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From 02/02/2009 To 08/02/2009

Part I : Main Library

Part II: Department Libraries

Part I: Main Library

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Santosh Kumar
Taj mahal review / ed by Santosh Kumar.-- Allahabad:
Cyberwit.net, 2007. 535p.
Cyberwit's International Journal. V.6 No.2
726.9 P07 G22418

** Taj mahal- Review


2. Misra, Ashish
Unusual acylation properties of type II fatty acid
biosynthesis acyl carrier proteins / by Ashish Misra.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xx, 165p.
(Dept. of MBU, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
572.696 P08 "THESIS" G22460

** Carrier proteins; Biosynthesis; Fatty acids

3. Nonappa
Synthesis, physicochemical studies and gelation
properties of novel bile acid derivatives / by Nonappa.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. 174p.
(Dept. of OC, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
573.38379 P08 "THESIS" G22465

** Bile acids; Organic synthesis


4. Chokshi, P Paresh
Studies in stability of newtonian and viscoelastic fluid
flow past rigid and flexible surfaces / by Paresh P
Chokshi.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xvi, 253p.
(Dept. of CE, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
660.29413 P07 "THESIS" G22432

** Viscous flow; Polymeric flow


5. Dutta, Saikat
Mapping the reaction coordinate for the oxidative
addition of molecular hydrogen to a metal center / by
Saikat Dutta.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. viii, 206p.
(Dept. of IPC, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
541.39 P08 "THESIS" G22328

** Hydrolysis reactions; Hydride complexes

6. Turro, Nicholas J
Principles of Molecular Photochemistry: Introduction / by
Nicholas J Turro et al.-- California: University Science
Books, 2008. xxi, 495p.
ISBN : 9781891389573.
541.35 P09 R(T) 183664

** Molecular structure; Photochemistry, organic; Quantum
mechanics; Quantum chemistry

7. Walker, Gavin
Solid-state hydrogen storage : materials and chemistry /
ed by Gavin Walker.-- Cambridge: Wood head Publishing Ltd,
2008. xviii, 580p.
ISBN : 9781420077889.
546.1028 P08 183638

** Hydrogen - storage materials


8. Chakrabarti, Chanchal Kumar
Geology and geochemistry of the zinc-lead deposit of
Ganesh Himal, Central Nepal Himalaya / by Chanchal Kumar
Chakrabarti.-- Bangalore: Tribhuvan University, 2003. xiii,
(Central Dept. of Geology, PhD "THESIS").
553.45095496 P03 "THESIS" G22392

** Zinc deposits - Nepal; Lead deposits - Nepal; Nepal -

9. Foote, Michel
Principles of paleontology / by Michel Foote et al.--3rd
ed-- New York: W H Freeman, 2007. xv, 354p.
ISBN : 9780716706137.
560 P071 183663

** Paleontology; Population biology; Fossils

10. Stanley, Steven M
Earth system history / by Steven M Stanley.--2nd ed-- New
York: W.H.Freeman, 2005. xxi, 567p.
ISBN : 9780716739074.
551.7 P052 183662

** Historical geology; Physical geology


11. Nye, Joseph S
Powers to LEAD / by Joseph S. Nye.-- New York: Oxford,
2008. xiii, 226p.
ISBN : 9780195335620.
352.236 P08 G22480

** Political leadership; Leadership; Executive ability;
Interpersonal communication


12. Anil, N
Optimal control of numerical dissipation in modified KFVS
(m-KFVS) using discrete adjoint method / by N Anil.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xxx, 219p.
(IISc, Dept of AE, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD-ROM.
629.132301518 P08 "THESIS" G22431

** Numerical analysis; Aerodynamics; Kinetic flux vector
splitting method

13. Kouzer, K M
Interference effects on the collapse loads for footings
and anchors using an upper bound finite element limit
analysis / by Kouzer K M.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxi,
(Dept. of CE, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
624.17 P082 "THESIS" G22347

** Structural analysis (Civil engineering); Finite
element analysis

14. Moharana, Neehar Ranjan
Sedimentation of heavy particles in turbulence / by
Neehar Ranjan Moharana.-- Bangalore: IISC, 2008.
xvii, 108p.
(Dept. of ME, MSc "THESIS").
included CD.
620.43015320521 P08 "THESIS" G22454

** Heavy particles - Sedimentation; Turbulent flow

15. Nabar, Nisseem S
Wavelet based algorithms for spike detection in micro
electrode array recordings / by Nisseem S Nabar.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. x, 89p.
(Dept. of EE, MSc "THESIS").
included CD.
621.3015152433 P08 "THESIS" G22453

** Wavelet transformation; Peak detection(Electric); Spike
detection(Electric); Signal detection; Signal processing

16. Raju, G C
Characterization and re-use of lead contaminated gypsum
sludge / by G C Raju,.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. xxiv,
(Dept. of CE, PhD "THESIS").
628.354 P08 "THESIS" G22325

** Gypsum sludge management; Sludge management

17. Sayed, Ali H
Adaptive filters / by Ali H Sayed.-- New Jersey: Wiley,
2008. xxx, 786p.
ISBN : 9780470253885.
621.3815324 P081 R(T) 183668

** Adaptive filters

18. Sen, Biswanath
Condensation heat transfer of R-134a on micro-firmed
tubes: experimental study / by Biswanath Sen.--
Bangalore: IISC, 2008. xviii, 133p.
(Dept. of ME, MSc "THESIS").
included CD.
621.560153644 P08 "THESIS" G22436

** Heat transmission(Engineering); Micro firmed tubes;
Refrigeration; Condensation

19. Simon, Dan
Optimal state Estimation: Kalman, H, and Nonlinear
Approaches / by Dan Simon.-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2006.
xxvi, 526p.
ISBN : 9780471708582.
621.3815324 P06 183667

** Kalman filter; Estimation theory


20. Lynch, Daniel R
Numerical partial differential equations for
environmental scientists and engineers: A first practical
course / by Daniel R Lynch.-- New York: Springer, 2005.
xi, 388p.
ISBN : 0387236198.
518.64 P05;1 R(T) 183706

** Differential equations, Partial; Numerical solutions;
Finite differences; Finite element method; Inverse
problems (Differential equations)


21. Nilekani, Nandan
Imagining India: Ideas for the new century / by Nandan
Nilekani.-- New Delhi: Penguin, 2008. 531p.
ISBN : 9780670081967.
954 P08 183659

** India - History; India - Vision


22. Al-Khalili, Jim
Quantum: Guide for the Perplexed / by Jim Al-Khalili.--
London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2003. 280p.
ISBN : 9781841882383.
530.12 P033 183661

** Quantum theory

23. Das, Bibhuti Bibhudutta
Separated local field NMR spectroscopy in partially
ordered systems- new methodologies and applications / by
Bibhuti Bibhudutta Das.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2008. 169p.
(Dept. of Physics, PhD "THESIS").
included CD.
530.41301538362 P08 "THESIS" G22354

** Disordered systems (Physics); Nuclear magnetic

Part II: Department Libraries

Serial No:

Book catalogue


1. Lewis, Michael
Inventing global ecology: Tracking the Biodiversity Ideal
in India, 1945-1997 / by Michael Lewis.-- Hyderabad:
Orient Longman ltd, 2003. x, 369p.
ISBN : 9788125023777.
333.950954 P03 183658

** Biodiversity - India


2. Elnashai, Amr S
Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering / by Amr S
Elnashai and Luigi Di Sarno.-- Chichester: John Wiley,
2008. vii, 347p.
ISBN : 9780470024836.
624.1762 P083 183707

** Earthquake Engineering

3. Indian Buildings Congress, Dept. of Central Public works
Handbook on Seismic Retrofit of Buildings.-- New Delhi:
Narosa Publishing House, 2008. xii, Sectional.
ISBN : 9788173199189.
624.1762 P084 183708

** Earthquake Resistant buildings


4. Peinado, Antonio M
Speech recognition over digital channels: Robustness and
standards / by Antonio M Peinado et al.-- England: Wiley,
2006. xvi, 257p.
ISBN : 9780470024003.
621.384 P06 183666

** Automatic speech recognition; Signal processing

5. Wang, Deliang
Computational auditory scene analysis: principles,
algorithms and applications / ed by Deliang Wang et al.--
New Jersey: Wiley, 2006. xxiii, 395p.
ISBN : 9780471741091.
621.3897 P06 183665

** Audio Visual Engineering; Auditory perception;
Algorithms; Auditory scene analysis


6. Chaves, Julio
Introduction to Nonimaging optics / by Julio Chaves.--
New York: CRC press, 2008. xxv, 531p.
ISBN : 9781420054293.
621.36 P081 183621

** Solar collectors; Optics; Reflectors, Lighting

7. Clark, Robert H
Elements of tidal-electric engineering / by Robert H
Clark.-- Canada: John Wiley & sons, 2007. xv, 280p.
ISBN : 9780470107096.
621.312134 P07 183617

** Tidal-electric - Power generation; Hydroelectric power

8. Dorf, Richard C
Introduction to electric circuits / by Richard C Dorf et
al.--6th ed-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2004. xxii, 809p.
ISBN : 9788126508174.
621.3192 P042 183620

** Electric circuits

9. ELAli, Taan S
Continuous signals and systems with matlab / by Taan S
ElAli et al.--2nd ed-- New York: CRC press, 2008. 504p.
ISBN : 9781420054743.
621.3822028553 P08 183610

** Signal processing - Mathematics; System analysis;

10. Kularatna, Nihal
Electronic circuit design : from concept to
implementation / by Nihal Kularatna.-- New York: CRC
press, 2008. xvii, 482p.
ISBN : 9780849376177.
621.3815 P08 183616

** Electronic circuit design

11. Lee, kwang Y
Modern heuristic optimization techniques : theory and
applications to power systems / ed by kwang Y Lee et al.-
New Jersey: John Wiley and sons, 2008. xxviii, 586p.
ISBN : 9780471457114.
621.3191015196 P08 183623

** Electric power - Optimization theory

12. Moorthi, V.R.
Power electronics : Devices, circuits and industrial
applications / by V.R. Moorthi.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University press, 2005. xii, 1013p.
ISBN : 9780195670929.
621.317 P052 183626

** Power electronics; Electronic circuits; Electric

13. Singla, Puneet
Multi-resolution methods for modeling and control of
dynamical systems / by Puneet Singla et al.-- New York:
CRC press, 2009. xvi, 299p.
(Chapman & Hall/CRC Applied Math. & Nonlinear Science
ISBN : 9781584887690.
620.001171 P09 183624

** Dynamical systems

14. Visnovsky, Stefan
Optics in magnetic multilayers and nanostructures / by
Stefan Visnovsky.-- New York: CRC press T&F, 2006. 521p.
ISBN : 9780849336867.
620.501535 P06 183625

** Optics; Nanomaterials; Magneto optics

15. Weidlich, Anke
Engineering interrelated electricity markets: An agent-
based computational approach / by Anke Weidlich.--
Heidelberg: Springer, 2008. xxi, 174p.
ISBN : 9783790820676.
621.310685 P08 183618

** Electricity - Marketing management

16. Liggins, Martin E
Handbook of multisensor data fusion : theory and practice
/ ed by Martin E Liggins et al.--2nd ed-- New York: CRC
press, 2009. xx, 849p.
ISBN : 9781420053081.
681.2 P09 183619

** Multisensor data fusion - Handbooks, manuals, etc

17. Camps-valls, Gustavo
Kernal methods in bioengineering, signal and image
processing / by Gustavo Camps-valls et al.-- London: Idea
Group Publishing, 2007. xiv, 415p.
ISBN : 9781599040431.
610.28 P074 183622

** Engineering mathematics; biomedical engineering -
Mathematics; Signal processing - Mathematics; Cellular
telephone systems - Mathematics; Image processing -
Mathematics; Kernal functions


18. Lynch, Daniel R
Numerical partial differential equations for
environmental scientists and engineers: A first practical
course / by Daniel R Lynch.-- New York: Springer, 2005.
xi, 388p.
ISBN : 0387236198.
518.64 P05 183705

** Differential equations; Partial numerical solutions;
Finite differences; Finite element method; Inverse
problems (Differential equations)

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