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From 02/03/2009 To 08/03/2009

Part I : Main Library

Part II: Department Libraries

Part I: Main Library

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Building an ecosystem approach to aquaculture / ed by Doris
Soto and Nathaneal Hishamunda.-- Rome: FAO, 2008. iv,
(FAO fisheries and aquaculture proceedings,14).
ISBN : 9789251060759.
639.801577 P08 G22518

** Aquaculture ecology

2. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 2008
Fisheries management: Suppl 2: The ecosystem approach to
fisheries Add 2.1 best practices in ecosystem modelling for
informing an ecosystem approach to fisheries /
FAO, 2008. xi, 78p.
(FAO technical guidelines for responsible fisheries,
4:suppl.2, add.1).
ISBN : 9789251059951.
Alt. Title : The ecosystem approach to
Fisheries: 2.1 best practices in ecosystem modelling for
informing an ecosystem approach to fisheries /
639.201589 P082.2 G22534

** Fisheries-management; Fisheries-ecology

3. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 2008
Fisheries Management: Suppl 3.Managing fishing capacity /
Rome: FAO, 2008. xii, 104p.
(FAO technical guidelines for responsible fisheries,
ISBN : 9789251060629.
Alt. Title : Managing fishing capacity
639.2068 P082.3 G22520

** Fisheries-management

4. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 2008
Information and Communication for natural resource
management in agriculture : A training sourcebook / by
FAO.-- Rome: FAO, 2006. vii, 131p.
ISBN : 9789251054826.
631.068 P06 G22524

** Agriculture-information and communication technology;
Natural resource management

5. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 2008
Towards integrated assessment and advice in small-scale
fisheries: Principles and processes / Rome: FAO, 2008. xiv, 84p.,
(FAO fisheries and aquaculture technical paper, 515).
ISBN : 9789251060643.
639.2068 P081 G22531

** Fisheries management

6. Food and Agriculture Organization : Rome, 2008
Capture-based aquaculture: Global Overview / ed by
Alessandro Lovatelli and Paul F.Holthus.-- Rome:
FAO, 2008. x, 298p.
(FAO fisheries technical paper,508).
ISBN : 9789251060308.
Alt. Title :
639.8068 P08 G22529

** Aquaculture; Fish production

7. Monitoring and managing queen conch fisheries: A manual /
ed by Paul Medley.-- Rome: FAO, 2008. vii, 78p.
(FAO fisheries technical paper,514).
ISBN : 9789251060315.
Alt. Title : FAO fisheries technical paper,514.
639.2068 P08 G22516

** Fisheries-management


8. Conference on ICMB (Malaysia: 2007)
International conference on mathematical biology 2007:
Proceedings / ed by Kamel Ariffin Mohd Atan.-- Melville:
American Institute of Physics, 2008. ix, 297p.: incl. bibl..
(AIP Conference proceedings. Vol.971).
ISBN : 9780735404892.
Alt. Title : ICMB.
570.151 P08 181969

** Biofluids; DNA and protein structure and function; Bio
informatics and biometrics; Cell biology; Ecology;
epidemiology; Genetics and evolution; Immunology;
molecular biology; Neurobiology and behavior; Physiology;
Population biology; American institute of physics;

9. Motsara, M.R
Guide to laboratory establishment for plant nutrient
analysis / by .M.R.Motsara and R.N.Roy.-- Rome: FAO, 2008
xi, 204p.
(FAO fertilizer and plant nutrition bulletin, 19).
ISBN : 9789251059814.
572.392 P08 G22533

** Plants-nutrition requirement


10. Sacks, Oliver
Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a chemical boyhood / by
Oliver Sacks.-- New York: Picador, 2001. viii, 337p.
ISBN : 9780330390286.
660.92 P01 183757

** Chemical engineering-history; Chemical engineer-


11. Manju U
Investigation of electronic structure of transition metal
oxides exhibiting metal-insulator transitions and related
phenomena / by Manju U.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. ix,
(IISc Dept. of SSCU PhD thesis).
1 CD included.
546.6042 P08 "THESIS" G22466

** Metal-insulator transition; Transition-metal oxide

12. Smith, B Smith
Compendium of organic synthetic methods, Vol.9 / by
Michael B Smith.-- New York: Wiley, 2001. xx, 439p.
ISBN : 9780471145790.
547.2 N715.9 "R" 183762(Ref.)

** Organic synthesis


13. Bhaskery, Bhatt Chetan
Knowledge representation framework for a web-based
intelligent tutoring system for engineering courses / by
Bhatt Chetan Bhaskerry.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. 139p.
(IISc Dept. of CEDT PhD Thesis). 139p.
1 CD included.
006.33 P08 "THESIS" G22458

** Knowledge based system; Tutoring system, Intelligent;
Engineering education


14. Vernon, R H
Principles of metamorphic petrology / by R H Vernon and G
L Clarke.-- New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008.
xii, 446p.
ISBN : 9780521871785.
552.4 P08 183766

** Rocks, metamorphic; Petrology;


15. Barnard, R.H.
Aircraft flight: A description of the physical properties
Of aircraft flight / by R.H. Barnard and D.R. Philpott.--3
ed-- New Delhi: Pearson education, 2004. ix, 370p.
ISBN : 9780131200432.
629.1325 P042 183726

** Aircraft-flight

16. Electrocrystallization in Nanotechnology / ed by Staikov
Georgi.-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2007. xiv, 264p
ISBN : 9783527315154.
620.5015485 P07 183764

** Cryptal growth; Crystallization; Nanotechnology;

17. Hembram, K.P.S.S
Studies on carbon nanotubes / by K.P.S.S Hembram.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xiv, 93p.
(IISc. Dept. of ISU PhD Thesis).
1 CD included.
620.501546681 P08 "THESIS" G22468

** Carbon-nanotechnology; Carbon-nanotubes

18. Khandelwal, Ratnesh
Studies on the evaluation of thermal stress intensity
factors for Bi-material interface cracks / by Ratnesh
Khandelwal.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxiii, 196p.
(IISc Dept. of CIE PhD Thesis).
1 CD included.
624.176 P08 "THESIS" G22345

** Stress and strain (material); Deformation (structural
analysis); Thermal stress

19. Concepts in spin electronics / ed by Sadamichi Maekawa.--
Oxford: Oxford university press, 2006. xiv, 398p.
ISBN : 9780198568216.
621.381501539725 P06 183761

** Spin; Particle-spin; Electron-spin; Electronics
circuits; Spin particle physics; Electronic devices-spin

20. Majumdar, Rumki
Analysis of productivity growth in Indian electronics
industry: Significance of management decision variables
as determinants / by Rumki Majumdar.-- Bangalore: IISc,
2008. Sectional.
(IISc Dept. of MS, PhD Thesis).
1 CD included.
621.3810954 P08 "THESIS" G22472

** Electronics industries-India

21. Rahman, Tauhidur
Engineering approach to seismic hazard estimation of north
eastern region of India / by Tauhidur Rahman.-- Bangalore
: IISc, 2008. xxix, 289p.
(IISc Dept. of CIE PhD Thesis).
1 CD included.
624.17620954 P08 "THESIS" G22475

** Seismology(engineering)-India

22. Sharma, Venkateshwara. S
Design, modeling and control of shape memory alloy based
poly phase motor / by S. Venkateshwara Sharma.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xiii, 129p.
(IISc Dept. of CEDT PhD Thesis).
2 CDs included.
629.232 P08 "THESIS" G22473

** Shape memory alloy; Poly phase motor


23. Calegari, Danny
Foliations and the geometry of 3-manifolds / by Danny
Calegari.-- Oxford: Oxford university press, 2007.
Xiv, 363p
ISBN : 9780198570080.
514.34 P071 183793

** Manifolds; Foliations

24. Gerstein, Larry J
Basic quadratic forms / by Larry J Gerstein.-- Rhode
Island: American mathematical society, 2008. xii, 255p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics;90).
ISBN : 9780821844656.
512.741 P08 183768

** Forms, quadratic; Equations, quadratic; Number theory

25. Humphreys, James E
Representations of semisimple lie algebras in the BGG
category / by James E Humphreys.-- Rhode Island: American
mathematical society, 2008. xvi, 289p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics;94).
ISBN : 9780821846780.
512.482 P08 183784

** Representations of lie algebras; Categories (mathematics)

26. Jiang, Chunlan
Structure of Hilbert space operators / by Chunlan Jiang
and Zongyao Wang.-- Singapore: World Scientific, 2006.
x, 248p.
ISBN : 9789812566164.
515.733 P06 183796

** Operator theory; Hilbert space


27. Rajan, Mohan Sundara
Beyond data: Science and technology communication / by
Mohan Sundara Rajan.-- New Delhi: Publications division,
Ministry of I & B, 1999. 233p.
ISBN : 8123006403.
501.4 P03 183758

** Science-communication

28. Rajan, Mohan Sundara
India in the space age / by Mohan Sundara Rajan.-- New
Delhi: Publication division, Ministry of I & B, 2008.
ISBN : 9788123014906.
502.20954 P08 183759

** Space science-India; Space age; Satellites-India


29. Tolle, Eckhart
New earth: Awaking to our life's purpose / by Eckhart
Tolle.-- London: Penguin books, 2005. 313p.
ISBN : 9780141017822.
150 P05 183765

** Human psychology; Social psychology


30. Bass, Stephan et al
Disaster risk management systems analysis : A Guidebook /
by Stephan Bass et al.-- Rome: FAO, 2008. ix, 78p.
(Environment and natural resource management series,13).
ISBN : 9789251060568.
363.34068 P08 G22530

** Disaster management; Risk management; System Analysis

Part II: Department Libraries

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Kaiser, Roman
Meaningful scents around the world: Olfactory, chemical,
biological and cultural considerations / by Roman Kaiser.
-- Zurich: Wiley-VCH, 2006. vi, 304p.
ISBN : 3906390373.
635.968 P06 183725

** Aromatic herbs; Scents (smells); Fragrance plants;

2. Zimdahl, Robert M
Fundamentals of weed science / by Robert M Zimdahl.--3rd
ed-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007. xix, 666p.
ISBN : 9780123725189.
632.5 P07 183736

** Weeds; Weeds-control; Herbicides

3. Foraging: Behavior and ecology / ed by David W Stephens,
Joel S Brown and Ronald C Ydenberg.-- Chicago: University
of Chicago press, 2007. xv, 608p.
ISBN : 9780226771646.
591.53 P07 183748

** Ecology; Foraging; Animal-food;

4. Levey, Douglas J
Seed dispersal and frugivory: Ecology, evolution and
conservation / ed by Douglas J Levey, Wesley R silva and
Mauro Galetti.-- Oxford: CABI international, 2002. xvi,
ISBN : 9780851995250.
581.78 P02 183738

** Frugivores-evolution-congress; Seed dispersal-congress
Mutualism congress; Frugivores-Ecology-congress;
Coevoloution-congress; Animal-plant-relationships-

5. Major evolutionary transitions in flowering plant
reproduction / ed by Spencer C H Barrett.-- Chicago:
University of Chicago press, 2008. 209p.
ISBN : 9780226038162.
571.82 P08 183749

** Genome duplication; Angiosperms-phylogeny; Angiosperms
phylogene; Plant reproduction

6. Playfair, John
Living with germs: In health and disease / by John
Playfair.-- Oxford: Oxford university press, 2004. vii,
ISBN : 9780192805829.
579 P04 183756

** Microorganism; Germ

7. Stadler, Bernhard
Mutualism: Ants and their insect partners / by Bernhard
Stadler and Anthony F G Dixon.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
university press, 2008. viii, 219p.
ISBN : 9780521860352.
577.82 P08 183737

** Biotic communities; Ants; Insects; Mutualism


8. Chen, Chi-Tsong
Linear system theory and design / by Chi-Tsong Chen.--3rd
ed-- New York: Oxford University press, 1999. xiii, 334p
ISBN : 9780195117776.
629.832 N99;1 183687

** Linear systems; System design

9. chen, Chi-Tsong
Linear system theory and design / by Chi-Tsong chen.--3rd
ed-- New York: Oxford University press, 1999. xiii,
ISBN : 9780195117776.
629.832 N99 183688

** Linear systems; System design


10. Eftekhari, Ali
Nanostructured materials in electrochemistry / by Ali
Eftekhari.-- Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2008. xxv, 463p.
ISBN : 9783527318766.
541.3702462111 P08 183763

** Nanostructured materials; Electrochemistry


11. Davenport, W.G.
Flash smelting: Analysis, control and optimization / by
W G Davenport, D M James and M J King.--2nd ed--
Pennsylvania: TMS, 2003. xiii, 323p.
ISBN : 0873395778.
669.0282 P03 183868

** Smelting; Hydrometallurgy; Extraction (metallurgy)

12. Doremus, Robert H
Diffusion of reactive molecules in solids and melts / by
Robert H Doremus.-- New York: Wiley, 2002. xii, 293p.
ISBN : 9780471385455.
660.294 P02 183869

** Diffusion(chemical engineering); Solids; Melts

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