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Weekly Display of Books
02-11-2009 To 08-11-2009

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Vlahos, L., ed
Turbulence in space plasmas / ed by L Vlahos, P Cargill.--
Verlag: Springer, 2009. xi, 325p
ISBN 9783642002090
523.72 P09 184529

** Plasma physics; Solar flares; Turbulence


2. Coffey, Patrick
Cathedrals of science: The personalities and rivalries that made
Modern chemistry / by Patrick Coffey.-- Oxford: OUP, 2008.
xix, 377p.- -
ISBN: 9780195321340
540 P08 184550

** Chemistry, Modern


3. Mathematics for multimedia / by Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
-- Amsterdam: Elsevier 2004.
ISBN: 0127484515
006.7 P041 184542

** Multimedia (Computer Science);
Computer software; Wavelet transformation

4. Himma, Kenneth Einar
Hand book of information and computer
ethics / ed by Kenneth Einar Himma, Herman T
Tavani.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2008. xxxi, 671p.--
ISBN 9780471799597
004.019 P08 "R" 184545

** Electronic data processing-Moral and ethical aspects

5. Sisalem, Dorgham
SIP security / Dorgham Sisalem, Joh Floroiu, Jiri Kuthan,
Ulrich abend.-- Chichester: Wiley, 2009. xii, 336p.--
ISBN 9780470516362
005.82 P09 184543

** Cryptography


6. Wustenhagen, Rolf., ed
Sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship
ed by Rolf Wustenhagen, Jost Hamschmidt,
Sanjay Sharma,. -- Cheltenham: 2008. xxii, 317p.-- (New
Perspectives in research on corporate Sustainability)
ISBN 9781847200372
338.04 P08 184522

** Entrepreneurship, Sustainable


7. Odenbach, S.,ed
Colloidal magnetic fluids: Basic development and
application of Ferro fluids / ed by S Odenbach.--
Verlag: Springer, 2009. x, 430p (Lecture notes in physics;763)
ISBN 9783540853862
620.17970153205 P09 184527

** Ferro fluids-Fluid dynamics; Ferromagnetism;
Magnetic fluids

8. Raman, Ganesh., ed
Computational aeroacoustics / ed by Ganesh Raman.-- Chicago:
Multiscience, 2008. vii, 524p B
ISBN: 9780906522554
629.132301518 P08;1 184520

** Aero acoustics-Numerical analysis; Airo craft noise-datapricessing

9. Raman, Ganesh., ed
Jet aeroacoustics / ed by Ganesh Raman.-- Chicago: Multi science,
2008 vii, 568p -
ISBN: 9780906522691
629.132301534 P08 184521

** Aeroacoustics; jets (aerodynamics); Jet; airplanes (aeroacoustics)
Supersonic aerodynamics noise (aerodynamics)

10. Schnaid, Fernando
In SITU testing in geomechanics: The main tests / by
Fernando Schnaid.-- London:Taylor, 2009.x, 329p
ISBN 9780415433860
624.151 P09 184539

** Soil B Testing; Engineering geology


11. Lang, Serge
Calculus of several variables / by Serge Lang. -- New York:
Springer, 1987.xii (Undergraduate texts in Mathematics) -
ISBN 0387964053
515.84 N87;1 184603

** Calculus; .Function of several real variables


12. Grandy, Walter T
Entropy and the time evolution of macroscopic systems / by
Walter T Grandy.-Oxford: OUP, 2008 xiii, 209p
(International series of monographs on physics)
ISBN: 9780199546176
536.73 P081 184528

** Thermodynamics; time evolution of state space systems; entropy;
Thermodynamics equilibrium

13. Feynman, Richard P
Feynman lectures on physics. Vol.3 / by
Richard P Feynman, Robert B Leighton, Matthew
sands. B Dorling kindersley: Pearson education,
2006. xv,
ISBN 9788131721667
530.011 P06.3 R(T) 184517

** Physics - study and teaching

Departmental Library


1-2. Banks, William P., ed
Encyclopedia of consciousness V. 1&2 / ed by
William P Banks. -- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.
xxix, 513p -
ISBN 9780123738646
153 P09.1-.2 184551 -52

** Consciousness


3. Saxe, Karen
Beginning functional analysis / by Karen Saxe.-- Verlag:
Springer Intl, 2005.
vii, 197p (Undergraduate texts in mathematics)
ISBN 9788181282644
515.7 P052 G23033

** Functional analysis; Lebesgue space ;Lebesgue Integration;

4. Krengel, Ulrich
Ergodic theorems / by Ulrich Krengel.-- Berlin:
Walter de gruyter, 1985. viii, 357p (de gruyter studies
in mathematics; 6)
ISBN 9783110084788
515.42 184533

** Measure theory; functional analysis; mathematical physics

5. Hollander, Frank den
Large deviations / by Frank den Hollander.--
Rhode Island: American Mathematical
Society, 2000.x, 146p (Fields institute monographs)
ISBN 9780821844359
519.534 P001 184532

** Large deviations

6. Halmos, Paul R
Naive set theory / by Paul R Halmos.-- Verlag: Springer Intl, 1974
104p (Undergraduate texts in mathematics)
ISBN 0387900926
511.3 N74 G23034

** Set theory; Arithmetic-Foundations

7. Lang, Serge
Undergraduate algebra / by Serge Lang.--2nd ed--
Verlag: Springer Intl, 1990.xi, 367p (Undergraduate texts in
ISBN 9788184891447
512.9 N90; 2 G23036

** Algebra

8. Chorin, Alexandre J
Mathematical introduction to fluid mechanics / by
Alexandre J Chorin, Jerrold E Marsden.--3rd ed-- Verlag:
Springer Intl, 2009. ix, 169p (Texts in applied mathematics;4)
ISBN 038797182
532 P09 G23035

** Fluid mechanics

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