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Weekly Display of Books
01-11-2010 To 07-11-2010

Part 1: Main Library

Part 2: Departmental Libraries

Main Library



1. Petraglia, Michael D.
Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia:
Inter-disciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Biological
Anthropology, Linguistics and Genetics [electronic
resource] / by Michael D Petraglia and Bridget Allchin.--
Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5562-5.
573.215 (e-book) E5488

** Human genetics; Vertebrates; Anthropology; Archaeology
Evolutionary Biology;


2. Aiello, Marco.
Handbook of Spatial Logics [electronic resource] / by
Macre Aiello, Ian Pratt-Hartmann and Johan Benthem.--
Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055874.
006.3 (e-book) E5492

** Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Geometry;
Topology; Logic, Symbolic and mathematical;


3. Torre, Massimo La.
Constitutionalism and Legal Reasoning [electronic
resource] / by Massimo La Torre.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055959.
342.0684 (e-book) E5493

** Philosophy; Ethics; Political Science; Political


4. Darling, Linda Farr
Collective Improvisation in a Teacher Education Community
[electronic resource] / by Linda Farr Darling, Gaalen
Erickson and Anthony Clarke.-- Dordrecht: Springer
Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056680.
370.71 (e-book) E5500

** Education; Teachers education; Curriculam planning;
Educational Technology;

5. Day, Christopher
Successful Principal Leadership In Times Of Change
[electronic resource] / by Christopher Day and Kenneth
Leithwood.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5516-1.
378.107 (e-book) E5484

** Education and state; Higher Education; Educational

6. Hayhoe, Ruth.
Portraits of Influential Chinese Educators [electronic
resource] / by Ruth Hayhoe.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055683.
370.195 (e-book) E5489

** Comparative education; Humanities; Educational Policy;
History; Cultural Heritage

7. Herbst, Marcel
Financing Public Universities: The Case of Performance
Funding [electronic resource] / by Marcel Herbst.--
Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055607.
379.118 (e-book) E5487

** Education; Finance; Political science; Social Policy

8. McCuddy, Michael K.
Challenges of Educating People to Lead in a Challenging
World [electronic resource] / by Michael K McCuddy et al.
-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056123.
371.422 (e-book) E5494

** Educational tests and measurements; Higher Education;
Educational Technology;

9. Smart, John C
Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research
[electronic resource] / by John C Smart.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056666.
378.199 (e-book) E5499

** Education; Higher education; Curriculum Planning;
Educational Policy;

10. Tapper, Ted
Governance of British Higher Education [electronic
resource] / by Ted Tapper.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055539.
378.711 (e-book) E5485

** Education and state; Educational Policy; Higher

11. Usher, Robin
Lifelong Learning - Signs, Discourses, Practices
[electronic resource] / by Robin Usher and Richard
Edwards.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5579-X.
378.19986 (e-book) E5490

** Curriculum planning; Educational Philosophy;
Educational Policy;


12. Soler, Eva AlcC3n.
Intercultural Language Use and Language Learning
[electronic resource] / by Eva AlcC3n Soler and Maria
Pilar Safont JordC .-- Dordrecht: Springer
Science+Business Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056390.
418 (e-book) E5496

** Linguistics; Applied linguistics; Psycholinguistics;
Language Education;


13. Berger, Shlomo
Zutot 2004 [electronic resource] / by Shlomo Berger,
Michael Brocke and Irene Zwiep.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5454-8.
149.94 (e-book) E5482

** Philosophy; Linguistics; Philology; Historical

14. Stjernfelt, Frederik.
Diagrammatology: An Investigation On The Borderlines Of
Phenomenology, Ontology, And Semiotics [electronic
resource] / by Frederik Stjernfelt.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056529.
142.7 (e-book) E5497
** Genetic epistemology; Philosophy; Biology; Pragmatism;
Comparative Literature; Phenomenology;


15. Daniel, Courgeau.
Multilevel Synthesis: From the Group to the Individual
[electronic resource] / by Courgeau Daniel.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5622-2.
302.5 (e-book) E5495

** Social sciences; Genetic epistemology; Statistics;
Demography; Epistemology

16. HCffe, Otfried
Democracy in an Age of Globalisation [electronic
resource] / by Otfried HCffe, Darrel Moellendorf and
Thomas Pogge.-- Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business
Media B.V.,, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402056628.
321.8 (e-book) E5498

** Philosophy; Political Science;

17. KlC<ver, Jurgen
Communication. An Interdisciplinary and Mathematical
Approach [electronic resource] / by Jurgen KlC<ver and
Christina KlC<ver.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5464-5.
302.20151 (e-book) E5483

** Genetic epistemology; Information systems; Philosophy


18. Hutto, Daniel D
Folk Psychology Re-Assessed [electronic resource] / by
Daniel D Hutto and Matthew Ratcliffe.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055584.
155.701 (e-book) E5486

** Phenomenology; Psychology - evolution - Philosophy;
Folk Psychology

19. Marraffa, Massimo.
Cartographies of the Mind: Philosophy and Psychology in
Intersection [electronic resource] / by Massimo Marraffa,
Mario De Caro and Francesco Ferretti.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 1-4020-5444-0.
150.1 (e-book) E5481

** Psychology - Philosophy; Mind - Psychology-Philosophy

20. Persson, Johannes.
Rethinking explanation [electronic resource] / by
Johannes Persson and Petri Ylikoski.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2007.
ISBN : 9781402055812.
153.42 (e-book) E5491

** Genetic epistemology; Science; Philosophy;



1. Ekta
Neutral hydrogen and star formation in extremely metal-
deficient galaxies / by Ekta.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010.
xxxiii, 168p.
(IISc Dept. of PHY PhD THESIS).
523.112 P10 "THESIS" G23724
Includes CD

** Galaxies; Stars; Hydrogen;


2. Manubhai, Thakkar Foram
Investigations of Polymer grafted Lipid Bilayers Using
Dissipative Particle Dynamics / by Thakkar Foram Manubhai.
-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xiv, 176p.
(IISc Dept. of CE PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
660.2842920153205 P09 "THESIS" G23712

** Particle Dynamics; Lipid Bilayers;

3. Varma, Mahesh N
Enzymatic reactions in supercritical fluids:
Esterification, Transesterification and Hydrolysis / by
Mahesh N Varma.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xiii, 137p.
(IISc Dept. of CE PhD THESIS).
660.6502453042 P09 "THESIS" G23592

** Enzymatic Reactions; Supercritical Fluids; Hydrolysis;
Esterification; Transesterification


4. Nayak, Susanta Kumar
Disorder, Polymorphism and Co-Crystal Formation in
Molecular Crystals: An In-Depth Study in Terms Of weak
Intra-and Intermolecular Interactions / by Susanta Kumar
Nayak.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. 217p.
(IISc Dept. of SSCU PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
541.226 P10 "THESIS" G23727

** Intermolecular Forces; Molecular Crystals;


5. Cohen, Israel., ed
Speech Processing in Modern Communication: Vol 3
Challenges and Perspectives / ed by Israel Cohen, Jacob
Benesty and Sharon Gannot.-- Berlin: Springer, 2010.
xviii, 342p.
(Springer topics in signal processing).
ISBN : 9783642111297.
006.454 P10 185881

** Speech Processing; Human-to-machine communications;

6. Maragos, Petros ., ed
Multimodal processing and interaction audio, video, text
/ ed by Petros Maragos, Alexandros Potamianos and Patrick
Gros.-- New York: Springer, 2008. xxvi, 369p.
ISBN : 9780387763156.
006.7 P081 185903

** Multi media-information processing; mobile devices-
user interface;


7. Raghavan, S
RADAR Meteorology / By S. Raghavan.-- London: Kluwer
Academic Publishers, 2003. xiv, 549p.
(Atmospheric and oceanographic sciences library).
ISBN : 1-4020-1604-2.
551.6354 P03 "R(T)" 185887

** Wealth Satellite; Weather Radar; Meteorology using

8. Satoh, Masaki
Atmospheric circulation dynamics and general circulation
models / by Masaki Satoh.-- London: Springer, 2004. xxv,
ISBN : 3-540-42638-8.
551.517 P042 "R(T)" 185886

** Atmospheric circulation; Atmospheric circulation-
models; Atmospheric circulation-dynamics;


9. Sharada B
Social Capital and Its Impact on New Venture Performance
/ by B Sharada.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xiii, 126p.
(IISc Dept. of MS MSc (Engg) THESIS).
Includes CD.
332.6 P10 "THESIS" G23701

** Social Capital Investments; Investments;
Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital;


10. Chandrakasan, Anantha
Design of High-Performance Microprocessor Circuits / by
Anantha Chandrakasan, Wiiliam j Bowhill and Frank Fox.--
IEEE Press: New York, 2001. xx, 557p.
ISBN : 9780780360013.
621.395 P011 185863

** Very large scale integration; Microprocessor-Design
and construction; Logic Circuits;

11. Geckeler, Kurt E., ed
Advanced Nanomaterials: Vol.1 / ed by Kurt E Geckeler and
Hiroyuki Nishide.-- Weinheim: Wiley-vch, 2010. xxiv,
ISBN : 9783527317943.
620.5 P10.1 185874

** Drug delivery; Gene delivery; Gold Nanoparticles;

12. Geckeler, Kurt E., ed
Advanced Nanomaterials: Vol.2 / ed by Kurt E Geckeler and
Hiroyuki Nishide.-- Weinheim: Wiley-vch, 2010. xxiv,
459p 906p.
ISBN : 9783527317943.
620.5 P10.2 185875

** Nanomaterials; Ceramic structure; Toxicology;

13. Remilla, Murthy L N
Modeling the dynamics of market potential for space borne
remote sensing date services / by Murthy L N Remilla.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. ix, 158p.
(IISc Dept. of MS PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
621.36780688 P09 "THESIS" G23585

** Remote Sensing-Marketing Management; Data Services-

14. Siddeswara Prasad, V
Studies on electrical contact resistance and coefficient
of friction across sliding electrical contacts / by V
Siddeswara Prasad.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xiv, 166p.
(IISc Dept. of ISU PhD THESIS).
Including CD.
621.3742 P101 "THESIS" G23593

** Electric contact resistance; Electric contactors;
Friction Coefficient;

15. Venkata Bharat, Tadikonda
Modeling of Contaminant Transport Through Soils and
Landfill Liners / by Tadikonda Venkata Bharat.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2009. xvii, 176p.
(IISc Dept. of CiE PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
628.4 P09 "THESIS" G23643

** Landfill Liners; Contaminant Waste; Pollution Modeling
Waste distribution;

16. Vikas, G
Power Optimal Network-on-chip Interconnect Design / by G
Vikas.-- Bangalore: IISc, 2010. ix, 65p.
(IISc Dept. of CEDT MSc (Engg) THESIS).
Includes CD.
621.395028 P10 "THESIS" G23700

** Network on chip-design and construction; Electric
power network;


17. Blessing, Lucienne T M
DRM, a design research methodology / by Lucienne T M
Blessing and Amaresh Chakrabarti.-- New York: Springer,
2009. xvii, 397p.
ISBN : 9781848825864.
001.433 P09 "R(T)" 185854

** Descriptive research method; Research-design and


18. Ras, Zbigniew W., ed
Advances in Music Information Retrieval / ed by Zbigniew
W Ras and Alicja A Wieczorkowska.-- Berlin: Springer,
2010. xii, 410p.
(Studies in computational intelligence; 274).
ISBN : 9783642116735.
026.78 P10 185880

** Music information retrieval;


19. Kota, Srinivasa
Interactive Support for Developing Environmentally
Friendly Product Lifecycles / by Srinivasa Kota.--
Bangalore: IISc, 2010. xxii, 270p.
(IISc Dept. of CPDM PhD THESIS).
Includes CD.
658.562 P101 "THESIS" G23709

** Engineering products-quality control; Product
lifecycle environmental aspects;


20. Green, David M
Signal Detection Theory and psychophysics / by David M
Green and John A Swets.-- California: Peninsula
Publishing, 1988. xv, 505p.
ISBN : 9780932146236.
612.813 N88 185898

** Sensory Systems; Signal Translation; Psychophysics;
Signal Detection;

21. Strauss, Esther
Compendium of Neuropsychological tests: Administration,
Norms and Commentary / by Esther Strauss, Elisabeth M S
Sherman and Otfried Spreen.--3rd ed-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2006. xvii, 1216p.
ISBN : 9780195159578.
616.80475 P06 "R" 185862

** Neuropsychological tests-Reference values;


22. Lang, Serge
Real Analysis / by Serge Lang.-- 2nd edB- London: Addison-Wesley,
1983. xiv, 533p.
ISBN : 9780201141795
515 N833 186055

** Mathematical Analysis;


23. Tippens, Paul E
Applied physics / Paul E Tippens.-- 2nd ed-- New York: McGraw-Hill
Book Company, 1978. ix, 758p.
ISBN : 0-07-064961-8
530 N7812 186033

** Physics;

Departmental Library



1. Bapat, R B
Graphs and Matrices / by R B Bapat.-- New Delhi:
Hindustan Book Agency, 2010. ix, 171p.
(Texts and readings in mathematics; 58).
ISBN : 9789380250076.
511.501512 P10 "MA" G23680

** Graph theory; Linear algebra; Matrices;

2. Fitzpatrick, Patric M
Advanced Calculus / by Patric M Fitzpatrick.--2nd ed-- USA
: American mathematical Society, 2010. xviii, 590p.
(Pure and applied undergraduate texts; 5).
ISBN : 9780821852095.
515 P10 "MA" G23681

** Calculus-textbooks

3. Fritsch, Rudolf
Cellular Structures in Topology / by Rudolf Fritsch and
Renzo A Piccinini.-- New York: Cambridge University Press
, 1990. xi, 326p.
(Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics; 19).
ISBN : 9780521063876.
514.223 N901;2 "MA" 185939

** CW complexes; Complexes; K-spaces;

4. Gaughan, Edward D.
Introduction to Analysis / by Edward D Gaughan.--5th ed--
USA: American Mathematical Society, 1998. xi, 240p.
(Pure and applied undergraduate texts; 1).
ISBN : 9780821852064.
515 N987 "MA" G23679

** Mathematical Analysis;

5. Gelbaum, Bernard R
Problems in Real and Complex Analysis / by Bernard R
Gelbaum.-- New York: Springer, 1992. ix, 488p.
(Problem books in mathematics).
ISBN : 0-387-97766-X.
515 N923 "MA" G23677

** Complex Analysis; Mathematical Analysis-problem,

6. Janusz, Gerald J
Algebraic Number Fields / by Gerald J Janusz.--2nd ed--
USA: American Mathematical society, 2010. x, 276p.
(Graduate studies in mathematics; V.7).
ISBN : 9780821852194.
512.74 P10 "MA" G23731

** Algebraic Fields; Class field theory;

7. Lanski, Charles
Concepts in Abstract Algebra / by Charles Lanski.-- USA:
American Mathematical Society, 2005. xiv, 545p.
ISBN : 9780821852125.
512.02 P051 "MA" G23684

** Abstract-algebra;

8. Miranda, Rick
Algebraic Curves and Riemann Surfaces / by Rick Miranda.-
USA: American Mathematical Society, 2010. xxi, 390p.
(Graduate studies and mathematics; V.5).
ISBN : 9780821852187.
516.352 P10 "MA" G23732

** Curves, Algebraic; Riemann Surfaces;

9. Morandi, Patrick
Field and galois theory / by Patrick Morandi.-- New York:
Springer, 2010. xvi, 281p.
(Graduate texs in mathematics; 167).
ISBN : 9788184896213.
512.33 P10 "MA" G23675

** Algebraic fields; Galois Theory;

10. Nagpaul S R
Topics in Applied Abstract Algebra / by S R Nagpaul and S
K Jain.-- USA: American Mathematical Society, 2005. x,
ISBN : 9780821852132.
512.02 P05 "MA" G23682

** Algebra; Abstract;

11. Ronald, Solomon
Abstract Algebra / by Solomon Ronald.-- USA: American
Mathematical Society, 2010. xii, 227p.
(Pure and applied undergraduate texts; 9).
ISBN : 9780821852101.
512.02 P10 "MA" G23729

** Algebra, Abstract-Textbooks;


12. Pratap, Rudra
Getting started with MATLAB: A quick introduction for scientists and
Engineers / Rudra Pratap.BNew York: Oxford University Press,2010.
xiv, 272p.
Updated for version 7.8 (Release 2009a)
ISBN : 9780198069195
005.369 P10;1 BCEB G23736

** MATLAB (Computer Program Language); Science-Data processing;
Engineering mathematics-Data processing;

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