofmann and Sidney A
Morris.--2nd-- Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2006.
(de Gruyter studies in mathematics; 25).
ISBN : 9783110190069.
512.55 P063 185209

** Compact group; Linear lie group; Exponential function;

45. International Conference on Recent advances in mathematical
sciences (IIT Khargpur:2000)
Recent advances in mathematical sciences.-- Kharagpur:
IIT Dep. of Mathematics, 2000. 130p.
Alt. Title : Symposium on Challenges in mathematical
sciences for the new millennium (IIT Khargpur:2000).
510 P008 G23306

** Mathematics;

46. Riaza, Ricardo
Differential-algebraic systems: Analytical aspects and
circuit applications / by Ricardo Riaza.-- New Jersey:
World Scientific Publishing Company, 2008. xiv, 330p.
ISBN : 9789812791801.
512.15 P081 185363

** Algebra and Differential equations;


47. Agrall, Patrick
Nanofluidics / by Patrick Agrall and Nam-Trung Nguyen.--
Boston: Artech House, 2009. vi, 204p.
ISBN : 9781596933507.
532.050246205 P09 185397

** Nanofluidics; Fluid dynamics; Fluid flow; Diffusion;

48. Gibson, Walton C
Method of moments in electromagnetics / by Walton C
Gibson.-- Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/ CRC, 2008. xv,
ISBN : 9781420061451.
530.141015118 P08 185423

** Electromagnetism-Data processing; Electromagnetic
fields-Mathematical models; Moments method (Statistics);
Electromagnetic theory-Data processing; Integral
Equations; Numerical solutions;

49. Hahn, Horst., ed
Nanoscale phenomena: Fundamentals and Applications / ed
by Horst Hahn, Anatoli Sidorenko and Ion Tiginyanu.-- New
York: Springer, 2009. xviii, 212p.
(Nanoscience and technology).
ISBN : 9783642007071.
530.810246205 P09 185401

** Nanoscale measurements;

Departmental Library


1. Kothari, Ashok S., ed
Living jewel from the Indian jungle / ed by Ashok S
Kothari and Boman F Chhapgar.-- Oxford: Oxford University
Press, 2009. 204p.
ISBN : 9780198064657.
634.90954 P09 "CCS" 185080

** Forestry-India; Animals-Forests India; Plants-Forests-

2. Bayly, C A
C.A. Bayly: Omnibus / C A Bayly.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2009. xv, 338p.
ISBN : 9780198062561.
320.954 P092 "CCS" 185088

** Politics-India;

3. Mukherjee, Mridula., ed
Selected works of Jawaharlal Neharu / ed by Mridula
Mukherjee.-- New Delhi: Jawaharlal Neharu memorial fund,
2009. 802p.
A project of the Jawaharlal Nehru memorial fund.
ISBN : 9780195698787.
923.1 P09 (CCS) 185085

** Nehru, Jawaharlal-Collected works;


4. Chiras, Daniel D
Environmental science / by Daniel D Chiras.--8th-- Boston
: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2010. xxiv, 632p.
ISBN : 9789380108339.
577 P10 "CES" 185160

** Environmental science; Ecology;

5. Goltenboth, Friedhelm., ed
Ecology of insular Southeast Asia: Indonesian archipelago
/ ed by Friedhelm Goltenboth et al.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier,
2006. ix, 557p.
ISBN : 9780444527394.
577.09598 P06 "CES" 185155

** Ecology-Indonesia;


6. Rainey, David L
Product innovation: Leading change through integrated
product development / by David L Rainey.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2005. xiv, 625p.
ISBN : 9780521066013.
658.575 P051 "CEDT" 185218

** New products; Product management;


7. Blight, Geoffrey
Geotechnical engineering for mine waste storage
facilities / by Geoffrey Blight.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2010. xx, 634p.
ISBN : 9780415468282.
620.0286 P10 "CiE" 185105

** Mineral industries-Waste disposal; Waste disposal in
the ground; Environmental geotechnology; Engineering
geology; Soil mechanics;

8. Grantham, Michael., ed
Concrete solutions / ed by Michael Grantham, Carmelo
Majorana and Valentina Salomoni.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
2009. xiii, 466p.
ISBN : 9780415550826.
624.1834 P091 "CiE" 185099

** Concrete (Material); Concrete (Civil engineering);


9. Gowers, Timothy., ed
Princeton companion to mathematics / ed by Timothy
Gowers, June Barrow-Green and Imre Leader.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2008. xx, 1034p.
ISBN : 9780691118802.
510 P081 "MA" 185019

** Mathematics-Study and teaching (Higher); Princeton


10. Chun, Wesley J
Core python programming / by Wesley J Chun.-- New Delhi:
Pearson Education, 2007. xxxvii, 1077p.
ISBN : 9788131711880.
005.133 P071 "SERC" 185424

** Python (Programming language);

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