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Weekly Display of Books
02-08-2010 To 08-08-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library


1. Ikai, Atsushi
World of nano biomechanics: Mechanical imaging and
measurement by atomic force microscopy / by Atsushi Ikai.
-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2008. xvi, 283p.
ISBN : 9780444527776.
571.430246205 P08 185703

** Biomechanics; Nanotechnology; Nano-biomechanics;


2. Newton, Joseph
Extractive metallurgy / by Joseph, Newton.-- New Delhi:
Wiley Eastern, 1963. vii, 532.
699 N674;1 G23150

** Extractive metallurgy;


3. Pardeshi, Ravindra
Multi-scale segregation model for alloy solidification /
by Ravindra Pardeshi.-- Bangalore: IISc., 2009. xi, 134p
(IISc, Dept. of ME, PhD Thesis).
Includes CD.
669.96 P09 "THESIS" G23524

** Alloys-segregation; Solidification; Multi-scale
segregation Models

4. Schwarzkopf, Paul
Refractory hard metals / by Poul Schwarzkopf, Richard
Kieffer.-- New York: Macmillan company, 1953. xi 447.
669.82 N53 G23122

** Refractory materials;

5. Smallman, R E
Modern physical metallurgy / by R E Smallman.-- London:
English Language Book society, 1970. xiv, 544.
ISBN : 040870022X.
669.96 N70 G23135

** Metallurgy, physical


6. Leith, C K
Mineral valuations of the future / by C K Leith.-- New
York: AIME, 1947. x, 106.
(A.I.M.E Series).
549 N472 G23095

** Mineralogy;

7. Shvartsburg, Alexandre A
Differential ion mobility spectrometry: Nonlinear ion
transport and fundamentals of FAIMS / by Alexandre A
Shvartsburg.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009. xxix, 299p.
ISBN : 9781420051063.
Alt. Title : Nonlinear ion transport and fundamentals of FAIMS
543.65 P09 185697

** Field, asymmetric; Waveforms; Ion mobility Spectroscopy


8. Weatherhead, A V
Petrographic micro technique: A practical handbook for
the preparation of thin sections of rocks for use with
the petrological microscope / by A V Weatherhead.--
London: Arthur Barron, 1947. ix, 938.
552 N472 G23116

** Ingenious Rocks; Rocks, Geology;


9. Annual Technical Meeting of Indian Institute of Metals (29:
Ranchi: 1991)
Abstracts.-- Ranchi: Steel Authority of India, 1991.
xxxiv, 249p.
29th National Metallurgists' day.
620.16 N91 G23165

** Metals

10. Ashby, Michael F
Materials and the environment: Eco-informed material
choice / by Michael F Ashby.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.
xi 385.
ISBN : 9781856176088.
620.1101577 P09 185702

** Materials - Ecology;

11. Goddard III, William A
Handbook of nanoscience, engineering, and technology / by
William A Goddard III, et al.--2nd ed-- New York: CRC
Press, 2007. xxiii I-31.
ISBN : 9780849375637.
620.5 P075 "R" 185713(Ref.)

** Nanotechnology-Handbook;

12. Knott, J F
Fundamentals of fracture mechanics / by J F Knott.--
London: Butterworths, 1973. 273p.
ISBN : 0408705299.
620.1126 N731 G23119

** Fracture Mechanics;

13. Lobontiu, Nicolae
Mechanical design of micro resonators: Modelling and
applications / by Nicolae, Lobontiu.-- New York: McGraw
Hill, 2006. xiii 342.
ISBN : 9780071477381.
621.381 P0612 R(T) 185698

** Micro electromechanical systems; Electronic resonators;
Vibrators; Detectors;

14. Spillers, William R
Structural optimization / by William R Spillers and Keith
M MacBain.-- New York: Springer, 2009. xv, 301p.
ISBN : 9780387958644.
624.171 P091 "R(T)" 185699

** Structural analysis (civil Engineering); Optimization
theory; Structures (civil engineering) - Design and construction

15. Stotsky, Alexander A
Automotive engines: Control, estimation, statistical
detection / by Alexander A Stotsky.-- Berlin: Springer,
2009. xii, 215p.
ISBN : 9783642001635.
621.45 P091 185700

** Engines, automotive

16. Vable, Madhukar
Intermediate mechanics of materials / by Madhukar Vable.-
New York: OUP, 2008. xix, 604.
ISBN : 9780195188554.
620.1126 P082 185701

** Fracture mechanics; Deformations;


17. Bruno, E J.,ed
High-velocity forming of metals / by E J Bruno.--
Michigan: ASTME, 1968. xii, 227.
671.4 N68 G23140

** Metals-forming;

18. Ghosh, Ahindra
Principles of secondary processing and casting of liquid
steel / by Ahindra Ghosh.-- New Delhi: Oxford, 1990.
vii, 201p.
ISBN : 8120405587.
672.2 N90 G23118

** Steel-casting;

19. Karsay, Stephen I
Ductile iron / by Stephen I Karsay.-- Canada: Quebec Iron
and Titanium Corporation, 1976. 231p.
672 N76 G23139

** Iron manufacturing

20. Lancaster, J F
Metallurgy of welding brazing and soldering / by J F
Lancaster,.-- London: George Allen, 1960. 303p.
671.5 N60 G23154

** Welding; Brazing; Soldering;

21. Oiks, G
Converter and open hearth steel manufacture(Fundamentals
of theory and technology) / by G Oiks.-- Moscow: MIR,
1977. 507p.
Translated from the Russian.
672 N771 G23136

** Steel manufacturing;

22. Trubin, K G
Steel making: Open-hearth and combined processes / by K G
Trubin and G N Oiks.-- Moscow: MIR, 1974. 582p.
Translated from the Russian.
672 N74 G23132

** Steel manufacturing; Open-hearth process;


23. Tselikov, A I
Theory of lengthwise rolling / by A I Tselikov, G S
Nikiti and S E Rokotyan.-- Moscow: MIR Publishers, 1980.
Translated from Russian.
671.32 N81 G23146

** Rolling, Metals


24-36. Rosenfeld, L., ed
Neils Bohr: Collected works. V.1-13 / ed by L Rosenfeld.-
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 2008.
ISBN : 9780444532862.
530.09 P08.1-.13 "R" 185726,V.1(Ref.);
185727,V.2(Ref.); 185728,V.3(Ref.); 185729,V.4(Ref.);
185730,V.5(Ref.); 185731,V.6(Ref.); 185732,V.7(Ref.);
185733,V.8(Ref.); 185734,V.9(Ref.); 185735,V.10(Ref.);
185736,V.11(Ref.); 185737,V.12(Ref.); 185738,V.13(Ref.)

** Physics - collected works; Bohr, Neil - Physicist

37. Sproull, Wayne T
X-rays in practice / by Wayne T Sproull.-- New York:
McGraw Hill, 1946. vii, 615p.
539.7222 N46 G23149

** Radiology; X-ray;

Departmental Library


1-2. Rao, Chavali Kameswara
Flora: A Gardener's Encyclopedia [set of 2 vol] / Chief
consultant by Chavali Kameswara Rao.-- New Delhi: OM
Books service, 2004.
Includes CD-ROM : Over 20,000 Plants.
ISBN : 81 87107 22 7.
Alt. Title : Gardener's Encyclopedia.
581 P041.1-.2 (CES) 185572,V.1;

** Flora - World; Plants -World


3. Faraway, Julian J
Extending the linear model with R: Generalized linear,
Mixed effects and non parametric regression models / by
Julian J Faraway.-- New York: Taylor and Francis, 2005.
vii, 301.
(Chapman and Hall/CRC Texts in statistical science series)
ISBN : 9781584884248.
519.538 P06 (CES) 185714

** Linear models; Nonparametric analysis; Regression

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